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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 670


Chapter 670 - You Will Not Understand a Tyrant's Thoughts

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The Southern Region had recently been extremely rowdy, but the biggest news was undoubtedly the Southern Alliance of the Southern Region.

The Southern Region had always been outstanding heroes who lived side by side, and there would always be new organizations appearing daily, and it was a very normal occurrence for new powerhouses to appear. But this time, the Southern Alliance was like a heavy grenade thrown by the Southern Region, attracting the eyes of the entire region.

Just by looking of the members in the Southern Alliance, everyone knew of its weight.

The White Sands Continent, Ming Continent, Yuan Continent, Li Hai Continent, just these four names were enough to shake Southern Region, because these 4 continents were in the top 20 continents of the Southern Region. Other than that, the Bai Family was a well known aristocratic family that had been in position for many years, and there was also the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce which was one of the top five weapons trading business in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, how could this not raise any eyebrows? Due to its location, the Rainbow Continent was also pulled into the Southern Alliance, one should not look down on its strength as well.

But, the leader of the alliance was not any overlord, but some unknown continent, the Shang Continent.

To the Sacred Saint Galaxy, it was an extremely unfamiliar name, and was practically the first time many people had heard about it. And for those who understood the situation, they were even more surprised, because they knew how poor stricken and barren the Shang Continent was.

But, when more and more information were revealed, people were shocked to realise, the ’’Weak’’ Shang Continent was truly the one in control and leading the entire matter.

For the sake of restoring the Pontoon Bridge, the Vast Star Continent caused friction with the Shang Continent while trying to recruit citizens as manpower, causing both parties to erupt into battle. Surprisingly, the Vast Star Continent that was ranked top 10, lost to the Shang Continent twice, and thus plunged the Vast Star Continent into a state of peril.

After the Vast Star Continent lost their armies, they handed the Pontoon Bridge over to the Shang Continent, while the Shang Continent surprisingly took on the Pontoon Bridge with the intention to create the Southern Alliance to benefit everybody.

The Shang Continent's alliance plan received cold shoulders, while the East divergent Continent, hearing the news, sent out an army disguised as pirates, to ambush the weakened Shang Continent. But the Shang Continent once again came up victorious magically, the East divergent Fox Fu Dong Ku was defeated and killed, and their fleet was completely destroyed.

A mysterious and powerful new weapon surfaced out from the water.

Following that, the East divergent Continent met with the baptism of pirates, the East divergent Palace was destroyed, causing the continent's future to fall into unprecedented darkness. The Shang Continent's vicious hands shook the spectating continents, and thus the Southern Alliance was formed smoothly.

The mysterious Shang Continent that came out from nowhere with an unknown history, but the Southern Alliance was a huge figure, and immediately caused the other continents of the Southern Region to feel bone chilling cold.

The various continents near the Southern Alliance all pleaded to join in, and in a short time, the Southern Alliance jumped from 8 participants to 32.

Such a fearsome powerhouse, caused the entire Southern Region to become silent.

With the current Shang Continent becoming well known, and with the formation of the Southern Alliance, the newly expanded Estuary was forced to once again expand. With the expansion of the Southern Alliance, the problem of manpower diminished, and the progress went smoothly.

Every warship or frigate that passed would enjoy the scene of the gigantic energy vortex and the light regiment in it, all of them revealing faces of respect. One silver grade warship which held Fu Dong Ku was plunged into the light, this became a legend passed down by people.

A person's power could actually reach such a state!

The energy vortex at the Shang Continent's Estuary manifested as the impressive achievement of the Shang Continent.


Bing found Tang Tian who was squatting down by the side of the light regiment.

’’There's something forming inside, I can feel it.’’ Tang Tian's expression was serious.

Bing did not doubt him, Tan Tian's sharp intuition was something everyone knew of, something that was tested again and again and proven time and time again.

Bing asked: ’’What is it?’’

’’I don't know.’’ Tang Tian shook his head, but in between his eyebrows, there was excitement: ’’It must be something powerful!’’

Bing shook his head and threw this question to the back of his mind, to him, the light regiment of the vortex was like a battle monument, staying fixed there, it was a more fearful thing than any treasure could be. He came to find Tang Tian for another matter. His eyes was deep, with a look of worry: ’’Our progress is going too fast.’’

Tang Tian was startled for a moment, he raised his head: ’’Isn't fast good?’’

’’More haste, less speed.’’ Bing said.

’’But we have achieved everything now.’’ Tang Tian rarely saw Bing's worried look, so he asked: ’’What problem is there?’’

’’Many.’’ Bing sorted out his thoughts: ’’We have expanded too quickly, now the Southern Alliance is like a sheet of loose sand, everyone is fighting for themselves and it is extremely chaotic. Every continent has their own benefits, and have their own armies, we do not have one in command, and they will also not listen to us, we need to think of a way to sort this out, that is the biggest problem.’’

Tang Tian felt his head hurt listening, Bing's words were too fast, so he could only ask: ’’What do you suggest?’’

’’I have nothing.’’ Bing's face was dark and helpless: ’’You know, This is no longer under the problems of war, honestly, I am only good at fighting.’’

Tang Tian who was already massaging his temples tried to use his brains to sort out Bing's words, after a while, he said: ’’That also means, your actual problem is that they are not obedient.’’

’’That's right!’’ Bing felt that Tang Tian got the right words.

’’That's easy!’’ Tang Tian heaved a sigh of relief, revealing a look of cheekiness: ’’If they are not obedient, just beat them? Didn't you train soldiers just for that?’’

’’They are our allies, not our subordinates.’’ BIng reminded Tang Tian: ’’We are unable to take action on allies, it would cause a mutiny.’’

