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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 49


Chapter 49



’’Dang Dang Dang!’’ the door of the room was knocked thrice and was then pushed open as two security guards walked in .

’’Everyone, please don't make trouble in Harbour Resort! If you have any personal resentments, please go outside to solve them, otherwise, we will have to see you out!’’ said Securit Guard A .

’’Whatever . Drag these two people out!’’ Lu Yimin pointed towards Aogawa Sanjiro, the thin short man who had been beaten into a fatty, and Zhu Chunjun who was now even fatter, just like a panda, and said in a commanding tone .

The security guard saw that the guy was speaking so haughtily and even commanded them to drag these two ’’corpses’’ out, he was about to rage but the security guard B hurriedly said, ’’Hurry and do what the Young Master told you to do!’’

Young Master? The security guard A was stunned and said, ’’You wouldn't be mistaken?’’

’’How could I be mistaken? I have been here working as a security guard for a long time;I have seen the Young Master before! The general manager of our Harbour Hotel personally received him!’’ Security guard B explained, doing his work .


Meng Family Residence .

’’QingQing, how is school going on now?' A man wearing gold-rimmed eyeglasses asked .

’’Father, I obtained a scholarship this semester . How are you going to reward me for that?’’ Meng QingQing said with self-satisfaction .

’’Reward? Hehe, how about you come up with what you want? How about buying a new car for you? What do you say?’’ The man was Meng QingQing's father, Meng Chuan .

’’A car? I don't want to have a car . There's nothing else I want to buy either . I want you to accompany me and grandfather at home . I can't even see your shadow for days;how could you be so busy?’’ Meng QingQing said as she acted like a spoiled brat .

’’QingQing, you also know that I am the only child of your grandfather . The Meng Family business is already so big and all the burden is pressing on my shoulders now!’’ Meng Chuan said with a sigh, ’’QingQing, I heard that you also opened a small computer corporation near your University;you should be able to realize the difficulty of business now!’’

’’Nonsense, can a small company be the same as a big company? Now, many CEO's and presidents of large-scale world-class companies don't even get involved with their companies much . The members of the board don't get along, only coming to the company when there is some major event or decision to make . At other times, the responsibility for the continuous operation of the company depends on the CEO . ’’ Meng QingQing said with some anger, ’’Shuguang Corporation was a good example . The outside world had heard that there was a chairman behind their president Zhao Junsheng . If you look at them, then hasn't that person handed such a massive business over to someone else!’’

’’QingQing, I am only trying to accumulate more money so it could be your dowry in the future!’’ Meng Chuan said awkwardly .

’’Accumulate money for me? Humph . Don't think I don't know;you love the feeling of doing business, the sense you get from gaining achievements!’’ Meng QingQing relentlessly pierced the actual reason behind Meng Chuan's actions .

’’Cough!’’ Meng Chuan's father, father, Meng Rusong coughed twice to help his son get out of the awkwardness . He then transferred the topic, ’’QingQing, do you have a boyfriend?’’

Meng QingQing listened to her grandfather and shook her head, ’’Grandpa, what do you want to do? Why are you so anxious about getting me married! Your grandfather doesn't want anyone right now!’’

Meng Rusong said with a laugh, ’’How could that be? Grandpa isn't yet anxious to hold his grandson!’’ In his heart, he thought otherwise . Hais, with your character like this, Grandpa is only afraid you might not be able to get married, just like my poor sister .

’’Grandpa, I am still too young . How can I have a baby!’’ Meng QingQing said with a red face .

’’When your grandmother was even younger than you, she had your father . How are you too young?’’ Meng Rusong waved his hand, ’’QingQing, this time, grandfather asked you to return to tell you that I have already arranged a marriage for you . The boy is a junior from an aristocratic family, young and promising . He also has very great Martial Arts! I have already agreed to the marriage!’’

’’What?! Grandfather, what did you say? Agreed to my marriage?’’ Meng QingQing felt her heart suddenly jump fiercely as she blurted out to refuse, ’’I won't agree to anything like that! I...... There's someone I love!’’

As Meng QingQing said these words, the silhouette of the man who had forcefully took her first time and had a relationship with her appeared in her mind . Meng QingQing didn't hate him, instead, she often thought of him . Not being able to see him for a long time, she wondered where wondered where he had run off to? Really an irresponsible fellow! He even said he will take responsibility for me, yet, he actually vanished, that bastard! Meng QingQing was very angry .

’’Didn't you just say you don't have a boyfriend?’’ Meng Rusong asked .

’’He isn't my boyfriend . And I never said I don't love someone . I love him and he loves me too, it's just that we aren't together yet!’’ Meng QingQing said .

’’Is that true?’’ Meng Rusong asked, ’’But the young man I want to introduce to you is also very promising!’’

’’Dad, let's not talk about this matter any more . Let's take it slowly . After all, QingQing is still too young,’’ Meng Chun had resistance for this kind of arranged marriage from the bottom of his heart . That year, he was forced by Meng Rusong to marry a woman he didn't love . For many years, they hadn't had any actual love that husband and wife would have . Because of that, Meng Chun had to find a concubine he kept outside . Meng Rusong also knew about this matter, but he closed his eyes and pretended he didn't know .

Now that Meng Chun heard his daughter had someone she loved, he didn't want his father to do the same to her . But whenever he remembered the miserable experience his aunt had, he would stop from interfering in his father's matters . He didn't say anything against his words and let his daughter be the same old way .

’’Yeah, Grandpa, I am already in love!’’ Meng QingQing said .

’’Love is free after all . Let's talk about all this later! But this later! But let me tell you, my granddaughter must marry a man who can stand up on his own . If you just bring back some dead weight, I am telling you, I will smash him!’’ Meng Rusong said helplessly .

Dead weight? Meng QingQing thought . Recalling the look of that man and how he behaved, how was he a dead weight? She couldn't help but laugh . It seems her grandpa had no reason to object!

’’Grandpa, let's settle on this!’’ Meng QingQing was afraid of her grandpa reneging on his words, so she immediately blocked his escape routes .

’’Good, good! I, your grandpa, will never deceive you in your entire lifetime!’’ Meng Rusong said as he nodded .

Meng Rusong returned to his room to exercise martial arts, while Meng Chuan came to his daughter's side and asked in a soft voice, ’’How is that young man's moral behavior you were talking about? When you bring him home, let me meet him first . If he passes my evaluation, I will directly talk to your grandfather!’’

’’Dad, are you for real? You don't approve that young man from some aristocratic family to be married to me either?’’ Meng QingQing asked, pleasantly surprised .

’’Hehe, QingQing, your father and mother's union had been a blunder . Over the recent years, your mother also started a company of her own . Our meetings have been getting fewer and fewer, not to mention any sentiments! The feeling isn't very good!’’ Meng Chuan shook his head as he said, ’’Therefore, I don't hope for my daughter to end up like us!’’

’’Dad, you are so good!’’ Meng QingQing happily hugged Meng Chuan and kissed him on his face .


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