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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 535


Chapter 535 - Armed to the Teeth

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The heavy weight of the silver shield, made everyone take a cold breath.

Ye Shou Xin scrutinized it for a long time, as though he thought of something, he blurted out loud: ’’Silver Lined Heavy Shield! This is the Silver Lined Heavy Shield!’’

’’Silver Lined Heavy Shield?’’ it was Tang Tian's first time hearing its name.

Mo Lei suddenly realized and nodded his head: ’’If this is the Silver Lined Heavy Shield, this is indeed possible.’’

Ye Shou Xin looked at Tang Tian's puzzled face and started to explain ’’The Silver Lined Heavy Shield is a relatively famous spirit treasure. Around 6,000 years ago, there was a group of saints hailed the [Sacred Shield], they were proficient at refining and using shield type spirit treasures. The Silver Lined Heavy Shield is their most famous spirit treasure, and also their standard equipment. The shape was like a leaf, extremely exquisite, the face of the shield is big but not thick, and it was mysteriously heavy. The Silver Lined Heavy Shield was well known, and something that all shield saints dreamt of. Although I had heard of it before, I have never seen the real product, and never thought that I would have the chance to see it today, having maintained for 6,000 years, it is still as good as new, it truly is powerful indeed!’’

’’So that's why!’’ Tang Tian was unable to contain his joy, from what Ye Shou Xin had said, the Silver Lined Heavy Shield was an item with such a deep history, it was definitely not a normal treasure.

However Tang Tian did not forget an even more important thing, he asked: ’’Tell me about Temple, what's the strength of those saints?’’

’’Temple, is Honorable Martial Group's organization, they are fully composed of saints, with extraordinary statuses. Nobody can order them around, even the Honorable Martial Elders, when they needed the help of the Temple, they can only request help from the temple.’’

Mo Lei sighed in his heart, heading to the Temple used to be his dream, he had not thought that there was one day that he would become one whom the Temple wanted to eliminate.

’’How capable are the saints from the Temple?’’ Tang Tian asked curiously.

Mo Lei looked at Tang Tian like he was an idiot, why was this fellow constantly asking such childish questions, but he still answered diligently: ’’The saints from the Temple are also segregated by gold, silver and bronze, this time the 15 saint that were deployed are all Bronze Saints.’’

Tang Tian's eyes widened, his frowned, with a face of unhappiness: ’’Bronze Saints? Hmph, looking down on us like that?’’

Mo Lei and Ye Shou Xin looked at Tang Tian blankly.

Does this guy have some problem with his brain.....

’’The Bronze Saints of the Temple, are much more powerful than the average independent saint!’’ Mo Lei looked at Meng Ta and the rest.

Although they were talking softly, but the saints ear power were naturally extraordinary, and when Meng Ta and the rest heard it, they stopped.

Meng Ta walked over: ’’What do you mean much more powerful?’’

Mo Lei could hear the unhappiness in Meng Ta's tone, but he remained unmoved, he said: ’’The standard of the Bronze Saints in the Temple is to have a spirit value of at least 300, where their offensive spirit technique should not be lower than 120 points. The saints that do not reach this criteria are all considered mere interns of the Temple. Once they became Bronze Saints, the lowest allocation is at least a spirit treasure worth at least 100 spirit value points. In fact, unless it is someone new to the Temple, everyone's spirit treasure and spirit value is at least above 150.’’

Meng Ta could not say anymore.

With Such a standard, it truly shut everyone up. Among them, there were none that had a spirit value of over 300. The spirit treasure with spirit value above 160, haha, today's weather is so good!

’’So powerful!’’ Tang Tian scratched his chin, thinking deeply.

They were truly powerful, Little Fool's spirit value had only recently broken through the 100 points threshold, however adding [Graceful Sword] and Spirit Devouring Flame, at least he could still fight.

But, the others were not as likely.

Tang Tian's gaze swept across the Spirit Devouring Flame in everyone's hands, raising his head, he asked Meng Ta : ’’What is the spirit value of Spirit Devouring Flame?’’

Meng Ta replied angrily: ’’A spirit value of 80 points, I have used up all my star treasures.’’

Tang Tian turned and asked those saints who stopped: ’’You guys have also finished yours?’’

’’Yes!’’ ’’Finished!’’ ’’Not even any item left!’’

Everyone was discussing amongst themselves, they were all independent saints, and were extremely poor, the treasures on them in total were only a few.

Without saying anything, Tang Tian took out all his treasures and threw to them: ’’Use all of them.’’

A small hill piled in front of everyone.

Sssiiii, everyone breathed in cold air, this treasure hill was over 15m tall, with all sorts of light auras flickering, causing everyone to become dazzled.

This...... this had how many pieces......

Wooosh, The eyes of Meng Ta and the rest instantly became red, even Ye Shou Xin who was usually calm, opened his mouth wide, with a look of disbelief as he stared at the hill of treasures.

’’I do not know if this is enough, if I had known I'd bring more.’’ Tang Tian said in a vexed tone. The treasures were Tang Tian's spoils of war, He had already given many to Hand Towel and Pi Pa to handle, but still had this many left.

Meng Ta and the rest were entirely awed by such upstart flavoured words, they suddenly realized, they had climbed up a big fat thigh (tyrant).

Ye Shou Xin and Meng Ta looked at each other.

The hill of star treasures definitely numbered to at least ten thousand pieces, what kind of person, would carry ten thousand treasures with him.......

