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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 578


Chapter 578 - Sparring Nightmare

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Shi Sen was shocked by Master Meng Nan's speed of improvement. In a short span of a few days, the number of people sparring had reached 25. All of his subordinates were Underworld System's Demonic Mounts, they were the true elites, and no one knew their strength as much as Shi Sen.

Shi Sen did not have any doubts on Master Meng Nan's background, the physical body that was as strong as steel, other than the Savagers, he honestly could not believe that there were any other people from other systems with such tough bodies.

Meng Nan... Meng Nan, their names were just that literal.

However what made him feel inconceivable was that Master Meng Nan's way of fighting was very refined, could it be that the Savage System's martial techniques, were already so developed to such an extent?

And Master Meng Nan was very proficient in utilizing his own advantages, his beast like instincts towards battles, would cause him to praise in admiration while spectating. Even he was unable to anticipate the outrageous movements that Master Meng Nan would display.

However, it was not optimistic when assessing the situation as a whole. In the era where the army was the more popular choice, Master Meng Nan's individualistic style of fighting was bound to be unsuccessful. Thinking from another perspective, if he required Master Meng Nan to charge and break through enemy lines, it would mean that his troops were a failure too. Besides, Master Meng Nan still had Master Bing's assistance.

In the few days, Shi Sen was completely convinced that Master Bing was definitely an outstanding strategist and war tactician. All the little suggestions Master Bing gave him for the Ichthyosaur Transformation, were all essentials. Shi Sen tested them out, and after some improvements, the Ichthyosaur Transformations might was raised by 20%.

Expert, definitely a true expert, and furthermore he was the most powerful expert Shi Sen had seen in his whole life!

The Ichthyosaur Transformation was created by Shi Sen when he was young, having been in consecutive battles for more than 10 years. His battle tactic continued to be improved and optimized, and until the last optimization five years ago, Shi Sen felt that his Ichthyosaur Transformation had reached perfection.

20%, this was a difference of almost two grades, it also made Shi Sen identify the disparity between him and Master Bing.

Master Meng Nan had such an outstanding Military General to assist, his background was definitely not from a small dwelling.

The past three days were passed with the shock, and when day four begun, the situation started to change. Master Meng Nan still continued his high intensity sparring session, causing Shi Sen to sigh in admiration once again of Master Meng Nan's monstrous physical strength.

Jing Hao who had changed his name to Jian Wu, also hoped to join in the sparring.

(TN: Jian Wu in English is My Sword. All the little trivias)

Shi Sen had an extremely deep impression of Master Jian Wu, the sword technique that went against them the first time, although the energy fluctuation was not strong, but it contained the power of laws. This meant that Master Jian Wu, was at a higher level and was a true swordsman. Such experts were hard to employ even with a thousand gold, the only pity was, it looked to be that he did not understand war formations, otherwise, he would be the sharpest sword.

Of course, Shi Sen agreed.

After a while, Ling Xu, who had changed his name to Zha Si, oh no, its Zha Si, also came running over requesting to join the sparring session, and Shi Sen agreed as well.

(TN: The first Zha Si is zhásǐ, the second is Zhā Sī, difference is in the pronunciation)

Soon after, Crane, who changed his name to Yi Zan, oh no, its Dian Yi Zan, requested to join the sparring, and Shi Sen agreed once again.

(TN: The first one is yī zàn, the second is diǎn yìzàn)

Their strengths spoke for themselves, and Shi Sen thought that if they could be absorbed into the army, they would naturally be exceptionally good assistance. The way Shi Sen saw it, was that the reason why these experts were unwilling to join armies stemmed from them being overconfident with their own strengths, and once they were clear that their individual strengths, were unable to contend against armies they would definitely walk the dao path of armies.

He did not bother thinking about Master Meng Nan, but for the three experts, he could try something on them.

Therefore Shi Sen specially ordered his subordinates, not to hold back. All of his subordinates, would participate in the sparring.

