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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 26


Chapter 26



The major income was earned from Shuguang and Du Xiaowei's work followed by East Asia Motion and then the Three Rock Gang .

In the beginning, I could still look how much I earned each month, but later, the figure started to get bigger and bigger, giving me a headache whenever I looked at it, so I simply stopped looking at it .

If you doubt a person, don't use them . I believe in this saying and knew that the people handling all work for me won't deceive me .

Guo Qing and my friendship was deeper than the ocean, while Du Xiaowei was my Grand disciple, so it was even more impossible for him to play any tricks on me . As for my two fathers-in-law Zhao Junshend and Su Yuanchao, they only had Zhao YanYan and Su Yingzi, their only daughters, so they don't even want to take the money for themselves and only want to leave everything for their later generations . What use would they have in doing anything for the money?

But the time I and Chu Gao have been acquainted is the shortest . Even then, I don't have any suspicions regarding him . I even hope that he could be my friend just like Guo Qing, a friend for life .

Jiuding Resort was just one of the industries under the Three Rock Gang, so I wasn't clear how much they made . But looking at it now, they certainly won't be making a small amount .

As everything had been arranged already, so the company's high-level personnel had already completed all work at hand and were waiting for the event .

As I walked into the office with Chu Gao, I could see Yang Mei and Li Xiaogang in front . Li Xiaogang was saying something to Yang Mei . She smiled every now and then, but it was only a smile that she gave to everyone else . It was apparent she was keeping a certain distance from Li Xiaogang .

’’Chief......Supervisor Liu!’’ As Yang Mei saw me walking towards them, she happily smiled and waved to me as she hopped over .

’’So it's you, little girl!’’ I greeted her and with a smile, ’’You are already in the management of the company, so how can you run and jump around like this?’’

Yang Mei was one of the senior executives of New Century . It wasn't a position someone so young could obtain . Becoming the Manager of Public Relations was a testament to the fact that the girl had real ability .

’’There's no problem . See, there aren't any outsiders here!’’ Yang Mei curled up her lips and said, ’’Humph, and it is apparent that you aren't as old as me yet? So why are you calling me a little girl!’’

Ever since she first met me, Yang Mei had been very curious about me and how I would be like a child sometimes, so open, while other times, I would be calm and reserved, appearing like a wise middle-aged man .

Yang Mei's criteria for her future husband was simple . She wanted to spend her life with a man who was funny and could make her happy . A man who also had a sense of responsibility . Someone who was in the same age group as her and could cope with serious matters .

But an older man like Li Xiaogang: Yang Mei thought he was pitiful as he kept on thinking of strategies for manipulation and how to rise in ranks and money . Even if he told some jokes, they would have some purpose as well, not having any humor . If she married someone like him, then she was sure she would not have a a happy life in the future . And the generation gap was too large . Once, the two of them chatted about their favorite animated cartoons in their childhood and this old dude didn't even know about Ultraman or the other mainstream shows .

Therefore, Yang Mei resolved to be with me who was younger than her, gave her a sense of security, and was also working even if in a University . But her desire probably won't be realized, after all, how would Yang Mei know I am an anomaly who has the mind of a 30-year old even if my appearance is that of a 19-year old .

’’If you were seen by Chief Chu, he will deduct your salary!’’ I said with a smile .

’’Humph, who is going to complain about me to Chief Chu?’’ Yang Mei said with a tender smile .

’’Cough! Cough!’’ At this time, we heard Chu Gao cough a bit from the corridor as he said, ’’What do you all think of me!’’

Yang Mei secretly spat out her tongue towards me, then with a very well-mannered expression, she nodded towards Chu Gao, ’’Chief Chu is the best!’’

That grave manner, the graceful appearance, and that beautiful white-collar dress . It was no different from the beauties in those major corporations . Her actions made me curious as I thought how fast she was! It's said women change faces faster than flipping a page . In my opinion, this Yang Mei changed faces even quicker than lightning .

’’Little Yang, how many times have I told you to be serious during working hours . There are subordinates who might see you!’’ Chu Gao said seriously . After a moment, he added, ’’You can do whatever you want after the working hours . ’’

’’Understood, Chief Chu,’’ Yang Mei nodded modestly .

I almost laughed . Was this still Chu Gao? Whenever we talked we talked about women or how to talk to them, this guy would be the butt of the joke! But now, I finally understood people really change . Just look at him act so seriously as he opens his mouth and calls her Little Yang like that . The thing was, Yang Mei was older than this guy!

But what made me think against it was the fact that the people in the company appeared to be very afraid of Chu Gao, probably! It could be seen in Yang Mei's appearance .

’’Well, right now it's time to get off work, so there's no need for anyone to hold back!’’ As Chu Gao looked towards my smiling face, he restored his original appearance and said .

’’Ah!’’ Yang Mei relaxed and said, ’’Chief Chu, you sure don't leave us any face . Director Liu rarely comes to the company, yet you are still so fierce!’’

’’Heh, isn't it because Director Liu is here that I decided to let everyone get off work, so we can go to the resort now!’’ Chu Gao said .

’’So, is Director Liu also coming?’’ Yang Mei asked with delight . She had thought I only came here because I needed Chu Gao's thoughts for some research work . She hadn't expected I will go as well .

’’Of course . I wonder who it was, always shouting in my ears, telling me to invite Director Liu, Little Yang......Yang Mei, I have invited the person, now it's up to you if you can seize the chance!’’ Chu Gao said .

The fact was: After Yang Mei openly claimed she was going to pursue me in that company meeting that day, the words had spread all over the company the next day . After Chu Gao heard the rumors, he didn't take them seriously and only thought it was a joke . The joke was pretty famous in the famous in the company, so Yang Mei had already become accustomed to it . But now that Chu Gao unexpectedly said it all before me, Yang Mei couldn't help but be embarrassed .

’’Chief Chu, you are speaking whatever irresponsibly, saying that I......’’ Yang Mei's face turned red as she didn't know what to say .

’’Haha!’’ Chu Gao started to laugh and didn't continue to joke with her .

However, Li Xiaogang wasn't feeling too comfortable in his heart . He was discontent as he thought: He's just a technical director in the company . The company has so many technicians ready to take his job . What does he even amount to? But I am serious yet you won't even look at me! {TL Note: Li is talking about Liu Lei . }

But then, Li Xiaogang thought about how he was the backbone of the company . So many investment plans had to be made by him and the funds of the company were earned by his hands . He really enjoyed as he thought all this!

Li Xiaogang thought he was the general, the main authority who controlled the destiny of the company . Every single aspect about him was thousands of time, tens of thousands of time better than that Liu Lei, but this Yang Mei didn't understand .

As he listened to the jokes, Li Xiaogang was already turning green as he cursed me and Chu Gao in his heart . Looking at Chu Gao's appearance of standing above the masses, above him, Li Xiaogang didn't feel good in his heart . He wondered just who's thigh Chu Gao hugged to be entrusted with the heavy responsibility of managing the company .

Although the New Century Group wasn't established for long, the OCR and voice recognition technology they developed was the best in the country . It could be imagined how great the profits were!


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