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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 34


Chapter 34



’’I......I want to let you be a light bulb!’’ Yang Mei said with a nod, ’’In fact, the matter is like this: This time the reason I came to N-City is, first, because of the company's work, and second because N-City is very close to D-City . I haven't been home for over a year now, so my Mom asked me to return home this time! I also told this to Chief Chu and he allowed me two days of vacation . ’’

’’But what does that have to do with a blind date?’’ I asked .

’’Of course it has relations as I am going home this time . My mom just wants me to go out with some! As I heard that was the case, I didn't want to go back but my mom said her health wasn't very good recently! When she was young, her leg was wounded and the wound hasn't been fully healed still, so I promised to go back and see her . ’’ Yang Mei said, ’’As I have no other means, so I can't hide anymore, but my mother wants to introduce me to some blind date and get me a boyfriend . So I thought, if I made you pretend to be my boyfriend, then my mother will lose motivation regarding this matter!’’

’’So that's how it is . But if I am pretending to be your boyfriend, will you still have to go on a blind date?’’ I asked somewhat puzzledly .

’’Actually, the thing is, the man that my mother found for me this time, she is very satisfied with him . I heard that he is waiting for me at my house, so your job is to get rid of that man?’’ Yang Mei said .

’’What a joke? Since your mother is already satisfied and he has already entered your house, then you mother will obviously be biased towards him and definitely choose him! Your mother certainly won't be good to me!’’ I said as I shook my head .

When a mother-in-law looks at her son-in-law, he will appear more and more pleasing to her eye as long as she had determined him to be her son-in-law . Changing her decision isn't an easy matter . If I butt in now, I will only be asking for my humiliation!

’’How could you not have any confidence in yourself? Ah, don't you have me? It doesn't matter who my mother likes . As long as I said in everyone's presence that I love you, then what can my mother do?’’ Yang Mei said with self-satisfaction .

’’We might be able to do that once, but we can't do that all the time . I will help you this once, but what will you do the next time? I can't just go to your house all the time to help you break up relationships?’’ I smiled bitterly .

’’Let's deal with the matter at hand . As for afterward, we can think of something at that time . ’’ Yang Mei said as she hadn't thought much of the matter .

’’We might succeed ones but how long can we hide the truth? What if your parents asked me how long we have known each other, or how we met and all that? I am afraid there might be some loopholes in the story that will get us caught . Then what will you do if that blind date dude doesn't want to leave? He has the support of the mother-in-law, so I am afraid the person who will leave is me!’’ I said while curling my lips .

’’Humph, I don't like him, so what can he do even if he depended on my family! And let me tell you . After he sees I have such a great great boyfriend, he will certainly go back crestfallen out of shame!’’ Yang Mei said .

Crestfallen? I am afraid that after he sees your beauty, he won't want to leave anymore! Li Xiaogang was a good example .


After 2 hours of conspiring a story on a long-distance bus, I turned into Yang Mei's boyfriend she had known for a month . Why did we only know each other for a month? It's because Yang Mei had called home last month and said that she didn't have a boyfriend yet .

’’Why didn't you just tell your family you already had a boyfriend? There wouldn't be a need to go through this hassle and we would have avoided being suspicious!’’ I asked .

’’Why would I lie to them?’’ Yang Mei asked, puzzled .

’’You said that we have known each other for a month, so in your parent's eyes, our sentiments will still not be strong enough, and it was still a good time to separate us!’’ I said .

’’Excuse me, I could only tell the truth . If I had said that I had a boyfriend before, then my mother would have asked me to immediately lead him back home so she could have a look!’’ Yang Mei rolled her eyes at me .

’’You can just use the excuse of being too busy at work!’’ I said .

’’I am busy doesn't mean she is busy as well . My mother retired already and is at home all the time with nothing to do . If she heard I had a boyfriend, she would have run over there herself!’’ Yang Mei refuted .

No wonder! I had to nod . Although Yang Mei and I had prepared a good story already, who could say that Mother Yang won't ask some strange question we can't answer, so we get caught!

D-City and N-City were located in the same province a few hundred few hundred kilometers apart . We arrived there in only two hours on the long-distance bus .

D-City was a coastal city . I haven't been here ever since my rebirth, but I had come here in my previous life for work matters . In this life, I had many trivial matters to deal with, and also, it wasn't an easy job to come out on a trip with my group of wives!

Just when we left the bus station, Yang Mei reminded me in a low voice, ’’Near that fifth fence over there, my father is the one wearing a white shirt, while my mom is the one wearing a brown dress next to him!’’

I nodded . At this time, Mother Yang saw Yang Mei and waved her hand towards us as she was shouting something .

’’Mother!’’ Yang Mei also waved towards her as she quickly walked towards her .

’’Yang Mei, you lass, Mother was dying to see you! I don't know how you decided to return home to see me after more than a year!’’ Mother Yang blamed her daughter .

’’Mom, how is your leg?’’ Yang Mei strangely looked towards her mother who was standing straight . Where did she look like she had any problems with her leg?

’’Hehe! My leg injury had healed a long time ago . But if I didn't say that, then would you have come here?’’ Mother Yang said as she stomped her feet on the ground .

’’Really?’’ Listening to her mother, Yang Mei felt relieved .

’’Naturally . , don't you see mother! Not only can I walk perfectly, I can even jump or run a marathon!’’ Yang Mu said happily .

’’Ah! Mother, you know I am very busy with work now, yet you deceived me over your current condition!’’ Yang Mei helplessly said .

’’What's wrong! I am just a mother who wants to have a look at her daughter to her daughter to see if she's doing well or not!’’ Mother Yu wasn't glad to hear Yang Mei's words .

’’Alright, am I not good now!’’ Yang Mei shook her head .

’’Ah, right . This is the young fellow I told you about who is a nice man, has a good family, and is also around the same age as you, and even started a job last year . What do you think?’’ Mother Yang pointed towards a young man wearing a suit and tie next to her and said, ’’Zheng Shaopeng!’’

I looked towards the man in front of me funnily . It was already May yet he was dressed in a complete western suit . Did he not get affected by the heat, or had he gone insane in the heat . No joke!

’’Mother, you just say whatever you feel like! Right, let me introduce you!’’ As Yang Mei said, she drew me in front . Only now did Mother and Father Yang noticed that there was a man who came together with their daughter .

’’This is my boyfriend Liu Lei! Liu Lei, they are my parents!’’ Yang Mei said shyly .

Yang Mei hadn't shown this sort of expression before . I couldn't help but stare at her . No matter what, this girl still had a reserved side to her .

’’Uncle, Aunt, hello!’’ I nodded with a smile and reached out my hand for a handshake .

Yang Father was about to reach out his hand to me, but he was stopped by Mother Yang . Her expression turned gloomy as she looked at me and said angrily, ’’Who are you? We don't know you, so don't try to call us aunt and uncle, trying to act familiar!’’

I indifferently took back my hand . In any case, she wasn't my genuine mother-in-law, so I was also indifferent towards these matters .


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