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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 40


Chapter 40

V4C40 - Li Bai Style Poem



’’Ah, I spoke incorrectly . You were indeed wearing clothes, just revealing everything below......’’ I hadn't finished my words when Yang Mei shut the album in her hands with force .

’’Liu Lei, I had never thought you were such a person!’’ Yang Mei said as she panted in indignation .

’’Please! I didn't do it intentionally . I was just curious and looked through your photo album . How would I know that inside it......such pictures . To begin with, you are so small in the pictures;what's there to even look at?’’ I answered .

Small? What's small? Yang Mei looked at the guy in front of her and wondered if he was implying double meanings! Right? After looking for quite a while, she didn't see him mean like that so she snorted coldly and said, ’’It better be the truth that you weren't doing it intentionally!’’ {TL Note: I will leave the double meaning to your imagination . }

’’What is it? I obviously didn't do it intentionally! Right, why weren't you using something that could block the view?’’ I tried to shift the topic hastily .

’’Something to block the view? You just try to say that again!’’ I was trying to shift the topic in goodwill, but Yang Mei's expression that had just returned to normal suddenly turned violent as she held the album and smashed it on me .

I looked at her bewilderedly . Why was she hitting me now?

What I don't know is that Yang Mei had asked the same question to her parents before and her mother had replied: Because you had peed your diaper and we had to change that so it wasn't possible to cover with anything at the time!

Yang Mei felt really ashamed because of that matter, so she naturally won't explain it to me . Now that I asked, she got hyper .

Yang Mei took her photo album and glared at me as she said, ’’I am telling you if I can't find a boyfriend in the future, then you better be ready to take responsibility!’’

’’Ah? Why would I?’’ I was bewildered .

’’You have seen all of me, so if you don't take responsibility then who will! How am I going to get married in the future!’’ Yang Mei pretended to be serious as she said all that .

I was speechless . Wasn't this girl too calculative? Didn't the photographer who took the picture see you as well? Why don't you ask him to take responsibility as well? However, I could certainly not say this . If Yang Mei said that the photographer was a woman, then I will certainly get done in by her!

Besides, this era wasn't the feudal society where a woman will no longer be a maiden if she was seen, and all I had seen was......a picture . And the most important point was, with Yang Mei's beauty, was it even possible that no one would marry her?

However, I was now an experienced person and knew how a lot of girls thought! If a girl said something like this then there were only two possibilities: First, the girl wanted to take the opportunity, blackmail the man and extort money . Yang Mei was obviously not like that, otherwise, she wouldn't refuse to be with a rich kid like Zheng Shaopeng! The second was that the girl had quite a good impression of you and the words were an indirect confession . Also, there was a third possibility and that was that the two people involved were mentally ill .

Obviously, the second possibility was the most convincing, but I couldn't respond to her in that way . After all, I already had so many women right now, and if I took Yang Mei as my own in a situation like this, then it won't be fair to her!

Whether it was Zhao YanYan, Chen Wei'er, Xia Jing, Liu Liu Yue, Xu Ruoyin or Yu Ting, they had experienced a lot together with me before we all got together . Now, they all lived together in peace and I was also very pleased with their relationship . But if I add another woman;though having Yang Mei won't be an issue for me;will Yang Mei be able to accept the others? I decided to find an opportunity to explain my matters to Yang Mei clearly so she won't delay herself in finding a boyfriend .

’’My mother is so annoying! She unexpectedly made an appointment for me to go with that Zheng Shaopeng to the Ocean Park tomorrow! I don't understand just what advantages he promised my mother!’’ Yang Mei said as she sat on the bed, depressed .

I thought just what benefits could he give? Only some petty favors . Can't you see that your mother seems to favor these cheap people and little profits! But from my mouth, I said, ’’It's good to visit the Ocean Park . It's just that I haven't been there yet either!’’

’’What are you going to do then now that someone else asked to bring me out?’’ Yang Mei raised her head and looked towards me with a charming look in her eyes . I was somewhat flustered by her actions .

