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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 766


Chapter 766

Chapter 766 - Undying Sword

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The light aura that suddenly shot out from the room shocked Yin Wu Feng.

~What's happening?~

He retracted his aura, he did not dare reveal anything and remained hidden in the shadows. He trained in an extremely unorthodox law, called [Ghost Yin Mushroom]. His Law surface looked like a mushroom, and it was where it got its name, the power projected from the law surface was extremely gentle and reserved, and this concealing power was extremely suitable for concealing and retracting auras.

Tang Tian slowly opened his eyes, and realized that he had tears on his face.

~Was that a dream?~

~But it is so clear, I remember every detail.~

Suddenly, he lowered his head to glance down, but was immediately stunned. Between his fingers, a bizarre blue flower was grasped there!

~Xiao Lan.....~

Tang Tian's head was buzzing, he felt his hairs on his back standing, ~It was not a dream?~

The blue flower in his finger suddenly lit up, and the dazzling blue light enveloped the entire room.

~Damn it!~

~What are you trying to do?~

Tang Tian was shocked, and subconsciously formed the Grasping Flower Seal, but the blue light continued to shine, but Tang Tian did not feel that it was glaring. Light swept through his glass mental state, and a blurred figure could be seen in the corner of the outer walls.

Tang Tian's heart moved, a blue light quietly shot towards the corner.

As though it could penetrate everything.

Yin Wu Feng was quietly waiting for the right time to ambush Ghost Face Mask outside, the blue light released from inside the house was extremely intense, causing him to feel uneasy. Right at that moment, a sense of danger rose in his heart. Assassins had astute intuition towards danger.

Without thinking, he immediately turned to escape, as his intuition on danger had saved him countless of times.

The wall in front of him suddenly lit up with a blue light, the blue light seemed to have a power that could capture a man's soul, and it was so bewitching it made his heart palpitate.


The blue light flew out from the wall, it was extremely fast, and Yin Wu Feng who was overwhelmed with shock could only lift up the Growing Yin Sword.

The strange bewitching flower landed itself on the blade of the Growing Yin Sword.

Yin Wu Feng's eyes widened, in the next moment, the dazzling blue light erupted without any warnings.

He was caught off guard, causing his sight to go blind, he groaned, and ignoring everything else, he turned into smoke and escaped outside.

Even though he could not see, but Yin Wu Feng had already grasped the place well, and accurately carried out his escape plan, and did not fly into the sky. He was an experienced assassin, and was clear that the moment he flew into the sky, he would reveal himself to the enemies and become surrounded.

Yin Wu Feng knew that he had already failed, Ghost Face Mask's strength far surpassed his expectations.

To an assassin, that was undoubtedly the most fatal mistake.

There was only one thought in his mind, escape.

Yin Wu Feng who was escaping felt as though a beast was staring at him, causing the hairs all over his body to stand, he was shocked, without thinking, he threw himself to a corner, and unleashed the Growing Yin Sword in his robes to unleash a sword barrier to protect himself.

Whoosh, the grey sword barrier expanded out, countless of fine grey gravel flew into the surroundings.

The grey gravels instantly exploded.

Pa pa pa.

Hearing the familiar spore exploding sounds, Yin Wu Feng's uneasy heart settled down.

Every spore that exploded would release a clump of thin silk, and in the blink of the eye, it revealed a dense silk barrier. All of these spores were extremely durable, and the crucial point was its numbers, although the blue flower was strange, but to break through the layers was not something easily done.

Yin Wu Feng who had calmed down moved even quicker, lining himself to the wall, he swept forward quickly.

Suddenly, his face changed.

The silk barrier behind him was broken through. ~How is that possible.....~

He instinctively turned his waist to dodge, but he felt a pain in his chest, and his body froze.

~How is this possible....~

These were the last four words he could think of, the vision before him gradually recovered, he looked at the blue flower that had stopped right in front of him, blood dripping down from it, it was an extremely intoxicating blue.

It floated quietly in front of him.

When the last drop of blood fell, Yin Wu Feng fell.

His body had a minute blue wound. The blue color started to spread and very quickly, it spread through his entire body, Yin Wu Feng's corpse became a crystal.

The crystal corpse quickly disintegrated.

A gust of wind blew past, and the ground became empty, only leaving behind a grey sword.

The Blue Flower suddenly transformed into a rain of flowers, spiralling around the Growing Yin Sword, it flew back to Tang Tian's room.

At a very far distance, two men observed the entire thing with pale expressions.

’’Yin Wu Feng lost....’’ The man who spoke was middle aged and fat, he was dressed luxuriously, like one of a merchant.

The other man was an old man with a face that had gone through hardships, his hands were covered with calluses, and looked no different than a coolie, just that his eyes faintly revealed a strange light, He thought for a long time, then spoke: ’’Does Boss Wen recognize that flower?’’

The fat man retracted his bitter smile and said: ’’It was said that Ancestor Li's Demon Six Seals is a deluge of heavenly flowers.’’

The old man's eye brow perked up: ’’Does Boss Wen truly think that kid is Ancestor Li's Inheritor?’’

The fat man looked at the old man and said indifferently: ’’Old Man Zhu, please don't make a mistake, it doesn't matter of what I think, what is important is what other people will think.’’

The old man did not reply.

He had thought of all possibilities, failure included. He had used Yin Wu Feng, as he believed that with Yin Wu Feng's strength, he could test the waters. If they could kill the other party, then whether or not he was the inheritor of Ancestor Li was not important, as dead people never were.

