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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 28


Chapter 28



’’What do we play first? Everyone, what's your opinion?’’ Chu Gao turned around and asked everyone .

’’Don't you have a casino here? Why didn't you speak of it?’’ Li Xiaogang suddenly interrupted .

Manager Yu was going to get angry, but his look immediately returned to normal as he said in a low voice, ’’This gentleman seems to have been here before . Indeed, we have a leisure activities area in the resort, but it can't be called a casino!’’

Running a casino wasn't allowed in the Mainland, but there were still large hotels, resorts, and clubhouses that had some background with the Underworld, so they were equipped with small-scale casinos . These small-scale casinos were called leisure areas just like Manager Yu said . In the northern prefecture of Songjiang Prefecture, they called these areas Mahjong Halls .

Although their scale wasn't as big as the casinos in Macao, the games available inside weren't any different from what Macao offered . Some more powerful hotels and resorts would also hire dealers from Macao, making the service inside world-class . That's why the majority of rich businessmen no longer needed to make a long and tiresome journey to Macao or Las Vegas . They could enjoy everything here in their own city and have the pleasure of gambling directly .

In B City, there were many establishments of this kind, and most of them were under the control of Three Rock Gang, while the rest were in the hands of other gangs and powers . Otherwise, it would have been very difficult for the legal to mix with illegal .

Chu Gao only looked towards Li Xiaogang once but didn't say anything . Before Li Xiaogang joined New Century, he had been mixing in B City for nearly 10 years . He was a frequent visitor to these venues, so it wasn't strange for him to know something like this .

But Yang Mei and several others had never been to a casino . It was a place of legends they only saw on TV . As they listened to Manager Yu saying they had it here, these people were naturally eager to go in and have a look .

As Chu Gao saw that everyone was eager to visit the casino, he had no reason to stop them . Chu Gao's self-control was quite good . Even though he was now in the Elite Class of the country, he wasn't arrogant or impetuous . Usually, he wouldn't go to these venues unless it was to treat some clients . He had to go out of courtesy . He wasn't a fan of recreational activities like this, nor was he someone who indulged in debauchery or gambling, so he didn't have much interest in casinos .

One time, he had accompanied a customer in Russia to a place similar to this . He just went along with the customer . After losing a few thousand in gambling, he stopped playing anymore .

He knew that the only reason he could reach his current position was out of luck, nothing more . Having a nice job after graduation was the dream of all University students, yet Chu Gao was already leading a massive company even before he could graduate . How was it possible that he won't treasure this opportunity? Therefore, he continuously reminded himself to be humble as greed is the reason for all demise .

’’Alright, we will go take a look . But first, we need to reach an agreement . Everyone can only exchange for a little number of chips . If you exchange more and lose, then I won't be responsible for anyone!’’ Chu Gao said with a smile .

’’Chief Chu, you don't need to worry . Our entertainment establishment here isn't too expensive . You can play for as little as 100 Yuan here!’’ Manager Yu said .

When I came here the last time, I didn't hear anything about a casino from Guan Yang, so it appears that he didn't know about it . But Li Xiaogang or his friend certainly came here before and knew about the casino very clearly .

Under Manager Yu's leadership, the several people walked into the underground casino . But when it came the time to exchange for chips, Yang Mei, and the others were embarrassed and awkward as the people before them had exchanged for over a 1000 chips .

As a girl, Yang Mei didn't have much much liking towards gambling and indulging in something where you might ruin your future, but now, she didn't want to be left out either when others were spending chips like this . She still felt a bit reluctant .

While all these people were scrambling around on what to do, Li Xiaogang went ahead and said to the chip dealer as he handed over his card, ’’Trade 10,000 first . ’’

’’Alright, sir!’’ The chip dealer agilely took the card, swiped it, and then handed over the chips to Li Xiaogang .

Li Xiaogang handed chips worth 2,000 to Chu Gao and said, ’’Chief Chu, it will be on me . You can casually try your luck at the different games!’’

’’This isn't quite right . Everyone in the company came out to enjoy, so letting you spend......’’ Chu Gao said as he wanted to decline .

’’What's this about? You are our leader, so you won't even let us subordinates do anything for you!’’ Li Xiaogang said as he pushed the chips into Chu Gao's hands .

