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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 672


Chapter 672 - Jerome's Arrogance

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

’’Up ahead is the Pristine Gravel City.’’

Bradley maintained a shallow smile on his face as he hastened his pace to walk beside Ah Lun. In the past few days, he had not even seen Sai Lei once, Sai Lei remained inside the carriage without revealing herself, and all of their request to meet were rejected.

All of the nobles of Taurus Constellation were fuming. In their eyes, although the Ursa Major Constellation was currently powerful, but their roots were too shallow, and did not have any history to them, just a newly uprising constellation which was usually looked down on.

Initially, they felt that with their grand welcome, the Ursa Major Constellation would be moved to tears, but who knew they would actually completely ignore them as though they were nothing.

How could they not be infuriated?

~So what if you're a mechanical grandmaster? The rest of the troops that participated in the welcoming all watched by the side, all of them negative towards her.

The only one who remained courteous was Bradley.

’’We have prepared lodging for all of you over at the Pristine Gravel City, we can take a short rest there.’’ Bradley explained: ’’After going past the Pristine Gravel City, we will journey straight for five days over a wasteland.’’

Ah Lun nodded his head: ’’I will ask Young Miss.’’

He then went over to the carriage and reported the journey.

Inside the carriage, Sai Lei was dressed in pyjamas, her hair was in a mess, completely the opposite of the goddess demeanour she had previously. In front of her, the table was covered with all sorts of drafts, she kept on muttering to herself, her eyes were bloodshot, she had not been sleeping for the past few days.

~Going out has its benefits, at least no one is forcing me to sleep.~ Sai Lei bit her tongue and continued to work.

Ah Lun's report interrupted her work.

Hearing that after the Pristine Gravel City was a few days of wasteland, Sai Lei thought for a while, and decided to rest and reorganize there. She was a workaholic, inside the carriage, it was filled with all sorts of materials, documents and even bathing tools, everything brought without any considerations. But since she was a women, she never felt anything whenever she was immersed in her work, but upon getting out of the state, she thought about being able to have a good bath in the city, her mood brightened up.

Hearing that Ah Lun had agreed to rest in the Pristine Gravel City, Bradley heaved a sigh of relief.

In the past few days, regardless of how much he tried to court their favour, it would end up fruitless. But he continued to follow Ah Lun blindlessly, so much that amongst the aristocratic families, there would be the ridicule of 'being snubbed despite showing good intentions'. Bradley was the only one with a deep impression of the strength of the Frost Mountain Army.

~This is a real powerful army.~

They were strict and disciplined, did not know fatigue, never slacked, and were forever being cautious. They were meticulous and did not have any hair out of place, causing Bradley to occasionally feel that they were overly rigid and making a big fuss over the minute issues. But he had to admit, the Taurus Constellation did not have any army that could compare to the army he was looking at.

He knew that recently, the Ursa Major Constellation had built up a few armies, all these armies came from splitting up a mechanical army. With the fading out of the traditional armies, a new generation surfaced, mechanical armies became their main forces. The Ursa Major Constellation held a tradition of usually attaching importance to younger people, all of their higher ups were all extremely young, and out of the few armies, the only one that could be hailed as an old general was the Commander of the Plateau Army, Ta Dun.

But Bradley never expected for the young commanders to be so outstanding. Especially Ah Lun, Bradley could not see the arrogance or recklessness of a youngster in him, he was trained to the point that he resembled an old general that had been in the military for decades.

When the mechanical army was split up, Bradley sighed. The Ursa Major Constellation's most prestigious two large armies, the Lupus Army led by Tang Yi, and the other was the Mechanical Army led by Bing. For such elite and prestigious armies, they should keep their traditions and rules. As traditions and rules decides the temperament of the army, and was the most valuable asset of an elite army.

Splitting up the army meant destroying everything, and a few cannon fodder could never compare to a true elite.

Tang Tian and Bing had not revealed themselves for a long time, causing many people to suspect that something had changed in the higher ups of Ursa Major Constellation.

~Who knew that......~

Bradley's attention returned back to the army, he informed everybody about Sai Lei's agreement to rest in the Pristine Gravel City. Austin then volunteered to go ahead and remind the city to do preparations.

Austin obviously harbored malicious intentions.

After receiving the cold shoulder, he was completely infuriated. ~Since when have I ever been treated like that?~ The arrogance of the army ignoring him made him even more angry, he decided to do something about it.

~They are in the Taurus Constellation, not the Ursa Major Constellation.~

Austin went over to the Pristine Gravel City, as one of the important cities of the Taurus Constellation's BullHorn region, the Pristine Gravel City had an elite army garrisoned there, the Bull Horn Army. The Bullhorn Army was one of the Taurus Constellation's most elite armies, their equipment were lavish, they were powerful and had never been defeated.

Coincidentally, the commander of the BullHorn Army, Jerome, was Austin's playmate since young, and the two were extremely close. Jerome's position was due to Austin pulling the strings from behind.

