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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 573


Chapter 573 - A Cruel Victory

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The bodies of the 46 men all changed irregularly, the energy surged and suddenly took the form of an Ichthyosaur.

Their bodies froze, the Ichthyosaur light aura that enveloped their bodies pounced on Tang Tian.

Although Tang Tian was still blank, at that moment, his fighting capabilities were at its apex. He was the first to notice the change in Shi Sen, that definite intent to go all out!

And another feeling that Tang Tian was extremely familiar with, conviction.

Tang Tian quivered, as though he was awoken from his muddle headedness, the bitter ache surging like a tide into his entire body, causing him to immediately spasm with pain.

The fist aura that he had produced suddenly lost control. The originally congealed energy immediately had signs of slackening.

Coincidentally, the Ichthyosaur that Shi Sen had conjured struck over.


The energy dissipated like sparks all over. Tang Tian's fist was immediately dissipated, while Shi Sen's Ichthyosaur dimmed. Shi Sen's face was flushed red. The land was within grasp!

Within grasp!

All of you are blessing me from Heaven right? All of you are definitely following me from up there right? All of you are still here, right?

You're all watching this....

Roaring out like a wild beast, Shi Sen's eyes became red. All of the energy converged frantically onto the blade in his hand. The Ichthyosaur that enveloped the entire team, revealed its sharp claw!

Feeling Shi Sen's intent to fight, the elite soldiers all roared in unison.

Go and die!

The Ichthyosaur aura dimmed, but the blade in Shi Sen's hand had a strange light aura surface out. The hissing sound in the air had vanished, as though time had stopped, and all of the light aura had converged on the magnificent blade!

The silver armored martial artist came closer and closer, Shi Sen's sinister face, became sincere and solemn.

He thought about the high spirited atmosphere when they had just formed the team, they drank, talked about the future, about marriage and kids;a full of vision for the future. He thought of the time when they were set up by their friendly forces, and were completely surrounded, the blood filled battleground, the despair overwhelmed their hearts. He thought about when they became bandits, whistling through the mountains and forests, they had lost their way.

Their simple and bleak war song resounded in his heart.

’’How can you say you don't have clothes? I'll share my robes with you. The King is raising troops, I'm preparing my battle-ax and spear and spear to fight our enemies with you.

How can you say you don't have clothes? I'll share my undershirt with you. The King is raising troops, I'm preparing my spear and halberd to do it with you.

How can you say you don't have clothes? I'll share my underskirt with you. The King is raising troops. I'm preparing my armor and weapons to march forth with you.’’

(TN: This song is from the poem, no clothes, 无衣, from the state of Qin)

The last sentence, ’’to march forth with you’’, caused teardrops to form in his eye, blurring his vision.

I know that you guys never left, you guys never left....

I am going to win, can you all see this?


A clear and crisp sound, caused him to shudder.

The opened up silver umbrella, blocked the blade!

Little Fool's eyes were cold, although the fool was dumb and foolish, although your conviction had earned my respect, there can only be one victor!

And that can only be me.

He did not dare to hold back anymore, the six spires reacted and the energy converging on the umbrella amplified.


The umbrella surged with energy, transforming into a vast sea of stars. Little Fool gently twisted the umbrella handle, and the stars started to rotate, that began to pick up speed. The blade that was blocked by the umbrella, started to tremble, as though it was being twisted by a grinding wheel.

Countless fragments of aura flew out creating a beautiful yet brutal scene that caused people to stifle.

Shi Sen looked at the blade in shock, the light aura was quickly dimming down and losing its magnificence. It lost its luster and became ordinary steel that broke into many pieces as it exploded in his hand.

The strange part was, before he lost consciousness, it was extremely peaceful.

Did I fail? I'm sorry everyone.....

Am I going to die? That's good, I can meet everyone....

The 46 figures all lost control at the same time and fell towards the ground. All of them had to bear Little Fool's attack, and all of them had different degrees of injuries.

Having lost all his strength, Tang Tian also plummeted down with no control over his body, but he did not care about himself, and shouted out loud: ’’Save them!’’

Little Fool looked at the fool helplessly, you can't even save yourself, why save them? He so badly wanted the fool to fall to his death, if not for him being his alter ego, he would had definitely, definitely, for sure....

Little Fool clenched his teeth and helplessly waved the silver umbrella. All of the 46 falling bodies were suddenly caught by some invisible hand, immediately eliminating their free fall. The 46 of them landed safely on the ground, but Tang Tian smashed straight into the ground like a silver superior quality weighted scale.

But, a superior quality weighted scale is still a weighted scale.


The explosion sounded out, actually forming a pit in the indestructible black rock floor, Tang Tian laid in the center of the the pit, he was not moving.

After a moment, a rhythmic snoring sound came out from the pit.

He actually fell asleep....he actually fell asleep....

Little Fool was fuming with anger.

On the wall, Bing was muttering to himself, from time to time he would take down some details and was immersed into it, and did not even once look at Tang Tian sleeping inside the pit.

Wang Zhun Xian who had watched the entire process was completely dumbstruck, but when he regained his senses, his face slowly became paler and paler. Shi Sen was a major figure in the Vast Star System, if anything were to happen to him in theShang System, then the Vast Star System would definitely flatten the Shang System, and not even leave one inch of grass alive...

