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Upstart Pastry Chef ~Territory Management Of A Genius Pâtisserie~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 19


Chapter 19

The blonde, blue-eyed elf girl called Tina as Culrina-anesama.

It seems that it's Tina's mother's name.

’’That is this girl's mother's name. Did you know Culrina-san?’’ I ask the elf girl.

I want to find out, no matter what. There's a possibility that Tina's birth mother is in the spirit village.

’’Yes, I received her kindness many times. She's a person who is just like my sister. But, I don't know that she has a daughter...’’

The elf girl stares at Tina without blinking. Then, she shows an expression as if she has realized something.

’’By the way, I haven't introduced myself, have I? I'm Chloe from the spirit village. I'm an elf.’’

Her line of sight is directed at me.... and Tina.

’’I'm Kurt. I'm the head of this village.’’

’’I'm Tina. I'm Kurt-sama's servant.’’

After hearing our introduction, the elf girl, Chloe, murmurs Tina's name in small voice, chewing her lips.

’’Hey, Tina. Is Culrina-anesama well? Since leaving thirteen years ago, we're not in touch. I am worried.’’

Hearing that question, Tina's face turns saddened in an instant, then she opens her mouth.

’’Mother died four years ago. It was from a plague disease.’’

Chloe went speechless. It was from two things: the death of someone dear to her, and that her cause of death has occurred in the village as well.

They should be different diseases. Still, there are some points to think about.

’’......So that's it? Culrina-anesama is a liar. Even though she went out from the village saying that she would definitely be happy. Even though that's the reason why I didn't stop her.’’

Tears flow from Chloe's eyes.

When I see it, the wariness that I have against her slightly dissipates. There's no way that someone who'll cry for Tina's mother is a bad person.

’’Tina, did you know about spirit village?’’

’’Only as much as what my mother told me, I've never gone there before. But when she talked about the spirit village, she always looked happy. It's a bountiful village, with lots of fruits grown, everyone is always smiling, and they never get hungry.’’

’’Is that so? Then why would she run from the village?’’

From Tina's story, in order to be with Tina's father who was a human, Tina's mother felt that it was better to leave the spirit village who banned mingling with human behind. For Tina's mother, stepping to the outside world for the first time must have been filled with many harsh trials.

Chloe the elf grimaces.

’’Culrina-anesama is stupid. If she didn't leave, she could still live happily in the village even now. The outside only brought sorrow to her.’’

Tina shakes her head when she hears Chloe's words.

’’Please take those words back. Mother's time in the village was filled with happiness, and she went through a lot of hardship after she left, but she said that she was happier because she had me and Father. Even in her death bed, she said so.’’

Tina's eyes pierce straight to Chloe's.

’’Is that so. Sorry. Tina. So that's what happened.’’

As if being reassured, Chloe manages to wring out the words even while wearing a weirdly suffering look.

The atmosphere has turned strange, but I must continue the conversation.

’’Chloe, it's regretful, but... In this village, there's no medicine that could save spirit village.’’

’’I, I see. Nothing can be that good, huh.’’

Chloe seems to have half resigned, she bites her lips while receiving my reply.

’’About the thing you should do from now on, there are two choices. The first one is to return to spirit village. The other one is to take horse carriage from here and run it for about a day to reach a town much bigger than this village.’’

Chloe's face lights up gradually.

Perhaps, she thought that there could be something that could help herself in bigger town.

’’I cannot recommend you to go into human's town, though. Most likely, that fragmented information about the disease epidemic won't let you find a doctor who can prescribe prescribe any suitable medicine, even in such a big town. .....Also, for the time being, you are too ignorant and naive, Chloe. If you arrive there, you'll be tricked by someone and become a mere food. Most human aren't kind, you see.’’

An ignorant and naive elf girl, showing her weak self while moving around in such a big town, is called being suicidal.

’’That's, how, I see, no good. Can't do anything.’’

Indeed, there's nothing that she can do. However, I probably could save them.

’’Tina, there's one thing I'd like to ask. How do you feel about the village where your mother was born? Do you detest the village who chased your mother out due to their rules?’’

If Tina's mother was forgiven by the village, she would probably be alive even now. It's not strange if Tina detests it.

