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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 27


Chapter 27



Most of the senior executives in the New Century Group had a car of their own . The only one who didn't have a car was Yang Mei, a new University graduate, and another new Department Manager who had just bought a new house, Wang Yulun . Because of buying a new house, Wang Yulun hadn't bought a car of his own . As for an old hat like Li Xiaogang, the dude had his BMW .

Chu Gao's car was an Audi bought by my instructions . I had thought that Chu Gao was still young, so it wasn't good to show off his talent too much . As his base was still shallow, I feared that people might envy him and try to bring harm to him in secret, making him fall from his position .

’’Yang Mei, come, ride on my car!’’ Li Xiaogang pressed the button on his car controller and unlocked his BMW .

’’I......I will go in Uncle Zhang's car!’’ Yang Mei shook her head . Generally, whenever they all went out of the company together, she would always ride the Marketing Department Manager, Zhang Jianshan's car .

’’It's not possible today, Little Mei . Look at my car, there are only two seats in it . Our newly arrived Little Wang had already asked me to let him ride in my car,’’ Zhang Jianshan beckoned with his hand .

’’Ah!’’ Yang Mei had a bitter expression as she pitifully looked towards Zhang Jianshan . The last time she sat in Li Xiaogang's car, Li Xiaogang started out good, but after some time, he started to move his hands and feet randomly......

’’Didn't Director Liu bring his car . How about you go with him . ’’ Zhang Jianshan said with a smile .

’’Uncle Zhang, you are doing it deliberately!’’ Yang Mei said with a smile . She hadn't thought I also brought a car . She had thought that my relationship with Chu Gao was good, so I will certainly go with Chu Gao . Because of this, she didn't have any thought about this matter .

’’It turns out you don't want to go with the Director . It seems I am being meddlesome . Alright, I will let Little Wang go with the Director while you can come with me!’’ Zhang Jianshan said to her as he was about to call Wang Yu .

’’Alright Uncle Zhang, I won't disturb you anymore!’’ Yang Mei stamped her feet angrily and turned around, running away .

’’There's no one else?’’ Yang Mei pointed to the seat next to me .

I shook my head .

’’Can I sit?’’ Yang Mei asked .

I nodded .

’’Can't you talk!’’ Yang Mei shouted as she pulled open the door .

’’Yang Mei, you should sit on my BMW . This Santana isn't very comfortable and the distance to the resort isn't small either . There will be a lot of jolts and bumps on the road as well!’’ Li Xiaogang wouldn't have had any issue if she sat in Zhang Jianshan's car as Zhang Jianshan's daughter was already around Yang Mei's age, so there was no possibility for anything happening . But now, as he saw her sit in my car, his heart was worried about something might that happen, so he immediately drove over .

’’This car is great . Besides, I like the feeling of the jolts and bumps as it reminds me of the time I used to go to amusement parks and play in Bumper Cars!’’ Yang Mei said .

Li Xiaogang looked at me resentfully and then returned to his car .

’’It's quite strange . Instead of sitting in a BMW, you are bent bent on sitting in my Santana 2000!’’ I looked towards Yang Mei and said with a smile .

’’Humph, you sure have a lot of words to say!’’ Yang Mei glared at me as she said, ’’This Li Xiaogang isn't a good person!’’

’’Oh? Why isn't he good? Aren't you slandering a colleague?’’ I hinted to Xu Er to drive as I asked Yang Mei .

’’No matter what, he's not good . I don't like him . ’’ Yang Mei obviously wasn't going to say how Li Xiaogang tried to take advantage of her before .

’’Then you must be careful . There are many people who say I am a pretty bad person,’’ I said seriously .

’’Who will believe you? I can tell at a glance you aren't!’’ Yang Mei said .

’’Xu Er, what do you say? Aren't I a bad guy?’’ I asked Xu Er .

’’Chief Liu, you are a good man!’’ Xu Er replied .

’’Ha Ha Ha Ha!’’ After Yang Mei heard his words, she started to laugh, ’’I can't stop laughing......It's so......’’

I helplessly looked towards Xu Er . This guy was good, but he was too straightforward . His head just won't work as it should . Sometimes, I really wanted to smack his head from behind, but I feared that he might become even more stupid .

On the way, I found out that Yang Mei was a few years older than my current age, but her heart was still that of a child . A lot of conversations we had along the way were matters from the childhood .

I had already come far from my childhood and couldn't remember much of it . Even though I went to high school after being reborn, it could be said that I neglected this period of time . But now, under Yang Mei's reminder, I was able to remember a remember a lot of interesting events from my childhood .

Some cartoons and snacks from the 80's, some mischievous acts in school......

’’Aren't you from this city?’’ I asked Yang Mei .

’’Well, my family is in D City . After graduating from University, I stayed here in B City . ’’ Yang Mei said .

’’Hmm, D City is better than B City . It's a coastal city, so the environment is both great and clean,’’ I said, ’’On the other hand, look at B City . There are so many people, vehicles, and other things, causing serious air pollution!’’

’’I won't go back, otherwise, my mother will kill me by bothering me all the time!’’ Yang Mei said as she shook her head .

’’Kill you by bothering? What happened?’’ I asked .

’’My mother is trying to fix a blind date for me all the time . I am tired of it now . ’’ Yang Mei said with a resigned look .

I knew it was her family's private matter that I couldn't interfere in, so I no longer pestered her regarding it .

We also talked about some irrelevant topics on the way . Fortunately, it wasn't the peak work time, so we soon arrived at Jiuding Resort .

As a well-known company in B City, New Century Group received more attention compared to others . After all, the company's location was a great point where it was surrounded by many other major companies . If the New Century group went back and publicized them, then Jiuding's business had a chance of reaching higher levels .

On the electronic screen at the entrance of Jiuding resort, the words ’’New Century Group, Welcome to the Jiuding Resort!’’ Manager Yu also came out to personally greet us .

After Manager Yu saw me, he was stunned......

As I saw Manager Yu, I beckoned to him with my hand . hand . Manager Yu immediately understood and nodded to me, then walked to Chu Gao .

’’Chief Chu, welcome . Having a young and promising business celebrity here is an honor for us!’’ Manager Yu said with a smile .

’’How could that be! how could that be! The fact that we could reserve a room here is all thanks to Manager Yu looking after us . ’’ Chu Gao politely replied .

’’Guests are God! You are my God . Please come inside . Everyone, please enter......’’ Manager Yu warmly said to us . The reason he was so enthusiastic today was first, New Century's reputation was great and they could refer a lot of high-society white-collars as their guests, and on the other hand, I was also with these people, so he obviously didn't dare be rude to these people .

’’Chief Chu, what will you do first . Dine or play?’’ Manager Yu asked .

Chu Gao lifted his hand and looked towards his watch, ’’It is still early and we already ate at the company at noon, so I suggest we first go to the entertainment first . Eating meal a bit later won't be an issue!’’

The others also agreed with him as the meal in the cafeteria was good, so these people had there fill at the time . How could they just eat now as it was only 5 in the evening!

’’Manager Yu, do you have some good games here? Introduce us . ’’ Chu Gao said as he walked forward .

’’Hehe, Chief Chu, you can ask anyone and you will know that our resort is the number one entertainment establishment in all of B City! Here we have the swimming pools, fitness hall, bowling, ping-pong, a large-scale game room, disco, a leisure chess room, and a fish pond behind the resort where we rear fish......’’ Manager Yu introduced .


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