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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 671


Chapter 671 - Respective Preparations

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

As for how Bing organised the various armies of the continents, Tang Tian did not cut in. Although he would time and time again grasp the opportunity to ridicule Uncle Bing, but as for the matters of the army, Tang Tian tactfully handled it over to Bing.

However, Tang Tian had his own ideas.

After going through various battles, especially the recent one where he fought Fu Dong Ku personally, it gave him even more experience. The vortex with the light regiment was a masterpiece that came to him miraculously, but what left an even deeper impression on him was at the last moment where he, Jing Hao, Little Fool and Ya Ya brought everyone to escape the suction of the vortex, escaping narrowly.

He saw the use of experts on the battlefield.

To a standard traditional army, Tang Tian did not know and understand much. But he understood that the current situation was not one where Bing could manage it alone. ~Since I am the main commander of the army, then naturally I should accept more responsibilities.~

~If I can gather the experts to fight in the battles together, that would be a huge deciding factor in a battle.~

~Jing Hao, Ling Xu, Crane and Little Fool, all of them are powerful, and I even have Magic Flute. No, they are not enough, what a pity that the strength of the five families are still weak, although they are saints, but as compared to Heaven Road Saints, they are still far lacking. The Sacred Saint Galaxy's martial technique system is too crude. If only the people from Saints Unit were here. Not much, just 20 of them should be enough to sweep the place.~

Tang Tian shook his head, before the passage in the Blue World had been made, the idea was not feasible.

The passage in the Blue World could not be opened so easily, the vast Blue Sea that made them feel overwhelmed, it was partly due to luck that they managed to escape it. Although the Awakened Army was not weak, but the distance to form the passage between both worlds was too great, and it still required time.

Although the idea was currently not feasible, Tang Tian kept it in mind.

What they needed now was to quickly increase their individual strengths, the Southern Alliance were to begin eradicating the pirates, and with the large quantity of star treasures appearing, the Honorable Martial Continent would definitely know that people from Heaven's Road have entered the Sacred Saint Galaxy and the Honorable Martial Group will only require a bit of time to confirm their identities.

At that time, they would be facing immense pressure. The Honorable Martial Continent would spare no effort to destroy the Shang Continent and Ursa Major Constellation would be the target of attacks from the Honorable Martial Group. The attacks would be extremely powerful, and the Honorable Martial Group might give up on attacking the Leo Constellation, and send everything they have to the Ursa Major Constellation.

Instead, they need not worry much about the Sacred Saint Galaxy, for the Honorable Martial Continent's large army to move in an expedition would not be easy.

Regardless of anything, they cannot allow the Honorable Martial Group to struggle out of the quagmire with the Leo Constellation.

~What should I do?~

Tang Tian very quickly thought of a simple method, which was to help the Leo Constellation. But the relation between the Ursa Major Constellation and the Leo Constellation was average, and there were even some slight conflicting views between the both of them. It was seemingly impossible for a profound collaboration, after bribing the partners of the alliance, Tang Tian had learned a little something.

Star treasures!

The treasures could evolve in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, something which he had tried and tested, ~If I am able to provide treasures that have gone through evolution, to the Leo Constellation, wouldn't it be giving wings to a tiger?~

And to Tang Tian, it was an extremely simple job.

So he started to grasp on how to allow treasures to increase grade and evolve.

He took out a treasure, it was the bronze gloves from the Lupus Constellation. He activated the gloves, which very quickly started to absorb the energy, and as time passed, the bronze gloves gradually grew a layer of faint silver.

But after two hours, the gloves stopped absorbing energy.

Tang Tian looked over it carefully, and realized the gloves did not increase in grade.

Tang Tian took out a few treasures, and going through the same motion, he tested out six treasures, in which three completed their evolutions. He then tried it with silver grade treasures, after trying with six of them, only one managed to evolve into a gold grade treasure.

Gradually, Tang Tian found out a definite set of rules whether or not treasures could evolve, which had to do with the martial spirits in the treasures. This relation was not due to the simple strength of the martial spirit, but its purity, the purer the martial spirit, the easier for it to evolve.

This discovery surprised Tang Tian.

He used to think that there were nothing crucial about the purity of the martial spirit inside the star treasure.

Tang Tian shook his head, it was easier to raise the power of the martial spirit, but he did not know of any methods to raise the purity. But he did not think much about it, he did not have much time, he took out a few Leo Constellation treasures that he had prepared, and began to strengthen them.

The Vast Star Continent was worrying about their bleak future, everything that had happened seemed to be a nightmare.

After hearing the news of the Southern Alliance, General He Si Ji became ill, the days to him had become extremely bleak, everyone knew that the general was nearing his end, and many of his students would come to visit him.

With the emergence of the Southern Alliance, the Vast Star Continent had become the biggest loser.

Yang Zi Qing had aged in the past few days, his hair had turn white, but he did not quit.

With the formation of the Southern Alliance, He Si Ji's so called plan had become the biggest joke. The current prestige of the Continent Lord had also fallen drastically, in the eyes of the citizens, the Vast Star Continent's current situation stemmed from the forced tax and levies set in place by the Continent Lord.

All of the aristocratic families who had lost a great deal of their wealth were furious with the Continent Lord. Under the underhanded management of Prince Hai, all of these angered aristocratic families criticized the Continent Lord unbridledly. General He Si Ji was ill in bed, causing the army to become separated quickly, and many of the commanders had shown interest that the Vast Star Continent needed a new direction.

