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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 2 - Chapter 105



However, since Zhao Yanyan had popped the bubble, Liu Yue had no need to pretend anymore. She looked towards me in complaint then said, ’’Am I really unable to compare up to Yu Ting. You can oppose the Situ family for her, but when it comes to me, you turned more hesitate and bullshitted without saying any truth!’’

’’I-I thought you don't like me!’’ I don't even know why I suddenly said something like that. Perhaps this was a thought that I did not dare to confirm the entire time, perhaps I was unable to grasp her real thought even though I felt that Liu Yue should have some feelings towards me.

’’I!’’ Liu Yue said angrily. ’’Do you have to make me say that I love you before you get comfort? Is your machismo so intense! It's just to satisfy your vanity, right! You feel very happy about girls reverse pursuing you, right!’’

I suddenly turned speechless, I wasn't sure of what to say in reply. Yet, before I was able to think of some sort of reply, Liu Yue acted.

She stood up and pushed me down. Before I realized what was going on, I felt a pair of cherry lips on mine. It happened all too suddenly, so I didn't even know how to react, all I could do was act instinctively and kiss her back.

I stuck out my tongue to ease open her lips. To my surprise, she reacted to my action very quickly and fluently. For a moment, I was surprised to see her react like this. Had she done this before...? However, the thought quickly vanished form my mind. Yu Ting was like this as well, even though it was her first time, she had watched and 'learnt it from TV'.

After wiping the thought from my mind. I started to assault her body with my hands. Her skin was truly delicate. With a thought from my mind, I used my power to cause her evening dress to float above her head, leaving her just in her undergarment as she stayed in my arms.

So she really was someone that loved to care about her appearance as well! Her cold demeanor that she had on normally did not give any hint as to the sort of undergarment she would wear. If anything, it was far too misleading. She was wearing black laced undergarment. If I remember correct, black underwear meant that she wanted...

It can't be, right? Liu Yue actually had a side like that to her? I could only smile wryly at the thought as I continued to admire her well portioned body.

’’What's wrong? Is there something wrong with me?’’ Seeing me stare at her, Liu Yue couldn't help but ask worriedly. She had worked up a lot of courage to actually take action. If Liu Lei was to reject her... She was truly unsure of what she was going to do. In her subconscious mind, she had already become all too reliant on him. She didn't want to loose him...


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