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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 523


Chapter 523

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The golden light pillar in the distance shot into the clouds.

’’That is.....’’

The Adjutant's shout was loud, causing Jones to be surprised. The Red Leaf Army stopped, all of them exclaiming, they were surprised by the light pillar as they watched it enter the Heavens.

Even if they were very far away, every single person was able to clearly feel that the location of the light pillar was releasing ripples of energy undulation which was like a storm converging.

’’That is Ancient Cold City!’’ Jones was the first to react, his face of shock turned to joy: ’’Quick, take a video and send it back to the Martial Group! There definitely has to be something powerful there, we were right!’’

The Adjutant was excited, his face also with joy. Jones was right, although until now, they had not found any concrete proof, but with the light pillar in front of them, it was enough to raise the attention of the higher ups.

When Honorable Martial Group received the recording, they were greatly shocked. Such a power definitely did not come from an ordinary treasure.

se*tans Eye, what was in it?

The Red Leaf Army immediately received the praise of the higher ups, and were immediately ordered to march to Ancient Cold City!


Inside Ancient Cold City.

Cang Yang Yu looked at se*tans Eye inside the light pillar in a daze, his voice in a vibrato as he reminisced: ’’I said i would definitely do it, i said I would definitely do it....’’

As he kept on speaking, tears dropped down his face.

The golden se*tans Eye, was floating in the light pillar like a golden snowflake, Six eyes all releasing dazzling light auras. The vague tears revealing the profound figure from the past that saved him and gave him hope.

What you've entrusted me, what you've requested of me, the words you said, the mocking words you said, the jokes you cracked, I have done everything.

Maybe you have already died, and maybe you are still alive, but, I can rest in peace finally. The oath I pledged that year, although only the both of us heard it, but, I have never thought of giving up.

That year, I was a nobody, that year, I was trapped in the desperate situation, that cowardly me, that braveless me, that me who had nothing, where even I looked down on myself.

I am very, very happy.

Because I did it, I did what you entrusted to me, I did not betray your trust.

If you were here, you would definitely mock me for having no willpower, because I myself am just an ordinary person.

’’This king will go higher!’’

The words that I was not qualified to speak, finally, I can say it without feeling guilty.

He wiped his tears, looking at the se*tans Eye in the light pillar and nodded, causing se*tans Eye to float out of the light pillar and landed in his hand. Cang Yang Yu passed se*tans Eye over to Tang Tian: ’’I am handing it over to you now, my task is completed.’’

Tang Tian accepted the se*tans Eye Solemnly, he could feel the feelings and weight Cang Yang Yu had placed in se*tans Eye.

Cang Yang Yu laughed, as though he was relieved of something. For so many years, his entire life was dedicated on this, and currently, he had completed the oath he had pledged, and it made him feel extremely relaxed.

’’Now, there is one more thing.’’

Cang Yang Yu flew up into the air.

Cang Yang Yu flew above Ancient Cold CIty, looking at the mess of a city, he sighed. He built Ancient Cold City for the sake of se*tans Eye, and he had already known that se*tans Eye would most probably meet with trouble, so he had spent a lot of effort on Ancient Cold CIty, but he did not expect that it would still be destroyed.

For a moment, it was a myriad of emotions.

He was the true wielder of se*tans Constellation, but because of his natural low profile disposition, he controlled se*tans Constellation in the darkness, becoming one of the Groundsmasters of the constellation.

All of this was time to change. He suddenly thought, if everyone else knew their own Big Boss had become a powerful and tyrannical Master, what would be their feelings be?

Cang Yang Yu's face exposed a smile, he was suddenly eager to see their expressions.

He flew to the side of the light pillar. The light pillar was released from se*tans Constellation's saint treasure [Heaven se*tant]. [Heaven se*tant] had been in his hands the entire time, but he had never used it.

Cang Yang Yu raised his head and looked up into the sky.

The light pillar started to change, becoming even more congealed and powerful, causing the sky to become even darker. Above the sky, stars appeared.

All the star power of se*tans Constellation became extremely lively, as everyone in the constellation all ran out of their homes, all of their faces filled with shock at the sudden occurrence and the sky skilled with stars.

’’I, Cang Yang Yu, officially announce that se*tans Constellation will join with Ursa Major Constellation!’’

The old voice was like rumbling thunder, thundering across the entire sky of se*tans Constellation.

The light pillar transformed into a ray of light that flew into the Ursa Major Constellation that appeared in the sky.

Ursa Major Constellation in the sky, suddenly burst out with light aura. Tang Tian felt an indescribable excitement in his heart, he focused himself and gradually spoke out.

’’I, Tang Tian, Constellation Master of Ursa Major Constellation, welcome se*tans Constellation, we will be a family forever, to never leave each other!’’

Tang Tian's voice resonated out at the same time in Ursa Major Constellation and se*tans Constellation.


When the ray of light entered Ursa Major Constellation, se*tans Constellation which was in the sky suddenly disappeared, and Ursa Major Constellation suddenly had an extension.

A surge of star power immediately surged into se*tans Constellation, causing the originally doubtful Groundsmasters who were filled with suspicions about joining Ursa Major Constellation to become surprised and joyous. The joyous matter was, the density of energy, proved that Ursa Major Constellation was much stronger than what they had imagined. The surprising thing was, Tang Tian of Ursa Major Constellation, who was profoundly scheming, hailed to be tyrannical and powerful, was definitely not a Constellation Master who would bestow such things.