’’No, I don't feel that way at all. Even after leaving the village, Mother still loved it...... That's why, I don't wish for a place that my mother loves to disappear.’’

I see. Then that decides what I must do.

’’Chloe, after listening to your story, it's probably futile, but there's a chance that I can save them if I examine the patients firsthand.’’

’’Are you saying the truth!?’’

’’Only that there's a chance. There's also a chance that I'll judge nothing can be done after doing the examination. But still, nothing will change if I don't start anything. If you wish to bet your chances on me, I'll go to the spirit village.’’

As the only doctor in this village, I have legit knowledge and practice in the medical field. Moreover, in the most unlikely event that I judge the medical science can't do anything about it, I have my [RecoveryHeal]. If it's possible, I wish to stay away from using [RecoveryHeal] at all. I'm praying that the medical science can settle the issue.

’’Even so, thank you! It's no good to make this choice. But, no good doesn't mean doesn't mean absolutely impossible.’’

She grasps both of my hands, conveying how much she's thankful.

Faruno, who has been silent from the start, finally asks me, ’’Going to the spirit village, is it for Tina-san's sake? There will be problems if the single person responsible for the whole territory becomes absent to handle a personal matter for a long time. Moreover, there is a possibility that you will be infected. If you die, how will this fief turn out? I don't believe that you are so careless that you have not thought about that possibility. As the head, can't you see how reckless this decision is?’’

Faruno's words are severe, but they are highly justified.

’’There will definitely be profit, you see. I am intrigued by the fruits grown by the elves. The works of beings who works with plants, even I have heard stories about how heavenly they taste. If I can procure a stable supply, it will become a strong asset of mine. Assets for pastry development for Arnold is very important. For that sake, there's a value in betting my life. Moreover, I didn't say about this reason, but [there's no way that Tina and I will get infected, we won't ever become carrier for the illness either].’’

When I say so, Faruno giggles.

’’So you're thinking about pastry even in this sort of situation. How very like you. Also, about your secret. I'm very intrigued by it, but I will leave it to hearing about it someday.’’

Those are half-cooked reasons, but I'm not lying.

If it's for baking delicious pastries, I'll definitely be able to do it.

’’Everyone, I've decided to go to save the spirit village. I wish for Tina to go with me as my aide.’’

Tina strongly nods to my order, while Faruno puffs her cheeks.

’’I'm going as well.’’

’’You can't, because it's a village where there's a high possibility of contracting the epidemic. If I let Faruno being exposed to that, it won't be over won't be over by receiving a punishment on my own. Like I said before, there's no worry about that happening to Tina and I, but it's not the case with Faruno. I can't bring you.’’

If Faruno contracts the disease, there's a possibility that I will cure it by using RecoveryHeal. However, if I bring her to that kind of place, there's no way this point won't be reported to her father, making it terribly dangerous.

’’But if Kurt-sama has the solution for the disease, it'll be all right.’’

’’And I'm saying that I don't know if I can do that...... My bad, but please take care of this place. I feel reassured if I can leave this place to you, Faruno.’’

’’I understand. May fortune be with you.’’

After reaching that point, Faruno finally gives a nod.

’’Johann, while Tina and I are absent, all of the beekeeping and raspberry gardening works will be your responsibility. Are you up to the task?’’

From the children surrounding us, Johann takes a step forward. With Johann in charge, the children will work well altogether.

’’Ou, leave it to me, Kurt-aniki!’’

’’I'm leaving it to you. Then, Faruno. Let Salt know that I'm absent. If you do so, he'll be able to handle to job well.’’

’’Yes, I understand.’’

Salt has become indispensable as a big man who leads the workers. With this, they can make it somehow without me around.

All that's left is to set off to the elven village.

’’Chloe, you're in charge to guide us to the elven village. Tina and I will go home once to arrange the journey preparation and we'll depart immediately. If you're worried about your physical condition, you may take an overnight rest first, how about it?’’

’’I'm good! I can go soon! Elves' body is tough!’’

What a spirited thing to say after collapsing not too long ago. I should no longer have any worry to address about her.

And so, Tina and I decided to depart to the spirit village.


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