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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 922


Chapter 922

Chapter 922 - Looking for a Breakthrough

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Endless tents of the large army extended into the distance, the large Savage Army's tents were all made crudely, and forming over the distance, they looked like moss covering the snow plains.

Jia Ya glanced once, then retracted his gaze.

Although the large army outside looked threatening, the Savagers revealed their astonishing physiques, they were unafraid of the cold and the wind and snow did not affect them. But Jia Ya did not care about them, regardless of how many Savagers there were, as long as the Wei Ye Guan Continent was in his hands, he had the absolute confidence of repelling them away.

He was only worried about the situation at the Saint Continent. He had a calm personality and did not like power struggles, although he came from a Prestigious Family, it was a small one. The Jia Family had a similar temperament to his, they were reserved and kept low key, preferring to live quietly without causing trouble for others.

He knew of the long friction between Temple and the Prestigious Families. But he felt that the Honorable Martial Continent was big enough, and both parties were able to share it. If they could not, they could expand outwards like what they were doing with the Southern Expedition. Compared to internal strife, he felt that fighting a war was much simpler. He also knew that he was naive on this, thus he never liked to participate in such matters. Furthermore, he knew that regardless of which side won, they would still want him. His standard and qualifications might not be noble, but he would still be able to live well.

But he felt that the Families had gone overboard.

The Families move at such a critical juncture had greatly affected the Southern Expedition, so much that it could lead to the utter defeat of the Southern Expedition. ~All for their self interests~, Jia Ya could not resist but sigh. To the majority, the Families'move showed that they completely ignored the big picture. But even Jia Ya could tell that they had no other choice, as if the Southern Expedition became a success, the Great Clan Elder would use the momentum of victory and make the first move to cleanse the Families.

Jia Ya did not understand when Temple and the Prestigious Families reached such a stage of no return.

But to Jia Ya, the Families had done the most foolish thing, and that was the assassination of Sacred Son Charles. Like how there was the rumor of Sophie being created by the Great Clan Elder, there was another widely spread rumor regarding Sacred Son Charles being the Great Clan Elder's illegitimate son.

Jia Ya knew the inside story.

Sacred Son Charles was not the Great Clan Elder's illegitimate son, but was the Great Clan Elder's nephew, and was the only kin and successor to the Great Clan Elder. Very few people knew of the matter, even Jia Ya had accidentally stumbled upon the knowledge, but had never spoken about it.

When the Families had assassinated Sacred Son Charles, what they did not know was that from that point on, the Great Clan Elder would never cooperate with them.

Jia Ya's greatest worry was that the Great Clan Elder would react irrationally. Jia Ya was a man of few words, where even in the most crowded of banquets, he enjoyed sitting in the corner with a cup of wine in hand.

The quiet people always discovered fine details that others would not notice.

In everybody's eyes, The Great Clan Elder was mysterious, authoritative, farsighted and omnipotent. But Jia Ya had sensed the Great Clan Elder's deeply concealed fanaticism.

Upon thinking about the matter that Mu Zhi Xia had once told him before, he became even more worried. ~To have his only kin in the world killed, even the Great Clan Elder he....~

Jia Ya firmly believed that everyone in the world had some sort of restraints, anyone who had no restraints would easily be able to do incomprehensible and fanatical things. And if such a person was a powerful martial artist, or held unmatched authority, it would certainly be a disaster. Upon thinking about the Great Clan Elder, Jia Ya revealed a bitter smile.

The only thing that made him feel more reassured was the Great Clan Elder's emotions and loyalty to Temple, that was the most genuine thing.

Suddenly, a subordinate rushed over to him in panic. Jia Ya suddenly had a bad premonition surface in his heart, the subordinate was one that he had specially sent to the Saint Continent to receive reports, he did not wish to interfere with the Saint Continent, but he had to know about the matters in there.

The subordinate walked over to his side and spoke softly: ’’Master, the Saint Continent was suddenly sealed.’’

’’Sealed?’’ Jia Ya's heart jumped, it was a serious matter. He replied softly: ’’Which fleet sealed Saint Continent?’’

There were many estuaries to Saint Continent, and for someone to be able to seal Saint Saint Continent, they had to rely on a large fleet.

’’It is unknown.’’ The subordinate had obviously rushed over without taking a rest, his voice was extremely coarse: ’’It's Holy Flames, golden Holy Flames. All of the Estuaries have been blocked by the Holy Flames. Someone tried to barge through, but was burnt to ashes.’’

When he said that last sentence, he thought back about the horrifying scene, his voice could not help but contain nervousness.

~Holy Flames?~ Jia Ya was startled, he never thought that the one to seal Saint Continent would be Holy Flames. ~If it's Holy Flames, then it must be Temple, who else could use Holy Flames to seal the estuaries?~

~W-wait! Golden Holy Flames!~ Jia Ya immediately thought of the Great Clan Elder, in the entire Temple, the only one with Golden Flames was the Great Clan Elder.

Jia Ya immediately recalled Mu Zhi Xia's words, and the blood in his face instantly receded.


The current Saint Continent was already in chaos.

The countless golden Holy Flames floating in the sky was extremely majestic and beautiful. On any ordinary day, the aura of the Holy Flames was extremely calming, but on this day, the Holy Flames released an extremely divine and suppressive aura, which was as cold as the winter wind, causing everybody to feel chills creeping into their bones.

