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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 54


Chapter 54



’’Yeah . Not only does she already know, she has no objection either,’’ I nodded .

Meng Chuan stared at me for a long time and sighed in his heart . He wondered how his daughter could be so weak that she even accepted such an unreasonable demand from me . Yet he didn't even consider the fact that he himself had two concubines outside .

’’Alright, even if we don't say anything now, what about later? What about the time when you are of the age to marry? In the law, only monogamy is allowed . When the time comes, will it be QingQing who has to be your concubine, or will it be your other girlfriend who will be the concubine? I am telling you, my, Meng Chuan's daughter can certainly not be a concubine or mistress!’’ Meng Chuan said with a sneer .

’’There is also a solution for that matter . Now, it's our homeland that doesn't permit polygamy, but there are many other nationalities that do permit polygamy! Worst comes to worst, we can just go there to get married!’’ What I said was the worst plan . In fact, this possibility wasn't even there . Sun Sikong's universal spatial jump system was already in the experimental stage, seeking for planets similar to Earth out there . If it was successful, then I could simply lead my wives and move out . If we couldn't find any, then my wealth was already sufficient for me to be able to buy several islands in the Pacific Ocean . There was no restraint by the law in the islands as the owners were the highest authorities . {TL Note: If I had all that technology and wealth, I would have screwed the world thrice over and changed every single damned law to suit my taste . }

’’Your thinking is too naive . You think it's possible for these many people to just immigrate to foreign countries so casually?’’ Meng Chuan didn't believe a word I said, ’’Now I will give you two roads to walk! First, you and your girlfriend bid farewell to each other and you wholeheartedly love and stay with QingQing . I might as well tell you this as well, this entire Meng Family only has QingQing as their heir, so everything will belong to her after you get married . That way, the entire Meng Family's Industry will also belong to you in the future . I won't say that we are the richest in the nation, but Meng Family's wealth is ranked at the top! Tens of billions of property will be transferred to QingQing's name . If you married QingQing, then everything will naturally be yours as well!’’

’’Second?’’ I asked .

Me asking this was like pouring cold water over Meng Chuan's head, stunning him . In his opinion, even if I was powerful, I was merely a University student . Throwing out a number of billions before me would be enough to stun me for a long time . He never expected I would actually ask him for the second option!

’’Second, you will naturally leave QingQing . I will also give you some compensation,’’ Meng Chuan said, ’’but that won't be too much . I will give you a blank check and you can fill it with any amount up to 10 million . ’’

’’Is there a third option?’’ I asked with a smile .

’’Third?’’ Meng Chuan said in consternation, ’’There isn't any! You wouldn't be insisting on your idea?’’

’’Uncle, what you said is right . You are also a man, so you should also understand what is the most important to a man? Industry and money money are all secondary . What's important is the sense of responsibility!’’ I started to speak, ’’I will not abandon my love for money . In other words, I will not give up my woman for another woman either! If I accepted your condition today, then can you guarantee I won't fall in love with another woman with a background greater than QingQing's? Would someone not ask me to give up QingQing for his daughter like this?’’

Although Meng Chuan thought it was impossible for there to be someone with a better background than their own, what I said was a fact! He gave consideration to my words and knew that there won't be any outcome to the talks, so he said, ’’Young man, you can say all this now . But you seem to not know how much QingQing's expense for a month is? How much the clothes she wears cost? How expensive the car she drives and the perfume she uses? Do you think you will be able to give her everything without depending on me?’’

’’QingQing will change for me!’’ I said self-confidently . Actually, even if she didn't change, these things were nothing for me .

Meng Chuan shook his head and said . ’’Youngster, self-confidence is good but too much will be disastrous . Alright, let's stop all this . I do not hope you will come to our residence again . Since you don't want to leave QingQing, then I will also give my all to prevent you two from being together!’’

Meng Chuan's intuition told him that the young man before him was very talented, but the dignity of being from the Meng Family kept him from accepting this fact! In his opinion, it wasn't anything even if men had several women, but if the same happened to his own daughter, he couldn't accept the fact! How could the daughter of daughter of the prestigious Meng Family degenerate into someone else's concubine only? Even if she had to be a concubine, does this brat even have the capital and strength to keep her?

Meng Chuan decides to defer to Meng Rusong's decision to marry Meng QingQing to the junior of the aristocratic family . Although he was also from an aristocratic family and knew that the people of aristocratic families might not be as sentimental as the young man before him, that way, Meng Family's face would at least not be lost . If I had to say something then I will say that this Meng Family uncle sure had a lot of ability . The red flag at his home wasn't even fluttering, yet he was busy fluttering red flags outside .

’’I think you can now leave,’’ Meng Chuan said as he looked at me .

I shrugged and said indifferently, ’’Uncle Meng, just say that you want to betroth QingQing to someone else . ’’

’’You... how do you know?’’ Meng Chuan was stunned and thought Meng QingQing told me! Sh he said, ’’Yeah . So, youngster, you have missed the opportunity today and won't have any chance in the future . ’’

’’Oh, no, Uncle Meng,’’ I suddenly smiled and said, ’’we will meet again very soon . What should I call you at the time? Should I call Uncle Meng or my father-in-law? Ah, this is really giving me a headache......’’

After that, I turned around and left the study room without looking back . You are going to send Meng QingQing on a blind date, right? Hey, I really want to see what your expression will be like when you realize that the person who will be on the blind date is me! It will be something to really look forward to!

Meng Chuan's heart was getting anxious as he looked at my strange smile . He . He felt that something was wrong, but he also felt nothing could go wrong . So he comforted himself and thought he should discuss with his father and have Meng QingQing meet the young man he arranged as soon as possible . QingQing was so attractive, so he wasn't afraid that the young man from the aristocratic family wouldn't like her . When the time came, he will find an opportunity to make them cook the rice and also get himself a grandson as soon as possible and retire . As for the young man just now, he will never see him again .

When I left, I didn't see Meng QingQing . The servants in the Meng Family didn't ask anything nor did they block my path . They had already been informed that I was coming to meet Meng Chuan .

When I went out of Meng Family's front door, I slapped my head as I remembered that I had come here in Meng QingQing's car . But now, how was I supposed to go back? B City was hundreds of miles away from here!

I looked around and saw a small forest not too far away . I turned left and went into the forest, then moved immediately and turned into a shadow, disappearing into thin air......

However, what I could have never imagined that the scene of me disappearing was seen by some men in black in the forest! I was indeed negligent . I have not thought that this small forest was just for ornamental purposes and there were people in there!

The man in black rubbed his eyes, looking at the place I disappeared . He suddenly knelt on the ground, nearly prostrating as he said excitedly, ’’Founder?!’’ This matter... I must hurry up and let the old Master know! The Master will definitely be happy!’’


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