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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 571


Chapter 571 - The Seven Sets of Armors

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

’’How is it?’’

Tang Tian had his back bent and his hands on his knees, sweat wriggled down his cheeks and dripped on the floor. He looked as though he had just got out of water, his clothes were completely drenched, his face slightly pale, his coarse and heavy breathing sounded like strong bellows, he felt as though he could not even lift one finger.

It seemed as though he had used the last bit of his strength to say those words, it was dry and hoarse.

Bing looked at the numbers in front of him as he bit on his cigarette: ’’Still fine. In terms of energy, there's no worry at all, the local experts here are definitely competent enough. But if you want to display its' full potential, unless it is the Zero Energy body, you will need extremely strong physiques, and I highly suspect the martial artists here can. However if thinking of truly displaying its' powers, unless it is the Zero Energy Body, you need a strong physical body. I strongly suspect if the martial artists here cannot qualify for that, there doesn't seem to be blood meridians in the Sacred Saint Galaxy. Lets see when the time comes, whether or not we can bring the blood meridians system over, or bring some blood meridians to test it out. Oh, we have to discuss it with Old Man Fei first.’’

Above their heads floated seven different models of silver armors.

Bing flicked the ash, and continued speaking: ’’Let's talk about the armors... The good news is, the energy is dense here, so with constant nourishing, it is very possible for the armor to advance in rank. From the way i see it, the one that has the most probability to advance is this, [Ursa Major Umbrella Light Armor].’’

Bing waved his hands, and a set of unique armor flew to his front. The silver armor looked like a silver bear crouching, it was formidable and majestic, with the most attractive part being the massive silver umbrella on its' back.

Among the seven sets of armors, the Ursa Major Umbrella Light Armor was the most eye-catching, because it already had a faint gold colour to it.

’’The other news that's neither good nor bad is, as time passes, the characteristic of these armors, will definitely change. The energy here is completely different from Heavens Road in terms of nature, what will they change to in the future, nobody knows.’’

’’So is this plan useful or not?’’ Tang Tian felt his strength had recovered a little, and raised his head and asked.

’’Yes it's useful!’’ Bing puffed up a smoke ring: ’’Regarding our situation where we are lacking armies, this plan is probably the most suitable for us, it requires a smaller number of members to defend this black castle. Of course, they must be taught on how to use the armor.’’

’’That is good!’’ Tang Tian mumbled, he had been a lab rat for the past few days, he was tormented every single day and hovered between life and death.

The other six sets of armors, turned into six rays of silver light, and shot into the six spires. The [Ursa Major Umbrella Light Armor] was put at the center of the black castle, establishing it as the main connection with the other six sets of armors.

Despite the grade of the seven armors being low at the silver level, the Ursa Major Constellation had spent a great amount of effort to gather them. The armors were unique existences amongst star treasures.

Treasure Cities were the most unique type of city in Heavens Road. Using the highest grade star treasure as the core, it would automatically sort the star power around the city, and form a huge star power net, no matter if it was defense or attack or for daily training, it benefited everything.

The Red Grass Village's energy concentration was high, much higher as compared to the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, so it absolutely possessed the criterias for a Treasure City.

However, Sai Lai was not one to agree and abide by the conventional rules, and Bing also felt the same, there was not much meaning to an ordinary Treasure City.

As a famed general, Bing's insights were not something others could compare to, after many observations in the past few days, he had a clear understanding of the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

The astonishing abundance of energy, the saints who did not have spirit domains, their familiarity and control of energy which was not finely tuned enough......

When these points were collated, pondered upon and summarized, Bing gradually formed a judgement. It was different from Heavens Road where the saints held the tyrannical control and where personal strength were revered. Here in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, the tyrannical rulers were actually the armies.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy held the best land to develop armies, where even the most ordinary villager, had decent strength, as long as they trained a little, they would be able to form a decent fighting force. With an abundance of energy, they were naturally born to be saints. The method of fighting here was inclined to vast and large scale battles, however, they lacked the fine tuning and variations onf the battlefield. In contrast, Heavens Road which was poor in energy, was forced to adapt the martial technique system by dwelling and discovering even deeper dao paths.

Bing had specially posed this question to Shi Yong, and the answer Shi Yong gave him tallied completely with his judgement. In the thousands of systems in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, armies were the trend, because it did not have much space for individualistic strength to grow.

But to them, armies having the tyrannical control was definitely not good news.

Up till now, those able to enter the Sacred Saint Galaxy today, were only them, and out of them, only Bing was able to lead soldiers into war. In such a short time, they do not have the capability to open a channel towards Ursa Major Constellation, that also meant that Ursa Major Constellations armies were unable to enter the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

Tang Tian and the rest would not be able to get reinforcements.

Barbara returned to the Blue World, with the promise of bringing a powerful Blue Dwarf military general to Tang Tian.

The difficult question to Bing was how to defend the Black Castle, any ordinary Treasure City could definitely not handle an army of saints, and therefore he had to make a new plan.

In Heavens Road, everyone revered individual strength and martial techniques, with the armies being underrated. In contrast, in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, it was the armies that were revered, and individual strength and martial techniques were easily underestimated.

Bing was an expert in finding an opportunity for himself no matter how strong the enemies were.

Armies could transfer and maneuver energy in a large scale, but so could Treasure Cities. The seven sets of armor, greedily attracted the surrounding energy, like seven whirlpools of energy. With the flow of time, the seven sets of armor would keep on evolving, and become even stronger.

