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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 751


Chapter 751

Chapter 751 - Death God Arm Vs Sacrificial Execution

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Xu Ye's face was pale white, the emotions in his eyes were sluggish and lifeless.

~Is that the power of an A Grade Infamous Man?~

The rumored 24 A Grade Infamous People were all powerful martial artists able to obtain a ranking in the List ofPowerhouses. But compared to the powerful martial artists on the list of powerhouses, they were even moremysterious, all of their hands were stained with blood, and had countless of families wanting their heads. With suchtyrannical strength, some had powerful backings, and regardless of how many people tried to investigate them, noone knew where to find them. Only when they themselves chose to appear in their sights, would the wind be taintedwith blood, and would people remember them.

He Xin had disappeared for more than a decade, but the moment he appeared, his ruthlessness and tyrannicalpower was sufficient to shake Sin Domain.

~That Scythe and that arm....~

He Xin had already opened the door, the door to the highest level palace of Laws, and the highest realm that all themartial artists dreamt and pursued for. No one had ever been in that palace, and no one knew how it looked like.

Suddenly, Xu Ye became somewhat jealous. To be able to glimpse the highest level palace of Laws just before dying,how blessed that person was. He knew that with his talent and standard, he would never be able to reach He Xin'srealm in his life.

The right arm of the Death God and the Scythe of the Death God.

~The most terrifying existence that hailed from the highest realm of the Death Laws, had entered this world.~

To Xu Ye who trained in the Life and Death Laws, it represented a completely different meaning. All the Life in EastImmortal City had quietly drained away. This drain was extremely slow, and people who have not reached a certainrealm of power would be unable to sense the drainage of their own vitality.

Strands of vitality converged from all directions and entered the Death God's Scythe. A gloomy and melodious tunecame out from inside the Scythe, and the distorted and struggling faces on the Scythe's body became calm.

Subduing Spirit Tune.

Xu Ye could not dare believe what was happening in front of him, and was overwhelmed with shock. It was just aDeath God's arm and its Scythe, but it was able to extract the vitality of the entire city. If the true Death God were toappear, wouldn't all the vitality in East Immortal City be extracted completely and cleanly?

A massacre!

That would only require the Death God to lift its arm. No, not even that, just by standing there, it would killeverything.

If all the vitality were extracted from the city, the city would truly became a dead city, a city of Death Laws. The pureDeath Laws would continued to grow and be nourished, and the land would become hell.

All of this knowledge was just rumors and legends, from the very first day that he started learning Life and DeathLaws, Xu Ye never thought that there would be a day that he would personally see it.

Despair crept in Xu Ye's mind, he stared at Master who was fighting the arm and scythe, as though he was waitingfor his Master to die.

~Failure and death, is the ultimate outcome, the only outcome.~

Xu Ye's ashen face started to spread across his body. He trained in the Life and Death Law, and thus the Life and Death Laws in his body were in equilibrium, but at the moment, the intense despair had caused his body and mental state to lose the equilibrium, the power of Death started to occupy a stronger position.

Tang Tian stared at the arm and scythe, he squinted, but he was not afraid at all.

He could also feel that the vitality of the city was constantly being pulled and devoured by the scythe. The deepmelodious Subduing Spirit Tune was dissolved by the red light when it approached Tang Tian, disappearing intonothing.

The Six Armed Demon in his body was like a dignified jewel figure, releasing a dense red light around its entire body,The palm that had the Angry Fist Seal released red flames jumped sporadically. The undulations of the red lightfollowed the jumps of the red flames, and continued to emit outwards.

The red light around Tang Tian swept through Tang Tian's body again and again, the majestic power converged anddissipated at a regular pattern.

Just at that moment, the arm slowly raised the scythe.

Tang Tian was like a frightened cat that sensed an intense danger, causing his mind to stretch taut. The movement ofthe arm did not release any aura, it looked to be an extremely ordinary action, but Tang Tian who was extremelysharp could sense the danger that was so dense to the point that it was almost solid.

He took a deep breath, his strong gut feeling told him that the next attack was the strongest attack he had ever faced!

He closed his eyes, his body leaning forward with his arms drooped down.

The dense red light surged from his blood, Tang Tian was determined and not anxious, he breathed normally, asthough he was falling asleep. There were no killing intent from him at all, and the red light converged at his arms.

~Since this is going to be your strongest attack, then, let me give you my strongest attack as well.~

He opened his eyes, the unswerving determination revealed in his eyes showed that nothing could shake him.Sensing his determination, the Demon Figure's six arms started to form seals, just that the other seals on its fivearms were all blurred.

Tang Tian's aura started to surge.

The air around him started to become chaotic, the powerful aura from him caused the space around to becomeunstable, he was like the eye of the storm, the wind around quickly gained speed, and blew to the point that hisclothes were fluttering noisily.

Xu Ye suddenly raised his head and looked at Master with astonishment, the ashen face of defeat suddenly arose atrace of vitality.

