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Underdog Versus Boss - Chapter 124


Feng Kai Ze stroked Da Tian Ting's hair.

'Tian Ting, tomorrow stay home and rest,' Feng Kai Ze said. 'I have some things to take care of.'

'Tomorrow I have plans to see Xiao Ran,' Da Tian Ting said. 'I won't have time to spend with you.'

Da Tian Ting didn't ask where Feng Kai Ze wanted to go because she trusted him.

Feng Kai Ze passed Da Tian Ting a bank card.

'Take it with you to go shopping tomorrow,' Feng Kai Ze said.

'I have money,' Da Tian Ting said. 'I don't want you to keep spending your money on me.'

'Take it,' Feng Kai Ze said. 'My money is for you to spend. Besides you there's no one else who can spend my money. I don't want to take my money to the grave with me.'

'Little monkey, you shouldn't spoil me like this,' Da Tian Ting said.

Da Tian Ting was scared one day after she got used to Feng Kai Ze spoiling her, he would leave her and she would be left with another heartbreak.

Feng Kai Ze held Da Tian Ting's shoulders, and he reassured her.

'Tian Ting, you give me strength,' Feng Kai Ze said. 'Without you, who knows what gutter I'll be living in right now? I have enough money to last for generations. So tomorrow I want you shop comfortably with Xiao Ran.'

'Now I know what a sugar daddy looks like,' Da Tian Ting said sarcasticatically.

'I like it when you smile for your sugar daddy,' Feng Kai Ze joked.

'You have acquired taste,' Da Tian Ting said. She looked at the bank card Feng Kai Ze gave her. 'I wonder how much money your bank card holds.'

'Not that much,' Feng Kai Ze said.

'How much is not that much?' Da Tian Ting asked. 'Do you mean thousands or hundreds of thousands? If you don't want to tell me, it means you lied to me about having enough money for generations. Here, take back your bank card.'

Da Tian Ting returned Feng Kai Ze's bank card.

'There's enough money on this bank card for you to buy Shang's company,' Feng Kai Ze said. 'If it's not enough for you to spend, I'll...'

Da Tian Ting took back Feng Kai Ze's bank card.

'Since you gave me your bank card then you can't take it back,' Da Tian Ting said.

If Feng Kai Ze had a bank account that could buy Shang's company, it meant Feng Kai Ze wasn't poor.

'Have a good sleep tonight,' Feng Kai Ze said. 'Tomorrow have fun shopping with Xiao Ran. If anything happens, call me and I'll run to you.'

'I'm only going shopping with Xiao Ran,' Da Tian Ting said. 'Nothing will happen to me. Even if something did happen, I can handle it on my own. You don't need to worry. Go home and sleep.'

Feng Kai Ze and Da Tian Ting got up from the sofa, and she pushed him to the front door.

Feng Kai Ze kissed Da Tian Ting goodnight, and he went back to his apartment.

Da Tian Ting locked the front door, and smiled at Feng Kai Ze's bank card. Even if it was a beautiful dream, she was going to take Da Xiao Ran on a crazy shopping spree.

Da Tian Ting called Ding Xiao Ran, and she confirmed their shopping outing.

'I'll be there with bells on,' Ding Xiao Ran said. 'See you tomorrow morning at ten. Goodnight.'

Da Tian Ting hung up and laid in bed. She was lucky she saw Shang Duan Hua and Da Ming Sheng's true colors. A rotten man and woman like Shang Duan Hua and Da Ming Sheng deserved to be married to each other.

Over at the Shang residence, Da Ming Sheng walked into the tensed living room. The Shang family and the assistants were gathered in the living room.

'Mistress Lam, I haven't left your home since your diamond necklace was missing,' Xiao Yu said. 'Everyone searched through my belongings. I'm innocent, I didn't take your diamond necklace.'

'You must have hidden it somewhere outside my home!' Lam Shu Pan said.

Shang Ming didn't care about the necklace. He was preoccupied about who wanted to corner Shang's company into a dead end.

Shang Duan Hua didn't care about the necklace either. He ripped the tissue in his hands while thinking about Da Tian Ting being affectionate with Feng Kai Ze. He regretted handing over a diamond like Da Tian Ting to Feng Kai Ze.

No one noticed Da Ming Sheng's anxiety. Da Ming Sheng needed to find a way to get rid of Xiao Yu otherwise Xiao Yu would remember what happened that day and everyone would point their finger at Da Ming Sheng.

'Dad, mum, Duan Hua, I'm home,' Da Ming Sheng said.

No one welcomed Da Ming Sheng.

Lam Shu Pan found a target to vent her anger on.

'Da Ming Sheng, how can you show your face in my home?' Lam Shu Pan asked.

'Mum, I'm your daughter-in-law,' Da Ming Sheng said.

If Da Ming Sheng didn't want to steal everything valuable before divorcing Shang Duan Hua then she wouldn't return to the Shang residence to be Lam Shu Pan's punching bag.

'Do you think you can call yourself a daughter-in-law?' Lam Shu Pan asked. 'You're a curse. Ever since you stepped into the Shang Household, it's been one disaster after another, including Shang's company being in a crisis.'

'Mum, I...' Da Ming Sheng said.

Da Ming Sheng willed herself to cry by thinking about how poor she would be if Shang's company was bankrupt. She looked pitifully at Shang Duan Hua, but he didn't care about her.

'Get out!' Lam Shu Pan said. 'You and your mother are cursed. I must have been blind to give my blessing for you to marry Duan Hua.'

'Mum, I'm sorry,' Da Ming Sheng said.

'Your sorry is useless,' Lam Shu Pan said. 'I was wrong about you being a good woman.'

'Mum, what happened at my parents' home wasn't my fault...' Da Ming Sheng said.