Chu Gao wasn't good at declining people as he had a Buddha's heart, so he looked towards me . As I had no reaction to the ordeal, so he took the chips .

This Li Xiaogang had been an old hat in the business world for years, so he was quite familiar with methods to flatter people . His this action made Chu Gao have a good expression of him . Actually, I also thought that this Li Xiaogang was quite capable as he had a calculative mind, real ability, and skills to smoothly deal with people . But for some reason, he was hostile towards me . I think the reason must be Yang Mei .

’’Yang Mei, here, I will give you these chips . Even if you lost, it will be on me!’’ Li Xiaogang said as he tried to hand over chips worth a thousand to Yang Mei .

’’Forget it, I only came here to see, I won't be gambling!’’ Yang Mei waved her hand in rejection .

’’It's nothing . Just a small gamble . As long as you don't get addicted, it's alright!’’ Li Xiaogang said as he put the chips in Yang Mei's hands .

Yang Mei had Mei had no other choice and she didn't want to make him lose too much face either, so she reluctantly took the chips .

’’This is the Fortune Wheel, the slot machine......’’ Li Xiaogang started to introduce the various gambling facilities to Yang Mei as he chattered on infinitely . Yang Mei was obviously not interested, so she only nodded symbolically .

As Chu Gao heard all this, he was very interested in the various games . As I already knew about all this, so it didn't matter to me .

Some people liked to gamble . It was in their instincts . Li Xiaogang was obviously a person like that . Just like one can't resist beauty, he couldn't resist the thrill brought by gambling . As he introduced all these to Yang Mei, he was in quite the high spirits, then he ran away to try his luck .

Chu Gao was leading other people from the company all around as they watched how everything was done . Yang Mei distributed the chips in her hand to the other company employees and then walked over to me .

’’Liu Lei, you aren't going to play?’’ As Yang Mei saw my calm appearance, she asked somewhat curiously .

’’For every ten bets, nine will go in a loss . This is something I understand clearly . As I already know I am going to lose, so why bother playing?’’ I said with a smile .

’’I have all these chips . How about we try our luck together?’’ Yang Mei said as she raised the remaining chips in her hand .

’’Alright!’’ I said with some joy .

’’What should we play?’’ Yang Mei was obviously not familiar with everything around here . Even if she heard the introduction from Li Xiaogang a moment ago, she only appeared to understand, she didn't understand it actually .

’’Might as well play some wheel games . It's quite simple and the odds are also easy to guess . ’’ I said .

Yang Mei and I arrived in the area with the wheel games . Here, they had the Russian roulette of the standard 36, the most popular one . Here the compensation was 36 for 1 for a particular number a particular number . If you select the odd numbers, black, red, or even, then the compensation was 2 for 1, and if you select a certain range or line of number, the compensation will be 3 for 1 . {TL Note: http://bit . ly/2LSPquD See footnote for a detailed explanation about the compensation . }

In other words, many rules here were simplified and helped the player . Even if someone had never played the game before, they will be able to play it with ease .

’’What does detain mean?’’ Yang Mei held the chip in her hand and asked .

’’It means selecting the number . Bet on a single number, it's compensation is very high . ’’ I said as I looked over the rules of the game .

’’Single number? The compensation is high, but the probability is very small!’’ Yang Mei said .

’’Gambling small is joyful, but gambling big might ruin your family fortune . We are only betting one chip, so bet on the highest prize!’’ I said .


Roulette has 36 (1-36) numbers . Half are red, half are black . Half are even, Half are odd .

If you bet on a particular number, say, you bet 1000 on number 1 . Then you will get 36 times your bet as a reward if you won . That will be 36000 .

If you say you want to bet on odd numbers, then, if the result is an odd number, you get 2 times your bet . That will be 2000 .

Same for even, black, and red . All work the same . You can select either of them .

As for a line of numbers or a certain range of numbers, it works like the image . https://imgur . com/ymtCoCx Give me some credit . I drew it with effort .

So, if the result is one of the numbers in that range or line, then you get 3 times your bet . That will be 3000 .

But, we know that luck isn't great, so I will recommend you not to waste your money on roulette or any other game . If you wanna spend money, why not send it to me .


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