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Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 157


Chapter 157

Danger Defused

Translator: Hedonist

When Lu Xieyang saw that seven of his brothers squirting blood from their heads like fireworks, he turned to look at the plane as he bit his lip . He thought, Taoist Bu Er, one day, I will make you pay for this!

’’Pretty captain, your co-pilots are locked in the lavatory . Stop staring blankly, quickly get the pilots and have them quickly land the plane . Damn it, I will never ever get on a plane ever again!’’ Guo Huai said loudly .

At that moment, everyone onboard the plane gave a round of applause . It was this young man and an elderly that saved their lives . They definitely would never forget what happened that day .

’’Mei Er, what are you looking at? This Guo Huai is pretty handsome, right? Did you fell for him?’’ Xue Duo said smilingly as she held her baby in her arms . Mei Er's eyes were fully fixed at Guo Huai .

’’Yah, really handsome . If I can get a man like him, I will be smiling to my death,’’ Hu Meier said before she recovered from her trance . Afterwards, her face suddenly turned red . ’’Elder cousin, what are you talking about? . . ’’

Xue Duo looked at her crafty and unruly younger cousin and thought that perhaps that man could really change her temperament .

’’Dear passengers, the flight has now resumed to normal . We are currently trying to restore communications with the ground . Please remain calm,’’ Wang Xue said with a faint smile . A few fearless passengers helped with the temporary processing of the bodies of the two persons killed by Lu Xieyang .

’’Chief, we just received a distress signal from the hijacked flight 1661 . They are requesting permission to land at our Dongshan military base . Please give us an instruction . ’’ a personnel of the military base said loudly after running to Li Doutian .

’’Request from 1661? put them through immediately . I need to understand the situation in there,’’ Li Doutian replied loudly . Li Doutian who actually had retired returned to the military base because of this matter . Finally, the plane's communication channel is back online .

’’I'm Li Doutian . Tell me the exact situation on the plane now . I need to know the situation before granting you to land in our military base,’’ said Li Doutian .

’’Grandpa Li, I'm Wang Xue . Wang Dajun is my grandpa and your subordinate,’’ Wang Xue said excitedly when she heard Li Doutian's voice . ’’The hijacking problem has been resolved . There are two casualties on the plane but otherwise, no one was seriously wounded . We do not have enough fuel to return to Wucheng nor to Beijing . We are requesting permission to land at Dongshan Military Base . ’’

’’There's a young man on the plane called Guo Huai . Is he alright?’’ Li Doutian asked softly . Instead of asking about Xuanyuan Tengfei's wife or those top shots from Beijing business world, he asked about that brother of different parents of his grandson .

’’Hold on a second, I will let you speak with him,’’ Wang Xue said softly . At the same time, Wang Xue looked looked up and down at Guo Huai a few times . Even more questions popped up in her heart . This youth actually knew General Li Doutian, has brilliant medical skills, and seemed to be good at fighting as well . Could he be someone from the military?

’’Grandpa, the problem on the plane has been resolved . In fact, I have contributed a lot in resolving this . Is the military going to award me something? There will at least be a Wucheng Good Citizen Medal right? Haha,’’ Guo Huai said smilingly .

’’You brat, how could you still laugh at a moment like this . I knew you could handle the problems on the plane . Tell Wang Xue to contact the Dongshan Military Air Control and prepare to land . Oh right, let me tell you something . There's a pregnant woman on the plane . If you can, look after and attend to her . It will be incredibly beneficial for you in the future,’’ Li Doutian said smilingly .

’’There's used to be one pregnant woman, but I helped her gave birth . Haha . We should stop here and continue chatting after the plane lands . I can't help but feel anxious as long as I'm in the plane,’’ Guo Huai said and immediately hung up the call .

’’You brat . If you could get well with the Xuan Yuan the aristocratic family, then on the soil of China, no one will be able to do anything to you . And in the future, my old pal Liuyi can really be worry-free,’’ Li Doutian said smilingly .

’’Hey pretty, the matter about matter about Dongshang Military Base has been settled . Get ready to land!’’ Guo Huai said smilingly . ’’Be careful when you land . Otherwise, if there are more troubles, I won't be of any help . ’’ After saying that, Guo Huai walked to Daoist Bu Er and the two chatted .

’’Young Friend, may I know who is your master?’’ Daoist Bu Er said smilingly .

’’Elder, everyone loved asking me this question after meeting me . But if I were to tell you that I learned all these skills myself, would elder believe my words?’’ Guo Huai said smilingly extended his hand to place his fingers on a wrist of the boy sitting beside Daoist Bu Er .

’’Haha, why wouldn't I believe that? There are countless bizarre things in this world . Even if you were to tell me that you are the reincarnation of someone from another world, I will believe that . ’’ Daoist Bu Er's words made Guo Huai dazed for a while, which was then followed by laughter . This Daoist's random saying was actually correct . ’’Young Friend, is there any way to treat this apprentice of mine?’’

’’Did you know what illness your apprentice has?’’ Instead of replying directly, Guo Huai asked Daoist Bu Er another question .

’’He is missing a soul . Young Friend came from the school of Chinese medicine . I believe Young Friend will believe this right?’’ Daoist Bu Er said smilingly . ’’Seven years ago, I met Little Yun in a cave at Shu Mountain . We are brought together by fate, and therefore I took him as my apprentice . But after a But after a year, I discovered that he is missing an immortal soul . Only after checking ancient books that I know that because kids like were too perfect, and therefore the Heavens took one of his immortal souls . Since then, I brought him to search all over China, and happened to met a leisure cultivator at the East China Sea . He made an artificial soul for Little Yun . Only then, Little Yun could be like this and have some more vitality,’’ Daoist Bu Er said without concealing anything .

’’What an expert . That leisure cultivator you met at the East China Sea is an expert . This technique of artificial soul, even for me, I couldn't do it better than that expert . However, this artificial soul alone is not enough for Little Yuan to fully recover,’’ Guo Huai said smilingly .

’’Young Friend, do you have any ways to treat him?’’ Daoist Bu Er asked softly .

’’There's a way, but it's rather hard to find the things needed . After getting off the plane, I will give you a list of things you need to gather . If you managed to find them all, leave the rest to me,’’ Guo Huai said smilingly .

’’Then on behalf of Little Yuan, I shall thank Young Friend in advance . I did a divination before taking the trip and it says that disaster and happiness are intertwined . Haha, I didn't expect that I will meet Young Friend . If Young Friend has time, I can take Young Friend for a tour at Shu Mountain,’’ Daoist Bu Er said smilingly .


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