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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 769


Chapter 769

Chapter 769 - The Eve Before Moving Out

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

High up on a mountain summit, the moonlight shone brightly.

Three men sat side by side and gazed at the lights in Sword Forest Stronghold.

’’You guys will be moving out tomorrow.’’ Jing Hao sighed with emotions, he raised the wine cup in his hand anddrained the cup with one gulp, he then muttered: ’’Don't worry, I will definitely protect the Shang Continent.’’

Ling Xu did not say anything, and also gulped down his cup.

Crane raised his wine cup with both hands, he toasted towards Jing Hao, and drank slowly. He placed his wine cupdown, and his handsome face revealed a faint bit of red. His eyes were as bright as the stars in the sky. ’’WithBrother Jing guarding our back, we have no fear of trouble in the rear.’’

’’I really envy you two, to be able to go to the frontlines to fight.’’ Jing Hao revealed a hint of self ridicule: ’’Sadly I amnot intelligent enough, and do not know how to lead soldiers to fight.’’

The Honorable Martial Continent's armies were truly too big, and despite Bing sniping them layer after layer, the frontlines was still rather tense. The three of them had went through some simple trainings, and Crane performed the best, he was naturally intelligent, and was a jack of all trades, able to pick up everything quickly, he improved the fastest, and in the short period of time, he had some form and substance. Ling Xu was not as intelligent as Crane, but his personality was perfect for battle, and being able to unleash a relatively strong war impact, he was naturally gifted for long range raids and harassment.

Jing Hao performed the worst, he had always been focused on the sword since young, his thoughts were too narrow and his personality was fair and gentle, although his individual strength was the strongest, but he had no talent for war formations and tactics.

Jing Hao was arranged to stand guard in the Shang Continent, while Crane and Ling Xu were to lead their troops andrush to the frontlines the next day.

Whether or not the simple training had some use to grooming military generals was widely debatable, but in thetime of urgency, they could not care for much. The frontlines was in imminent danger, and every strength they hadwas valuable and important. The three of them had no complaints, they knew of the disparity between both parties,and the immense pressure Bing was bearing.

The guilt and loneliness in Jing Hao's words was completely heard by Crane and Ling Xu.

After such a long time of being with each other, they grew extremely close to Jing Hao.

Ling Xu was not good with words, he simply lifted up his winecup and toasted it to Jing hao, and without a word hegulped it all down.

Jing Hao laughed, he poured another cup and raised it up, and finished it with one gulp.

Crane shook his head: ’’Brother Jing, your task is not only not lighter than ours, but even heavier. The ShangContinent is our foundation, and it is the pathway to Heaven's Road, equipments, weapons, everything goes throughhere. If we lose this place, the battle at our frontlines will hold no meaning.’’

Jing Hao's dim eyes lit up, he became solemn: ’’Crane, your words have enlightened me, I have been too rash, andwill punish myself with three cups! Whoever wants to take the Shang Continent has to step over my dead body.’’

Jing Hao drank three cups consecutively.

Without saying a word, Ling Xu also followed with another three.

’’Humph, I wonder where the hell that crazy Tang went to.’’ Ling Xu suddenly spoke up with killing intent: ’’If he getscaught by me, hehe, I will spear him to death!’’

’’I think something happened.’’ Jing Hao frowned, he then relaxed once more: ’’But Bing said that he is not dead, Ithink that he is trying to rush back as well. It will be better once he is back, he will definitely have a way.’’

Jing Hao had complete confidence in Tang Tian, he believed that once Tang Tian appears, he would definitely have away for them to get past the difficult time.

Ling Xu snorted in disdain: ’’You are still pinning your hopes on that idiot, too naive!’’

Crane smiled, he could not help but think about the past, and started to feign upright and just: ’’On this point, I haveto agree with Brother Jing. Although there are many times that Crazy Tang was not reliable, but he is always able toaccomplish the impossible. Don't you think that the situation ahead of us is purposely prepared for him?’’

Ling Xu was enraged, he stared at Crane: ’’You want to fight me?’’

Crane knew that he had succeeded in disturbing Ling Xu, he and Jing Hao looked at each other and laughed, andthen filled up their cups and drank again.

’’You guys must be careful, if it were to fail, preserving your own life is the most important.’’ Jing Hao said with atrace of worry: ’’You guys are not true military generals, and you guys have to go to the battlefield with just thesimple training.’’

Ling Xu wiped away the wine marks on his mouth and said: ’’No matter, we will be used to it after a few battles.’’

Crane nodded his head: ’’There are many famed generals that became famous halfway in their lives, both of us wieldeven higher strength, if the situation turns dire, escaping is not a problem, Brother Jing, you don't have to worry.’’

’’I have over thought, this will be my last cup.’’ Jing Hao looked at the fires blazing gloriously below, and thought ofhow he always felt gaining a name for himself ever since he started. He poured their cups full again, and took thelead to toast as he raised his wine cup: ’’Toast! To victory and to home!’’

’’To victory and to home!’’

Ling Xu and Crane shouted out at the same time, and felt the burst of flames combusting in their chest, they lookedat each other and gulped down, excess wine leaking from the corner of their mouths, even Crane who paidparticular attention to etiquette had forsaken all at that moment.

The wine flowed through their throats like fire, they placed down their wine cups and looked at each other, thenlaughed out loud.

Their laughters resonated far outwards into the distance.

The Sword Forest Stronghold that was lit up was extremely busy at the moment.

