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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 41


Chapter 41

V4C41 - How Much Is A Pound Of Seafood



’’Puff......’’ I nearly spat out the water I just drank . Even this could be a poem! F*k, that too, Li Bai style . If you let Li Bai hear it, he will definitely jump out his grave and choke you to death!

Yang Mei couldn't help but cover her smile .

It's hard to win a beauty's smile! Zheng Shaopeng thought that Yang Mei had been impressed by his talent and fell in love with him, so he smiled foolishly .

Mother Yang had a strange expression . Although she didn't know how to write poetry, she had heard Li Bai's poems as songs many times . The difference between Zheng Shaopeng and Li Bai's was just too great! However, Yang Mu still praised him as she said, ’’Good, good, such a great rhyme!’’

’’That's obvious . In the past, I had been the representative of the Language Department!’’ Zheng Shaopeng started to blow his horn as he was sure no one was ever going to investigate his history .

Zheng Shaopeng also expected me to go with them today . He knew that if he didn't let me sit in his car, Yang Mei will certainly not go either . Therefore, he simply brought a Jinbei . Not only did the vehicle had more space, he also appeared a bit more magnanimous .

As Mother Yang saw his actions, she praised Zheng Shaopeng even more for having such a broad heart .

Mother Yang obviously favored Zheng Shaopeng more as he had changed two cars in the last two days . It seems his family wasn't just ordinary rich!

Tickets for the Ocean Park were naturally paid by Zheng Shaopeng . Although each ticket cost more than a hundred Yuan and it cost only a bit more than 800 for the tickets for five people, I didn't care about the money, but I obviously won't pay for them right now .

Zheng Shaopeng, Yang Mei, and her family weren't surprised to see the Ocean Park . In fact, as the local residents of D City, they had been here multiple times before, so they had no interest in the place . It was only me, who hadn't been here before, looking at the different marine lives with great interest .

’’Buddy, I see you are a great person, so I have a matter to discuss with you!’’ While Yang Mei wasn't paying attention, Zheng Shaopeng arrived next to me and said in a low voice .

’’What matter?’’ I asked while still looking at the fish .

’’Give Yang Mei to me and I will give you 10,000 Yuan . How is it?’’ Zheng Shaopeng tried to entice me .

’’Oh, how are you sure it will work? Even if I agree, what if Yang Mei doesn't agree?’’ I looked into his eyes and asked .

’’Dealing with Yang Mei is my headache as long as you step back . Alright!’’ Zheng Shaopeng said .

’’That... how about you give me money first . ’’ I laughed in my heart at how stupid this guy was . I had nothing to do with Yang Mei, and he wanted me to step back? No matter what, let's talk after you can take out that 10,000 Yuan and I get them .

Unexpectedly, Zheng Shaopeng really took out a bundle of notes from his western-style suit, handing them over to me .

I was stunned . The guy was worthy of being a nouveau rich, bringing so much money on him!

I took the money without any embarrassment, putting them in my pocket . Although I wasn't short on money;no one would refuse free money .

’’Bro, since you have already received the money, then why don't you tell me some of Yang Mei's hobbies . Like, what does she like to eat?’’ Zheng Shaopeng started to act amiable .

’’Oh, no problem . What What does she like to eat? She loves seafood,’’ I looked at the fish and other marine life before me and said .


’’Um, yeah . For example, that... that big squid......’’ I said as I pointed towards a large-scale squid in the front, ’’Buy that for her personally and I am sure she will love it!’’

’’That? That's great . I will specially get that cooked for her!’’ Zheng Shaopeng nodded and immediately pointed towards a nearby staff member looking after the squid as he shouted, ’’Waiter, how much for a pound of seafood here?’’

Yang Mei now completely thought of Zheng Shaopeng as a madman . Even Mother Yang felt that Zheng Shaopeng had lost a lot of face now!

’’Sir, this...... These aren't seafood, they are only for watching......’’ The staff member saw that the guest was being mindless, so he answered explained euphemistically . {TL Note- That hard word means: by means of a mild or indirect word or expression instead of one considered too harsh or blunt . If anyone got a better word, let me know in comments . }

’’Watching? What watch, can't you eat it while watching it? Or, can you eat it after watching it?’’ Zheng Shaopeng continued to speak on his own initiative .

