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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 748


Chapter 748

Chapter 748 - Point Break

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

He Xin looked at his laws that was damaged, his heart was overwhelmed with shock.

The red color was not flames, and he could not feel any undulation from laws. Thinking about the report he had justreceived from is subordinate, He Xin immediately thought about killing the man. ~What fist that could attract LawThreads, his fist technique did not even release any undulations.~

To purely use brute force to destroy his own puppets, it was He Xin's first time witnessing such a thing.

~This not simple!~

He Xin who was hidden in the shadows carefully observed Ghost Face Mask, the temperature around the man wasalso strange. ~Clearly it gives off a hot temperature, but it also seems to be an ice cold aura. And what is with thatred light around his body, what is that?~

~Wait a minute, what is he doing?~

He Xin opened his eyes wide, his expression becoming stunned.

Tang Tian's expression was ice cold, the space around him seemed to become blurry as the space turned red.

Angry Fist Seal.

He had never thought that the first seal that he would gain complete enlightenment on was not the Grasping FlowerSeal that he was most familiar with, but the rarely used Angry Fist Seal. The Demon Figure in his body had one handthat was in the Angry Fist Seal, and the gigantic Demon emitted a dim red light, it's empty face seemed to revealangry eyes.

The red light permeated into Tang Tian's body, his muscles and flesh were affected by the red light, and theoriginally already surging Origin Force became even more wild, and Tang Tian felt as if he had endless of power.

But strangely, his expression was indifferent, his cold eyes looking at the corners, his mind ice cold.

He walked out of the courtyard.

The huge commotion and powerful ripples had long startled many people.

In the eyes of everybody, Tang Tian was fearless.

His entire body emitted a blood red light, as though he had walked out of a sea of blood, causing people's heart topalpitate. And the eyes revealed from beneath the mask, was so cold that it seemed to have no temperature, andcontinued walking while ignoring everyone else.

His Angry Fist Seal was definitely not ordinary, the Demon Figure in him was congealed and did not disappear,releasing a boundless might.

Outside of the courtyard was a plateau mountain, which the owner of the inn had made by inviting a powerfulmartial artist, who cut off the mountain top, spending a huge amount of power, thus the owner of the inn called itPoint Break. Point Break's highest point was 60m high, it was steep with its entire body greenish black, 12 pillarthick chains dropped down from the top, which the inn owner had adopted and kept it, even growing hanging plants,a cold spring that babbled down from the top of the mountain, releasing a cool and refreshing mist, making thescenery very beautiful.

The entire inn's layout was built surrounding the tall Point Break, and Point Break was located at the center, everycourtyard's exit would face Point Break. The 12 top grade courtyards were called Point Break 12 Yards.

For the sake of a better view, any spectators jumped up Point Break.

When they saw Tang Tian walking towards the Plateau, they immediately jumped aside, to the surrounding walls,seeing the badly damaged courtyard, they could see the intensity of the battle.

Tang Tian walked in front of the Plateau, pa pa pa, he broke the large iron chains.

Whooosh, he got hold of a few iron chains.

Tang Tian tensed up his entire body, his muscles stretched taut, the iron chains pulled straight. The gigantic PointBreak started trembling incessantly.

All of the spectators were dumbstruck, ~What the hell...~

Boom, a loud sound came out from the top of the plateau, all of the chains broke, and the plants on the chainsstarted dropping like rain.

The red light around Tang Tian became even more intense, and the Ghost Face Mask became even more sinister.

Rumble rumble!

The 60m tall Point Break was actually being moved by Tang Tian.


Everyone's expression turned sour, everyone knew how immense the weight of Point Break was. On the grandoccasion of bringing Point Break into the city, many of them still clearly remembered the hundreds of people thatwere like ants pulling Point Break, all of them spent their energy just to move it into the city.

There was actually a person, by relying on himself, could move the entire Point Break!

~Is this guy a human?~

He Xin's face was pale, he was overwhelmed by the shock. Point Break's entire body was made up of deep blackrocks, its essence was extremely compacted and sturdy, the 60m tall mountain had a weight not lesser than 300thousand kg. A powerful martial artist on the list of powerhouses could use one sword to cut off the peak, that wasreasonable, but to purely use brute force and pull the 300 thousand kg mountain, that was unheard of.

~Are my Death Puppets going to be destroyed....~

In the face of the immense power, all of his techniques and variations were like paper. is that possible?~

~How can someone wield such strength?~

Just as everyone were shocked by the scene, Tang Tian had already gathered all the power in his body and pulledthe mountain, moving one step at a time.

Rumble, rumble.

The immense Point Break, every time it moved, the ground would tremble.

Tang Tian's muscles were burning, the huge Demon figure in his mind was releasing an immense amount of red light,the red light was not hot, Tang Tian's mental state remained ice cold, but his body seemed to be burning.

His entire body was burning.

Tang Tian no longer cared about He Xin, he could no longer be bothered with an injured person. The current himonly had one thought in mind, Xu Xiang Dong!

Tang Tian had already forgotten about Xu Ye's carefully crafted plan.

In his cold mental state, he only had one thought, and that was to get rid of Xu Xiang Dong!

He no longer remembered the reason for wanting to do so, to save everyone, to build his prestige, all of them weregone, he only had the simplest and purest thought, to get rid of Xu Xiang Dong.