What do I do what do I do.....

Wang Zhun Xian's face was filled with despair, he initially wanted to use Master Meng Nan as an excuse, but he never thought that Master Shi Sen would actually make a move on them! And what Wang Zhun Xian never expected was for Shi Sen to actually fail and lose.

Shi Sen's strength was unparalleled, and the bodyguards by his side were all elite soldiers, all of them were extremely strong.

Out of all of these soldiers, any one of them could beat Wang Zhun Xian down to his teeth. To be the commander of the Precious Bright Village Regiment, he had to have that judgement. All of the elite soldiers were a huge asset themselves, and could not be bought purely with money, especially for those powerhouses who sought to expand their armies.

Shi Sen's commanding ability also opened Wang Zhun Xian's eyes, causing Wang Zhun Xian to secretly praise him in his heart. Throughout the entire battle, Wang Zhun Xian was immersed in spectating, allowing him to realize that Shi Sen was definitely a high standard military general! Furthermore, Wang Zhun Xian could not even comprehend the [Butterfly Dance] and the [Ichthyosaur Transformation], causing his respect for Shi Sen to shoot up.

But, the powerful Shi Sen actually lost.

This made Wang Zhun Xian question his own mind, for such a powerful military general with a strong team to lose, and to completely lose to the point that the entire team had fainted.

What kind of armor was that silver armor?

Master Meng Nan was actually so terrifyingly strong!

And that umbrella kid....

Wang Zhun Xian's brain was in a mess, he was completely blurred from the entire fight. It had surpassed his knowledge.

Wang Zhun Xian did not dare to leave, they had already offended the Vast Star System, if he were to go and surrender himself, the Vast Star System would not let the Shang System go, and the entire Shang System would still be flattened by them. Wang Zhun Xian was already not willing for his family men to be drafted to repair the bridge, how could he be willing to watch the Shang System get flattened?

The only way they could save themselves, was to seek help from Master Meng Nan.

Master Meng Nan was too powerful, and the black castle was inconceivably strong.

Wang Zhun Xian had travelled extensively and seen many things. When Shi Sen took action, he was greatly surprised, but his mind worked faster than Shi Sen. When he saw the majestic black castle, he had already noticed the similarity between the black castle and the black rocks on the ground, and immediately made the connection, and realized the value of the barren land.

But he never thought that Shi Sen would actually make a move without even warning him. He had immediately rushed in to assault, and ultimately lost.

Wang Zhun Xian thought it over slowly, and gradually realized a few points.

At present, they needed to cover and bury everything that happened. The news of Shi Sen being caught could not be leaked out. Precious Bright City still had an army stationed there, ordered by Shi Sen, and they had to think of a way to handle them.

Wang Zhun Xian waited to report to Master Meng Nan, but no one knew that he was sleeping. He also did not dare to disturb, and could only wait by the side patiently.

The three guys, Jing Hao, Crane and Ling Xu, when pulled out of the barren lands, their faces were extremely ugly.

’’We need to work harder.’’ Crane spoke solemnly, he had not experienced such a fall for a long time. Although everyone already figured that the armies in Sacred Saint Galaxy were strong, but the strength they had displayed still surprised them

To them, the saints of Sacred Saint Galaxy were not refined, but when these unrefined saints were grouped to form an army, the battle ability they displayed far exceeded their anticipations.

Ling Xu fiercely held onto the spear shaft, he was thoroughly enraged. He did not care about the army, he was extremely angry at his own failure.

’’I'm going to train.’’

Saying that, Ling Xu stormed off.

Jing Hao revealed a self ridicule smile: ’’Previously, I thought that after refining out the sword spirit, I would be something, but I never thought I would suffer such a beating today. But next time, when we meet the next army....’’

He did not continue, but turned to leave, to train in his sword.

Crane did not speak further, although they were not able to fight against an army, which could be considered extremely normal, to Crane, it was extremely humiliating.

His face darkened, and went to train too.

Tang Tian only woke up from his deep slumber after the second day. After sleeping sufficiently, he was brimming with vigor and energy, as though it could not be depleted.

Wang Zhun Xian who had been standing around earlier, immediately reported everything that he knew carefully.

Wang Zhun Xian reported the severity of the matter, causing Tang Tian to summon everyone. After hearing the report, they were all shocked. They never thought that Shi Sen would actually leave himself an exit, to specifically leave behind an army stationed in Precious Bright City. If he was not back after a specific period of time, the army would find something was off, and then that would be trouble.

The Vast Star System would definitely not rest with such a matter, and the most probable thing they would do was to send their large army to pressure them. At that time, the Shang System would definitely become a dead system. The Vast Star System would definitely not let anyone live.

After thinking about it, Tang Tian spoke: ’’Let's wait for Shi Sen and his men to wake up, then we will think of something.’’

Shi Sen woke up in the afternoon, he did not sustain many injuries, but his eyes were blank and extremely dim, he was extremely depressed.

So I lost in the end?

I'm sorry everyone....

Shi Sen sat on the ground, not saying a word, as though his spirit was gone. The energy in his body was sealed, and he was like a newborn baby, being extremely clumsy.

Tang Tian dropped his butt to the ground and sat beside him.


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