Bing felt that he was being stupid, to actually bring such a complicated and profound problem to ask the fool, thinking that he was recently going crazy, his brain was fried, to actually do such an unreliable thing.

~Alright, who should I look for to discuss this? Pi Pa? Hand Towel?~ Bing was racking his brains.

’’Oh yea!’’ Tang Tian felt that Bing was right, to his understanding, an alliance was like a partnership, and he could not fight his partners, so what should he do?

~If someone was being disobedient, and he could not be fought, how should we handle him?~

Suddenly, Tang Tian's eyes lit up, he suddenly clapped his hands: ’’I got an idea!’’

Bing who thought that he made a mistake could not even bother looking at him, and was completely unmoved. ~This fool can think of an idea? Hehe.....~ Bing who sneered in his heart felt that he should had laughed out loud.

’’We can bribe them!’’ Tang Tian was giving off the aura of a tyrant and spoke tyrannically: ’’If we can't beat them, we can bribe them! Just like how we use the Pontoon Bridge to bribe them!’’

’’What use will that make?’’ Bing thought that it would not work: ’’The Pontoon Bridge's only benefit was barely able to make them ally with each other, and you want them to give up their armies? That is impossible!’’

’’Then we will use more money!’’ Tang Tian was completely biased to his train of thoughts and said without hesitation.

Bing rolled his eyes: ’’You think Pontoon Bridges are vegetables growing on the side of the road? If you want one there will be one?’’

’’There are! Southern Region has many Pontoon Bridges!’’ Tang Tian said as a matter of factly.

’’But they are not ours.’’ Bing blurted out.

Tang Tian looked at Bing as though like he was looking at an idiot: ’’If we take them down, wouldn't they be ours?’’

To be looked at by Tang Tian with those disdainful eyes caused Bing to feel extremely bad, but as it happened, Tang Tian's idea was rather constructive, and he was not a mature famed grade general to reject it purely because he wanted to reject the idea.

But very quickly, he found another problem for Tang Tian's problem.

’’Who will fight? Us? With just our strength, how do we fight? This is just a long term goal, it looks to be perfect, but everyone isn't stupid, no one will let go of what they have now just for this. Even if we have no way to gain more benefits, but at least we can help preserve their current benefits.’’ Bing went straight to the point.

But he was obviously unable to understand the thoughts of a tyrant.

Tang Tian waved his hand: ’’We will use other things to bribe them! Star treasures, Black Gold, whoever listens to us, we will give some to them. Whoever follows us, we will make their armies stronger, and then we will attack the Pontoon Bridge. Whoever does more will get more of the share.’’

Bing was startled.

~His idea...~

’’Only we have all these things, whoever we give or not depends, the final call is still us. We will make use of something that others don't have to bribe them, it is definitely more worth than money. Ho ho ho, just like how I used the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears that time, Uncle you did not see it, but everyone was going crazy!’’ Tang Tian said in elation: ’’No one else has our treasures, what is this called, good currency, no no, best sellers? Anyway this is what I meant.’’

~It might work!~

Bing's mind was thinking very quickly, he very quickly found out the essence of Tang Tian's suggestion. Using short term goals to separate them, allowing those who followed to obtain more benefits, causing these allies to earn more benefits, causing them to be willing to renounce their own authority.

Bing then thought about a problem: ’’What about the Honorable Martial Continent? With so many star treasures appearing, they will definitely know about it.’’

’’They will know about us sooner or later.’’ Tang Tian was like a gangster, killing intent soaring: ’’At most we will all fight! This is the Southern Region, not their region!’’

Bing nodded his head, ~That's right, if the Honorable Martial Continent sends their soldiers, our Southern Alliance has the advantage, and this will cause the Southern Alliance to be even more firm, no, it might even cause the entire Southern Region to become one.~

’’Then for what reason should we be doing this?’’ Bing then threw out another question: ’’We need a reason to bribe them, if not sending them gifts for no reason, they would think that it's normal for us to gift them things.’’

Tang Tian thought about it very quickly, ~He's right, we cannot give them money, they have to work for it.~

’’Eliminating the pirates!’’ Tang Tian had plenty of his own evil tricks, and scoffed: ’’Lian Bo Jun said, the Honorable Martial Continent had made many pirates enter the Southern Region. Then let us eliminate them, it is a just and honorable thing to do, anyways pirates are always a pain for everybody, it will be us being righteous!’’

Tang Tian imitated Little Xu Xu's tone while saying the last sentence.

BIng could not help but to praise, what a perfect plan!

~Since when did this brat become so clever?~

Bing looked at Tang Tian like it was inconceivable. ~Was this thorny situation just unravelled by this fool? Did this fool's brain undergo some transformation recently?~

’’You need to understand how to spend money as a person, and not be stingy!’’ Tang Tian started to berate him, and then became pleased: ’’I know Uncle, you must now be feeling respectful and revering this godlike young lad now. Alright alright, don't revere me too much, just a bit will do, that is the advantage of youth....’’

Bing felt as though he had swallowed a fly, his face instantly turning black.

~This Fool!~

There were already people thinking of eliminating the pirates already. But when the star treasures, Black Gold weapons appeared in front of everybody, all of them were immediately burning with passion, although there were still many spectators, but there were some people who wanted to join.

’’Southern Region, this Southern Region belongs to the Southern Alliance!’’

When Tang Tian shouted out those ambitious words, it caused the entire discussion room to explode, everyone became extremely excited. The Southern Region had always been a free land, and no one had ever said those words. Everyone was shocked by Tang Tian's ambition, and were deeply attracted to the scene before them.

A fearsome tiger called the Southern Alliance quietly awakened.


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