~Master Ghost Face Mask's aura is so powerful....~

The two of them formed an extremely strong contrast, the scythe and the arm were extremely reserved, and if one was not looking at it, he would not even know of its presence. Master Ghost Face Mask was completely the opposite, he had released all of his aura and was like a blazing bonfire, becoming more and more intense.

The ocean of power in Tang Tian's body made him feel restless.

The space around him started to tremble incessantly, ripples that could be seen with the naked eye continued todissipate into the air.

Crack, crack.

Light popping sounds came out, Tang Tian's aura continued to surge more and more, he remained unmoved like astatue, the only difference was that the light in his eyes became brighter and brighter.

He had gained enlightenment of the Demon Figure from [Sacrificial Execution], and at the moment the DemonFigure was reacting to Sacrificial Execution, both came from the same origin and could be combined perfectly, andthus he immediately became very different. This time, Tang Tian was forced to a corner, and had to resort to it.

Although he did not know of the scythe and the arm's history, but he had been through many battles, and had mademany judgements in the crisis of battles almost on instincts. The strange arm and scythe in front of him had brokenall common knowledge, and exceeded all of what he knew.

Tang Tian who was forced to a corner used all of the power he could summon. He used the Demon Six Seals tostrengthen the Sacrificial Execution, although the other five seals were dim and faint without light, appearing onlyfor appearance. He had thought about it when he was fighting with the Death King Puppets, that the Demon SixSeals were to be used for battle or for refining the body.

But at the moment, Tang Tian who was about to lose was unhappy, and threw out everything that he had, all that heknew.

~If only the Godfist was completed....~

That thought flashed past Tang Tian's mind, but he then threw this thought to the back of the mind.

The Demon Six Seals were completed at the same time, and inside the dense red light, fragmented petals came outfrom nowhere, dropping slowly, upon landing on the Demon Figure's body, they disappeared.

Tang Tian did not know what they were for, but he did not have time to think about it.

Bang bang bang!

Ripples dissipated out through the entire East Immortal City with Tang Tian as the center. They were like spatialripples formed from attacks, causing the air in East Immortal City to become extremely unstable. Pa, a light cracksound came out, the pavement formed minute cracks, and rocks the size of rice grains slowly floated upwards.

More cracks after cracks could be seen on the ground.

The faces of the spectators changed, Xu Ye's eyes lit up, he suddenly thought about Thunder Wind Spear Lu TianWen, how powerful and unfathomable his last spear was. But Master's aura was even more astonishing as comparedto his spear.

~That's right, Master is a powerful martial artist capable of killing Lu Tian Wen!~

Excitement bore in Xu Ye's mind, he who saw hope managed to subdue the gray in his body, and his vitality becamemore vigorous.

He suddenly reacted, and shouted to all the spectators: ’’Everyone, get away! Scatter now! Move away from here!’’

All the East Immortal City citizens were awoken from their stupor, and ran away in all directions.

The arm and the scythe was coated with a bizarre coldness, and the weird faces caused every person's hairs tostand. But Ghost Face Mask was completely different, he released his tyrannical aura, causing others to see him asthough he was a gigantic beast, emitting an ancient and inextinguishable aura.

The huge movements shocked the entire East Immortal City.

Tang Tian's pupils did not have any traces of undulation, as though he was in a strange state of calmness. SacrificialExecution's greatest taboo was to be rattled, but Tang Tian was not the least bit rattled.

~I will save everybody, and then all of us can fight alongside each other, and win!~

~That is the reason why I am standing here, that is the reason why I must win!~

~No one can stop me!~

~You broken Scythe!~

A light aura erupted out of Tang Tian's eyes, causing the space encompassing East Immortal City to tremble.

Tang Tian started to move towards the scythe and arm, with the unswerving determination in his pupils, which wasburning red, The wind whistled and screamed in his ears, the wind that moved extremely quickly caused the air totremble, seemingly causing the flames in his eyes to burn even brighter.

Every step he took, the space in East Immortal City shook.

Every step he took, the ground beneath East Immortal City trembled.

Every step he took, countless of rocks would lift off from the ground and float into the sky.

Every step he took, his aura would rise.

Every step he took, the red light in his body would dim slightly, but the red light in his arms would become denserslightly.

In his trembling vision, there was only that lonesome scythe, that skinny and frail arm, that thin and frail fingers, thatblade covered with teeth, and those distorted spirit faces.....

~Come, you broken scythe!~

Tang Tian roared in his heart as all of the power in his body converged into his arms, causing his arms to feel heavierthan Point Break, every step he took required everything that he had in him. His arms seemed to be at the point ofexploding, as though something was going to break out from within.

In his vision, the frail and skinny arm gently slashed down with the Scythe.

Tang Tian faintly saw that along with the arm moving, a faint illusion of the scythe followed along, it was a blackblade aura that quietly cut through the air.

~Come, you broken scythe!~

At that moment, Tang Tian could feel that the explosive feeling in his arms had reached its maximum, borrowing theheavy inertia, he swung his arms out and slashed upwards!

Two blood red blade auras crossed in an 'x' fashion in front of Tang Tian, transforming into a blood red '十' bladeaura.

The pitch black scythe blade aura struck onto the '十' blade aura.


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