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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 51


Chapter 51



’’Zhong Yang, it's me, Liu Lei . What matter are you looking for me for?’’ I asked over the phone .

’’It's me . The matter is like this: today, a friend of mine came to me, making me help him investigate a person,’’ Zhong Yang said, ’’I considered this matter over and over and decided to let you know about it . ’’

’’Asked you to investigate a person? You considered over and over and decided to tell me?’’ I felt somewhat funny, ’’Hehe, do these two matters have any relation to me? Don't tell me that friend of yours asked you to investigate me?’’

’’Liu Lei, I am not cracking a joke . It's indeed as you say, he did ask me to investigate you!’’ Zhong Yang said, ’’I thought it over and then thought I should let you know beforehand . After all, we are friends, so I don't hope you get in any sort of trouble . ’’

’’Listen to your tone, talking as if they will be able to do harm to me? Shouldn't it be the matter of your police authorities to deal with him, or do you not have the heart to do it?’’ I didn't care about the matter .

’’I am not sure if they will bring you any harm or not, but the person who commissioned me to investigate you has a massive background . You also know that before a crime is committed, the police can't catch anyone just for thinking of a crime . After all, that person doesn't have any former record . ’’ Zhong Yang smiled forcefully, ’’I know you don't care because you have the might to deal with many matters and also have a relationship with the current underworld lord of B City, the Three Rock Gang . But the person who wants to investigate you... how should I say... I feel very strange . You don't seem to have any interaction with him......’’

’’Alright, tell me already, Boss Zhong . Who is it? Just who wants to investigate me?’’ I listened to Zhong Yang talking and couldn't help but laugh .

’’Do you know the Meng Family?’’ Zhong Yang asked with some hesitation .

’’Meng Jia? Who are they?’’ I have never heard of such a person .

’’It's not Meng Jia, it's the Meng Family, the family character!’’ The tight atmosphere was also lightened a bit because of me and Zhong Yang also smiled .

’’Oh! Meng Family, which Meng Family?’’ I asked, ’’There are many surnamed Meng in China . Who are you talking about?’’

’’You don't know? It should be impossible? I even thought you might have offended them somehow,’’ Zhong Yang couldn't feel his brain work anymore .

’’If you don't explain, how an I going to know!’’ I smiled bitterly, ’’Brother Zhong, are you trying to investigate some criminal case here, saying half a word, trying to get three out of mine?’’

’’Haha, No, it's just a habit, a professional habit!’’ Zhong Yang said with some embarrassment, ’’When I usually interrogate people, I obviously have to be a bit vague, making them think I know everything...... Good, let's continue . The person who asked me to investigate you is Meng Chuan, from the Meng Family, one of the six major families in China!’’

’’So that's the Meng Family you are talking about!’’ I was suddenly enlightened, ’’Is the old man of that family called Meng Rusong?’’

’’Yeah, how do you know?’’ Zhong Yang urgently said, ’’Did you go to a festival with him?’’

Festival? It seems there was indeed indeed a matter . Last time, I wiped the floor with this old man's face in front of Liu Zhenhai . Why would he still want to investigate me? He was already clear about my identity . Did he discover I had another identity? It seems to be impossible . My identity was only clear to my wife and my parents . No one else knows anything more .

Then Meng Rusong still wants to investigate me and what I do? No, just now the person who Zhong Yang said wanted to investigate me was Meng Chuan . That is to say, it probably means that Meng Rusong has nothing to do with this matter and it's only Meng Chuan who wants to investigate me!

I tried to remember for a long time but I didn't seem to have any contact with this Meng Chuan . Then why would he want to investigate me?

’’I can't say I went to a festival with him, but I know Master Meng Rusong and I am quite familiar with him!’’ I said .

’’In that case, why would Meng Chuan want me to investigate you?’’ Zhong Yang didn't understand .

’’As you said, it's Meng Chuan who asked you to investigate me . I think it has nothing to do with Master Meng and is his own matter . But I can tell you clearly that I don't know this guy!’’ I said .

’’It turned out to be like this . Since you know Meng Rusong, then it won't be hard to find out what's going on . But I don't think he will be bad for you, so I can be relieved . ’’ Zhong Yang said, ’’Right, what do I tell to Meng Chuan now?’’

After all, now?’’

After all, the relationship between Zhong Yang and Fatty Wu was relatively close, even closer than mine, so he asked for my opinion .

’’Just tell him the truth . There's nothing to hide,’’ I said .

’’Alright then, you should be careful . If there is something you recall, do give me a call,’’ Zhong Yang said .

’’Okay, goodbye . ’’ I hung up my phone and shook my head . It seemed that things were a bit complicated . Some words aren't to be spoken . I am not afraid of a thief stealing stuff, only afraid he will remember and keep returning . For now, I can't guess what intentions Meng Chuan had . Although I wasn't afraid of anything, I hate the feeling of not knowing someone hiding in the dark .

I have learned a lot of lessons, solving these matters as soon as possible, not leaving behind anything . But Liu Kesheng is the hardest to deal with tail in my whole life . That guy is even better than a cockroach at not dying, keeping on pestering me continuously .

I made a call to Ding Baosan, making him increase the security around my parents and friends . Although I am being excessively careful, it's always better to be more careful so as to not get in an accident .

Actually, the matter wasn't as serious and I knew I was being oversensitive . The reason for Meng Chuan wanting to investigate me was very simple! It could be said that any parent in the world would have the same idea!

I hung up the phone . Shortly afterward, my phone rang again . It was a number I hadn't seen for a long time . long time . I was in a complex mood as I picked up the call, ’’QingQing, how is it you?’’

’’Why can't it be me? Is there something wrong? Did I disturb you?’’ Meng QingQing wasn't very happy with my words .

’’That's not what I meant . I meant that you haven't contacted me for a long time, so I thought......I thought you found a boyfriend, hehe . ’’ I didn't know what to say so I thoughtlessly spoke, finding an excuse .

How would I have known that my words would cause a volcanic eruption......

’’Liu Lei! What is the meaning of those words! You really want me to find a boyfriend? Are you not going to take responsibility after doing everything to me? I am telling you, I already love you so I am not going to marry anyone else! You are going to marry me!’’ Meng QingQing listened to my words and her rage started to transfer from the other side of the phone . Before she had called me, Meng QingQing's heart was filled with shyness and sweetness, but all that remained now was pure anger .

’’I was only cracking a joke . If you really looked for a boyfriend, I will snatch you back . I already said that you are my, Liu Lei's, woman . It's a matter that has become a fact . I will definitely not let you leave my side!’’ I said solemnly, ’’And these days, I had been busy bustling around, making money so I could marry you and take you home!’’

’’But don't you already have a girlfriend?’’ When Meng QingQing heard my words, her heart turned comfortable and happy, but then she remembered that I already have a girlfriend . This made her unhappy .


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