But he had never expected at all, that the nightmare had just begun.

Their physical state were not as outstanding as Master Meng Nan, but they were still rather outstanding. When they started, they actually did not have any experience on resisting an army. They were being suppressed fiercely by Shi Sen's subordinates, causing him to feel pleased.

These fellow should now know how powerful we are.......

However, very quickly, the three of them displayed an extremely strong learning ability. They improved with godlike speed, as a majority of the Underworld System Demonic Mounts were being occupied by Tang Tian, Shi Sen had no choice but to personally participate.

Shi Sen taking part obviously had a great effect, the three smaller teams were mutually bonded from head to toe. With him at the center controlling the three small teams at the same time, it was extremely easy.

The trio were once again suppressed and caught in a difficult situation.

But Shi Sen had never expected that their toughness and endurance exceeded his estimations again. And thus the nightmare, begun like that.

He started to feel tired.

Luckily at this time, the trio were finally tired to the point of dropping, Shi Sen let of an exhale. Everyone sat on the ground to rest, Shi Sen said while panting slightly: ’’All of your physiques are very strong.’’

Jing Hao nodded his head : ’’It's alright.’’

Ling Xu glared angrily: ’’Are you trying to show off?’’

Crane said apologetically: ’’Please do not bother with him.’’

Shi Sen: ’’......’’

After 10 minutes, Ling Xu jumped up, Jing Hao stood up, Crane hoisted his body up.

’’Again!’’ the trio said together, they had their Zero Energy Bodies, so their recovery rate was extremely outstanding.

Shi Sen: ’’......’’

After five hours, the trio laid down tired once again. This time Shi Sen and the other members, were also extremely tired, many people sat with their butts on the floor, their whole body perspiring profusely.

His face full of sweat, Shi Sen panted heavily: ’’Your physiques are truly too good!’’

Jing Hao nodded his head: ’’Still okay.’’

Ling Xu glared angrily: ’’Are you trying to show off again?’’

Crane said calmly: ’’I believe you will not bother with him.’’

Shi Sen: ’’......’’

After ten minutes, seeing Ling Xu jumping up, Shi Sen's expression changed. As expected, Jing Hao and Crane stood up at the same time.

’’Again!’’ the trio said in one voice.

Shi Sen: ’’......’’

After five hours.

Shi Sen's legs and stomach were already trembling, the team members in his surrounding, were all wavering unsteadily from side to side, everyone's faces were pale. Shi Sen already had no strength, he sighed about how good the stamina of these animals were.

Jing Hao nodded his head: ’’You guys go have more rest.’’

Ling Xu glared angrily: ’’Why are you not praising our physique now?’’

Crane said calmly: ’’You shut up.’’

After ten minutes, the trio were again vigorous and lively, as if they had unlimited strength, it made Shi Sen and every other person's expression turn black. Seeing this, Crane said: ’’This time let's rest longer.’’

Shi Sen heaved a sigh of relief, he then saw the trio gather together in hot debate.

’’Their weakness, is the moment after they make their moves, especially after they continue to release techniques, there will be a temporary shortfall in their defense. As long as we are fast enough, we can break through their defense.’’ Jing Hao said.

’’Their weakness, is the moment when they are being attacked, after 96 bouts, their defense will reveal flaws. As long as I release enough spear attacks, their defensive line will break.’’ Ling Xu said.

’’Their weakness, is the fluctuation of their focus, cutting in from a specific angle, you can disrupt their synchronization frequency. As long as you find the right angle to cut in, their defensive line, would immediately tear.’’ Crane said.

Listening on, Shi Sen started to perspire in cold sweat, along with his hands feeling a chill. He was the most familiar with his war tactics formations, to the extent that he was even more familiar to it than his own body, so when the three of them were discussing, it was like having three rolling thunder striking his heart, causing him to become mind blank.

After ten minutes.

