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Upstart Pastry Chef ~Territory Management Of A Genius Pâtisserie~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 17


Chapter 17

It's been three months since Faruno arrived;the season has changed into autumn. The bee production increase is doing extremely well, with new hive boxes containing new queen bees and increasing the number of new bees in turn.

The winter brings cold and food shortage, rendering the bees useless. The amount of money won't be able to compare to what we can harvest now.

The raspberry garden also continues to expand thanks to the children's hard work. Other than that, when the raspberry flower won't blossom, we also introduce blueberries for the bees' food.

The chicken also continues to increase. It's about time for the chicks to start laying eggs. In spring, we can start enjoying genuine eggs. I was worried about whether the plan to make delicious pastry a local specialty sold from this village could get on time or not, actually.

I'm writing account book in my room. I have more fun than usual. Because, it's the first time since I came to this village that the account book shows positive balance. My heart is soaring.

’’Tina, you made a mistake there.’’

’’Uu, it's so difficult, Kurt-sama.’’

This time, I'm not plainly writing the account book alone, I'm also teaching Tina how to do it. I've taught her how to write and count, but this time, I'm teaching her how to make an accounting record. If Tina can do that, I'll be overjoyed. If possible, I wish to leave the paperwork to someone else while finding new inventions as my task.

’’Kurt-sama, I'll be intruding.’’

Faruno appears then. At first, she showed strange excitement when entering my house, but now she has come to the stage where she can let herself in on her own. She's not wearing a dress, but something more practical to use, even if it's still well tailored. She has also gotten used to this village.

Her main task is to examine the advanced agricultural techniques from this village, then relay that information to Marquis Fernandes. For that sake, she doesn't hold back from mingling with the villagers and doing their job as well. Of course, it'll be wrong to say that she's the only one who reaps the benefit. I also request something from her in equal value as compensation. It's about time to get my reply from Faruno.

’’Aah, you're here. Faruno. Hold on, I'm a busy right now, so could you wait for a moment?’’

’’Yes, I don't mind. You're doing the accounting, right? ......I can be your strength in this area, I think. Will you let me take a look for a moment, please?’’

Faruno moves her pen as fast as breeze. Reading over the materials on the side, she's writing down the accounting records. From what I can see, she's actually quite punctual.

’’Hee, so Faruno can do this kind of thing too.’’

’’In Marquis Fernandes' territory, I'm involved in the administration. I can do it to this degree.’’

She sounds reliable. The digit of the scale of of Fernandes' territory can't be compared to my humble village. The complexity of the accounting in that territory must have increased accordingly. I have no comment about her capabilities.

’’If it pleases you, I can help with this job. Kurt-sama shouldn't worry about the finances, please start new breakthroughs on your pace. I think it will be more suitable to be handled that way.’’

’’There's no need to do that. I will do it!’’ Tina snaps at Faruno.

’’Tina-san, you are smart, I'm sure you can do this too. However, you have your serving tasks and you're the beekeeping manager as well, aren't you? You can't be in so many places at once to do this task too. Kurt-sama and Tina-san, I think it's better if you can split the responsibilities to others as well.’’

Indeed, it's just as Faruno said. I've been taking Tina's dependable help as a given, impossibly so. Even now, it must have been too much for her. I have to reflect on this.

’’Faruno, can I leave it to you?’’

’’Yes, absolutely.’’

I'm aware that I shouldn't let outsider know about the content of my wallets, but she's a person above clouds in the first place. Knowing or not knowing so, if she has malicious intent, it'll all be over. Besides, I believe in Faruno as a human being.

’’In any case, Faruno, about the thing that I ask you, could it be done?’’

’’Yes, we have received huge help from Kurt-sama until now, then there's then there's also a hassle you suffered back then, Father is gladly consent to your request.’’

’’I'm glad, then.’’

I grin. It's a huge step in achieving my dream.

’’Kurt-sama, what did you ask for, exactly?’’ Tina's question comes.

’’What I'm asking for, is something irreplaceable to start selling pastry. Since Marquis Fernandes' apology letter came, I took that chance to ask for a store in Eclaba commercial city as well as preparing a channel to sell them outside Marquis Fernandes' territory. I also asked him not to put tax in my pastry. No matter which one I asked, it is not something that can be bought with money.’’

’’I see... That's amazing.’’

When the spring comes, the honey harvesting production will jump up. Then, I've also obtained a stable supply of eggs. The wheat has also surpassed the amount needed in daily meals in the village. In other words, everything has been provided in this territory and I only need to start selling. So I want to sell and start making money.

However, to start selling, the hurdle is extremely high, not only for me personally, for one whole territory. And I'm able to pass that high hurdle thanks to Marquis Fernandes. For that sake, I don't mind even if I have to expose the abilities that I possess.

’’Just as Tina-san said, it's amazing. However, Tina-san, please do not misunderstand. This isn't Marquis Fernandes' charity. It's a fair value to the work that Kurt-sama has been done until now. Kurt-sama until now. Kurt-sama who can put forth that value is the amazing one. Even Father said that he could finally regain the balance while smiling.’’

Hearing her words, Tina's eyes dazzlingly sparkle with respect.

In any case, finally I've reached the point where I can start making the village prosperous with a single step left.


A boy shows up after banging the door open. It's Johann, who was once the leader of street children in the town. He's idolized by the other kids, and has been doing great in bringing them up together.

’’What's the matter, Johann?’’

’’It's terrible. That, in our raspberry garden, there's a collapsed woman!’’

’’That's terrible. Lead the way.’’

Following Johann, I set out from the place.

With Johann's guide, we arrive at the raspberry garden where the children are crowding over. There's a girl lying on the ground at the center.

’’Uuuu, uuu...’’ With pale blue face, she's been groaning.

’’Don't tell me, an elf?’’

It's a beautiful female with golden hair. Her ears are longer than human's. Her clothes don't seem to originate from this region either. I've known that elves exist, but it's the first time I see one.

’’Are you all right?’’

I'm asking her, but there's no response. I examine her condition. She's conscious, there's no mistake. Normally, she'll wake up anytime, but...

’’I'm so hungry I can't moveee....’’

While thinking about my suspicions, the person in question let me know why she can't move in the most straightforward way.

When we hear that we gawk, feeling strength leaving our body.


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