But out of all of his predicted outcomes, it did not include Yin Wu Feng being killed so easily. The bizarre and terrifying flower caused shivers to go down his back.

What kind of technique was that?

The legend of Ancestor Li had not been completely forgotten by people, the legends of the heavenly flowers had still been passed down by people.

’’Let us see how Lu Sheng Xiang will react.’’ The old man said.

Boss Wen knew what Old Man Zhu meant. Lu Tian Wen had not shown himself for a long time, and various families had guessed that he must have met his demise. Many of them were questioning on how could Lu Sheng Xiang continue to sit and wait. Sharp Wind City currently had many experts, all of them waiting for Ghost Face Mask to walk right into the trap. But for some reason, Fat Boss Wen did not believe that the Sharp Wind City could stop Ghost Face Mask. But he did not refute the old man, as arguments were meaningless.

Furthermore, Ghost Face Mask's powerful abilities had made him more awake, as he could now see the situation more clearly.

The role of being Ancestor Li's inheritor looked important, but in truth it was not at all, the important factor being Ghost Face Mask's strength. Without his strength, using the name of Ancestor Li's Inheritor was just seeking death, and even without the name and being strong enough, he was able to sweep through the Sin Domain.

Old Man Zhu was affected by the name of Ancestor Li's Inheritor, but Fat Boss Wen was more alert, and could see that Ghost Face Mask's goal was not the Sin Domain.

No one would ever look at the poor Sin Domain.

But if Ghost Face Mask was able to return to the Sacred Saint Galaxy, thinking about that made Fat Boss Wen tremble.

Sacred Saint Galaxy, the name that was so far away, the fables of the ancestors. Fat Boss Wen, who was born and raised in the Sin Domain did not have any deep longing for the Sacred Saint Galaxy, but he knew of one thing, and that was that the Sacred Saint Galaxy was not as barren and poor as the Sin Domain.

Ghost Face Mask did not belong to the Honorable Martial Continent, otherwise he would have long left.

And if Ghost Face Mask were truly to return to the Sacred Saint Galaxy, he would definitely fight with the Honorable Martial Continent.

Thinking about that, Fat Boss Wen had some hesitations. The power of the Honorable Martial Continent had been long been ingrained into the hearts of the people in the Sin Domain, could Ghost Face Mask defeat them?

Thinking about that, Fat Boss Wen felt that the success rate was very smell, no, extremely small. ~Such a small rate of success doesn't hold any weight to it, but why is my heart palpitating?

Fat Boss Wen was in a daze.

Tang Tian did not know that there were two important figures observing him, as at the moment, he was completely shocked by Xiao Lan's ability. Yin Wu Feng's actions were unable to escape his glass mental state, but Tang Tian had to praise Yin Wu Feng for being crafty and experienced.

If he had personally taken action, he would not be able to do as well as Xiao Lan.

The fresh blood dripping down from the beautiful flower scene would make any person's heart go cold.

The Blue Flower pulled the Growing Yin Sword back to Tang Tian's room, and threw it to Tang Tian, and the petals that filled up the room instantly disappeared, merging back into Xiao Lan who returned back into Tang Tian's body.

Tang Tian immediately checked on his body.

When he first saw Xiao Lan, he still suspected that he was still in an illusion. But if it truly was an illusion, then what was Xiao Lan?

After checking his body, he became even more bewildered.

The glass like mental state was crystallized and transparent without any speck of dust, with an eye catching sapling inside it.

~Ah, it's not an illusion.~

Tang Tian was spooked, ~If it was not an illusion, then everything that happened in the Ocean of Peace....~

Suddenly, his gaze landed on the Six Armed Demon's body, and as though he was struck by lightning, he was instantly stupefied.

On the initial Weeping Sword Seal's palm where the sound mist was, was a tiny bronze sword that swam around like a fish.

~That is....~

Tang Tian moved his mind, and the tiny bronze sword flew to him. The tiny bronze sword had a strong Southern Cross Army bearing, the sword blade were filled with cracks, causing Tang Tian to remember the Heroic Spirits that looked like porcelain dolls that were pieced up together again.

He subconsciously caressed the sword blade, and a familiar and intimate consciousness was passed to him.

The sword blade had a small line of words

’’How can we rest in peace’’.

When Tang Tian saw the words, all the resounding vigorous and coarse roars came out at his ears.

’’Without knowing whether our army is alive or dead, how can we rest in peace!’’

And ’’Southern Cross Army, advance!’’

Tang Tian held onto the tiny bronze sword that was covered with cracks and muttered to himself: ’’From today onwards, you are called the Undying Sword. As long as my heart is still alive, heroic spirits, you all will never die. Senior Heroic Spirits, fight with me!’’

As though it sensed Tang Tian's words, the Undying Sword trembled incessantly, the vigorous and solemn roars had a melancholic feel to it, the fighting intent soaring out was like a raging inferno burning his body, making him feel liberated and heroic!

Faintly, The Ocean of Peace appeared before Tang Tian once more, the scene of the waves after waves of heroic spirits advancing dauntlessly towards the barrier in the sky with their tattered and torn figures, all of those porcelain like figures, all of those determined figures, all of those heart shaking roars.

The conviction of ten thousand years, the cycle of centuries, the heart for the army would never allow the Heroic Spirits to die.

Tang Tian who was crying finally understood, why he was summoned into the illusion, it was not Xiao Lan or the undying Heroic Spirits, it was because he was the true holder of the Southern Cross Army!

’’No need for your protection, rest in peace.’’

’’Without knowing whether our army is alive or dead, how can we rest in peace!’’


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