The even stronger point was that the seven sets of armors formed a stable energy establishment, and thus all the energy within the radius of 50km was under their control.

Every set of armor, could mobilize a shocking amount of energy.

However, these armors had an extremely high requirement to be worn. With such shocking energy, the load and corrosion it produced, was extremely intense. Without a strong physical body, one would definitely be unable to bear the power.

Jing Hao and the other two were forced by Tang Tian to train their bodies, they were all Zero Energy Bodies, but their physical bodies were not considered strong, and that would restrict their potential.

Tang Tian was being used to test the armors, on how strong a physical body was required to bear the burden of the armors. In addition, Bing also needed to understand, the capabilities of each armor in the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

The six sets of armor had entered the six spires, leaving behind the [Ursa Major Umbrella Light Armor] that floated in front of Tang Tian.

’’From the looks of it, the power that is currently being displayed by the armors in Sacred Saint Galaxy is 12 times that of Heavens Road, and the amount of energy that can be transferred or moved is 25 times. I just do not know the true strength of the armies here, such a pity, i just need an army now to test it out......’’

Bing mumbled to himself, when suddenly, the six spires suddenly lit up with a dazzling light, stunning Bing.

There were people attacking!

Before he could react, bang, a loud noise sounded out and the entire black castle shook intensely.

Bing quivered, this magnitude was definitely from an army!

Tang Tian's reaction was faster than Bing, his eyes lit up with a cold aura, almost at that instant, he entered his battle mode. Resisting the bitter aching of his body, he leapt up from the ground, and pounced at the Ursa Major Umbrella Light Armor above him.

Pa Pa Pa.

The Ursa Major Umbrella Light Armor was like countless wiggling silver pieces, swallowing Tang Tian inside it. The countless pieces of silver, wiggled around while following the body outline of Tang Tian's body. By the time he landed on the ground, Tang Tian was already completly wearing it.


The bear head with its closed eyes, revealed an indescribable grim and fierce might, carrying the umbrella on his back, it was awe-inspiring. His entire body was clad with the silver armor which resembled energetic muscles, containing astonishing power.

The feeling of fatigue flowed away, Tang Tian felt that his whole body was brimming with energy, the surging power in him was gradually flowing around.

Tang Tian found himself to be in a fantastic state, Little Fool who was inside his body, was amassing a large quantity of energy. There was also energy surging around his body, with his Zero Energy Body in the middle. What Tang Tian did not expect was that this blank space region that isolated him, actually increased Little Fool's ability, this type of unusual effect, was never seen or recorded before.

’’Crazy Tang, trample on all of them!’’

Bing's screamed excitedly behind.

Tang Tian did not bother as he plunged straight into his battle state from extreme fatigue. This did not mean that his tired body had recovered, but it had placed all of his focus and attention onto the battle, so he needed to quickly resolve the battle.

Without borrowing any external force, he leapt out.

From Bing's perspective, he could only see the silver light shooting forth, it was like an ice cold blade aura flashing once in awhile in the sky.

So fast!

It was not the first time seeing it, but everytime he saw it, the sight of Tang Tian brimming with power, thrusting forth like a sharp blade, Bing could not help but be fueled with excitement.

Tang Tian appeared at the city walls.

He could feel the armors inside the six spires beckoning to him. He could freely control the energy inside the entire black castle, and use it to strike the enemies. But he did not do that. He just fixed his gaze on his enemies.

Shi Sen jumped in fright when he saw the sudden light aura that lit up from the black castle. But after that, he saw the burning blade auras that his team had released striking the black city wall.

Before he could even cry out in joy, an even more dazzling light aura blossomed from the city wall. A congealed light barrier blocked against the blade auras. The unstoppable blade auras, before they could pierce 3 inches into the city walls, were stopped in place!


The blade auras that were highly compressed with energy, were under the pressure of overwhelming strength, their structure was broken, and they exploded after a short moment!

A dazzling light covered that portion of the city wall.

The light aura dispersed, revealing a 21m long blade trace on the city wall. Shi Sen saw the shallow blade trace, and instantly knew that the blade aura was not a threat to the city walls.

Instead of being scared, he was extremely happy. He was already sure that the standard of the black castle was much stronger than regular strongholds! What did that mean? It meant that the other party viewed the place with high importance, which also meant that there was an astonishing abundance of wealth accumulated here.

He looked carefully at the black city wall, when suddenly, he saw the few black rocks scattered around the barren land. Shi Sen's eyes suddenly released a burning light aura!

The black rocks!

Thats right, it was the black rocks, the enemy came for these black rocks!

Thinking about the blade aura that was congealed by his entire team, which only left a shallow wound on the black city wall, Shi Sen's heart instantly became excited.

A new type of material, which is extremely sturdy and strong, and with vast amounts.......

The experienced and knowledgeable Shi Sen immediately knew the of the worth the place contained. In his eyes, the black rocks on the barren land were like a sea of gold.

I'm rich!

I'm truly rich!

Suddenly, Shi Sens pupils shrunk.

On the city walls, a martial artist clad with a silver armor stood there coldly. Shi Sen did not notice when he appeared.

The uniquely shaped armor had a style different from all the families he knew of, it gave off a terrifying Qi even while staring at him.

The enemy bent his knees slightly, and leaned slightly forward.

Wait...... that move......

Shi Sen's pupils suddenly expanded.


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