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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 29


Chapter 29



’’You just said that 9 out of 10 gambles were a loss, so, wouldn't we be losing very quickly?’’ Yang Mei asked curiously .

’’9 out of 10 are a loss, but there's still that one win!’’ I said with a smile .

’’Hmm......’’ Yang Mei stared at me but still put all the chips on number 7 .

’’How did you know I wanted to bet on this number?’’ I asked .

’’I didn't . You didn't say anything so I just chose the number I felt like . ’’ Yang Mei rolled her eyes .

’’So that's how it is,’’ I said with a nod .

’’Old, lousy tricks!’’ Yang Mei whispered to herself .

’’What did you say?’’ I asked .

’’I said that your methods of hitting on a girl are too old and lousy!’’ Yang Mei said again .

Huh? I? Hitting on this girl? Old and lousy tricks? I smiled bitterly . When did I try to hit on her?

Letting the ball stop on number 7 was an easy matter for me . There wasn't a need for any effort . I just willed and the ball stopped at number 7 .

’’Ah!’’ Yang Mei shouted . For a long time, she couldn't process what just happened, so she said, ’’Can such a coincidence really happen?’’

’’See, I said we will win once, so we did, didn't we?’’ I said with a smile . I was purely doing it for a bit fun and also to tease her a bit . If this casino was in someone else's establishment, I would never use my ability so easily, but this was my own industry, so there wasn't a need for me to worry about compensating any money . That's why I didn't need to have any reservations when I did anything .

I took the chips worth 3600 and placed them all on 7 again . Yang Mei looked at me with some doubt and said, ’’Do you really think you can win a lottery twice with the same number?’’

I smiled and didn't say anything . This time, the ball again stopped on 7, shocking even the dealer who was a veteran from Macao . He had thought the last win was just a coincident and it won't happen again . After all, the world had many coincidences, but those coincidences only happened once .

The dealer looked towards me and then looked towards the wheel with some doubt, but he still gave me chips worth 129600 as he said politely, ’’Excuse me but I will have to trouble you two to change machines . This machine seems to be having some issues . ’’ {TL Note: 100X36X36=129600}

I just nodded to him indifferently and was about to follow him when Yang Mei said, ’’What issues are there! What are you trying to do? Now that we won twice, you are telling us to change machines! Is this how you run a casino!’’

’’Eh......’’ As the dealer was bombarded by Yang Mei's words he didn't know how to respond . Even if there were problems with the machine, it was the casino's fault and had nothing to do with the guest . It was impossible to take the money they won back from them just because they said the machine was having issues!

When a guest is winning and you ask them to change the machine, that will certainly be unreasonable! Moreover, the people who mingled here weren't of any ordinary background . Who would know what kind of backgrounds they might have! Although the dealer knew his boss had a formidable backing, making an enemy over such a little issue wasn't worth it!

’’Sir, Miss, that's not what I mean . But it's reasonable to say that getting the the same number twice is impossible, so......’’ The dealer tried to explain .

I didn't care about it much . As the staff of the casino, he was responsible for making sure the casino didn't suffer a loss . Not only was there no reason for me to be angry, instead, I ought to be pleased that there were such people working here . After all, this place belonged to me .

’’Yang Mei, let's change the machine . He also works for others . We shouldn't make things too difficult for him!’’ I said to Yang Mei .

’’Thank you, sir! Thank you!’’ As the dealer saw me agree, he said with gratitude .

’’Humph!’’ Yang Mei snorted in a bad mood as she had to change the machine with me .

’’I will take 7 again . All the chips! I want to see if the machine has gone haywire or this young lady's luck is invincible today!’’ Yang Mei said as she bet all chips on number 7 again .

Looking at her actions, the dealer started to sweat . It was over a 100,000 at once! He thought there was no way for her to win unless this machine was broken as well .

However, the result was again something he hadn't expected . Looking at the ball again stop at 7 without having any sign of going to another number, the dealer's mouth gaped wide open .

’’What is it now? Do you think this machine is broken as well?’’ Yang Mei smugly said to the dealer .

Veterans! Veterans, hidden in the crowd! This was the first reaction the dealer had .

As the dealer looked at the roulette before him, his body was soaked in sweat as he shivered . He just made the casino suffer a loss of 36 times 129,600! That was 4 . 6 million! He got an got an international joke played on him . He was the one responsible for the games and tinkering with the machines . Now that he lost so much money at once, there was no way the boss was letting him leave in a single piece .

The dealer Xiao Li hurriedly took out his intercom and said a few words in a low voice . After his words ended, some young men dressed in black clothes arrived before long .

’’Guests, our boss has invited you!’’ One of the black-dressed men said .

As I saw these people, I smiled faintly . Indeed, we had won too much and they didn't want to pay up! However, according to my understanding, Manager Yu wasn't just an ordinary manager of in the hotel area, he was the head of the entire Jiuding Resort . Was that brat afraid of me winning too much?

’’What's that supposed to mean? Who is your boss? We don't know him!’’ Yang Mei shouted as she looked towards these people vigilantly .

’’It doesn't matter if you don't know . Our boss just wants to have a chat with you two . ’’ The man in the lead wasn't humble at all and his voice carried a slight feeling of threat .

’’Yang Mei, since he is inviting us so sincerely, it's better that we go take a look, right?’’ I said to Yang Mei .

’’Good, let's go!’’ The black-dressed guy in the lead said as he walked behind us .

I smiled as I saw how serious this guy was about all this . If I wanted to attack, these guys would already be lying on the ground . However, since all of them were also my own people, there wasn't a need to go too far for them . After all, they worked for me and were only doing their work .

’’Liu Lei, .

’’Liu Lei, what do you think they want from us? It wouldn't be like in those TV shows where people win a lot of money in the casino, and the casino now wants to silence us?’’ Saying this, Yang Mei had fear in her tone, ’’If so, we should tell them we don't walk any money . They should let us go . OK!’’

’’Don't worry . It won't turn out like they do in TV shows . ’’ I comforted her . In fact, I also know the scenes in the TV shows were what happened in reality . It was just as Yang Mei said . The casino felt we had won too much money, so they couldn't sit still anymore!

’’But......’’ Yang Mei was still not at ease .

’’Let's wait and watch . If that's how it is, then it wouldn't be too late to give them money then!’’ I said .

’’What are you people chattering about? Walk quickly!’’ One of the black-dressed men walking in front of us said impatiently .

’’First you make mistakes, then ask us to follow you . I followed you guys to give you face, so I hope you won't not take the face given to you!’’ I looked at the guy in front and said .

’’Motherf***er! You got a death wi-......’’ the guy hadn't finished his words when the man behind us glared at him and said, ’’Heizi, there are some rules you need to follow!’’

As the man heard his words, he immediately shut his mouth resentfully .

’’Sorry for the inconvenience, you two! My subordinate is a crude person and can't follow the rules as he should . ’’ The leader said . Although his expression was light, it was obviously a threat . He was trying to tell us that his subordinate was a ruthless man, so we better not offend them!


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