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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 787


Chapter 787

Chapter 787 - To Unleash His Blade and Kill So Ferociously

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian had appeared in front of the Flowing Tassel Boat like a ghost.

Borrowing the flow of wind of the Flowing Tassel Boat, he was like a feather flowing along the wind. Although theFlowing Tassel Boat used a large amount of soundproofing equipment, but to the current Tang Tian, it was not aproblem.

He had heard the entire conversation occurring inside the boat.

Tang Tian's mental state did not have a bit of undulation, he was exactly like how he was inside the illusory worldwhere he faced the army of gemstone Blue Dwarves, listening with indifference.

He did not plan to continue waiting, as it was not a good habit to waste time. After confirming their identities asenemies and their intent, there was no point to delay.

The Flowing Tassel Boat in Tang Tian's black and white vision was completely different from what other people sawit, the faint moving Law Threads and the unique materials used to construct the defensive system and its uniqueLaw Threads, along with the Wind Laws used by the martial artists to control the flow were clearly visible to him.

The 60m long Flowing Tassel Boat was like a large glutinous ball covered with countless of flickering Laws in TangTian's eyes.

The surprising amount of Law Threads that resembled spider webs had wrapped the entire Flowing Tassel Boat.

But Tang Tian was able to locate six different sized empty spaces inside the large web, his gaze landed on the holeclosest to him, he raised his right palm, he steadied his arm as he aimed it towards the side of the boat.

The Awakened God Armor's surface layer was flowing with silver snake-like lightning auras, it immediately surgedto his palm, his right palm suddenly became extremely bright and dazzling, and the astonishing amount of lightningaura converged at his palm.

Su Qing who had a face of suspicion was about to question Je Zi, when suddenly a large explosion occurred, causinghis eyes to become wide opened. In his vision, a dazzling silver light beam had shot through the left side of the boat,and in an instant, it shot through the right side of the boat, across the middle of Flowing Tassel Boat!

The thick silver beam shot and disappeared extremely quickly, if not for the large hole remnants blasted through theleft and right walls in everyone's eyes, everyone who were stunned would think that they had gone blind.

Splinters and broken wooden boards flew all over, a figure had unknowingly stood in front of them.

The raining wooden planks that were near him would be disintegrated by minute flames into ashes.

Ji Ze's pale white face had already turned and was about to run the moment the light beam had exploded, but whenhe caught a glimpse of the flickering figure from the corner of his eyes, he felt like a cat that had been leashed by aninvisible rope.

He firmly stopped the impulse to escape, and sat nailed on the chair, not daring to move an inch!

~It was from him!~

He was the first to sense the demon, and when he thought of warning the rest, he was shocked to realize that hissenses seemed to be locked firmly by the other party, and following that, the air around him seemed to havecongealed, his own laws had turned sluggish, and his senses to the world around him were all trapped.

It was as if his body was not his to control.

When he thought about that, he stood still like a statue, not daring to move.

There was a stark difference between what he had initially felt and the feelings he had after, but there was nodifference in the ending. A thread of flickering killing intent that was like an invisible strangling rope had lockedright on his neck, as long as he moved, only one ending would happen to him.

It was something he was not willing to face.

~Damn it!~ He knew that the thread of flickering killing intent was deliberately set off by the other party for him tosense. If the other party had wanted to kill him, he would have died a long time ago.

This recognition was useless to him, but instead made him even more fearful, he had never felt so helpless before.

The cracking of the broken wooden planks falling caused the entire boat to become quiet.

A deadly silence.

All of their cups were raised in the air, everyone with their mouths wide opened as they stared blankly at the figurethat appeared. Amongst all of them, only a minority knew what was happening.

Aside from Ji Ze, Su Qing was the second to react, he was afterall a man who had seen the world and was capable byhimself.

His mouth was dry, his heart thumped quickly, he finally understood why Ji Ze had revealed such a strangeexpression. He looked at Ji Ze, ~Where had all of his unbridled arrogance go to? He is just like a docile cat retreatedto a corner, trying his best to hide his fat belly, not trying to attract attention.~

~Even Ji Ze is acting like that....~

Su Qing's heart was thumping hard, but he forced himself to calm down, he extended his hand to reach out for awine cup, and borrowed this action to conceal the fear in his heart. When he touched the cup, he finally calmeddown.

’’Distinguished sire, to come uninvited, why not have a seat for a drink?’’

Su Qing smiled, he did a gesture of invitation with his left hand, like a good host trying to accommodate to his guest,inviting the guest for a drink.

Ji Ze could not help but feel admiration for Su Qing. Previously, he was still looking down on the wine sack, if not for his identity, he would never had bothered. Who knew that in such a serious situation, Su Qing could maintain himself, just with this point, Su Qing was stronger than him.

After thinking about his own performance, Ji Ze blushed with shame. Su Qing had given him a lesson on life, on whatwas how to give it his all and never let others look down on him.

In the next moment, his expression froze.

Su Qing's neck had a thin fine line of blood, he was still in his gesturing pose, except his wide opened eyes revealedthe shock in him. The blood spurted out like a fountain, which covered the entire table before Su Qing fell to theground.

