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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 57


Chapter 57



’’Destroy the blind date?’’ It sounded quite interesting, so I asked, ’’How would I destroy it? You think that if I go there, would I be able to change your father and grandfather's mind?’’

’’Ah, you are so stupid . You don't have to change their minds . So long as you make that playboy change his mind, won't it be alright!’’ Meng QingQing complained .

’’Make him change his mind? Why would he listen to me?’’ I felt somewhat funny . She wanted me to convince myself?

’’I really don't know what to say about you anymore . You can just tell him that we have already had se-... just tell him we have had an intimate relationship already!’’ Meng QingQing was anxious and almost blurted .

’’Oh, I understand . I just have to say to him that we have already done that many time . I should make him realize that you are a residual flower, making him lose any interest in you!’’ I nodded with a clear understanding .

’’Who is a residual flower?! Liu Lei, what are you trying to say!’’ Meng QingQing was somewhat angry, but this was what she indeed wanted to express, so it wasn't easy for her to retort . All she could do was endure .

’’Oh, I know . You can rest assure . I promise that you will only be my, Liu Lei's, wife . I will not let you fall into anyone else's hands!’’ I said, giving her a guarantee .

’’Um......’’ As Meng QingQing heard my words, her heart was moved with emotion as she said, ’’Alright, I will call you tomorrow and tell you about the place of the blind date!’’

’’Good, you can rest assured that I will certainly be there,’’ I said that and hung up the phone .

Meng Chuan, will you also be there tomorrow? What expression are you going to make when the time comes? Just thinking about it makes me feel funny!

At this time, Meng Chuan sighed self-satisfied . The young man he saw today was indeed good, but he was born too stubborn, not understanding the importance of money . It seems he was still too young to understand life and responsibilities! Meng Chuan shook his head . In this world, the foundation of love was money . Otherwise, as the years go by, love will become difficult and pale . This was something Meng Chuan believed thoroughly .

Liu Zhenhai rushed to U City on the same night . He didn't have the same ability as me to teleport wherever I wanted . Both Meng Rusong and Meng Chuan respectfully said, ’’Uncle Liu, you have worked hard in coming here!’’

Liu Zhenhai waved his hand and looked at Meng Chuan as he said, ’’The little baby has already grown so big! Good, good!’’

Meng Chuan smiled and said, ’’Ah! Yes . Even my daughter is soon going to get married . Uncle Liu, I am already a middle-aged man . Time flies unknowingly . ’’

’’Yeah, it's never good to refuse to accept this simple fact . Old Meng, hurry up and find a place for me to rest . Sitting on this airplane was really uncomfortable for me!’’ Liu Zhenhai's generation was too old and unfamiliar with airplanes .

’’Old man Liu, you will live with me today! We will compare notes later in the evening!’’ Meng Rusong said . He had taken the previous matter to heart and thought even if I was able to defeat him, Liu Zhenhai might not be able to do the same . Therefore, he was always looking for an opportunity to have a real real competition .

’’Good, no one's afraid of you!’’ Liu Zhenhai also had the same idea . Whenever he saw Meng Rusong, he was unwilling to admit being inferior, so he naturally wanted to teach him a lesson .

’’Young miss, what are you trying to do? What you are doing is very dangerous . If you like rock-climbing, you should let the master know . I am sure he will bring you to an appropriate place for that,’’ the voice of the Meng Family steward resounded from under Meng QingQing, giving her a scare .

At this moment, Meng QingQing was hanging in midair, trying to climb down her window using a simple rope made of a bedsheet and her window curtains, appearing like rock climbing from the third floor . She had just taken her first step when she heard the voice of the steward .

To prevent Meng QingQing from temporary running away from the marriage, Meng Chuan had locked the doors of her bedroom in the third floor . Meng QingQing actually didn't have any such intentions, but being locked in by Meng Chuan, Meng QingQing felt that she must escape now as the desire for freedom rose in her heart . But how would she have known she would fail immediately .

Meng QingQing politely went back to her room . But this time, the butler didn't leave and stood on his spot, keeping an eye room . This made Meng QingQing very anxious as she said from above, ’’You do know that I am the young miss . Are you going to treat your young miss like this! I am telling you, you are limiting my freedom!’’

’’Apologies, young miss! I am simply obeying the arrangements made by the master . I am not trying to intentionally be rude to you,’’ the steward replied plainly replied plainly .

Meng QingQing also knew that everything in the family was decided by Meng Chuan . Though the servants in the family were very respectful to her, they always did what Meng Chuan told them . She didn't have the ability to command any of them .

As Meng QingQing saw that she had no hope of running away, she gave up on any thoughts of fleeing . She only hoped that her plan to destroy the blind date tomorrow would work, making the other party dissolve the marriage contract .

In the evening, Liu Zhenhai kept on calling me, urging me to rush to U City . In fact, I had already returned to U City at this time and was simply roaming around the commercial district . Tomorrow I was going on a blind date, so I naturally had to buy a good set of clothes . After that, I will buy a convenient first meeting gift .

I had known Meng QingQing for a long time but still haven't bought any gift for her . Although I don't know what she might like, it is said that girls had an inborn interest in silver, gems, diamonds, and rings . Therefore, I decided to buy her a ring . Giving a ring to a girl had what meaning, it went without saying .

Thinking till here, I showed a faint smile . Leisurely strolling, I entered the biggest business buildings in U City . These big business buildings would normally have special stores for jewelry and cosmetics . This place was no exception .

I first went to look at the jewelry chain under Shuguang Corporation, but it was a pity that there was no ring to my liking I could find there . I went through several other famous gold stores, but there stores, but there was nothing decent in them . The focus of these companies wasn't in this region . Although there were many famous and expensive villas and residential areas here, how many of those rich people would spend here? I couldn't help but be disappointed as I turned back to the counter of Shuguang Group .

’’Excuse me, are there any other famous jewelry stores here?’’ I unwillingly asked the salesperson .

The so-called peers are family . If an average person had asked this question, the salesperson would have certainly been dissatisfied, but she had already seen my Shuguang Jewelry VIP card, so her attitude was naturally different as she said, ’’Sir, all the famous jewelry brands are in this commercial building in U City . ’’

I couldn't help but be disappointed, but the salesperson continues to say, ’’But there is an antique collection company in front of this commercial building, on the North road . Although it's not all jewelry, they do have some . And the stuff they have is really valuable, rare and expensive!’’

Antique Collection Company? After I listened to her, my face brightened . That seemed to be a good place, I might be able to find something good there .

I apologized to this warm-hearted shop employee, then asked for the direction from her .

.................. .

At the same time, in a small villa in the same residential area as the Meng Family, there was a bronze board hung on it with the words: New Bay Villa Area Security Control Room

’’Fellow apprentice......’’ one person just opened his mouth and was glared at by the person he just called fellow apprentice . That talented person reacted like that because being called like that in this way would be quite strange . It might even bring about too much attention to them .


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