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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 38


Chapter 38

V4C38 - I Never Said I Was Going To Sleep



’’Oh hello, you are just thinking whatever you feel like . Naturally, you will be the one who is going to rest, I am not planning to sleep . I happen to have some stuff I need to check on the internet!’’ Yang Mei said as she pointed to the computer on the writing desk .

’’Oh, that's also good . But you should know that I like resting naked . I won't be wearing any clothes,’’ I said .

’’I don't have an issue but let me tell you: My bed sheet hasn't been changed for over a year . If you aren't afraid of resting on dust then go ahead!’’ Yang Mei said leisurely .

’’All right, I will go rest now,’’ I said as I put on an act of taking my clothes off .

’’Go die!’’ Yang Mei rushed to stop me from moving any further, ’’You, how could you be such a pervert!’’

’’I am a pervert? I was just taking off my clothes so I could rest yet you are calling me a pervert! Weren't you the one who said it's alright!’’ I said .

’’Taking off your clothes is a perverted act!’’ Yang Mei replied .

’’Don't you take off your clothes every day?’’ I asked .

’’I......What I mean is that taking your clothes off in front of others is what perverts do!’’ Yang Mei said after thinking for a while .

’’You are thinking pervertedly . It's just that your room is too hot, so I took off my coat!’’ I said as I took off my coat and revealed the shirt inside .

’’Weren't you the one who said you were going to rest naked?’’ Yang Mei asked .

’’But I never said I was going to sleep!’’ I sat on the bed and pointed towards the computer, ’’I will accompany you in your research online!’’

’’Good!’’ Yang Mei nodded, sat on a chair, and turned on the computer .

The bed and the computer desk were quite close to each other, so I could clearly see the computer screen as I sat just behind Yang Mei .

Yang Mei first opened her own MSN, then opened a search homepage and typed ’’In-service Post-Graduate Exam Registration . ’’

This search engine was developed by Shuguang and was the earliest search engine in the world . Also the most versatile . Since they had employed many of the web-crawling technology that I recommend from the future, the other search engines couldn't even hold a candle to it .

In 1999, the personal home internet access system was the relatively backward telephone dial-up system . It was divided into 33 . 6 K and 52 K, but the price was the same . Therefore, having a 56 K connection in this era was a great thing . Yang Mei had a 56 K connection . I looked at it and it was the latest Shuguang authorized Su Industries OEM modem . It seems to have been bought for some time .

Soon, the searched web pages were arranged in the form of a list and Yang Mei selected several of the rank comparison pages .

First was the website of the National Graduate Student Test Center . The introduction written on the page was quite detailed . The several other pages just had the advertisements of some training schools with the catchphrases ’’Get it on one try, Guaranteed’’ and ’’With real written test simulation...’’ etc .

I couldn't understand why so many people like like to take Post-Graduate Courses, just like what Yang Mei was looking into . Look at her, she already had such a high-income job, but she was still looking for a Post-Graduate College . Even if she got the degree, what would be its use? The income increment in a company depended on a person's ability and performance, it had nothing to do with a person's final education . I really couldn't understand what Yang Mei was thinking .

When I thought about Post-Graduate Studies, I couldn't help but think of Ye XiaoXiao, a name that my heart just couldn't get over . I don't know why, but every time I thought of her, my heart would feel exceptionally uncomfortable .

Was it because I had treated her unjustly? Or was it because of other reasons? Also, because of the unexpected relationship she had with me, I just couldn't think of her the same as Meng QingQing . The feelings were too different .

Although I also had the feeling of guilt towards Meng QingQing, my heart never felt the same as I actively interacted with her in a positive manner .

Ye XiaoXiao? Was it because this matter happened quite early after my rebirth, so the impression in my heart was quite profound? Or was it because she was the first woman I fantasized about after my rebirth?

Perhaps, men will have a lot of delusions about beautiful women before they had experienced life with them first-hand, but after experiencing life with a lot of beautiful women, each better than the other, they will rarely have any fantasy about another beautiful woman .

I had heard that she was studying in B City now, but I don't know in which institute she was . I had inquired Uncle Ye thrice but he just said just said he didn't know anything . Now, Uncle Ye no longer regarded me as his son-in-law candidate nor did he know what happened between me and Ye XiaoXiao, and Ye XiaoXiao had also repeatedly mentioned to him that there was someone very important to her in B City, so she couldn't return, therefore Uncle Ye naturally believed that Ye XiaoXiao now had a boyfriend!

Why don't I look for her? As time went by, my urge to find Ye XiaoXiao lessened! It turned out to be because when I was really crazy to be with her I couldn't even find her .

Now, with my current strength and network, finding a single person in B City wouldn't be an issue . Whether it is making my underground forces, the Three Rock Gang do it or making my friend from the police, Zhong Yang, find her, it wouldn't take long . However, I don't understand why I won't do it! What was I hesitating about? Was I afraid to face her? No, I am convinced at heart that I want to make her the happiest woman!

In my heart, I was afraid that Ye XiaoXiao had already found someone she loved and started a new life! And my appearance would undoubtedly be a kind of disaster in her current life!

It is true that I had a very favorable impression of Ye XiaoXiao in the past, but it was only one-sided . Later, the only reason Ye XiaoXiao had any feelings for me was that I had taken her first time . Women would always have some good feelings towards the man who took their first time as it was special! {TL Note: Consentual first-time!}

But now that such a long time had passed, I believe that Ye XiaoXiao would have gotten over the matter already . On top On top of that, Uncle Ye's words made me a bit afraid!

Perhaps, this would forever remain as my only regret after my rebirth! I had once vowed to never have any regrets in this life, but it seems I have failed to do that!

Although I could rely on my current ability to force Ye XiaoXiao to stay on my side, in that way, I will only get her body and never get her heart . It would be an even greater failure and regret!

A notification sound on MSN made me return to reality .

I glanced at the computer screen and saw that Yang Mei had closed the web pages and was now chatting with her friends .

A person called ’’Gangster Li’’ was the one chatting with Yang Mei right now . In this era, due to the influence of ’’Gangster Cai’’ and his <<The First Intimate Contact>>, many people were willing to use the same usernames as his pen name mixed with some other strange symbols, and the result was, Gangsters were all over the internet . Later, these people would wish to add some other characters and symbols to distinguish themselves and erase this dark stain of their lives left from the time when their brains were going haywire! {TL Note: The author Gangster Cai and his book ’’The First Intimate Contact!’’ - https://bit . ly/2AOe63j}

’’How are you? What have you been doing recently!’’

’’Dear, I miss you!’’

’’Why don't you talk?’’

’’Are you there?’’

Yang Mei disregarded these messages directly and was chatting with another friend of her .

’’That man is talking to you, why are you ignoring him?’’ I asked .

’’Oh, that's Li Xiaogang . Every time I go online, he will send me messages, annoying me all the time . ’’ Yang Mei said, ’’Oh, right! What is your MSN?’’


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