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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 22


Chapter 22



’’You......’’ Manager Yu felt helpless . He didn't know just what was happening today that he had to meet this kind of people .

’’Do you know who I am?’’ I asked as I kept an eye on Guan Yang's appearance .

’’Who are you?’’ Manager Yu asked in a robotic tone .

’’Do you know Ding Baosan?’’ I continued to ask .

’’Ding Baosan......what? Ding......Boss...?!’’ Manager Yu's eyes opened wide as he looked towards me incredulously . Ding Baosan was the boss of the entire Three Rock Gang . Manager Yu certainly recognized him! But there weren't many people who knew about Ding Baosan! A person who could so casually speak Ding Baosan's name was certainly no ordinary person!

’’Do you know Chief Ding?’’ Manager Yu's attitude had a complete 180-degree change as he waved his hand to tell the black-clothed men they could leave .

I took out my phone, dialed a number and said, ’’Third Monkey, I drank a few bottles of wine at your resort but didn't bring any money, so these people won't let me leave,’’ then I handed the phone over to the stunned Manager Yu .

Manager Yu gingerly took the phone, and timidly spoke a few words . After that, he gave me the phone with utter respect, while his heart was shocked!

Not only did the man before him manage to call Ding Baosan as ’’Third Monkey,’’ Ding Baosan wasn't even angry and instead told him to obey the man before him without question!

At this time, not only had Manager Yu been completely stunned, even Guan Yang was in a daze! He had never thought that Xu Xueyun's ordinary looking boyfriend would actually be some bigshot . The debt he had been trying to run away from all this time but couldn't, had been solved by the man before him through a simple phone call . Just a call from him was enough to make Manager Yu change his attitude so much!

’’Mr . Liu, I apologize I offended you a moment ago! Chief Ding has already ordered you are exempt from all the expenses in the resort,’’ Manager Yu said with his head lowered, ’’If Mr . Liu has no other commands for me then I will take my leave?’’

’’Wait! Manager Yu, you need to charge for the food!’’ I said to him .

’’Charge for the food? Mr . Liu, are you joking with me . How could I dare charge you money!’’ Manager Yu thought I was angry, so he hurriedly replied to me with a bright smile .

’’I am not joking!’’ I shook my head and looked towards Guan Yang, ’’I have nothing to do with this Mr . Guan, so I paid for the wine, but he still has to pay for the food!’’

’’Yeah, I understand!’’ Manager Yu nodded and turned towards Guan Yang and said with a smile, ’’Mr . Guan, since the matter of wine is now cleared, then please pay for the food! Xiao Zhang, how much is his bill altogether?’’

’’The total will be 6,820 Yuan!’’ Xiao Zhang immediately said .

’’Humph!’’ After Guan Yang listened, he immediately took out 7,000 Yuan from his wallet and handed them over, then said, ’’Keep the change!’’

’’Haha, Mr . Guan sure is thrifty and industrious when it comes to spending money, how can we keep your change! Xiao Zhang, go and get Mr . Guan his change of 180 Yuan!’’ Manager Yu said with a smile . .

’’Alright!’’ Xiao Zhang went out as she sighed in relief, leaving behind a green-faced Guan Yang who was angry but couldn't do anything .

Now that the party's atmosphere had turned like this, others no longer had the heart to continue with this farce, so the subsequent events were also canceled . In fact, even if the others wanted to continue, Guan Yang no longer had the intention . As he saw that the relationship between me and Manager Yu was good, if he continued to stay here, then he might get butchered by us, so how would he dare stay here!

Guan Yang took the 180 Yuan and walked away without looking back .

Xu Xueyun and I said farewell to her classmates . The way everyone looked towards me now had changed . There was envy, embarrassment, and many other complicated emotions . Even Yang Yiqun now came forward to talk to me on his own initiative . I didn't have time to deal with them all, so I just said a few perfunctory words and took Xu Xueyun to leave the place .


As soon as Guan Yang left, he immediately called Li Da Mazi .

’’Hello, elder brother Li? Where are you?’’ Guan Yang looked towards the four black-clothed big men standing guard outside as he said on the phone .

’’Oh, Little Yang! I am bringing my people near the Internet Star Bar . What's wrong? Did something happen with the guy you wanted to teach a lesson?’’ From the other side of the phone, Li Da Mazi's lazy voice sounded .

’’Elder brother Li, everything is alright . You can tell your men to go back!’’ Guan Yang said .

’’What?! Go back? Motherf***er, are you are you trying to play with me? Who do you think I am? Will I come and go as you want? Motherf***er, all my men already came out and we also spent 400-500 for the fare, yet you dare turn out like this?’’ Li Da Mazi didn't want to hear his words .

’’Elder brother Li, I have always looked for you to resolve my matters yet when have I treated you unjustly? But why are you being so angry at me? Do you have no trust in me?’’ Guan Yang tried to suppress his anger . As he heard Li Da Mazi talk to him like that, he was very unhappy .

’’F***! Motherf***er, who do you think you are speaking to? Son-of-a-b**ch, I am telling you: we will only be clear if you pay 5,000 for today! Otherwise, you just see how I deal with a motherf***er like you!’’ Li Da Mazi angrily yelled .

’’I don't have any money! F*** you!’’ Guan Yang slammed the phone .

As Li Da Mazi heard Guan Yang and how he shut the phone, he was so angry he almost jumped three feet high . He waved his had and rushed to Guan Yang's Universtiy entrance with his several men .

Li Da Mazi was the former thug in Guan Yang's junior high school and his classmate . Through such a relationship, the two came to know each other . Guan Yang had asked him to do a lot of shady stuff and deal with some students . After every incident, he would treat Li Da Mazi and his men to a meal and even give them a lot of money . Therefore, Li Da Mazi was also willing to work for him . But . But the relationship between the two was only a relationship based on money .

At this time, Li Da Mazi already considered Guan Yang as his money oozing fat sheep . Seeing that his fat sheep dared pounce on him, he was very angry!

Guan Yang was the pitiful guy . He had always regarded Li Da Mazi as his real friend, his brother! He took the taxi and returned to the University . Just when he got out, he was turned into a bloody gourd by the same brother he trusted .


Xu Xueyun didn't ask too much as she felt asking all the questions she had would be the same as not having any trust in me . So she quietly went back to the car and didn't ask me how I solved the matter .

However, Xu Xueyun was certain that the man before her wasn't ordinary but very strong . As if there wasn't anything he couldn't do!

Therefore, Xu Xueyun didn't say anything .

But I was different . I knew what was in Xu Xueyun's heart, so I didn't dare speak at random . I didn't know what kind of status I should have for her in my heart . Should I tell her that I love her too and let her be my wife?

However, it seems Xu Xueyun was a more conservative girl, so if I said this, and she refused, then the matter will become more awkward . So I decided to not think too much about it and let nature take its course . There was a saying: what's meant to be ours will naturally be ours . It was probably the same situation I was in .


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