No matter how much Da Ming Sheng cried, no one pitied her.

'Stop crying crocodile tears,' Lam Shu Pan said. 'I won't be fooled by your acting anymore.'

'Have you two caused enough racket yet?' Shang Ming asked. 'With your mouths sparring day and night, there's no peace under this roof. Lam Shu Pan, what good is your motor mouth? Tian Ting would have helped Shang's company if it wasn't for your motor mouth.'

'Shang Ming, I'm not your punching bag!' Lam Shu Pan said. 'We don't know if Shang's company being in a crisis has a connection with Da Tian Ting. If there's no connection then there's no reason for me to talk civilly to Da Tian Ting.'

'How foolish can you be?' Shang Ming asked.

'Shang Ming, you're overestimating Da Tian Ting,' Lam Shu Pan said. 'People like Da Tian Ting know how to put on a show. Da Tian Ting must have hired a handsome actor to play her boyfriend to make Duan Hua jealous. Stop speculating. Wait for Tian Qiang's CEO to appear and you'll find out who is responsible.'

'Dad, what mum said is reasonable,' Shang Duan Hua said. 'If Da Tian Ting has no connection then we didn't lose our last hope.'

'Even if it's not related to Tian Ting, your attitudes attracts black and blue eyes,' Shang Ming said.

'Shang Ming, it's you who needs to change your attitude,' Lam Shu Pan said. 'What are you doing siding with an outsider like Da Tian Ting?'

'Yes I'm siding with Tian Ting,' Shang Ming said. 'Lam Shu Pan, it was you and your son who rejected Tian Ting. So neither of you have the right to condemn Tian Ting. I'm tired of talking to unreasonable people like you and your son.'

'Enough,' Lam Shu Pan said. 'I don't want to hear Da Tian Ting's name come out of your mouth again. My stolen necklace is more important. Xiao Yu, you little bitch, where did you hide my necklace?'

'Mistress Lam, I swear I'm innocent,' Xiao Yu said. 'If I stole your necklace then lightning will strike me right now.'

'I don't believe you,' Lam Shu Pan said. 'You have one day left to return my necklace. If you don't return it, you'll need to compensate me three hundred thousand dollars.'

Xiao Yu knelt, held onto Lam Shu Pan's leg and cried.

'Mistress Lam, I didn't take your necklace,' Xiao Yu said. 'Where can I find three hundred thousand dollars if I didn't take your necklace?'

Lam Shu Pan kicked Xiao Yu away from her.

'Don't touch me with your thieving hands!' Lam Shu Pan said.

'Mistress Lam, it wasn't me,' Xiao Yu said.

'Who else stole my necklace if it wasn't you?' Lam Shu Pan asked. 'Me? I'll give you a day to return my necklace. If you return it then I'll forgive you.'

Xiao Yu left the Shang residence. She was scared what would happen to her if the missing necklace wasn't found soon.

Da Ming Sheng recoiled at the sight of Lam Shu Pan ready to tear someone apart expression. Before she married Shang Duan Hua, she used to think Lam Shu Pan would be an easy going mother-in-law. After she married Shang Duan Hua, she found out Lam Shu Pan was the scariest kind of monster mother-in-law. She didn't want to stay at the Shang residence anymore. She needed to find the most valuable object in the Shang residence before she divorced Shang Duan Hua.

'What is your shifty head thinking about?' Lam Shu Pan asked.

'No... nothing,' Da Ming Sheng denied.

'Da Ming Sheng, if you're scheming anything again, get lost right now,' Lam Shu Pan warned. 'After you leave the Shang Household, don't dream about taking a single object from my home.'

'Mum...' Da Ming Sheng said.

'Don't call me mum,' Lam Shu Pan said. 'You make me vomit.'

Da Ming Sheng looked at Shang Duan Hua for help. But he didn't defend her. She didn't need to think deeply to know he was thinking about Da Tian Ting. He stopped loving her since Da Tian Ting transformed into a beautiful woman.

'Stop looking at me resentfully,' Shang Duan Hua said. 'Everything that happened are the consequences of your schemes.'

'Duan Hua, I didn't do anything wrong,' Da Ming Sheng said. 'Everything I did in the past was because I love you.'

'Don't use love to justify your schemes,' Shang Duan Hua said. 'If you can't endure living in my home, let's divorce.'

Da Ming Sheng took a few steps back. What would her friends think of her if Shang Duan Hua wanted to divorce after a month of marriage?

'Duan Hua, don't you love me anymore?' Da Ming Sheng asked.

'I stopped loving you since you deceived me,' Shang Duan Hua said. 'If you're not my wife, I wouldn't let you step foot inside my home. I'm happy to sign divorce papers.'

'Shang Duan Hua, you MF!' Da Ming Sheng cursed.

Da Ming Sheng slapped Shang Duan Hua's face, she cried and ran outside the apartment.

Lam Shu Pan wanted to slap Da Ming Sheng's face, but she ran away.

'Duan Hua, are you OK?' Lam Shu Pan asked.

'Mum, I'm OK,' Shang Duan Hua said. 'I'm going to my room to get some peace and quiet.'

Shang Duan Hua walked to his bedroom. It was the first time Da Ming Sheng slapped him. He was happy instead of angry. He was happy their divorce was imminent.

In the living room, Lam Shu Pan knew Shang Ming was worried about Shang's company night and day.

'Shang Ming, tomorrow I'll come with you to Tian Qiang,' Lam Shu Pan said. 'If the CEO refuse to see us again, we'll try another day. Stop thinking about asking Da Tian Ting to help us. Da Tian Ting is a nobody so she has no connection to Tian Qiang.'

'There's nothing else we can do but wait for Tian Qiang's CEO to see us,' Shang Ming said.



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