Ji Ze's eyes almost fell out his eye sockets, his face that had initially recovered a bit of blood had no traces of itanymore.

He was dumbstruck like a chicken.

To unleash his blade the moment he met someone he could not get along with, Ji Ze was someone like that as well.

But to unleash his blade and kill so ferociously the moment they did not get along, It was his first time meeting sucha person.

~That's too ferocious....~

He muttered in his mind, ~Shouldn't a person like you with some important position sit down and discuss things atsuch a time? How can you make your move just like that? How can you just kill someone the moment you step in?~

Right at this moment, the deadly silent boat erupted like a beehive.

All of the frightened guests seemed to have awoke from their daydream, Su Qing's corpse and the blood all over hadcompletely overwhelmed them.

Their screams reached a falsetto, they were like headless mosquitoes flying around aimlessly. The bodyguards thatwere on the boat upon seeing that the situation was not right had jumped off the boat and ignoring everything else,they escaped.

But before they had flown a few meters, their heads seemed to have struck onto something, and their bodies fell tothe ground like sandbags.

It was as though the sky was wrapped up like a dumpling.

The slower ones immediately stopped in their tracks, no one saw how the martial artists had died, the fear hadcompletely overwhelmed their hearts, they mumbled inaudible words with their faces as white as paper, theirbodies trembling, no one dared to escape.

Losing the martial artists controlling the boat, the Flowing Tassel Boat was no longer being controlled, inciting apanic.

But in the next moment, the Flowing Tassel Boat that had lost control seemed to be grabbed tightly by an invisiblehand and reestablished stability. The panicked guests suddenly lost their balance, the stable Flowing Tassel Boatmoved abruptly, tossing them into the sky, and screams came out again.

Flowing Tassel Boat flew faster and faster, higher and higher.

Inside the boat, Ji Ze gritted his teeth, as even his teeth was trembling.

The demon who was clad in an entire body of armor had stepped over the pool of blood, and was slowly walkingtowards him.

~Bewitching Blade Ji Ze....I am Bewitching Blade Ji can this....~

He felt as though his entire body was locked down, the other party's ghostly like footsteps was audible to his ears, itsounded like a specter moving. Then, he felt the invisible noose around his neck tightening.

He did not know if it was real or not, but he felt as though he had difficulty breathing.

~Damn it!~

~I am the Bewitching Blade Ji Ze!~

He roared in his mind, he obediently raised his hands and with his last bit of strength, he said weakly: ’’I surrender!’’

The demon's footsteps stopped.

This sentence drained every ounce of strength left in him, he sat in his seat in disappointment, but could feel anunspeakable relaxation in him, the noose around his neck had loosened, he greedily took in breaths of air, and eventhough the air was pervaded with blood, it was still the most delicious and sweet smelling air he had ever breathed.

~Living feels so good.~

~I have already lost, who cares about other people looking down on me?~

The terrifying demon did not even look at him and turned to leave, causing Ji Ze to almost cry. He had never thoughtthat there would be a day that he would fall to this extent.

~Just because they are on the List of Powerhouses, they are considered experts?~

Thinking back on his own words, Ji Ze smiled bitterly, ~That is truly too f*king logical!~ He now so badly wanted toswallow the words back into his stomach, because of such words, he had to meet such a terrifying man.

All of the people screaming gradually calmed down, they all sat down on the floor with pale faces and tremblingbodies. All of them had their hands over their heads as the shrunk themselves as much as they can, looking likeprawns. Su Qing's headless body was constantly reminding them not to gain the Demon's attention.

The maid servants were all crying.

Ji Ze then saw the Demon clearly.

From the moment he had appeared, the Demon never spoke a word. His figure was not huge, but wrapped aroundhis entire body was an extremely strange armor, it was like a layer of molten steel without any tangible form.

It emitted a strange light aura, which was bright but not dazzling.

~What kind of unique liquid metal is that?~

Ji Ze racked his brains, if such an armor had appeared before, it would have definitely left a mark in his mind, ~Whydon't I have any recollection of it at all?~

The Demon stood at the boat's bow, facing the wind.

Because the martial artists controlling the boat had ran, none of them were alive. But the Flowing Tassel Boat wasactually flying even faster and even more stable than before, as though it was skating on ice. He was controlling theFlowing Tassel Boat by himself, and was actually more outstanding than 10 martial artists who trained in WindLaws.

~Damn it! Who exactly is this demon!~

Ji Ze felt that his mouth was extremely bitter, feeling that everything that had happened was outrageous. ~Whatshot through the Flowing Tassel Boat was Lightning Laws, and what killed Su Qing were Spatial Law Threads, butwhat did he use on me?~ Ji Ze did not know. Now, the man revealed his expertise on Wind Laws, the more Ji Zeexamined the demon, the more despair he felt.

What he did not understand even more was how he had never heard or at least have an inkling of thought towardssuch a powerful man.

~How is this possible?~

~Who is this man?!~

Suddenly, light shot into the boat, causing the figure standing at the boat's bow to be in the middle of the light,looking like a God of War.

Ji Ze was stunned.

In the next moment, he had his eyes wide opened revealing a look of disbelief.

~This direction is.... Towards Sharp Wind City!~

~This Ghost Face Mask!~


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