Little Fool looked at the spirit treasure in his hands, and revealed a satisfied look. Under the huge military campaign, the strength that an individual possessed would be realized marginally, and thus he decided to take on the responsibility on equipment. A spirit treasure was able to increase a military general's strength, which was proven by Shi Sen and Xie Yu An. Since he could not work with quantity, he could only redeem with quality.

But spirit treasures were only compatible to military generals, and as for the soldiers, the more help a star treasurehad, the higher the price required.

Tang Tian had previously brought countless of star treasures, but following the growth and expansion of the armies,there were not enough star treasures. Little Fool then began to combine a few spirit treasure refinement techniquesand refined out a large quantity of black gold weapons. It was under Little Fool's continuous hard work that allowedthe Shang Continent's Black Gold Weapons to increase multiple folds in might. The rise in grade of the overallequipments gave a huge boost to the Southern Alliance.

Little Fool suddenly sensed something, his eyes widened up, ~That is....~

His body suddenly disappeared.

In the next moment, he appeared outside a laboratory, even though he was separated from the inside by a wall, hecould hear the shouts from inside.

’’Success! Success! We have succeeded!’’

Richard Jr.'s voice was filled with joy and sobs.

Little Fool immediately appeared inside the laboratory. Inside, his eyes was immediately fixated to the pool in themiddle. It was a square sized pool with dimensions of 10m, inside the dark blue water, it resembled a sea, and insideit were flames.

Richard Jr. looked at Little Fool and said excitedly: ’’Master, we succeeded! It was a success!’’

Little Fool controlled the excitement in his heart and asked: ’’You succeeded in producing spirits?’’

’’Yes!’’ Richard Jr. recovered from his excitement and replied immediately: ’’In our first batch of spirits, we formed12. We have already sent them into the Sea of Energy to grow, they are still weak, and need to obtain energy fromthe Sea of Energy.’’

’’Why the need to put them in the Sea of Energy?’’ Little Fool asked seriously, but even so, his voice was still squeakyand childish.

Richard Jr. did not laugh, he knew that the seemingly child like spirit general was extremely powerful. Heimmediately replied: ’’Because the spirits that we synthesized have different characteristics, and the energyrequired from them is different. The Sea of Energy has various different types of energy which is the best nurturingground for them.’’

Little Fool frowned, not only would it be hard to guard against the growth inside the Sea of Energy, but it would alsoincrease the risk. But he knew that Richard Jr. was right, and asked: ’’How long will it take for them to grow?’’

’’Shortest will take a few days. Longest, could be a few hundred years.’’ Richard Jr. laughed bitterly: ’’They are likelife, we are unable to control its growth.’’

Little Fool pointed to the pool: ’’What's that called?’’

’’Prairie Fire Pool.’’ Richard Jr. could not help but become excited again.

Richard Jr. that was almost forgotten by everyone, never gave up. He did not harbor any grievances, that's right,what grievances can there be? He had all sorts of spirits supplied to him to study, he did not need to worry aboutexpenditure, he did not need to keep a look out for whoever, it was the life he had been dreaming of.

The war outside had no influence to his life, he was completely immersed in his research. His life was extremelysimple, to research, and every now and then he had to produce a research report.

Since he had spent so much money, he had to let them know of his research progress, although he felt that there wasno need for it.

His relaxed life was broken apart when he gave a research report, Master Bing had specially ran all the way back tohis laboratory. It was Master Bing's first time entering his laboratory.

In the report, he said that he found the required energy concentration required to produce spirits.

Master Bing gave a detailed description of an ocean, it was a miraculous ocean, which had flames on its watersurface, it was called the Prairie Fire Ocean, and its miraculous thing was that spirits could be produced from it.Master Bing had specially described the uniqueness of Prairie Fire Ocean, and Richard Jr. immediately realized thatthe Ocean had a lot of similarities to the content in his research.

Master Bing rushed back out to the battlefield which was caught in a stalemate, while Richard Jr. immersed himselfinto the miraculous Prairie Fire Ocean.

And finally, he had actually successfully recovered a piece of the Prairie Fire Ocean, no, the Prairie Fire Pool.

’’We need more of these Prairie Fire Pools.’’ Little Fool's tone was extremely determined: ’’There are no problemswith regards to materials and cost. What do you need?’’

’’How many pools do we need?’’ Richard Jr. did not bask in the joy and excitement but asked earnestly.

Little Fool replied: ’’The more the better.’’

Richard Jr. : ’’....’’

Little Fool left the laboratory, and immediately classified the laboratory as a restricted area, and laid the moststringent security. Furthermore, he passed on the information to Bing with the fastest speed. He could imaginewhen Bing receives the information, how ecstatic and joyous would he be.

The production of the Prairie FIre Ocean would deeply affect the development of the war situation in the future.

He knew of the existence of the Prairie Fire Ocean, but it was a natural oddity, and even Bing did not know how itwas formed.

Bing did not go into detail on how the Southern Cross Army had developed and made use of the Prairie Fire Oceanto their benefit in the past. But Little Fool was certain that the ability to produce spirits granted them the possibilityof producing star treasures, which was a completely new invention that could change the world.

Even in Heaven's Road, Star Treasures could not be produced. Heaven's Road was not lacking in spirits, but theenergy concentration was lacking for the spirits to form star treasures.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy had the endless Sea of Energy, but was unable to produce spirits.

Thus, the Prairie Fire Pool would change everything.

Little Fool suddenly gained a strong sense of confidence towards the war, the ability to change the world was in their hands, what was there to fear?

~Humph, that fool is unable to witness this important day that will go down in history, he will definitely regret untilhis intestines go green.~

He thought regretfully.


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