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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 526


Chapter 526 - Pressure from Honorable Martial Group

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Everyone cleaned up the battlefield quietly.

Meng Ta suddenly asked: ’’Master, did you fight in many battles?’’

Meng Ta's words, attracted the interest of everyone.

’’Not many.’’ Tang Tian slanted his head and thought for a long time, he stretched out his fingers and counted, but he was never really good with numbers, and could only reply: ’’Anyway I've been fighting constantly.’’

These words immediately made everyone grow in respect, ’’Fighting constantly,’’ these words sounded tyrannical and pressing.

’’No wonder Master is so skillful.’’ Meng Ta said without missing a beat.

Tang Tian immediately became pleased and proud: ’’Actually, the Red Leaf Army's Chief Commander is very powerful, the martial artists are also very strong, however, they lack training. The soldiers did not trust their military leader enough, although they are strong on the outside, but willpower, and that took their lives. An army with weak willpower will crumble easily, But I never thought that Honorable Martial Group's army and martial artists would actually be so weak in will. Will is much more important than a person's strength.’’

Although Tang Tian had never commanded an army, he and Bing had hung out for very long, after listening to so many things, he was able to absorb a few things. These few seemingly professional sentences, assured Meng Ta and the rest that their Master's standard was truly not to be looked down on.

Tang Tian waved his hands and said loudly: ’’If the army under my command dares to crumble like that, they will definitely be beat up like a dog!’’

The youth forgot at that moment that he had basically never touched his army before, he could not even find the north, south, east or west of his army.

Meng Ta and the rest were immediately scared, they became solemn with respect.

However Tang Tian's words were not lies, because Bing was the person in charge of the army. Having survived the most devastating of battles, his understanding of wars were much more profound than any other person. Even so, as the chief instructor of the Southern Cross Army, he had full understanding of how to build a new army.

Each army of Ursa Major Constellation received extremely strict training, including Ta Dun's Plateau Army, which was forced to relearn and be reconstructed, becoming brand new. Regarding the individual power of the martial artists, there was no army under Tang Tian that was comparable with the Red Leaf Army, however when discussing the determination of the battle, Red Leaf Army would definitely lose to his.

Tang Tian was filled with disdain towards Red Leaf Army, any army around him would never be crushed like that. In comparison, Red Leaf Army was more like a bunch of soft eggs.

Tang Tian also felt, although he might be weaker to another person, it was nothing, he just had to train bitterly. If even his determination and will was weaker, that would be more even more uncomfortable than to be killed.

’’Let's go, we will go find the Light Blade Army!’’

Tang Tian waved his hands, he wanted to beat Honorable Martial Group hard this time. Although the battle did not have a lot of twists and turns, but unknowingly, the attitude of the saints towards Tang Tian, had quietly evolved.

Tang Tian did not think much about the wipe-out of the Red Leaf Army. With 43 saints which was such strong force, victory was definitely a must.

But he did not know that the wipe-out of the Red Leaf Army would create such a huge wave.


Honorable Martial Group, the 10th Gold Branch.

Amongst the many Gold Branches, 10th Gold Branch was always in the average standard. This year, to the individual Gold Branches of the Honorable Martial Group, it was without a doubt the year with the most violent change. The training of the gold branches became extremely strict, their status was originally very outstanding, however following a number of battles, statuses and ranks continued to grow, the gold ranked martial artists were unable to become the deciding factor of the battles, and thus the gold branches' statuses started to fall.

Forming an army also became a necessity, because the gold ranked martial artists were more suited to be in them.

The gold branches had no choice but to make changes as well, having become a gold ranked martial artists training ground. The history of the gold branches stretched to a time of long ago, almost able to match the birth of Honorable Martial Group. All the gold branches were very independent and did not rely on each other. Each gold branch had their own secrets and techniques belonging solely to themselves.

They would look for suitable youths from all places, and in a short period of time, using secret methods, they would allow these martial artists to be groomed to become gold ranked martial artists.

These ’’Produced’’ gold ranked martial artists had difficulty improving, but compared to the naturally grown gold ranked martial artist, they were not much weaker. However they could quickly fill and form an army in a short period of time.

Following the birth of the these gold ranked armies, the position of the gold branches became stable. Saints were definitely strong, but the high level battle strength of the saints was not able to become the true strength on the battlefield. Such a foresight quickly made gold ranked martial artist become the main strength on the battlefield.

The accumulation of Honorable Martial Group, was just a small part of their grand plans.

Sean was the Branch Master of the 10th Gold Branch, his mood had been feeling good for the past few days. When the higher ups decided to give up on the Red Leaf Army, his mood immediately became bad. The performance of the Red Leaf Army, would directly affect the status of the 10th Gold Branch.

Sean was only 45 years old this year, and was his young and vigorous time, and thus was ambitious for his future. This was also the reason why, he stood out alone to push Jones who was recommended by Fu Ying to be the commander. Jones also did not disappoint him, in a few sparring sessions between the gold branches, the Red Leaf Army's results were quite outstanding, making Sean extremely happy.

Just when he was smug, who knew that the disturbance of Fu Ying would make the entire Honorable Martial Group stuck in a dilemma, thus the higher ups mercilessly made the Red Leaf Army the scapegoat, causing him to be close to despair.