’’Then... I won't go......’’ I hurriedly replied but my heart was thinking otherwise . She was a perfect woman . She must taste very crisp if I bring her to my bed...... Thinking of here, I shook my head and returned to sanity .

’’You dare!!’’ Yang Mei stood up and glared at me, ’’If you don't go then what if that Zheng Shaopeng seizes the opportunity to take cheap advantage of me!’’

’’Aren't you afraid that I will try to take cheap advantage of you?’’ It's not that I didn't want to go, to be honest, I also wanted to go and have fun .

’’You have already taken all the all the advantage so it doesn't matter if it's you!’’ Yang Mei said .

’’No......I just looked at a photo...’’ I was about to faint .


Early the next morning, Zheng Shaopeng arrived before it was eight o'clock . Mother Yang praised him for being diligent as that was the best quality that many people didn't have .

As Zheng Shaopeng saw Yang Mei before him, he wanted to show off his talent so he said in a genteel voice . ’’Early bird gets the worm!’’

’’And the early worm gets eaten by the bird!’’ Yang Mei didn't even look at him as she replied sarcastically .

’’Ah......That's also correct, true! That's the truth of life . Sharks eat little fish while little fish eat shrimp . What a truth you just said!’’ Zheng Shaopeng said as he tried to make himself look infallible .

’’What an idiot!’’ I muttered in my heart . But on the surface, I still said, ’’Brother Zheng is not only handsome but also smart . Your train of thought is just like Niao Beng!’’

’’Ah!’’ As Zheng Shaopeng heard me praise him like that, my impression in his eyes became quite better as he nodded and said, ’’Saying that I am like Niao Beng is an exaggeration . I can at most be on the same level as Li Bai!’’

After Yang Mei heard his words, she looked at him with loathing . Zheng Shaopeng really thought he will be able to attract the beauty's attention as he continued to show off his literary talents by saying, ’’Brother, I just had a stroke of inspiration suddenly . I want to write a poem on the spot . What does everyone think?’’

’’Brother Zheng has such great talents as well . I never knew you were a 'frequent brothel patron (refined and elegant)' person!’’ I said the word ’’嫖 (piao)’’ ambiguously intentionally . Even then, Yang Mei actually understood my meaning and threw a bright smile . smile . {TL Note: The word for elegant and the word for frequent brothel patron are pronounced the same . It's a wordplay . }

As Zheng Shaopeng saw Yang Mei smile so radiantly, he thought his method had worked and she was attracted to him, so he said happily, ’’The ordinary can't understand what the extraordinary says!’’ For good or for bad, Zheng Shaopeng was still a University graduate . The meaning of his word ’’ordinary’’ was obviously referring to the bureaucrats and other people in the government sector . It was a derogatory term . As for ’’extraordinary,’’ that was referring to the poets . {TL Note: It's some ancient stuff where the Officials in the court would listen to the poets, not understand their meaning, applause, and then go home . In the end, nothing changed . }

As Yang Mei heard Zheng Shaopeng claim himself to be a poet, she couldn't help but smile .

’’Little Zheng, then do it quickly . Your uncle and I have quite some anticipation!’’ Though Mother Yang had settled on Zheng Shaopeng as her son-in-law because of his wealth, she didn't want to have a son-in-law who was just a douche bag . Now that she heard that the guy could write poetry, she was immensely happy .

’’Brother Zheng, go ahead . All of us are listening!’’ I took a glass of water and sat on a sofa, waiting for this guy to embarrass himself .

’’Oh! I will say a Li Bai style poem then!’’ Zheng Shaopeng cleared his throat, hesitated a bit, and said,

Today is very sunny,

So Yang Mei and I go to Ocean Park,

There is many fish in the block,

I am fascinated as I look at Yang Mei

That poem was shit, go ahead and read my hit .

Today's really sunny,

I go to Ocean Park with my honey,

The fish in the pool are really many,

I look at Yang Mei and forget my granny .


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