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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 542


Chapter 542 - The Plans of Respective Individuals

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ursa Major Constellation.

Seeing the streams of people shuffling to and fro, Andre was moved: ’’I came to Ursa Major Constellation in the past, and I bet Yan Yong Lie would have never thought that Ursa Major Constellation will actually become so prosperous.’’

’’And that is after he died.’’ The beautiful lady beside him laughed: ’’And to his enemies hands even.’’

Andre could not help but smile: :’’Tang Tian, this person is truly far from ordinary!’’

’’Tell me about it!’’ The lady revealed an interested expression.

Andre became solemn: ’’It was at Andromeda Constellation, the very first time I saw him. At that time, Tang Tian was not very strong, but again and again, he somehow averted all the disasters. As a person, he is very firm and fierce, and holds a very strong and strange attachment to winning. He appears to be very naive, but he is very profound and scheming, hidden behind that facade, so you must absolutely not get cheated by his outer appearance. Angelina used to be his ally, but has currently become his subordinate, and even Hunter Adrian, has chosen to side with him. At that point of time, I felt that Tang Tian's luck was good, but now, I actually realized he truly is not simple.’’

’’I never expected that Little Brother's judgement on him will be so high.’’ The lady laughed.

Andre laughed bitterly: ’’Of course, Tang Tians achievements are higher than mine. History will forever be written by the winners, with empty hands, the name [Godlike young lad] is just but a joke. But, with his glorious battle achievements, [Godlike young lad], has become a glistening gold medal. His achievements are truly extraordinary, and is only slightly inferior to Father only.’’

’’How can he be compared to Father!’’ The lady pouted, she disapproved of it.

Andre sighed: ’’Scarlett, don't look down on him. The current Ursa Major Constellation has already exceeded any of its prime in history, no matter how you look at it, you have to admit, the current Ursa Major Constellation has already rose into the ranks of the Heaven's Road Apex.’’

Scarlett was thinking of what to say, while Andre looked at her: ’’If Ursa Major Constellation did not have such a strength, how are we able to move like this?’’

Scarlett could not refute him, before moving out, she already knew her mission.

Lion King Lei Ang hopes to unite with Ursa Major Constellation, as both parties were hostile to Honorable Martial Group, they could be hailed as natural allies. And Lei Ang hoped that the alliance could be more firm, in which the ancient method, connecting by marriage, was undoubtedly the best method.

Scarlett was not against it, her beauty was unparalleled, she was doted on and received a lot of love. As she was smart, she naturally had eyes only for the greats, how could ordinary men be placed in her eyes?

And Tang Tian was able to build up an astonishing foundation by himself at such a young age, and change the entire situation in Heaven's Road, to be able to be married to such a strong martial artist, it was considered a good thing.

’’But, I have to remind you.’’ Andre looked at Scarlett and said: ’’You have to be careful of your competitor.’’

’’Are you saying Shangguan Qian Hui?’’ Scarlett smiled, she was full of self confidence: ’’Didn't she go missing a long time ago? You're looking down on me if you think I cannot even beat a girl who has long disappeared.’’

’’I am not saying Shangguan Qian Hui.’’ Andre shook his head: ’’I'm saying Sword Domain.’’

’’Sword Domain!’’ Scarlett's face changed: ’’Why are they meddling in?’’

’’It was not only us who saw Tang Tians potential.’’ Andre waved his hand helplessly: ’’Wrong, it is ability. Ursa Major Constellation already has the qualifications to become the 13th Ecliptic Palace Constellation, this kind of new powerhouse, has always been Sword Domain's favourite. And, your competitor is not only Sword Domain.’’

’’Who else is there?’’ Scarlett's face returned to normal as she raised her eyebrow: ’’Tell me about all of them.’’

