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Using Gacha To Increase My Companions And To Create The Strongest Girls’ Army Corps - Chapter 40


Chapter 40

Pick-up Gacha

We returned to the inn after having concluded my first special training session, like always we have our baths and meal and now we are in our room .

I'm sleepy enough as is due to getting all worn-out today, but because of the notification of the 1 SSR confirmed 33 Consecutive Pick-up Gacha I stayed up and waited for the date to change .

This gacha seems to be a guerrilla event that is only available for one day only . They really should announce such things earlier!

[Gununu... a 33 consecutive gacha...]

[Huh? Okura-dono doesn't seem to be satisfied ... Isn't Okura-dono becoming weirder as time passes? Aren't you going to do your Carnival thing?]

[Onii-san isn't getting happy about rolling the gacha... Can this be a premonition to something bad happening?]

Similar to what happened previously the 3 of us are sitted on a bed with me who has the smartphone in the middle . The 2 girls look at the screen from both of my sides .

The only difference this time is that Mofutto is also participating and is being cuddled on Noru's knees . Her knees are its designated seat apparently .

I should be happier about this as this is a pick up without a rate modifier, but this is still slightly different .

33 consecutive gacha, 1 roll equals 150 stones . And currently we have 934 manastones . Which means only 6 total rolls .

Additionally the event this time is Pick-up . The 4 pick-up targets this time are UR Shisuha・Alvy, UR Karon, UR Clausolas and UR Attractor .

Shisuha is a Priest that we looking for . If we are aiming to get anything she is definitely our top priority... But the others are very attractive as well .

Karon is a Vanguard Unit which can be said to be one of the strongest there is, the latter two are a Sword and a Shield .

If I rolled any of those 2 then I would finally be able to graduate from Pot Lid and Bar... Getting any 1 of the pick-up targets from our 6 rolls would be victory for us .

[Y'know, I'm happy that there is a Priest in the Pick-up lineup... But damn! If this is how the event wants to troll us, we should have stocked up on even more manastones!]

[Eeeh... That's the reason for that distraught look on your face!?]

This event had such bad timing . Not that I expected it to be a 33 consecutive roll type either!

How sly of them to add the pick-ups only on the 33 consecutive roll . Even if there is 1 confirmed SSR, there wasn't anything written at all about better chances for the URs .

It's probably best to assume that this event only increases the rates of getting the pick-up targets when you actually roll a UR . The rates of getting a UR should still be the 1% it is supposed to be . That was how GC usually worked .

It would have been so much better if the pick-up applied to the 11 consecutive roll instead... Having 18 total rolls would have given me more peace of mind, having only 6 total rolls gives me stomach cramps .

Even if we went out to hunt right now, getting another 116 stones would be too tough . If only this event lasted a few more days... . . Dangit .

[So we can challenge this 6 times in total... Let's go with 2 rolls per person this time . ]

[Yaーay! We get to roll again!]

[Fufu, I'm looking forward to this . ]

It's a nice even number this time, so 2 rolls a person sounds really fair .

Noru and Estel sound very pleased about it, though it only gives me complicated feelings .

The weight of a 33 consecutive roll, cannot be compared to that of a 11 consecutive roll . Words cannot express the feels when you do not get a rainbow on your roll .

It almost feels like punishment to look at the results screen when that happens .

But, the feels you get from overcoming the odds and getting that Unit you wanted is pretty nuts too . I'd be happy enough to run all over the room stark naked .

[You should pray and think while you roll . Think of the weight that you are doing the 11 consecutive roll 3 times in a single roll . ]

[Uuu, hearing you say that makes it feel like the sense of responsibility has somehow increased... Would it be alright for me to go last?]

[Ara, Noru is being coy . If that's the case I shall start us off then . ]

After hearing what I said, Noru looks slightly spooked so she picks up Moffuto who was perched on her knees and hugs it in her arms .

Unlike her, Estel receives the smartphone from me in her usual demeanor .

She exemplifies what being dignified means . I switch places with her, so now me and Noru were the ones looking at the screen from both of her sides .

Her unwavering finger taps the 33 consecutive gacha button .

A treasure chest appears on the screen . The treasure chest then turns Silver, Gold, then White . It stopped at White .