On the contrary, for the saint treasure of se*tans Constellation being in Cang Yang Yu's hands, everyone did not find it too weird. For a very long time, Cang Yang Fighting Grounds had been the main controller of se*tans Constellation.

The sudden change and development caused Jones' Red Leaf Army to be dumbstruck.

’’So it was Ursa Major Constellation who was messing about in the darkness!’’ Jones' eyes were filled with sullen, killing intent flashing past his eyes.

’’What do we do?’’ The adjutant looked at Jones.

Jones hesitated for a moment: ’’We will continue to advance, advance while waiting for orders.’’

The Adjutant nodded his head, they could only do this much for now.

They did not know that Honorable Martial Group was currently in a mess.

Honorable Martial Group who had just received Red Leaf Army's recording was extremely excited, and were preparing to issue a declaration. To proclaim that they wanted to investigate the battle of Ancient Cold CIty, Honorable Martial Group would send Red Leaf Army to enter Ancient Cold City, to shed some light. But they never thought that even before they could issue a declaration, se*tans Constellation had become a part of Ursa Major Constellation.

This caused them to feel trapped.

Fu Ying's crisis was truly vile, and they were 90% sure that it was Ursa Major Constellation that was messing with them. If it was only se*tans Constellation, they could just conduct an investigation, and immediately send their army, and although there would be a dispute, but as long as they are able to give everyone an explanation, then no matter how much of a disturbance there was, it would not be a problem.

But, now that se*tans Constellation had become a part of Ursa Major Constellation, Honorable Martial Group felt that it had become difficult. Compared to se*tans Constellation, Ursa Major Constellation was not that easily provoked, Tang Tian was a difficult person, where Honorable Martial Group had personally experienced it, and the group of people in Ursa Major Constellation, were a group of battlemaniacs.

If it was at another time, Honorable Martial Group would not have such restraining fear.

But at this time, with the disturbance of Fu Ying, the front line had lost consecutively, and to stabilize the situation, Honorable Martial Group experts were all deployed to the front lines. If at this time, they were to start another battle with Ursa Major Constellation, they would be caught in a difficult situation.

The higher ups of Honorable Martial Group started to have contrasting ideas because of this.

Some of the Elders felt that at a time where their front lines were having difficulty, and placing their energy on the disturbance of Fu Ying, to divide their efforts and fight with Ursa Major Constellation was definitely not clever, and most likely Honorable Martial Group would suffer from a stab in the back.

But the other elders thought that Fu Ying's disturbance on Honorable Martial Group had a great influence, if it was not resolved, it would affect the Group in the long term. And although their front lines were rather anxious, they were already stabilized, as long as they adopt a defensive line, Leo Constellation would not win so easily. Compared to Honorable Martial Group, Ursa Major Constellation was also at its weakest, the main bulk of their army was involved with Big Dipper, and only a mechanical army remained outside.

Adding that the fight in Ancient Cold City was so intense, although they were merged with Ursa Major Constellation, but Ursa Major Constellation must have also suffered a great loss. That meant that Ancient Cold City was extremely weak.

Furthermore, at such a time, if Honorable Martial Group was to display an attitude of weakness, then not only would that cause their allies to lose their trust, but it would also allow the infiltrators to take action.

Honorable Martial Group wanted to use this victory to show that they are the true rulers of Heaven's Road.

After the intense quarrel, they finally agreed to the second view point. The Honorable Martial Group had become arrogant since their founding in Heaven's Road, which was imbedded deep inside the elder's bones, Ursa Major Constellation, a late bloomer, in their eyes was just a country side city that was merely exploding with expansion.

To compromise with a newly rich and expanding country side city, made the arrogant elders of the Group feel terrible.

Ursa Major Constellation had such an aggressive growth momentum, which had long threatened Honorable Martial Group. The relation between them was always enemies, and if they continued to grow, they would become a great enemy to them.

Since it was so, why not use this opportunity to strangle the baby in its cradle.

Very quickly, the Martial Group elders had formed a consensus.

2 Hours later, Honorable Martial Group released a strong declaration, pointing at Ursa Major Constellation, saying they are the true hands behind what happened to Fu Ying, and requested Ursa Major Constellation to unconditionally accept Honorable Martial Group's investigation, if not, it would be viewed that Ursa Major Constellation was provoking and challenging Honorable Martial Group,

Immediately, Honorable Martial Group also announced that the Red Leaf Army was heading towards Ancient Cold City to investigate.

The Red Leaf Army who had received their orders were high in morale, they increased their speed towards Ancient Cold City. The higher ups had given them the authority to start an attack whenever needed.

At this time, the Light Blade Army, Raging Inferno Army, Dawn Army, 3 Gold Grade Armies, left from their own bases. The Light Blade Army was to support the Red Leaf Army, while Raging Inferno Army and Dawn Army were to head straight to Ursa Major Constellation.

And at the same time, 10 saints moved out to war together.

The entire Heaven's Road was shocked by Honorable Martial Group's declaration and intent to kill, everyone was able to feel Honorable Martial Group's determination from the declaration.

To move 4 Gold Grade Armies, along with 10 saints, this move of Honorable Martial Group caused everyone in Heaven's Road to be stunned.

Ursa Major Constellation had fallen into a difficult situation.

Chapter 523 - se*tans Belongs to Ursa Major


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