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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 23


Chapter 23



Xu Er drove the car to my villa . I said goodbye to him and then sighed and said to Xu Xueyun, ’’I will go back first . If there is any matter you need my help with, call me again!’’

’’Um......?’’ Xu Xueyun stared at me and suddenly said, ’’Liu Lei......’’

’’Is there anything else?’’ I lowered my head to the car's door and said .

’’I......No, there's nothing......Nothing......’’ Xu Xueyun looked at me . She wanted to say something but didn't say it in the end, and only shook her head .

’’Oh, it doesn't matter . If you think of something, then call me again, or just send a message!’’ I knew what Xu Xueyun wanted to say and also knew why she stopped .

Xu Xueyun could say she loved me in front of an outsider like Guan Yang but before me, she turned very docile and timid . In fact, it was normal . The reason Xu Xueyun said she loved me before Guan Yang was because her emotions were excited at the moment, and she also wanted to speak what was in her heart!

Now, she was just a little girl who had no experience in love, so how could she say the same!

I suddenly remembered I had bought a mobile phone for Xu Xueyun, so I hinted at her . Even if she couldn't speak it here, she could still send me a text message......

’’Yeah......Alright......’’ Xu Xueyun looked towards my smile and her heart started to race as she quickly nodded .

I knew that some matters couldn't be forced, therefore, I didn't continue on the topic anymore . I nodded to her and turned back to my villa .

As Xu Xueyun looked at my departing back, she felt angry with herself . The words that she could have just said were missed because of her moment of hesitation . Will she even get such an appropriate opportunity in the future?


Sun Sikong and Xu Qingwei's new inventions were gradually put on the agenda of East Asia Motion development .

Desert Greening, Desalination (Seawater Conversion), Air Purification, and many other matters had been plaguing the world's problems . But now, East Asia Motion held a conference and announced they had the solution to all these . {See footnote . }

After the press conference, East Asia Motion once again became the focus of the media . Just at this time, an unexpected accident happened......

Ever since my rebirth, the number of strange events happening every year had been many . Especially this year!

I thought since I had been reborn, many matters in the world will be in my grasp . But alas, the development of the world is sometimes unexpected, not under anyone's control .

One accident after another, I had finally realized that history had changed, no, to be precise, the history related to me changed!

The East Asia Motion had been developing consistently because the core technology had never been publicized . In fact, the headquarters of East Asia Motion didn't even have the core materials materials required for its projects . All the main technology was on the small island where Sun Sikong was, so many commercial spies from organizations all over the world had to go back empty-handed no matter how they investigated the headquarters!

I also kept living a quiet University life, going to University and then home with my wives every day . Since the girls had their own cars now, I rarely drove again, while my full-time driver, Xu Er, was often at his new home, specially instructed to pick and drop Xu Xueyun by me .

As Xu Er had also guessed that his sister might soon become the 'boss's mistress' in the future, so he didn't have any objection when I told him to pick and drop Xu Xueyun from the University .

In short, everyone was in tacit understanding . However, the cam life won't last long and waves were set off because of a small accident .

Before, Ouyan Tianqi had gone into seclusion for the Chinese Martial Arts Competition held by the six Great Families, so we didn't have to see him for some time . I presume he is under special training given by his family elders .

As Chu Gao now rarely appeared in University and the dormitory because of handling New Century business, the only ones in the dormitory were me and Huang Wenjing .

What made me feel strange was that after the former incident where Meng QingQing tried to steal the companies information, the girl hadn't come to cause any trouble again . . To tell the truth, I really missed the girl as well .

As there were no classes in the afternoon, I was chatting with some of the dormitory students when Huang Wenjing suddenly ran into the dormitory as he screamed from the gate, ’’Where's the TV remote control? Has anyone here seen the TV remote control?’’

I looked at him strangely as I pointed towards the TV remote on his bed . In the dormitory, he was the only one who watched TV most of the time, I didn't watch too much TV, so his current actions were too inexplicable .

Huang Wenjing immediately ran to his bed, picked up the remote control and turned on the television, changing to a music channel . As soon as he saw it, he relaxed as he said, ’’Thank God, I didn't miss it! The show hasn't started yet!’’

Because on his yelling, Qin Chaojun who slept in the room next door was abruptly woken from his sleep . When I saw Huang Wenjing's actions, I couldn't help but ask him strangely, ’’Huang Wenjing, what happened? What show hasn't started yet?’’

’’The concert! Don't you know there is going to be a concert in D City! It's the concert of the most beautiful jade fairy . I love her! I had just gone to the library to read a book and almost forgot about this matter . Fortunately, I was able to catch up!’’ Huang Wenjing said breathlessly .

Most beautiful jade fairy? Was he talking about my wife Su Yingzi?

’’Who are you talking about? Su talking about? Su Yingzi?’’ I asked him thoughtlessly . Although I was very powerful now, I wasn't very famous nor did I have any fortune in that sense . But now that I heard someone talk about my wife, particularly Su Yingzi, this public attention-grabbing Celebrity, I couldn't help but feel proud as I thought about how she only belonged to me!

’’Su Yingzi? She's not Su Yingzi,’’ I never thought Huang Wenjing would sprinkle cold water over my head as he said, ’’How could Su Yingzi compare to Liu Xiang's fame . Liu Xiang is now the idol of entire Aisa!’’

Liu Xiang?! Was it me who couldn't keep up with the world anymore, otherwise, where did the idol change so quickly? Where did this Liu Xiang come from? Wasn't my butterfly effect getting too strong? Although I never paid much attention to the entertainment industry in my previous life, I still heard about the more famous Celebrities! I am sure I never heard of a Celebrity named Liu Xiang!?

Could it be the celebrity was just someone this brat Huang Wenjing liked? After all, I knew quite some people who liked some unknown Celebrities yet made them appear as if they were the top of the world!

However, I was once again disappointed and it seemed I really fell behind . I had thought that I was omnipotent after my rebirth and knew almost everything, but it seems I am now falling behind!

’’Liu Xiang? She came to the D City for her concert!’’ Qin Chaojun jumped in excitement after he listened .


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