Gathering the entire Light Blade Army, they could only then be able to gather 2,000 treasures to create the Star Treasure Stronghold. But to see Tang Tian casually taking out a hill of Star Treasures, the intensity of the impact caused the entire Light Blade Army to be at a loss for words.

Ursa Major Constellation was already so wealthy?

Who's the true rich people here.....

Honorable Martial Group's army wealth, compared to others... this fellow should actually be the Master of Aquarius Constellation right.......

Even so, ’’If I'd known earlier would have brought more’’ this originally casual words, when said in front of a mountain of star treasures, simply sounded tyrannical.

’’Hurry, make use of the time we have now!’’ Tang Tian said hurriedly

Meng Ta and the rest cheered, they charged towards the Star Treasure Hill.

The Star Treasure Hill, could at least distribute 500 treasure to each person, although the highest grade found was silver, they were all sufficient to nourish the Spirit Devouring Flames.

Everyone's Spirit Devouring Flame expanded hastily.

Ye Shou Xin watched in fear, he suddenly felt that the Bronze Saints of the Temple, once they meet this group of crows, if they were careless, they would definitely be in big trouble.

No one had noticed that in that time, Tang Tian had vanished.

The Spirit Devouring Flame was extremely strong, but even so, it still needed an entire hour to devour 500 star treasures. Meng Ta and everyone else's' faces were filled with happiness, their Spirit Devouring Flame, currently had spirit value with the highest being more than 160 points, the lowest spirit value being 110 points.

Meng Ta kept his own Spirit Devouring Flame, and exclaimed happily: ’’Such a satisfying feeling only comes once in a lifetime, I can now die without any regrets!’’

The number of Star Treasures he had used was a total of over 1,000 pieces.

’’This Spirit Devouring Flame is really special, it is actually not limited to its spirit value!’’ Zheng Yu was very happy.

Dian Yu opened his eyes and explained: ’’Because the Spirit Devouring Flame does not have a shape, a spirit fire birthed from Yin and Yang, will already possess a simple life of its own. After devouring star treasures, the spirit fire will continue to evolve, and with various degrees, everyone's Spirit Devouring Flame will grow into different and more unique flames, they have their own intellect, and thus every single person's Spirit Devouring Flame is different.’’

Everyone understood now.

Meng Ta laughed out loud: ’’From today onwards, our equipments have improved from bird shooters to cannons!’’

Plenty of people in the Light Blade army looked at Meng Ta and the rest with jealousy, the treasures that were above 100 points had extremely high values, it was a figure above the skies. And that is even before discussing the Spirit Devouring Flame, such a famous and practical treasure, that is not to limited by its spirit value, if sold, it could absolutely fetch a sky high price.

Ye Shou Xin thought even further in his mind, he astutely noticed that as long as they had sufficient Star Treasures, they can strengthen the Spirit Devouring Flame on a big scale. Like Meng Ta and the rest, their current fighting capabilities had soared by a huge qualitative leap.

Just at this moment, Tang Tian reappeared in front of everyone now, carrying a huge bag.

’’Come take a look, what you are able to use!’’

Splash, the bag poured out a pile of things.

The surrounding became quiet, where even the sound of a pin drop could be heard.

Everyone's zombified and rigid faces, reflected the myriad of beautiful colorful light auras, everyone's breathing, were all in different undulations, close to the point of choking.

Dear God!

Many people hugged their heads with both hands, they grasped their hair tightly, the faces of fear and shock, as if they've seen a monster.

There was no heavy panting, just intermittent sucking sounds.

One of the saint's face suddenly grew blood red, it was as red as a persimmon, with fear on his face, he asked: ’’Have I been poisoned? For such an illusion to appear, there are so spirit many treasures, is this scary.......’’

Beside him, another saint was shivering from head to toe, he hugged his chest : ’’W-w-why is my heart beating so fast..... I-I-I can't take it, C-c-can someone slap me........’’

Meng Ta's hands were also trembling, he started to mutter to himself with his voice trembling: ’’Stay steady, stay steady, a person like me who has seen plenty, how can you reveal such an expression, isn't it just a pile of spirit treasures, have you not seen spirit treasures in your few lives, damn it, am I already dead and am in heaven......’’

Mo Lei was already completely crazy.

He stared blankly at the colorful spirit treasures, his face was blank without an expression, like a robot: ’’Autumn Leaf Spear.......Sky Wheel....... that sunglass which looks abit like a Cygnus Black Glasses...... Distant Triangle Starry Darts....... Green Coma Berenices....... this shape is a bit weird, it seems to resemble.......’’

Every word he said, Ye Shou Xin's body, who was beside him, was twitching.

Ye Shou Xin looked at the spirit treasures all over the floor, his mind completely blank, with only one sentence that was on replay, this is not real this is not real this is not real....

Mo Lei was spitting out many familiar and unfamiliar names, slowly, Ye Shou Xin's had already become numb. That feeling, was just like being in the most exquisite museum in the world, and listening to the highly experienced guide explaining to you the priceless historical relics....

Wa, so powerful!

Oh, since they're not mine....


Ye Shou Xin quivered, he suddenly regained his senses.

Every single treasure, with their beautiful light aura, had various fluctuations and undulations. If their fighting ability could be displayed with numbers, then Meng Ta and the rest would have their numbers jumping crazily, a piece of blood red.

Saints suddenly appeared in front of Ye Shou Xin, their whole body hanging with the treasures, majestically coming out.

He had only one thought in his mind, so the phrase that was in the legends could truly be realized.

Armed to the teeth!


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