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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 538


Chapter 538 - Fighting Close Combat

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

One after another of treasures that had once appeared in history, made Su Yi dumbstruck, and he finally made his small heart calm down. If it was only two pieces, he thought that the enemy had good luck. But when these treasures were appearing everywhere, he was actually between laughter and tears

In this world, there actually still exists a group of people who were still so passionate about imitating treasures!

In truth, he had met such people before, in the past, there was a spirit treasure master who was extremely passionate about imitating famous treasures. From what he knew, only a few experts were able to create one with 70-80% resemblance. There was once an auction, which turned out to be a mishap, the treasures that were bought at high prices were all counterfeits, and even the experienced veteran appraisers of auctions did not realize.

If it was any other person, they would definitely be frightened of the arrangement.

Borrowing the momentum of the energy, Su Yi once again pulled back to create space. His gaze landed on the young man holding the shield. He should be Tang Tian, Su Yi thought. In truth, until now, the one that surprised him the most was Tang Tian.

He had heard news about Tang Tian, and knew that Tang Tian had been giving a lot of trouble to Honorable Martial Group. But to Su Yi, it was nothing. The Saints of the Temple did not care about the worldly affairs, as they were handled by Honorable Martial Group. If there were no troubles at all, why would they groom so much trash?

Su Yi's eyes revealed looks of admiration.

It was said that Tang Tian trained out a Form Spirit, but he did not expect that Tang Tian's fleshly body was so strong as well, to be able to stop Overlord's Punishment, it truly was inconceivable.

Tang Tian's entire body was flushed red, his skin red like cooked prawns, and he had not recovered from the attack.

His mind was in a blank, the Overlord's Punishment was too overbearing, and was far from what he was currently able to take. Although he had blocked it, the opponent's energy had seeped into his body.

His body trembling uncontrollably, it was naturally his body releasing off the body while he remained blank and moved in the same spot.

Su Yi's fighting fighting strategy was concise and nimble, after attacking, he used the momentum of the force to quickly distance himself, to avoid giving an opportunity for any sneak attacks.

The other saints reacted slower than him, they had flocked forward, even the saints who were infected with the Spirit Devouring Flames had not realized the power of the flames yet, and fiercely rushed forward.

Little Fool's face changed, the fool was beaten stupid, and was just staying in his original position.

Following the original plan, he should be retreating while everyone else rushed forward from his sides, but now that the fool was not moving, it immediately became their biggest flaw!

The Saints from the Temple were all experienced with battles. Seeing Tang Tian's lost expression, they immediately treated it as a breakthrough.

Damn it!

Little Fool scolded in his mind, he knew that Tang Tian's situation was ill-boding. Any weak spirit technique was enough to kill off the fool!

If the fool died, he would not survive either.

In the anxious situation, Little Fool's eyes suddenly lit up with a devilish light aura. Both of his palms pressed the air in front of him, causing a light beam to appear, transforming into a gigantic chess set.

The light beam chessboard rapidly formed black chess pieces, in which Little Fool's both hands moved quickly with them.

Woosh woosh woosh!

Black colored sword auras appeared, the Void Dark Flames revolving around them, forming something like raindrops and sealing the space in front of Tang TIan.

Su Yi's eyes lit up, although the spirit technique that Tang Tian's Form Spirit was using was considered weak, it was considered an extremely skillful object with immense potential. Such an outstanding spirit technique!

But to the current Bronze Saints from the Temple, the current [Graceful Sword] was still lacking in its killing power.

Half of the Bronze Saints had defensive spirit techniques with spirit values of over 100 points, they automatically rushed to the front and allowed the sword auras that had merged with the Void Dark Flames to strike their energy barriers, causing layers of ripples.

The enemy's rain of swords suddenly rushed forward.

At the same time, Meng Ta and the rest suddenly jolted up as though they had awaken from a dream, woosh, they rushed forward like tides and defended Tang Tian's front. They were unified, forming like a fence and protecting Tang Tian who was in the center.

At this time, no one had any thoughts of any fighting tactics, no one was thinking about what was going to happen, they only had one thought in their minds

Protect the Master!

Bang Bang Bang!

A few who rushed forward were struck heavily, instantly flying back out. They did not even have the time to use their spirit techniques, for the disparity between the parties was too great.

Out of them, many of their spirit values were merely around 40, 50 points, as compared to the Bronze Saints who had at least 300 spirit value points, the disparity between both parties was something unbreachable.

Under the intense and direct collision, they were instantly wounded.

Zheng Yu was one of them, he was one passionate treasure seeker. He specialised in eye type spirit techniques, he was proficient in running, but had weak fighting capabilities. When both parties collided head on, he was the first to be injured. The one who faced him was a fist saint, and had accumulated a large amount of power, causing Zheng Yu's spirit technique to be like a praying mantis blocking a car, instantly breaking upon the clash.

As he flew out, he watched as the distance between them grow, but he could clearly see the disdain and mocking look of the enemy.

The opponent's True Power was rampaging inside his body, destroying his vitality from inside.

I really hate's so painful....

The Cygnus Black Glasses that he was wearing suddenly lit up with a black light aura. The messy battlefield instantly became extremely clear and simple, all the flaws of his opponents became apparent.

Time suddenly seemed to slow to a crawl.