Andre seemed to be very familiar with the matter: ’’This time, Ursa Major Constellation's mechanical army has consecutively defeated two Gold Grade Armies, Libra Constellation is not blind, they have also sent people. Because of Sai Lei, Taurus Constellation and Ursa Major Constellation have a very bad relationship, and they are coming for the sake of restoring it. Other than that, Aquarius Constellation, Pisces Constellation and Cancer Constellation have sent people. I reckon the other constellations will not sit still either, truthfully, I have not seen a man who is in so great demand for a long time already, the competition is fierce!’’

Scarlett's eyebrows were raised, her face still showing her confidence, as she said proudly: ’’In the end, he will only belong to me!’’

Not only did she not feel dispirited, but she was filled with determination. It was a battlefield, and the victor of the battlefield, she was in fact Heaven's Road number one goddess!

She truly had the assets to be arrogant, her hair was like golden waves. Her exquisite skin was as white as cow's milk, her blue pupils were as enchanting as the ocean. She had a tall figure that was accentuated by her full and voluptuous breasts and fatless waist. When coupled with her slender pair of legs, it drew out the perfect figure.

Wherever she went, she was the eye magnet, and countless people were infatuated and went heads over heels for her.

From young, she believed that she could subdue any man!


Ming Yue looked at the Treasure City ahead, somewhat dazed. Although she already knew that Ursa Major Constellation had already opened their Treasure City, when she personally stepped into Ursa Major Constellation, and saw the city that was protected by star power, she could not help but be dazed.

She had previously toured around Ursa Major Constellation, but the image in front of her was much more booming than before.

Tides of people shuffled back and forth, the market was booming, there were large numbers of martial artists pouring towards Ursa Major Constellation in tides.

The sudden emergence of Ursa Major Constellation, caused everyone to be caught unprepared, even Sword Domain was shocked.

’’Big Sister Ming Yue, have you been here before?’’ A gentle voice called her back to reality.

Ming Yue looked at Yu Ji's gentle and loving face and nodded: ’’I came here to sightsee before.’’

They were on a carriage, catching many people's gazes. The both of them were extremely beautiful, Ming Yue was like a beauty from an ice mountain, while Yu Ji was naturally charming, every frown and smile was charming to the bones, her appearance was sweet, pleasant and fresh, making one hating to move their gaze away.

All of the men in the carriage had their eyes attracted to the two of them.

’’Brother Yang, this time, no matter what, you must also fish up a position as City Lord! At that time, you better not forget to take care of this little brother!’’

’’Brother Li is too modest! Ursa Major Constellation itself does not really have many strong martial artists, with our standard, the position of City Lord is definite!’’

The two martial artists were purposely discussing loudly in front of Ming Yue and Yu Ji, wanting to attract their attention.

Ming Yue said indifferently: ’’The wind outside is too strong, let us go in.’’

Yu Ji nodded, and said gently: ’’Ok!’’

Ming Yue sighed in her heart, by opening their Treasure Cities, Ursa Major Constellation has attracted all sorts of strong martial artists from all directions. Every Treasure City's City Lord could mobilize a certain area of star power, and to martial artists, that lure was too difficult to resist. And even more saints were unable to reject that position. That was also why the 12 Ecliptic Palaces were unfailing.

As long as The Treasure Cities exists, then there would be no lack of experts.

The positions for the 12 Ecliptic Palaces have been filled, and the newly established Ursa Major Constellation had immediately attracted many people/

Ursa Major Constellation will only get stronger.

Ming Yue sighed in her heart, she had met Tang Tian before at Andromeda Constellation, in truth she had not seen anything good in Tang Tian, instead, it was the cold hearted martial artist that had carried Angelina out from the water that left a deeper impression on her.

But she did not expect that, the Tang Tian that she looked down on would have such tyrannical accomplishments, and the cold hearted sword expert would vanish without a trace.


se*tans Constellation, Merlin City.