【R Food, R Chrome Armor, R Chrome Gauntlet, SR Excali-bar, SR Pot Lid, R Dagger, R Cutlass, SR Cursed Rod, SR Crest of Caduceus, SR Beacon, R Stuffed Toy】

【R Sleeping Bag, SR Hi Potion ×10, R Panacea, SR Philosopher's Stone, R Transceiver, SR Auto Guard Sphere, SR Butterfly Grip, SR Ring of Happiness, R Smoke Screen, SR Timer Application, R Tiara】

【SR Pot Lid, R Lamp, SR Nike's Shoes, R Bar, R Supplement, R Ice Ring, R Thunder Ring, R Gold Block, SR Staff of Affection, SSR Goddess' Embrace, SSR Adamant Shield】

[... . That got my heart beating much more than I expected it to . ]

[Awawa... ]

[Awawa... This has gotten much scarier somehow . ]

[It makes me want to cry when you don't get a UR from this . ]

The dignified aura she had disappeared, her facial expression turned slightly stiff .

Noru who was watching beside her now hugged Mofuto more tightly than before, the round rabbit is now more smushed up and looks slightly deformed .

Time for round 2 . She taps the button with a slightly trembling finger .

A treasure chest appears on the screen . The treasure chest then turns Silver, Gold, then White . It stopped at White .

【SR Shoulder Bag, R Long Sword, SR Chaos Ring, R Food, R Hot Ring, SR Blessing Necklace, R Sparta, SR Gold Mace, R Potion ×10, R Metal Whip, R Steel Scythe】

【R Panacea, SR Philosopher's Stone, SR Excali-bar, R Long Coat, SR Corona Ring, SR Lion's Heart, SR Water Bottle, SR Hi Potion ×10, R Thunder Ring, R Bow Gun, R Steel Sword】

【SR Healing Gem, R Glove, SR Eclipse Sword, R Claw, R Flashball, SR Pot Lid, R Naginata, SR Beacon, SSR Adamant Sabaton, R Thin Book, SSR Grimoire『Acadia』】

[Ah... Onii-san, I'm sorry...]

[Oh, don't worry about it . Your courage to go first deserves our respect . ]

[...Muu? Okura-dono seems to be behaving suspiciously...]

Estel passes the smartphone back to me with an apologetic look, we then switched places once more .

This won't go so easily, I expected as much . Thinking that we just went through 6 times worth of 11 consecutive rolls this quickly made my body tremble .

So this the rumored Warrior's Shudders huh . Fufu, how interesting .

If I am to roll this gacha, I shalt bring back at least 1 UR .

[Well then here I go . ]

With a dynamic overaction, I tap the button for the 33 consecutive gacha with great force . .

A treasure chest appears on the screen . The treasure chest then turns Silver, Gold, then White . It stopped at White .

【R Short Spear, SR Waist Pouch, R Gauntlets, SR Gold Shoes, R Claw, SR Basho Fan, R Drum, SR Crest of Caduceus, R Iron Sword, SR Prominence Rod, R Panacea】

【R Steel Axe, SR Jewel of Life, R Stuffed Toy, R Hardcover, R Stimulant, SR Butterfly Grip, R Iron Spear, R Hot Ring, SR Ring of Protection, SR Nike's Shoes, R Camp Set】

【R Food, R Magic Potion ×10, SR Magic Canceller, R Wind Ring, R Bar, R Bone Ring, SR Excali-bar, R Magic Paper, SSR Adamant Helm, R Gold Block, R Stove】

[Hieee―― N,no, not yet, it's not over yet . Calm down, gotta calm down! Right!?]

[Onii-san are you alright? Aren't you breaking out in too much cold sweat?]

[Okura-dono, you really should calm down first...]

[I-I'm alright, no problemo . ]

The moment the display stopped at the sparkling white treasure chest, my body stiffened which caused me to stop breathing for a moment .

This is bad for my heart... 3 rolls remain . I must get at least something of UR rarity with the next 3 rolls .

We .

We are already half way through, and in such a short amount of time too .

However if you look at it from a different perspective there's still another half remaining . It's still doable, getting a UR is still very possible . Or rather I'll get one with my own hands .

I compose my breathing, and calmly tap the 33 consecutive gacha button .

A treasure chest appears on the screen . The treasure chest then turns Silver, Gold, White and finally Rainbow . It stopped at Rainbow .

[Fuu, for a man of my caliber, the UR come to me of their own accord . ]

[What's up with that pompous attitude...]

Fufufu, I have pulled another UR again . As expected, my gacha luck is considerably strong .

It's also a Pick-up event currently . The chance of me getting a repeat of something I already have would be so low that I would be getting trolled by possibility if that happens .

【R Food, SR Gorgeous Shoes, R Camp Set, SR Waist Pouch, R Stuffed Toy, SR Magic Blade, R Steel Shoes, SR Jewel of Life, SR Pot Lid, R Knife, R Sleeping Bag】

【R Potion ×10, SR Call Application, R Hot Ring, SR Nike's Shoes, R Junk Ring, SR Magic Canceller, SR Excali-bar, SSR Adamant Armor, R Ice Rod, SR Platinum Plate, R Energizing Agent】

【R Scissors, SR Skull Ring, R Gold Block, R Supplement, R Iron Spear, SR Gem of Affection, R Panacea, SR Hi Potion ×10, R Claw, SSR Nibelungen Ring『Valkyrie』, UR Sage's Wand】

[Aah ]

I blacked out . My body falls down into my back without resistance .