The remaining True Power in his body, was resisting the enemy's true power from destroying any further, protecting his vitality.

I'm making a loss like that....

With difficulty, his mouth formed a curve, for some reason, he thought about the pile of treasures that Tang Tian took out, and then Tang Tian showing an annoyed look, saying ’’If i had known I would had brought more’’. Thinking about how Tang Tian had forced the Cygnus Black Glasses into his hands, and the excitement he felt that almost made him tremble.

So unpromising.....

He mocked himself in his mind, he was a passionate treasure seeker, how could he not know the value of Cygnus Black Glasses? He was accustomed to the entire Heaven's Road, and had seen all the bluffs and deceptions, an experienced and street smart person, but in that moment, his heart still wavered.

Tang Tian truly knows how to bribe people!

He was still muttering in his mind, holding the Cygnus Black Glasses tightly, it was the best spirit treasure he had ever touched, and was something he never dared to think about in his whole life, but in that moment, he felt it was worth it to use it.

He also thought, such a good treasure, to actually gift it to someone else, is that fellow really that dumb?

You truly think I will give my life? Truly naive....

He remembered about the times when he mocked the people who shed tears, for he was one that at most, would allow his nose to feel sore, and not tear. The world, to him, was a cold and cruel one, seeing so many people, for the sake of ordinary spirit treasures or spirit technique cards, doing underhanded things, lying, cheating, blackmail, resorting to all sorts of crimes.

He was just a minor character, a minor character out of the minor characters, and not worth to be bribed.

Truly one who knows how to bribe...

Zheng Yu continued to mock himself in his mind, in his black vision, he could clearly see the enemy's flaw without a doubt.

Alright, this treasure is enough to buy this shallow life of mine.

He took a deep breath, his wise face became extremely focused, his pupils filled with determination, he unleashed all of his True Power, which surged into his Spirit Domain.

He even had the time to idle and think.

Such a naive fellow, to die is truly a pity!

Behind the enemy's back, the Spirit Devouring Flame floated quietly in the air, as though it was a fallen cherry that was blown over, it quietly floated around.

It drew a perfect arc, and quietly landed on the Fist Saint's back.

As though he felt something, the Fist Saint turned abruptly and released a fist, Bang, powerful True Power surged out, his face changed as he realised, he did not hit anything!

He suddenly felt a sharp pain on his left shoulder. He turned his head, to see a fist size wick of flames jumping on his shoulder, which quickly submerged into his body.

The Fist Saint looked surprise, he instigated his True Power, wanting to destroy the flames, but regardless of how he utilized his True Power, the flames continued to combust downwards slowly.

His face finally revealed a look of panic.

His sinister face turned to look at the distant fragile figure who had already fainted. That skinny face had an indescribable satisfied look, plummeting to the ground with no control.

Su Yi's face turned gloomy as he watched the fight.

If you thought that Tang Tian's success in blocking his Overlord's Punishment was enough to make him feel surprised, the desperate battle ahead actually surprised him even more.

Tang Tian who had lost his ability to fight was undoubtedly the most viable target, and to the Saints from the Temple who were rich with fighting experience, if they were not even able to see that, then that would be too unprofessional.

Tang Tian's Form Spirit was unable to stop them, in the short close combat exchange and the outcome of the battle, Su Yi thought they had already won. A group of independent saints with an average spirit value of 100 points, in the short close combat exchange, to meet with a Bronze Saint from the Temple, even their weakest who was at least 300 spirit value points, Su Yi could not think of any ways the enemy could overturn the battle.

According to what he had expected, in the short collision, the enemies all suffered crushing defeats, a few of them instantly flying out.

But the next scene surprised Su Yi.

Even though they had all flown out, all the independent saints ignored everything else and released all their spirit treasures, spirit techniques, showing everything they had.

Su Yi could not believe his own eyes.

Are they truly independent saints? Aren't the independent saints hailed as cowardly and weak?

With such decisive determination, it made Su Yi think that he had met some elite guards of some constellation!

And at the same time, the saints who were infected with the Spirit Devouring Flames finally realised something was wrong, the flames were actually devouring their spirit domain!

’’Spirit Devouring Flames!’’

’’Oh my god, it is the Spirit Devouring Flames, help me! Quickly save me!’’

’’They are the Spirit Devouring Blood Group!’’

The panic cries came from the strong Temple Saints, their faces filled with despair and fear. The average looking flames had entered their bodies, and went into a berserk state as they started to devour the spirit domains.

Spirit Devouring Blood Group!

Hearing those four words, Su Yi's face immediately changed.

To the Temple, the Spirit Devouring Blood Group was definitely taboo, Su Yi knew that because of those four words, the Temple had paid a very high price.

The Spirit Devouring Blood Group has actually revived!

Su Yi felt a cold go down his spine. The gaze he gave Tang Tian and the rest, was immediately extremely cold.

All of you can go and die!

He activated Glimmer again, the True Power in his body combusting, his figure suddenly disappeared from the sky.

Almost at the same time, he appeared right in front of Tan Tian, waving his hand up high, covering his hand with a dense light, it become like a deadly light blade!

Little Fool was hiding behind Tang Tian, and his eyes suddenly seem to light up with a dense light aura.

You finally moved!

Little Fool's little face turned cold, his expression becoming extremely grave, all of his 10 fingers started to move.


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