With the help from Cang Yang Fighting grounds, Tang Tian quickly found the family with last name Feng whom Thousand Hand Devil Monarch was looking for. Feng Yan'er had passed away many years ago, Tang Tian went along the task that was entrusted to him, and passed down the Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand to their family.

With that done, Tang Tian then returned to Bear Head City.

Crane and Ling Xu were already back, just that.....when Tang Tian looked at the little girl beside Ling Xu, His gaze kept looking back and forth at Ling Xu's face.

Ling Xu's face immediately became red, which very quickly turned to annoyance and anger: ’’What are you looking at! You want to fight?’’

Tang Tian waved his hand and laughed: ’’LIttle Xu Xu, you are good!’’

Wei Wei An was embarrassed, the young yet sturdy and big sized man beside her saluted and bellowed with his deep voice: ’’Ursa Major Clan, Wei Wei Hui, greets the Bear King!’’

Wei Wei An spoke out: ’’Wei Wei Hui is my big brother, and also the new chief of the Ursa Major Clan.’’

Tang Tian coughed: ’’Good good good, then we will all be one family in future!’’

He purposely stressed the words ’’Be one family’’, causing everyone to chuckle.

Seeing that everyone was safe and sound, Tang Tian could finally relax, and everyone all smiled at him. They had been through a bitter war, and it was most probably Ursa Major Constellations most difficult time, every single battle was extremely intense and everyone forked out a lot of work.

Victory was not easily earned, everyone had put in their all in the battles, to have the Ursa Major Constellation today.

Tang Tian revealed a brilliant smile, to be able to fight alongside everyone, that's worth being happy for!

Ursa Major Constellation entered its stable time, after opening its Treasure Cities, everyday, there were a large quantity of martial artists coming in to join the constellation, and there was no lack of saints. Every City needed a City Lord to oversee. The City Lord could control a part of the Star Power, and thus the position was extremely hot, and extremely attractive to the strong martial artists.

Tang Tian was not good at these things, and naturally passed them to Hand Towel and Pi Pa, and while waiting to meet Qian Hui, he spent the days digesting all the harvest he had gained.

After coming back, he got Bell to consolidate all information regarding Gemini Constellation. Since he possessed the blood meridians of Gemini Constellation, it made him extremely curious.

That asshole comes from Gemini Constellation....

After solving a mystery, more came out. Since young, his mother never revealed any information about him, but Tang Tian only forced out a smile, and maybe, he himself did not mind. But the Southern Cross Bronze Plate was obviously not a coincidence. The asshole had handed Screw over to Cang Yang Yu, and the Bronze Plate was always on his neck, that meant that the connection between him and the Southern Cross Army was not shallow.

Gemini Constellation.....

Maybe Qian Hui will help me to solve this mystery, Tang Tian thought. He raised his head and looked at Uncle Bing.

Uncle Bing put down the report in his hands, and shook his head: ’’This writes that Gemini Constellation suddenly closed its doors 20 years ago without any reason. At that time, Heaven's Road was very shocked, for An Ecliptic Palace Constellation to close its doors is rarely seen. The reason is still unknown, but the matters regarding se*tans Eye and Southern Cross Bronze Plate, happened after that. About this matter, it definitely is very dangerous, to the point that he did not know if he could survive it. And Cang Yang Yu said he was injured at that time, even when he was injured he still continued to persevere, that meant, he had to do what he had done.’’

’’He thinks that I will forgive him just like that?’’ Tang Tian's face was black.

Bing looked at Tang Tian: ’’What if he's dead?’’

Tang Tian did not know what to say.

’’There is a possibility he is already dead.’’ Bing said calmly: ’’He had completed so many preparations, that meant that he knew that the chances of him winning was small. After so many years, the probability of him surviving is very small...’’

’’I will make sure i get to the bottom of everything.’’ Tang Tian interrupted Bing.

Seeing Tang Tian was not happy, he immediately laughed and changed the topic: ’’How's Little Fool? And what about your Gemini Furnace?’’


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