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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 45


’’Yeah, this is also the reason why us, the police, still haven't made a move on them! Although they are only an outer organization of the Situ family, the relationships behind the scenes is too complicated! A single move will affect a lot of things, there were people of the Situ family's faction in both the political world and the business world, one they are put on the list to be targeted, I think that the Situ family will definitely not sit there and ignore it. When that happens, the pressure for us, the police might be...’’ Zhong Yang sighed and said.

’’Then you're just going to let them continue down like this?’’ Although I had a powerful Three Rock Gang behind my back, I couldn't help but feel disgusted by Daxing Gang's actions. That was because although the Three Rock Gang that Guo Qing led was a group of mobs in name, but they never did anything like forcing prostitution, selling drugs, robbery or anything that harmed the civilians.

’’Right now, we're just waiting for a chance. On one hand, we're gathering a lot of the Daxing Gang's criminal evidence, on the other hand, we're waiting for the Situ family's side. If the Situ family gets a competitor, we can take the time that the Situ family is busy with their opponent to take the Daxing Gang down in one go!’’ said Zhong Yang.

I nodded, I also understood that he was troubled. However, this chance wasn't nonexistent, even if it was, it could be created! It seems like the fellow that stuck a foot in when I was getting nostalgic with my first love was called something like Situ Liang, he seems to be someone from the Situ family. Fighting over a woman with me, see if I play you to death, if you're going to blame, blame your family's dog the Daxing Gang pissed me off!

Seeing me smile evilly, Zhong Yang asked, ’’Say, Liu Lei, you can't be thinking of dealing with the Situ family, right?’’

’’I have that intention!’’ I nodded.

’’Xiao Liu, I also understand some of your circumstance, since we're friends now, then I wouldn't hide anything and just be blunt! Xiao Liu, I know you have some money, but as an older brother, I want to tell you that your money is just a tiny amount compared to the Situ family's! The Situ family's financial ability is beyond your imagination! You know the Hurun Billionaire list, right! The richest man in China on there is just on the surface, our Huaxia has such a long history, and there are plenty of ancient families, their true wealth is unimaginable!’’ Zhong Yang advised.

I didn't say anything after hearing that, perhaps their Situ family is truly that rich, but so what! No matter how much they have, it was a like a droplet in comparison to the ocean that is the profits of Shuguang Corporation in a year, it can't be compared at all!

However, I'll pay them back after I deal with Chen Zelong.

As we chatted, we dragged the topic onto the army. Zhong Yang said, ’’Oh yeah, Old Wu, did you manage to understand the signal you intercepted a few days ago?’’

’’Quite a few professionals from national security and elites from the army looked at it, they didn't manage to figure it out. They suspect it's the telegraph from enemy countries, but right now, there isn't such a combination in the world. I think it's either some sort of signal interference. Otherwise, it's from aliens!’’ Fatty Wu's imagination was truly great.

My interest immediately arose with the mention of aliens! That was because, in my previous life, the company I was in had helped the American government crack a lot of unknown coded telegraphs from space, contributing immensely to USA's military, scientific and technological development. Since I was coincidentally one of the main people in charge of this project, I did have a lot of knowledge about cracking telegraphs from space. Thus, I pretended to answer casually, ’’What telegraph, can I take a look!’’

’’Oh yeah, I completely forgot, boss, you're a computing genius! I'll let you have a look!’’ With that, he took out a printed piece of paper from his briefcase.

’’I fear that isn't too good, right. This is military secrets...’’ I said.

’’Hai! What military secrets, those professional already finished looking at it, they said that there is no possibility of cracking it, that's why it has no militaristic value. This is just a piece of scrap paper. I am just curious and want to see if it's something from aliens. That's why I didn't throw it away!’’ Fatty Wu explained.

Hearing Fatty Wu's explanation, I let out a sigh of relief. Otherwise, if it was truly some sort of national secret, not only would I have to be taken to national security, I would cause trouble for Fatty Wu as well. Fatty Wu's words must have meant that this was identified as something useless, and thus it is out of militaristic protection.

Upon receiving the piece of paper to have a look, my expression couldn't help but changed! Fatty Wu actually guessed it right, this was an encoded signal by aliens looking for help! This sort of code was impossible to decipher with the current technology! In my original era, this sort of code was already rather widely known in a certain group of scientific workers, this sort of code was a type of very frequently used code in the universe, just like our Morse Code!

I took a deep breath and calmed down, then continued reading. On the telegraph, it claimed that they were two organisms from a planet from the Animas Galaxy, while exploring the universe, they failed their spatial jump, and accidentally entered into another dimension of the universe. When they came out, they arrived on earth. Since the fuel of the spaceship has already been used up, they were unable to go on their return voyage. There isn't much remaining foo left either, it was only enough to last the two of them one more month. That's why they used the barely remaining energy from the spaceship to send out a few signals requesting to help, in hope that someone on the planet could see it. I looked on the coordinates on the telegraph, f*k, it's actually on the South Pole! No wonder nobody found them...

’’How is it, Xiao Liu, can you understand what's written on it?’’ Seeing that I was so focused on the paper, Fatty Wu quickly asked in curiosity.

’’No. I just feel like these looks like the sigils that daoists drew before...’’ Since it was a huge issue, I didn't speak out the truth. That is because from the current scientific knowledge, if the public knew about aliens coming to earth, it might cause a widespread terror. However, most importantly, those western militaristic countries might capture the two aliens for research! This would threaten those two aliens a lot!

I memorized the coordinates on it, then returned the paper to Fatty Wu. Fatty Wu didn't' treat it as much and threw it back in his bag. From the looks of it, he didn't have any hope for deciphering the code on it!

I continued to smile during the rest of the meal, but I started worrying about the two alien lifeforms. My response to Fatty Wu and co. become perfunctory. During the meal, I used an excuse to go to the bathroom. The journey to Hong Kong was not desperate, but the two aliens' issue cannot be dragged on!


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