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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 47


Chapter 47

V4C47 - Incomparably Wise



Just 10 volumes here were around 4,000 Yuan, and her son-in-law was like there was no big deal spending so much money . A few days ago, Zheng Shaopeng had asked them out on a seafood dinner . It cost more than 2,000 Yuan for that meal and Mother Yang had felt that it was too expensive . Yet today, they hadn't even had a meal, yet they had already spent 4,000 Yuan on the camera film .

Su Industries also produced camera films? It was the first time I had heard of this matter . It seems that Zhao Junsheng and Su Yuanshi, these two fathers-in-law were not sparing any effort in making more money for me, getting involved in every other industry . However, I then remembered that it was still 1999 and the digital camera's hadn't been popularized yet . The photography film was still in very high demand in the industry .

The camera films were delivered quite fast . Father Yang looked at the self-satisfied look of vanity on his wife's face and shook his head . He had never agreed from the start when Mother Yang went ahead and looked for a blind date for their daughter without her consent . But as he thought how he couldn't give a comfortable life to his wife, rushing all over for work and could only buy a 40 square-meter house with only a little bit of savings left, he didn't interfere in her decision as she wanted their daughter to have a rich husband and a better life than them . After all, he too didn't want his daughter to suffer in poverty for a lifetime like them . Love was indeed important, but a love with an impoverished life will soon deteriorate sooner or later .

After installing the film, Father Yang kept on taking photos of Mother Yang, but he actually thought otherwise in his heart . After all, men considered matters more comprehensively . In his opinion, if I became their son-in-law, then there would be even less opportunity for them to come here in the future!

Lu Haotoa received the menu . He wanted to let me order but then he thought I was someone who came from the higher-up, so I would certainly not care about these delicacies as I must have tasted even better, therefore he made the waiter match some signature dishes . Chicken, duck, fish, eggs, birds, and some other things . He ordered the dishes and then asked me, ’’Director, is there anything you would like specifically cooked?’’

’’Nothing . You give this to my mother-in-law and let her order her favorite dishes,’’ I said with a smile .

Mother Yang had been listening with her ears perked up when Lu Haotao was ordering the food, but she couldn't understand a single dish name that he ordered . Now that she got the chance to order whatever she wanted, she picked up the menu and flipped it up .

As Mother Yang glanced at the prices of the vegetables on the menu, she was shocked . Just a salad actually cost hundreds of Yuan, while Lu Haotao just ordered so many dishes at once . There were dishes worth thousands all over the menu . Mother Yang immediately closed the menu and waved her hand as she said, ’’Those will be enough . We might not even be able to finish so much with just us after all . ’’

After listening to her, Lu Haotao said to the waiter, ’’Bring the food I ordered first . I will call you if we need anything else . ’’

’’Okay, sir!’’ The waiter left the room .

It was reasonable to say that Zheng Shaopeng and Zheng Huaqing weren't supposed to follow us, but Lu Haotao didn't know what their relationship with me was, so he didn't ask them to leave either, entertaining as guests as well well . Zheng Shaopeng and Zheng Huaqing also had some self-awareness, so they sat in the last seats on their own initiative .

’’Director, you should sit on the host's seat......’’ Lu Haotao wanted to say . Although he knew my status was the greatest of all people here, Father Yang and Mother Yang were my elders, so he didn't know how to assign seats to us .

I knew that Mother Yang was a person who loved vanity but that didn't matter to me . I arrived next to Mother Yang and said to her, ’’Aunt, you and uncle should sit at the head seats of the table . ’’

’’Ah, how could that be . It's your friend who is treating......’’ Mother Yang said as she looked towards Lu Haotao .

’’Me being able to treat everyone is the director giving me face . I will be pleased if you had the honor . Please, please! Auntie, you are welcome . You are the eldest here;we are all just juniors . We can't mess up the generational superiority so casually!’’ Lu Haotao didn't think there was anything to be embarrassed about, instead, he thought that it was all normal .

After Mother Yang listened, she naturally had flowers blooming in her heart, ’’Then I and your uncle won't be reserved!’’ Saying that she sat on the head seat .

’’Director, you should say several words to start the event!’’ When everyone had taken their seats, Lu Haotao said to me in a low voice .

’’I say? It won't be very good, right? Everyone was invited by you, so you should be the one to give a speech,’’ I said .

’’Director, you jest . You know I am not a very cultured man . If you want me to tell my subordinates to hack someone to bits, that will have no difficulty, but this is a different matter!’’ Lu Haotao said, ’’Moreover, everyone here is Director's family today . I I am afraid I will make you lose face!’’

’’Alright then!’’ I smiled and stood up as I picked up my glass of wine, ’’There are no outsiders today...... . ’’

As I said till here, Zheng Shaopeng felt embarrassed . I looked towards him and added, ’’Including brother Zheng who I haven't known for long . He's a really great person . I will ask you to be my friend!’’

’’Brother Liu, it's me who should be asking for you to be my friend! Before, I didn't know Yang Mei was your girlfriend and ended up getting in your relationship . ’’ Zheng Shaopeng stood up and said hastily .

’’Hehe, every gentleman loves beauties, it's human nature . No one was offended and there is no offense in fair competition . I appreciate the way you are . Obviously, you could have used your family's relationship and resources, but you didn't;that in itself is very commendable!’’ I nodded to him .

Zheng Shaopeng was sweating as he listened to my words . Yesterday, the old man of his family had been agitating him by saying: Is it worth spending so much effort and energy for a little girl . Just find a few brothers and beat up her boyfriend, threaten her and she's yours . How hard would that be?

However, for good or for evil, Zheng Shaopeng was still a University graduate . His moral nature wasn't bad, so he resolutely opposed his father's opinion . He thought that if he wanted to get the beauty's heart, he must do it with his own skill . Otherwise, he might as well go and f*k a prostitute in a bar .

Zheng Shaopeng now knew how wise his decision had been at the time . If he had listened to his old man and looked for some brothers of his to beat me up, that would be just him asking for death!

Don't think that just because the Zheng Family Cargo Terminal was Cargo Terminal was now enjoying the spotlight, so they could do anything . If the Godfather, Lu Haotao, gave one order, there would be a lot of people ready to smash the entire business, burn the goods, and send them down the road of bankruptcy in a few days .

At this time, outside the Crystal Palace private room .

’’Young Master Zhu, please understand that the Crystal Palace has guests right now . How about you go to the Cloud Pavilion?’’ The hall manager was perspiring as he said to a youngster .

’’I just asked at the reception downstairs and there is no one in the Crystal Palace who made an appointment today . Are you trying to deceive me?’’ Young Master Zhu said .

’’Young master Zhu, there are really people inside there . I am not deceiving you . You should go to the Cloud Pavilion;the decoration and refurbishment there is equally matched with the Crystal Palace! It's the same thing!’’ The hall manager answered .

’’Same? Bullshit! If you construct a replica of the White House as your home, will that also be considered the White House?’’ Young Master Zhu said, ’’Don't try to deceive me with these bullshit replicas!’’

’’Young master Zhu, please understand there are already guests in the Crystal Palace . Please don't make things difficult for me......’’ the hall manager said with a bitter expression .

’’They can eat in the Crystal Palace without an appointment, so why can't I? Is it because you have been bribed by them so you are now taking their side?’’ Young master Zhu glared at the hall manager .

After the hall manager listened to his words, his expression turned unnatural . Just a moment ago, he had received 5,000 Yuan that the waiter gave to him . However, he could certainly not acknowledge that ’’Young master Zhu, there was no appointment for the Crystal Palace at that time . Moreover, they came first, therefore...... You do understand, right?’’


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