To the drowning Vast Star Continent, this division was poison.

For the sake of appeasing the aristocratic families, the Continent Lord chose to leave his Palace, and gave the position to Prince Hai.

Yang Zi Qing persevered on under this situation. He was filled with fear, looking back, he still did not understand where did they start to lose. Everything came from the group of people of the Shang Continent, which still remained a riddle.

Their initial plan to use the Shang Continent as a protective barrier completely went down the drain, the current Vast Star Continent was already set to shiver in cold under the shadows of the Southern Alliance.

The Shang Continent's every movement was completely unanticipated, no one knew what they would do. And the Vast Star Continent's every movement had fallen into their hands.

Yang Zi Qing was both mentally and physically exhausted, but he knew that the only path for Vast Star Continent was to join the Southern Alliance, and become one of the shareholders in the alliance, for them to be truly safe.

But his suggestion was met with objections and ridicule from Prince Hai and his team of authoritative figures. They placed emphasis on regaining what belonged to them, and once again bask in the glory of the Vast Star Continent. To them, Yang Zi Qing was a timid mouse, an extremely weak being, a vermin. Many of Yang Zi Qing's friends started to maintain a respectful distance from him, as though he had some infectious disease, all of them started to avoid him.

Yang Zi Qing wanted to knock on their heads for them to think clearly, ~What was going on with them? Have they all lost all sense of rationality?~

~The current Vast Star Continent, what can they bring to try and reclaim the Pontoon Bridge from the Southern Alliance?~

In truth, Yang Zi Qing did not know what he was persevering for.

It was too late to build a new Continent Lord Manor, so they used one of the aristocratic manors for the Continent Lord. Currently, the manor was heavily guarded, guards every 10 steps, sentries every 5, all of the soldiers were there, as though they were waiting for a great enemy.

Inside one of the secret rooms of the manor.

Prince Hai was 56 years old, he was a rather stouty man with an amiable smile. In the reign of the previous Continent Lord, he did not seem to have any bit of existence, and successfully made everyone oblivious to his existence. Until when the opportunity arose, he swooped in from the darkness like a venomous snake and gave a fatal blow.

He effortlessly took over the position as Continent Lord, proving that his methods were truly shocking.

But at the moment, he was enjoying the view of a beauty in front of him, who would have known that the beauty was the commander of pirates.

’’Your suggestion is brilliant.’’ His speech always seemed very casual, his words were pleasing to the ears: ’’But we have suffered too much and are not able to fight against the Southern Alliance.’’

He did not seem to be ashamed of his weakness.

Lady Rou slightly rose out of her seats, the smile on her face was gentle and harmless: ’’You're right, if you just rely on the Vast Star Continent, you will not be able to pose as a threat towards the Southern Alliance. But if you have a powerful ally, then it can become a possibility.’’

’’You have trouble preserving your own lives too.’’ Prince Hai's gaze turned sharp, although his smile remained gentle: ’’Recently, the Southern Alliance has been sweeping up the pirates, oh, I understand, you are in a tight spot.’’

’’In a tight spot?’’ Lady Rou laughed: ’’What do you think the pirates think about being in a tight spot? Even if the Southern Alliance takes over the entire Southern Region, we can still go to the Eastern Region. From what I heard, the Southern Alliance said that the Southern Region belongs to them. I am curious, where will your continent go to?’’

Prince Hai's expression did not change, he laughed: ’’Those words are nice to listen to, who knows if they would suddenly start saying that the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy belongs to the Southern Alliance.’’

’’They can say what they want.’’ Lady Rou said calmly: ’’But the Southern Alliance is right behind the Vast Star Continent. Honestly, I am very curious, why are you guys not joining the Southern Alliance? But now I understand, anyone can join the Southern Alliance, but you, Prince Hai, cannot.’’

Prince Hai's eyes constricted to the size of a needle, she was right, anyone could join in the Southern Alliance, but he could not. He had obtained his position because he chose to side with the influential aristocratic families that were suffering from losses, if he were to join the Southern Alliance, all of these angered supporters would pull him down from the position.

He had not gotten enough of being the Continent Lord.

’’My lady's eyes are truly sharp.’’ Prince Hai decided not to beat about the bush: ’’I think that Lady Rou isn't a pirate either.’’

’’That's right, I come from the Honorable Martial Continent.’’ Lady Rou straightened her back and puffed out her chest, arrogance showing on her face.

Prince Hai looked at Lady Rou in a daze, as though he was struck by lightning, he had thought that she might be from a huge backing, but never thought that she would be from the Honorable Martial Continent.

’’We are too far to launch an attack, between us, you are close enough, and our interests are aligned with each other, we have a common enemy.’’ Lady Rou might be smiling, but her gaze was as sharp as a sword: ’’The Shang Continent, as long as they are destroyed, the Southern Alliance would be a pack of beasts that has lost its leader, they will start to kill each other. Only by doing so can the Vast Star Continent rise to prominence again, and with the help of the Honorable Martial Continent, the Vast Star Continent will become even stronger than it was, you know we can do it! Only, we want the Shang Continent!!’’

Her tone was as tough as steel, resonating out as though it had substance, her expression extremely confident.

Prince Wang's face was extremely dark, after a long while, he raised his head once again: ’’How do you suggest doing it?’’

Lady Rou laughed.


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