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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 44


Chapter 44



Yang Mei, on the other hand, was already accustomed to me being able to solve any problems at all times . It was just like the previous time at the Casino, so she was actually surprised to see that I was able to do something like this .

On the contrary, it was Zheng Shaopeng who wanted to leave but couldn't now . Originally, he was the star of the blind date, but now, he had turned into a foil in the background . Saying that he was a foil was already overpraising as he himself felt he was being a big light bulb .

Zheng Shaopeng looked at his uncle who certainly didn't want to leave, joking and talking, trying to seize this opportunity to enhance his relationship with the giants of Three Rock Group . How could Zheng Huaqing let such an opportunity go so easily?

As he had no other means, Zheng Shaopeng had to walk behind me, resembling a personal assistant following his boss .

Mother Yang had also changed all of a sudden . The same person who had been ignoring me all this time and treating me with coldness was now talking to me very passionately . She was trying to get all of my information out of me now . Did she want to know my permanent address as well?

’’Little Liu, where is your family from?’’ Mother Yang asked .

’’Songjiang City,’’ I replied .

’’Songjiang City? I know, it's the provincial capital of Songjiang Province . I have heard it had been developing rapidly in the past few years . It sure is a very special zone . I have never heard of a small northern city develop with such fierceness!’’ Mother Yang thoughtlessly started to praise my hometown .

I didn't think the same in my heart . The reason why Songjiang City could develop so fast was relying on my family! There was the policy created by Grandpa Zhao, in the middle was the leadership of Uncle Zhao, and finally, it was Zhao YanYan, the reason the current Shuguang Corporation even existed for!

’’Little Liu, what do your family members do?’’ Though Mother Yang asked the question very nonchalantly, she was very anxious to know the answer in her heart .

’’They run a small-scale OEM assembling business to earn a living,’’ I didn't want to say too much . Who knew, if I said that my family owned a foreign-styled muti-storied villa, what kind of reaction Mother Yang would have . She would certainly shock everyone to the core .

’’Small-scale business is also good . Haha, Little Liu's personal connections are really broad, and you also have so many friends......’’ Mother Yang started to wrap up her talks with some stuff about D City .

She had thought that someone who could invite all of them to a meal in Harbour Resort would certainly not be an average person .

’’Are you talking about that fatty from a moment ago? I am not a good friend of him;today was the first time I met him,’’ I shook my head .

First meeting and the other party was asking him out on such a luxurious meal . It seems this Little Liu is not a simple person!

Originally, when Mother Yang saw that Lu Yimin being so flamboyant and also interested in Yang Mei, her heart immediately started to scheme as she wanted to marry her daughter off to that guy . She never expected that someone like me would be even more powerful than him . Even Lu Yimin's father had to be servile before me . Mother Yang knew she had found the hidden treasure now . Now that she looked back at how she treated me, regret filled her heart .

The horizon is always close at hand! Yang Mu somewhat ridiculed herself . It seems her her daughter had a much broader vision when it came to looking for a man;she even found such a flamboyant character .

I was getting troubled by Mother Yang's continuous talks that I lost all interest in going around the Ocean Park, so I said to Mother Yang, ’’Aunt, we haven't eaten anything since the morning, so everyone should be hungry . Let's go and eat something!’’

Mother Yang listened to my words and thought that I was deliberately trying to shut her off and away from me, so she was a bit embarrassed . In fact, there was no other meaning to my words . Mother Yang and Father Yang had woken up early in the morning and drank a bowl of soymilk and ate some fritters downstairs . Because Mother Yang didn't like me at the time, she didn't invite me to breakfast . Now that she listened to my words, she thought I already knew what she did in the morning! But the truth was, I knew nothing at all .

’’Yeah, you are right . We should eat something . ’’ Mother Yang agreed . Even if I didn't ask for it, she would have wanted to see the legendary Harbour Hotel!

Zheng Huaqing also drove over . He had the same car as Zheng Shaopeng had yesterday . Zheng Huaqing wanted to please me so he said, ’’Mr . Liu, you and Miss Yang should come in my car!’’

’’Yeah, yeah, you and Little Liu should go in a luxury car!’’ Mother Yang quickly said to Yang Mei, ’’That car is more comfortable compared to the van from the morning!’’

I couldn't help but smile . Her change was too damn fast . Yesterday, she didn't want me to sit in the same car as her, yet today, she was advising me to sit in the more comfortable car .

At this time, Lu Haotao also saw us coming out . He ran He ran over immediately and said to me, ’’Director Liu, the car is prepared, please board!’’

As I followed the direction his hand pointed in, I could see an extended Hummer stopped at the side of the road .

I shook my head . There was no need for this guy to be so flamboyant . It wasn't alright to get a car like that!

Lu Haotao thought that I was dissatisfied because I saw that he owned such a luxurious car, so he quickly explained himself, ’’Director Liu, please don't misunderstand . This isn't my private car, but a belonging of Harbour Resort . You know we are also a 5-star hotel so we also provide car services for many important guests . In addition to this car, we also have two extended Lincoln and a Bentley . ’’ {TL Note: Just some Limousines . }

I waved, ’’That's not what I meant . What I mean is that it wasn't too convenient to bring this big guy on the road . It will just delay time . ’’

’’It's just like Director Liu said . I hadn't even thought of that . No wonder you are the director while I am only the person in charge of a region . It's all about the IQs!’’ Lu Haotao wiped the sweat on his face .

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry . Even this could be considered flattering . What a strange way of flattering!

As Yang Mu saw the Limousine-styled Hummer, her eyes turned green . This was a luxury car in the legends . She had heard that rich upstarts would use this sort of car for their marriage . Not many people had the chance to sit in this sort of car for their entire life . Mother Yang was married in the 70s, so she naturally didn't get to ride on a car like this, so at this time, she said time, she said somewhat greedily, ’’Mr . Lu, can I and her father also sit in this car?’’

Lu Haotao had already understood that Mother Yang was my ’’mother-in-law’’ so she was also his elder . He didn't have enough time to please her, where would he dare reject her! Although Lu Haotao was around the same age as Mother Yang, he didn't dare neglect her even a bit, and said without any irritation, ’’Aunt, you can visit us whenever you want to sit in this car . It's just a matter of a few words;you are always invited! Right, this is my business card . Later, you can directly call me when you need a car!’’

Mother Yang received the business card and immediately had a scare . Oh God, what had she read?

’’Three Rock Entertainment Group D City subsidiary company, General Manager, Lu Haotao!’’

The name of Three Rock Entertainment Group was like a thunderclap sounding in Mother Yang's ears . All the high-scale bars, clubhouses, nightclubs, resorts, etc . were invested in by the Three Rock Entertainment Group . Ms . Wang who she played cards together with a few days ago boasted how her son's hotel was owned by the Three Rock Entertainment Group . Her son was a manager in the hotel and even had a monthly salary of more than 20,000 Yuan! Mother Yang couldn't help but be unbearably envious!

Now, Mother Yang was immensely satisfied and proud in her heart . What was the manager of a hotel when even the General Manager of the Group was so servile before her son-in-law!

Mother Yang carefully traced the Hummer as she said, ’’With so many people sitting in this car, this car won't break, right? She had heard that some wedding companies made modified classic cars to swindle money . Only the appearance was that of a Limousine, but in reality, they had used ordinary cars attached together with metal . ’’


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