’’Sir, what I mean is that these aren't for sale!’’ The staff member said .

’’Not for sale? Just because you said so, they aren't for sale? But you can watch it all you want? You think you are some sort of big shot!’’ Zheng Shaopeng said with a wave of his hand as he wasn't too happy with the reception .

’’Elder brother Min, that motherf*ker is a fool among fools!’’ As several men walking past saw Zheng Shaopeng's ugly expression, they laughed and joked .

’’A ticket for more than a hundred Yuan . It was a purchase worth our money now that we got to see a monkey show as well!’’ The leader of the group called Elder Brother Min said .

’’Motherf*ker!’’ Zheng

’’Motherf*ker!’’ Zheng Shaopeng was also a young master from an Underworld background;when had he been ridiculed like this? Listening to these people, he raged and walked to the leader of the group and said, ’’Bastard, are you tired of living!’’

’’And the f*k are you?’’ The Elder Brother Min's subordinate that ridiculed Zheng Shaopeng just now had yellow, delinquent hair as he pointed a finger towards Zheng Shaopeng and scolded him .

’’Humph, when you are on the streets you better not interfere in other people's business, otherwise, you might not even know what hit you when!’’ Zheng Shaopeng wanted to get angry and vent on them, but as he saw the other party had three people, he started to hesitate in his heart .

’’Bastard, you are already so stupid, who would want to interfere in your business? F*k, if tomorrow, I curse and scold Martians, then are they going to come down from Mars to teach me a lesson? Stupid bastard!’’ The yellow-haired dude said with disdain .

’’You son-of-a-bitch......’’ Zheng Shaopeng got a little angry .

’’Zheng Shaopeng!’’

’’Little Zheng!’’

Mother Yang and Yang Mei didn't want to provoke anyone here . Although Yang Mei didn't want to respond to Zheng Shaopeng, they had all come out to have fun together, so she also tried to stop him together with her mother, ’’Don't quarrel . No need to get into a conflict with bad people even if you have some background . ’’

’’Hoh?’’ The guy in the lead suddenly saw Yang Mei and his eyes lit up, ’’Little sister, do you have a boyfriend?’’

’’I have a boyfriend;you don't need to worry about that . ’’ Yang Mei replied .

The leader looked towards Zheng Shaopeng and thought Yang Mei was referring to him, so he said, ’’You are talking about this fool! She said that you are only her boyfriend, not married . I will give you a chance to get lost;I might even invite you to our big celebration feast then!’’ The guy had already raised his already raised his hands as he was talking .

Since I had received Zheng Shaopeng's 10,000 Yuan, I decided to let this guy take the opportunity to be the hero and save the damsel in distress......Hehe, it should instead be the opportunity to get beaten . He wasn't a good guy in any case, so I could get him shot down like this .

’’What do you mean! Let's all of us take a step back and see the immense sky;how is that?’’ Zheng Shaopeng was still standing in front of Yang Mei .

’’Take a step back? The f*k are you? We never retreat . If you want to take a step back, then take a few more!’’ The yellow-haired thug said in despise .

’’Good, you sure have guts . Let me make a phone call right now . You better stand here and not move now!’’ Zheng Shaopeng was getting calluses at the moment but had no way to hit any of them, therefore he used the method of goading someone into action .

Zheng Shaopeng had thought that these people would leave taking advantage of some excuse, but who would have thought that the thugs looked towards each other as the guy in the lead said, ’’Hahahaha, go ahead and call, we aren't going anywhere!’’

’’Hello, uncle! I am Shaopeng . I am in the Ocean Park . There are three people here who have a conflict with me......Good, I am waiting for you here!’’ Zheng Shaopeng thought: it's you people who forced my hand;you better not regret it later! Humph, I wanted to let you leave, but now that you are courting death, I can't just betray your expectations .

Zheng Shaopeng had thought that the thugs would also call for their people, but he never expected the leader and his subordinates to start chatting about daily activities, family matters, each others appearance, and all that . They appeared to not give a damn about him and his phone call .


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