Every Holy Flame represented a dead person.

The Families were already in a mess. They trained in their family inheritances and techniques, and never touched the Holy Flames. But, regardless of who it was, all of them felt insignificant in the face of the sea of Holy Flames, they felt as though their lives were not in their control, and felt immense fear.

The instinct to live caused them to struggle. They tried various methods, wanting to find a way to live. But anyone who were infected by the Holy Flames would burn to ashes. As long as they were touched by even an inch of flames, it was impossible for them to remove the flame no matter how they tried, the Holy Flame would burn until their souls disappeared, before disappearing.

Luckily, the energy barriers still had some use, the golden holy flames emitted an immense pressure, every flame would exhaust a great amount of energy. The endless sea of Holy Flames caused everybody's expression to be ugly as despair filled their hearts. The only thing that they could rejoice in was that the Holy Flames were not manipulated by anyone, and floated in the sky. The Energy barriers could barriers could sustain for a period of time, which was a silver lining to them.

The former bustling Snow City had turned silent, there were no howls of anguish or sounds, as though it was a dead city.

Only the area around Mace Field Tradings had signs of life.

Tang Tian and the rest were working hard and conducting tests, but they were different from the other survivors, what they tested were Spirit Generals. Although they had grasped Temple's intent, that did not mean they had escaped. The atmosphere as extremely tense as everyone knew that if they did not find a way before the enemy became stronger, they would be in true danger.

No one was completely sure of Temple's attention on Spirit Generals, but no one doubted it. Tang Tian had showcased his resolve, as he threw in everything onto spirit generals without hesitation.

Xiao Ran and Ah Xin were carefully experiencing the Holy Flames.

Temple had spent a great deal on the formation, and sacrificed countless of lives, thus the Holy Flames had to be an indispensable use in the plan.

Holy Flames could strengthen Spirit Generals, that was the easiest connection conjecture.

Xiao Ran's spirit generals all had low intelligence, although they could listen to orders, but to get them to try gaining enlightenment was simply playing the lute to a cow. Only Xiao Ran and Ah Xin could unravel the secret of the Holy Flames.

The God Armor Army was sustaining the protective barrier, completely reduced to manual labor. But it was a helpless matter, without the protection of the energy barrier, everyone would be in danger.

Luckily, although Ji Ze and the rest were not adept with energy barriers, they had started to show signs of improvements under the high energy concentration on mobilizing Law Threads.

They easily controlled the energy barrier. But not long later, they started to feel slight difficulty.

’’The energy concentration is dropping!’’ Ji Ze shouted out: ’’Wait, No! The Holy Flame is transforming all the other energy attributes to Radiant Energy!’’

Everyone's expressions became even more serious, Temple was truly merciless, they completely gave no opportunities for anyone. The Holy Flame transformed all energy in the air to Radiant Energy, not only would this weaken their enemies, but it would strengthen themselves, it was truly killing two birds with one stone.

Even for Ji Ze and the rest, it was too taxing to purely use Laws to defend without energy.

The atmosphere became even more tense, everyone felt the immense pressure.

Sima Xiao />

Sima Xiao gritted his teeth and summoned Magatama, and joined in the ranks of unravelling the Holy Flames. Magatama's aura was gentle and reserved, which was completely opposite of Holy Flame's light aura, causing Magatama to have an instinctive fear towards the Holy Flame.

But at that moment, every ounce of additional strength had become important.

Sima Xiao hardened his emotions and gave Magatama the order. Magatama looked at him, her charming eyes clear was water. She did not say anything, and floated towards a small regiment of Holy Flame.

Magatama's glance was like a blade piercing into Sima Xiao's heart, he felt extremely terrible, he bit on his lips, and forced himself to not tear up.

When they were in Scorpio Constellation, Magatama had helped him take the place of the Scorpio King, but Magatama was simply a tool in his eyes, an extremely useful tool. But after going to Sin Domain, Magatama became more alive, and his emotions towards Magatama had since changed.

But at that time, even her strength was required.

Tang Tian could not help with the Holy Flames, thus he placed his attention on another crux, he started to study the Pillars of Punishment. Not only could the Pillars of Punishment seal the entire Saint Continent, it had locked down the sky, prevented people from flying. In battles, the ability to fly was extremely crucial. Being unable to fly meant that the person would instantly hold a disadvantage at the start of the battle, an extremely large disadvantage. The enemy could completely occupy the high ground and launch attacks indiscriminately.

If they were able to destroy the lock from the Pillars of Punishment, they would be able to fly, and that would greatly impact the results of a battle.

Tang Tian carefully dodged the Holy Flames around him and arrived to the side of a Pillar of Punishment.

The large and thick fiery pillar shot into the sky, and when he got close to it, he was able to sense its loftiness.

Tang Tian quickly had a discovery.

When he was near the fiery pillar, the sovereign and imposing aura that the Holy Flame possessed was lessened, and what replaced it was a unique undulation.

Tang Tian was surprised, he felt a sense of familiarity with the unique undulation, as though he had seen it before. Tang Tian racked his brains, as he tried to search his memories, attempting to look for where he had seen the undulations before.

He had a premonition that it could potentially be a breakthrough!


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