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Versatile Mage - Chapter 187


Chapter 187: 187

Chapter 187 - Light Element Roommate!

These green demons didn’t seem to know what fear was . After witnessing the might of Mo Fan’s Fiery Fist, your average Magical Beast would’ve run with their tails between their legs a long time ago .

The remaining six demonesses saw Mo Fan resting after casting magic and began to charge toward Mo Fan through the unrecognizably burned passageway .

How could Mo Fan possibly have the mood to linger around after seeing these six demons;he promptly ran away .

The Blood Beast Boots were able to continue on for a little bit longer . Mo Fan’s running speed was several times faster than that of the demons, and so he quickly threw them off .


On the second floor of the gym was a uniquely-shaped room . A young man with golden hair gently pushed a girl into the wall .

The girl was blushing . Looking like she was unable to resist her desires, she let out a little moan .

“If people come here, then we’re screwed,” the oval-faced girl whispered .

“They won’t, most of the people are watching the play . We’ll finish this quickly,” the blond man smiled back .

The man had already pushed her to the wall, he was in the middle of kissing her neck while slowly moving toward the deeper area of her throat .

The girl grabbed onto the blond man’s hair, with her juicy lips and her dark eyes . When she was about to undo the camisole that stood in the way of her pleasure, a greenish thing covered in scales slowly crawled into the room from the window .

“There’s . . . there’s a monster!” The oval-faced girl was so scared her face turned pale .

The blonde man laughed deviously and said, “Yeah, that’s right . I’m a monster who is going to eat you . ”

After saying this, the blonde man kissed the girl’s lips once more .

The oval-faced girl’s eyes widened as she watched the green creature climbing on the ceiling like a spider, slowly approaching them!

“Sssssss~~!” The green demoness jumped down from above, biting toward the man’s throat with gaping jaws filled with sharp teeth!

“Light Cover, Holy Shield!”

Just when the green demoness was about to succeed, the blonde man suddenly turned around . His body was suddenly covered in a golden aura that expanded rapidly!

The golden ray turned into a bright, golden arc . The arc instantly spread out and wrapped up the blond man and the oval-faced girl .

The golden arc had Sanskrit charms inscripted on it as it spread its metallic edges . It became like a Holy Shield filled with light, firmly protecting the two of them .

The green demoness’ head directly smashed into the surface of the Holy Shield, sending her sprawling in a daze .

Light Cover, Holy Shield seemed to have a burning ability . The green demoness’ skin, where she had struck the shield, seemed to have completely burned off;it was like an evil vampire who had been exposed to holy water!

“You ruined this daddy’s fun!” the blond man coldly hmphed and gazed at the green demoness that was currently rolling around in pain, writhing as she clawed at her face .

The burn burn from the Holy Shield wasn’t like the heat from flames, but a purification from the holy cleansing . It was extremely effective against creatures of the dark, and profoundly evil creatures .

The green demoness wasn’t hit with any kind of magic that could kill it . Instead, she only ran into the Holy Shield, which was instead purifying her away .

Her face was completely burned away now, and the light had spread to its throat, followed by the rest of her body .

The green demoness could not bear the pain, and finally voluntarily cut itself . She had actually torn away the outer layer of her green skin .

“Don’t kill her, she looks like she is possessed!” The blond man was about to kill the thing, but the oval-faced girl next to him stopped him .

“Could it be that the couple of scary things that happened in school the past few days are related to this?” the blonde man wondered .

“Yes, it’s possible… Look, it’s a girl!” the oval-faced girl exclaimed .

After the green demoness skin was shed, it immediately revealed the naked body of a girl covered in mucus .

The girl inside it seemed to be conscious . She hastily climbed out of the mess of skin and goo and tore away part of the table cloth next to her, wrapping it around her body . Her eyes were filled with dismay, and she sat there with a drooped spirit .

“I’ll call my dorm mate to come here and help, we need to send her to the hospital first . We’ll notify the school regarding this matter,” the blonde man blonde man said .

“Mhm, let me call our Elemental director!” The oval-faced girl seemed very calm .

The blond man fished out his phone and hesitated for a while before he chose who he thought was a more reliable dorm mate to call .

“Where are you? Come here and help me send a girl to the infirmary . She looks like she was possessed by something…” the blond man said to the person on the other end of the phone .

“F*k! Why are you calling me at this time!” a man’s roar was immediately heard from the other end of the phone .


There was a young man with no shirt emerging from the shadows of the ramp between the first and second floor .

He was running up the ramp toward the second floor without a care for his life as he cursed at his phone .



Near the hallway, six green demonesses had heard the ringtone of a phone and turned around to investigate it, just as they were about to leave . They began to chase after Mo Fan, who was now running upstairs .

“Your side… seems to be quite stimulating as well . Did something happen?” The person on the phone seemed to have heard the sharp cries .

“This daddy will be killed by you one day! I don’t have time to bullshit with you, I need to throw off these creatures!” Mo Fan said to the phone in a bad mood .

“Wait, don’t hang up! I think I heard your voice, are you inside the gym?!”


“Are you by the upstairs hallway?”


“Run to your right side, your right side, there’s an art room here! Hide here!”


Mo Fan didn’t dare to brood over it . After he ran to the second floor, he actually did discover there was a sign with large text denoting the art room .

After running that way, he saw someone opening the door . Mo Fan did not think, he just rushed inside .

Zhao Manyan quickly closed the door and watched Mo Fan brake and nearly slide out the window . Zhao Manyan was a little amazed at the speed, and when he looked at the boots on Mo Fan’s legs, he was quickly stunned once more .

“One, two? Three… Shit, how can there be six of them!” Zhao Manyan used the peephole as he looked out at the corridor and discovered there were six of the green scaled creatures that had assaulted him getting closer .

“There are many girls in this school that were…” Mo Fan gasped for air . Just when he was about to explain to Zhao Manyan, he suddenly realized the room had two girls in it . One’s clothes were not tidy, it was clear she had been doing something just now, and another one seemed like she wasn’t wearing anything, and was using the table cloth to wrap around her body as she hid in the corner .

“Don’t misunderstand, look at these scales . She came from inside those things,” Zhao Manyan awkwardly explained .

“I know, you don’t need to explain . I will explain the situation to you in a bit, help me deal with the six creatures that followed me,” Mo Fan said sincerely .


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