When Jerome saw Austin arriving, he was extremely pleased: ’’Austin, what're you doing here?’’

’’Don't talk about it!’’ Austin said angrily: ’’My dad got the able bodied people to accompany Bradley to welcome a woman.’’

’’What woman, you're talking about Grandmaster Sai Lei right.’’ Jerome laughed out loud, the news of Sai Lei wanting to come back to Taurus Constellation had been passed around, he looked at Austin: ’’Seeing the way you are, could it be that she is not as pretty as rumored?’’

Austin shook his head: ’’No, Sai Lei is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!’’

’’Then why the mood?’’ Jerome became curious, he knew his playmate from young, and knew of his mood regarding women. As long as it was a beauty, Austin would always become passionate.

’’They are bullying us!’’ Austin's face turned green as he explained about everything that had happened.

Jerome's face also became ugly, regardless of how valiant Grandmaster Sai Lei was, they were in the Taurus Constellation, how could they endure other people strutting around?

’’They really did that?’’ Jerome asked gravely.

Austin straightened himself up: ’’Jerome, do you think that I will be talking nonsense here? I am a prince of the Taurus Constellation, and have lived here for many years.’’

Jerome was quiet for a long while: ’’What about Bradley? Why did Bradley not show any disapproval to them?’’

Austin sneered: ’’Bradley? He is still hoping to curry favor with the Ursa Major Constellation.’’

He started imitating Bradley and said: ’’Out of the two, one of them will definitely fall.’’

Jerome raised one eyebrow, and with a tinge of arrogance: ’’Bradley is underestimating himself too much. Since when has our Taurus Constellation fallen to the point that we need to fawn upon the Ursa Major Constellation?’’

’’That's right! Jerome!’’ Austin said excitedly: ’’You are truly the person worth relying on! Bradley threw away the most valuable traditions of our Taurus Constellation....’’

’’I think Bradley has his own considerations.’’ Jerome cut Austin's words, he did not wish to join in the competition amongst the higher ups with authority. But as a military man, he had his own pride and arrogance, thinking about how an unknown army was strutting around on his homeland, a fire burned in his mind: ’’Being the commander of the Bullhorn Army, no matter what, I will never tolerate any armies being rampant in front of me!’’

Austin waved his hands excitedly: ’’Jerome, what should we do?’’

Jerome spoke in a serious tone: ’’Since Grandmaster Sai Lei came to our Taurus Constellation as a guest, then the problem of safety naturally falls on us to handle it. We will welcome Grandmaster Sai Lei, and must definitely let her feel at home!’’

Austin understood what he meant and laughed.

Wu wu wu!

The gloomy bugle horn sounded out from the barracks, and the Bullhorn Army quickly gathered.

On the platform, Austin watched in shock, the entire army only took five minutes to gather. The troops beneath the stage had a tight formation, it was squared and the edges were extremely sharp, they were extremely silent, and their killing intent pervaded outwards.

Austin could not help but praise: ’’Jerome, I was right to pick you! You are truly a famed general! Let those assholes of the Ursa Major Constellation tsee what a true elite is!’’

Jerome's eyes flashed a trace of arrogance, he had the ability to be arrogant, the Bullhorn Army had transformed in his hands, and became extremely powerful.

’’Maybe we can have some exchange.’’ Jerome sneered, and his face immediately darkened as he bellowed: ’’Move out!’’

Rumble rumble!

The silver tide rushed along the street, their footsteps caused the citizens of the Pristine Gravel City to stop in their tracks. Above the silver tide flew 10 saints who followed behind tightly.

The Bullhorn Army was a heavy armor unit, all of them were donned in silver grade Taurus Armor.

The Taurus Constellation's unique characteristic was that they could mass produce, and the equipment they had was easily recognisable, because their helmets would always have a sharp bull horn. To other constellations, their problems were with armor, but the Taurus Constellation could fully equip an entire army with armor.

The unison silver colored armor was of superior quality, something that was rarely seen in the entire Heaven's Road.

Ah Lun suddenly stopped, he had sensed the rumbling on the ground, he immediately judged that there was a group of people approaching them!

At a glance, shua, he drew his silver broadsword: ’’Incoming attack!’’

This was the experience that Ah Lun had gained for himself, in a foreign environment, as long as he encountered a special situation, the most direct method would be using the words ’’incoming attack’’ to warn his comrades, these two words were the most effective, and could cause all of the soldiers to immediately be at their fullest attention.

In the distance, a silver tide rushed towards them.

Ah Lun remained calm and unmoved.

But very quickly, his eyes constricted, the other party's assault did not have any intention of slowing down.

4.5km, 3.6km, 3km......

Ah Lun's eyes immediately turned cold, he raised the silver broadsword high in the air, with the speed of the enemy, 2.4km was the safe distance.


Without any hesitation, Ah Lun pointed his silver broadsword ahead, and roared: ’’Units behind protect the carriage, Frontlines, Follow me to assault!’’

500 Frost Mountains moved.


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