’’Come!’’ the trio said in one voice.

Shi Sen did not know how he manage to crawl back up, but although he was not smooth and evasive enough, he was extremely prideful in his heart. It was not only him, his subordinates of the Underworld System Demonic mounts were prideful as well, everyone thought higher of themselves then the other person, so who would want to admit defeat.

All of them struggled to crawl back up.

The reason why Jing Hao and the rest performed so poorly earlier, was due to their unfamiliarity of the battle tactics in Sacred Saint Galaxy, they were also too unfamiliar with the high energy environment of the Sacred Saint Galaxy. As they became more familiarised with the way the tactics were being employed, along with the familiarity of the Sacred Saint Domain, they slowly found methods to adapt.

Tang Tian's performance, was even more outstanding. Him alone, could control 25 Underworld System Demonic Mounts. Of course, it was just control, if it was a direct full fledged assault, Tang Tian absolutely did not stand a chance.

The formidable strength of the Army reaches its pinnacle in assaults.

The reason was that during an assault of a unit, the amount of energy that they had accumulated would reach a terrifying figure. A quantitative change would achieve qualitative change, so when the numerical value of the energy reaches a certain level, any flaws or leaks would be insignificant.

Tang Tian gradually found a trick, fighting with an army unit could not be done in a forceful way, it required a continuous movement and change in position, to constantly attrite them. The most dreaded thing was to engage in a constant battle of attrition where the two sides would go head to head countless times.

Tang Tian's strength continued to improve tremendously after being gaining enlightenment, it was like opening a brand new window. The Fire Scythe Demon Claw found new life in his hands, and also gave him another method for offense. Tang Tian then realized that he had so many weird oddities in him, like the Devil Flame or the Blade Mark, it was just that he had never seriously explored their formidable power.

With that thought in mind, Tang Tian felt that he could still explore many more places, making him a little excited.

As expected of the Sacred Saint Galaxy, they are truly powerful, I can only restrain 25 people here.

The temporary difficulty did not make Tang Tian feel dispirited, in contrast it made him feel excited, such challenges, made him extremely enthusiastic!

Tang Tian was completely oblivious to what fierce existences the Demonic Underworld Demonic Mounts were in Sacred Saint Galaxy. 25 Underworld System Demonic Mounts, in Sacred Saint Galaxy, it was a force not to be reckoned with.

And furthermore, they were fully equipped Underworld System Demonic Mounts, although to Bing, the equipments were still not able to allow Shi Sen and his team to display their true fighting capabilities, they were equipment that Shi Sen had never dared to even dream of.

But now, every single one of them looked like they were rolling in mud.

Bing observed silently from the side, making various analysis, he was filled with curiosity about the Sacred Saint Galaxy's war tactics.

They are powerful, just that...... it seemed like they rarely got into fights.......

Bing scratched his chin, looking at all of them being lethargic, he was thinking in his heart if he should give them more endurance training.

Just at the same moment, Sun Zheng who was in Precious Bright City received an urgent command from the higher ups.

’’This Shi Sen is dawdling too much, how many days has it been?’’ Sun Zheng said unhappily.

A subordinate laughed: ’’Why the urgency, master?’’

Sun Zheng stared at him: ’’No urgency? The higher ups just gave me a damned order. I heard, if the 22nd army's mission is not complete, the result would be for the commander to be suspended, and the deputy commander executed.’’

(TN: I thought it should be the other way around, where the commander is executed and deputy to be suspended...but maybe China does things differently.)

The subordinate turned pale: ’’No way!’’

The more he thought of it, the more Sun Zheng became worried, his face a little warped: ’’Could it be that Shi Sen heard of the news too? He wants me to die? No way! All of you start moving, we are going to catch them! Whoever dares to resist, kill them on the spot! 20,000 villagers, we definitely must complete the mission!’’

The others looked at each other, they saw the shock and fear in each other's eyes, and immediately ran towards the army camp.


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