[Wha-!? O-Okura-dono!? E-Estel! Okura-dono isn't breathing!?]

[Another repeat huh... Maybe the stimulus of the result was too strong for Onii-san? Hey there, wake-up Onii-san . ]

I heard panicking voices around me . However the contents(of the voices) aren't registering in my head .

So, what happened to me .

Moments later I felt something touch my skin and stroked me a little . Then I feel something flowing into me .

[Abababa―― Wuh!? W-what just happened to me...]

[Who'd have thought you'd stop breathing from rolling gacha...]

[Onii-san, you must be very tired . ]

Huh? What was I doing again .

I was supposed to be rolling the gacha... Ah, oh yeah .

Why did I get another repeat of a UR that I already have!? What happened to the Pick-up? Eh? Can someone answer me, seriously .

Having been defeated by the gacha, I hand the smartphone to Noru, after that we switched places .

She put Mofutto, which she has been hugging, back onto her knees . After which she lowers her hand holding the smartphone so the dear rabbit can see the screen too .

Moffuto started sniffing at the smartphone which was held before it .

[A-alright then it is now my turn... C-can the 2 of you not look at me so intently, it's making me nervous . ]

[Good luck Noru, all of our expectations are now riding on now riding on you . ]

[I, believe in you . I have believed that you are the type who can get things done from the very beginning . ]

[W,why are you putting so much faith in me now of all times!? Uuu... Here goes nothing . ]

A treasure chest appears on the screen . The treasure chest then turns Silver, Gold, then White . It stopped at White .

【R Camp Set, R Iron Armor, R Food, R Boots, SR Pot Lid, R Stuffed Toy, SR Nike's Shoes, R Lamp, R Smoke Ball, SR Beacon, SR Explosion Tag】

【R Ice rod, R Transceiver, R Flashball, SR Ring of Affection, SR Magic Blade, R Supplement, R Thunder Rod, R Potion ×10, SR Tomahawk, SR Skull Ring, R Deodorant】

【R Telescope, R Stove, SR Excali-bar, SR Ring of Protection, R Hot Ring, R Magic Dynamite, R Boots, R Panacea, R Gauntlets, SSR Adamant Gauntlets, SSR Nibelungen Ring『Siegfried』】


[Tsk... Ah, sorry . Don't worry about it, there's still the next roll . ]

Not good, not good . I reactively clicked my tongue .

Not even Noru's strong luck can break this streak of bad rolls? Are we seriously not going to get any worthwhile results at all this time?

Can we really not make anything out of this chance...

[Wha-, did you just click your tongue!? Muu... Okura-dono, can I let Moffuto roll the gacha?]

[Muu? Go ahead and do it if you want to . ]

[Ehehe, 'kay then . Mofutto, you pushy this button here . ]

After reacting to me clicking my tongue, she mused at something for a moment . That's when she came up with the idea of letting Mofutto roll the gacha .

Hーmm, I don't really mind if she wants to do it .

Noru moves the smartphone closer to Mofutto, she then points at the button for the 33 consecutive gacha .

Then as though it understood her intentions, it puts its forefoot onto the button .

I heard that it's clever creature, it really looked like it understood what she just said...

A treasure chest appears on the screen . The treasure chest then turns Silver, Gold, White and finally Rainbow . It stopped at Rainbow .

【R Great Sword, SR Spike Shield, R Food, SR Thick Book, SR Clairvoyance, R Enhancing Agent, R Flashball, SR Auto Guard Sphere, R Shoulder Pad, R Ice Ring, R Stuffed Toy】

【R Tear Bomb, SR Shura Fist, R Sleeping Bag, SR Angel's Clothes, R Shuriken, SR Francesca, R Magic Potion ×10, R Lamp, R Transceiver, SR Photo Application, R Thunder Ring】

【R Chakram, SR Eclipse Sword, R Dagger, SR Twin Saber, SR Excali-bar, R Deodorant, SR Pot Lid, R Chrome Armor, R Supplement, SSR Defense Bracelet, UR Shisuha・Alvy】

[Ueeh!? We got a UR!?]

[Kudos to the Messenger of Good Fortune . ]

[Mufufu, Mofutto, you did good~]

Mofuto huffs proudly, and Noru gives it headpats happily .

Well, no shit... Of course I'm happy, but it's depressing for my gacha luck to lose out to a rabbit's......



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