Even so, what he had never expected was, the development of the situation afterwards was down a winding road.

The situation was now advantageous to the Red Leaf Army, they only needed to be the first to occupy Ancient Cold City, then the merit will not be able to escape.

Sean was in a good mood, as their research had new progress lately.

The Vice-Master was reporting to him. ’’This is a completely new secret method, we name it as [Light of Autumn], it can invigorate the potential of the martial artists, and in the shortest time, helps the martial artist form a higher level dantian. Of course, the gold ranked martial artist developed this way, will have very short life span.’’

Sean asked: ’’how short?’’

’’The most would be a five year lifespan.’’ The Vice-Master said: ’’We will further improve the secret method, to improve the life span.

’’Five years is enough.’’ Sean waved his hand, he said: ’’following the situation now, who knows how many battles we would have to fight. They do not need such a long life span, what about the development of the other branches?’’

’’They are far from us, they require at least martial artists of the eighth level, while we only need martial artists of the seventh level.’’ Vice-Master revealed a pleased look. ’’Although we only have a 50% success rate, but our advantage is still huge. the number of seventh level martial artists are much more than eighth level martial artists, even if half died, we would still have a greater advantage!’’

’’Haha, well done!’’ Sean revealed a satisfied look: ’’Wait till this batch of gold ranked martial artists are out, we can form the second and third Gold Grade Armies. All the Gold Grade Armies will be inserted into the front-lines, before letting them die, they will earn us sufficient merits! Haha, Leo Constellation, just wait for us to drown you with our Gold Grade Armies!’’

’’Branch Master is brilliant!’’ The Vice-Master quickly said.

Sean was pleased: ’’it is just that military leaders are hard to find, we only have a few. Train them well, these military leaders will be indispensable talents in the future, we will change soldiers but the not the military leaders......’’

Suddenly, a martial artist barged inside: ’’Branch Master! Bad news! Bad news!’’

Sean raised his eyebrows, but this subordinate was usually very calm and steady, his current state of panic was a rare occurrence, so he asked deeply: ’’What happened? Why are you shouting and screaming!’’


’’Red Leaf...... the entire Red Leaf Army was defeated......’’

Sean was stunned, and only reacted after a moment his expression changed: ’’What did you say? How were they defeated?’’

’’I don't know.’’ The subordinate swallowed his saliva with difficulty, his face was pale white: ’’But all their Honorable Martial Plates have been destroyed.....’’

’’All, all them destroyed......’’ Sean's pupil expanded, his eyes filled with fear.

Every Honorable Martial martial artist had a Honorable Martial Plate, the armies' martial artist's Honorable Martial Plate were even more advanced, it had many powers unknown to many. In the 10th Gold Branch, there was a wall, plastered on the wall was a projection of every soldier's Honorable Martial Plate. If the martial artist died, their projection would disappear.

Everyone called this the Wall of Life and Death for fun.

Sean's figure disappeared, he charged frantically to the Wall of Life and Death, the huge wall was empty, it had nothing.

’’How, how would it become like that......’’

Sean's lips trembled, he looked at the blank wall with a stunned face, muttering incomprehensibly. The scene in front of him only said one thing - Entire Annihilation of the army!

It was not possible......

Absolutely impossible!

Sean could not dare believe his eyes, that was a complete Gold Grade Army! It was a Gold Grade Army, How was it possible for them to be wiped out without a single word?

Red Leaf Army...... what did they meet......

What was inside Ancient Cold City......

Sean's face was of defeat, his mind was completely blank. The Vice-master followed closely behind, was also stunned by the empty Wall of Life and Death, his face was flushed white.

’’Report this to the higher ups.’’

Sean used his last bout of energy and said with great difficulty.

All the higher ups of Honorable Martial Group, upon hearing the sudden news, were completely stunned. It was a complete Gold Grade Army, they were actually destroyed without a single sound.

’’Could it be the Cold Wave?’’ an Honorable elder said deeply.

’’Not possible!’’ Rong Bo was the one who replied, he had a stern expression: ’’A cold wave just happened there, there will definitely not be a second wave in such a short period of time.’’

’’Then who did it? Tang Tian? Or was it that mechanical army?’’ another Honorable elder asked.

’’Not possible either, Red Leaf Army did not report back any intelligence, so that leaves only one possibility. They were suddenly ambushed, and the attack was very intense, they did not manage to send any messages in time before the whole army was wiped out.’’ The one who spoke was an elder with a malicious look.

’’The question now is, what force is able to do that?’’ Elder Rong Bo asked, causing everyone to become quiet.

The elders present were very clear, the great difficulty and challenge of destroying an entire Gold Grade army in a short time.

’’Saints, only saints! And, a great number of saints!’’

Rong Bo answered his own question, his gaze swept the entire ground.

’’Ursa Major Constellation would absolutely not have this power, the most important thing for us now is find out exactly who was it that trespassed this war!’’

The heavy pressure immediately shrouded every single elder present.

Only the Ecliptic Palaces Constellations would have that number of saints, and to Honorable Martial Group, that was what they did not want to see the most!


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