~To win!~

~Keep moving forward!~

Behind the mask, a roar that sounded like a wild beast came out.

Rumble rumble.

The speed of moving Point Break gradually increased, leaving a large deep scar on the surface of the ground.

Rumble rumble.

The speed of Point Break continued to increase, it was already nearing the speed of a normal walking pace, TangTian's each step was strangely firm.

Rumble rumble.

Tang Tian started to jog, the long chains were pulled straight, the sounds of the friction between the metals soundedout as the speed of the moving Point Break increased.

Tang Tian became faster and faster, Point Break was already causing sparks to ignite due to the friction with theground, the rumbling sound was overwhelming, the resounding low rumble caused people's hearts to palpitate, asevery corner of East Immortal City were affected.

All of the citizens stopped what they were doing, ~Earthquake?~

Xu Ye finally recovered from his shock, he also ignored He Xin, bringing along the Blood Bear Black Flag, heanxiously chased after Tang Tian. What shocked him was Master's speed was continuously increasing, ~How is thatpossible....~

His heart was trembling, but as an astute person, he immediately realized that it was an exceptionally goodopportunity. The scene was extremely shocking, and anyone who witnessed it would definitely be shocked.

Such a godly strength was something that was never seen before!

Xu Ye quickly chased after Tang Tian, the closer he got, the stronger the vibrations, the more overwhelming the sound. Xu Ye had a thought, that regardless of what enemies came, facing the current state Master was in, would all be trampled into powder.

With the overwhelming vibrations, an indescribable feeling surfaced in his mind, he leapt up and jumped into thesky, he waved his hands, the Blood Bear Black Flag shot through the air like an arrow and stabbed onto the peak ofthe plateau.

’’Ghost Face Mask!’’ Null division!’’

’’Ursa Major Null division!’’

Everyone exclaimed out at the same time, Purple Cuckoo City and East Immortal City were neighbours, both citiesinteracted frequently, and thus the events of Ghost Face Mask in Purple Cuckoo City had spread very quickly, andmany people in East Immortal City had heard of him. As for the events of the Four Families destroying the QinFamily and locking down Purple Cuckoo City, it had not been spread as of yet.

The battle on west street had many spectators, and many of the spectators who personally witnessed the battle, hadimmediately rushed over after hearing the commotion, seeing Ghost Face Mask's bear flag, they all became excited.

In Purple Cuckoo City, Ghost Face Mask was a legend.

And when they saw how Ghost Face Mask was running with Point Break behind him, all of them revealed looks ofshock, ~What kind of godlike strength is that?~

But very quickly, they all became excited.

~What is Ghost Face Mask doing?~

~Regardless of what Ghost Face Mask is doing, his movements are definitely not a small matter.~

The group of people looked as though they were on drugs, chasing after him excitedly.

Ahead of Tang Tian was a shop, but Tang Tian had no intent of dodging it, continuing to drag Point Break as herushed forward. The shopkeeper and assistants in the shop were long stunned in place, all of them had dumbstruckexpressions on their face. But when they saw Tang Tian rushing straight to them, their faces turned pale white, andall of them started to scatter in panic.

Tang Tian barged into the shop, Point Break bringing along sparks, crushing into the shop.


The shop was instantly destroyed like paper, forming countless of planks and broken pieces, the upper portion ofthe shop was directly flung into the sky, and spun in midair.


Everyone inhaled in cold air, their faces pale white.

The moving Point Break was no longer something that could be stopped, even if it a city wall was in front of it, itwould not be able to stop Point Break, and would shatter into nothing.

A few quick witted people immediately flew into the air and looked down from above, and the scene was as though awild beast was running wantonly, all the shops were nothing in front of it, encountering any walls, it would destroythe walls, encountering any houses, it would level the houses, bang bang bang, clouds of dust rose into the air,revealing a straight path down on the ground.

~This directio.....~

~It's towards the Xu Family!~

The first to react was Xu Ye, he was stunned for a moment, and found it difficult to swallow his saliva, ~Is Mastertrying to force himself onto the Xu Family?~

The second to react was He Xin.

He Xin's mind buzzed in a state of blankness for a moment. He never thought that Tang Tian's initial plan was to gostraight for the Xu Family, he himself thought that it was his probing, that infuriated Ghost Face Mask, thus makinghim go straight for the Xu Family.

He wanted to cry, ~We just wanted to investigate you....~

But he knew that if Ghost Face Mask were to rush up their front doors, the Xu Family's face would be gone. A look offerocity flashed past his eyes, hidden in the darkness, he once again released the Dead Heart Seeds quietly.

His actions were not noticed by anyone, and that was where whether they lived or die, it was right at this heartbeat.

Hu hu hu!

The sudden burst of death aura caused the crowd to be shocked.

In the blink of the eye, the martial artists who lost their vitality all had their eyes turned pitch black, they shotforward like arrows, the surging death aura leaking out of their bodies and transformed into pitch black death wiresthat coiled around them.

The Death Wires became extremely dense, coiling round and round, making them look like black mummies withonly their eyes revealed.

He Xin's Law Surface was like a piece of paper being burnt, the pale death flames slowly eating away this blackpaper, the Law Surface burned, releasing more death aura to become even denser.

Regardless of victory or defeat, his strength would drop greatly, but at that moment, he could not care about it.

’’Death Wire King Puppet!’’

A roar came out, causing the rowdy spectators to become silent.


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