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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 518


Chapter 518 - Ambush

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Once the seven saints charged past the crumbling outpost, all of them were immediately stunned.

Just 150m in front of them, there was a massive crowd. Many saints looked down at them coldly. Some were floating in the air while the others stood solidly on the ground. They all formed an arc shaped formation.

These people... How could they still be alive?

Tong Ge and his gang looked on at these saints that were suppose to be dead. All of them were now right in front of them. They were all taken aback by this sight.

At this time, Fu Ying entered.


His voice echoed in the enclosed compound, awakening Tong Ge and the gang. But the first person to react was the stoic Fu Ying. Now, Fu Ying could see the large crowd that has gathered in front of him. This was bad. It was an ambush!

Countless white clouds floated towards them. Soon, the area was turned into a white fog.

Sea of Clouds!

Fu Ying reacted. He could sense that something was wrong. Without hesitation, he immediately retreated. However, the Sea of Clouds was faster than he thought as it engulfed him before he could escape.

Fu Ying's heart dropped. Such a swift and fearsome Sea of Clouds. It must be at least worth a spirit value of 60 points! If the saint possessing this skill was placed in the army, he would be the biggest killing machine..

The opposition actually had such a saint...

He needed to escape faster from the sea of clouds. If not, he would be in deep trouble.

The surrounding was filled with white fog and the ends could not be seen. The battle-hardened Fu Ying knew that his sense of direction in the Sea of Clouds was muddled. However, to sit and not do anything was certainly waiting for death.

He did not hesitate as he flew upwards with all his might. His experience had taught him that a perpendicular movement was easier to navigate out from a Sea of Clouds compared to horizontal navigation.

After he moved, he could feel a sharp pointed attack that drifted underneath his feet. Fu Ying broke into cold sweat. The blade aura he felt definitely had a spirit value of over 50 points. Even his Honorable Martial Protection could not defend against this.

What was more terrifying was that Fu Ying failed to sense the attack from the enemy. The Sea of Clouds had diminished his senses. Suddenly, he could feel weird about his spirit domain. He could feel that his sight was growing vague.

Not good! There was poison!

He could feel that his spirit domain was disrupted. His movement slowed drastically as well. Fu Ying was breaking into cold sweat. The enemy had a poison that was a threat to saints.

He kept urging his True Power, transforming his body form to dodge oncoming attacks that were impossible to be scanned.

Suddenly, his heart trembled. Without hesitation, he pulled out his Honourable Martial Spirit Slash and attacked blindly towards his rear.


The fearsome collision, with power unleashed from the force, failed to dissipate the Sea of Clouds that was surrounding Fu Ying. Fu Ying was slowly losing consciousness. However, his strong survival instinct had kept him alive all this while. His body kept transforming like a formless spirit, as several attacks managed to scrape past his body, allowing him to dodge the attacks.

The Honourable Martial Spirit Slash that Fu Ying unleashed just now directly impacted a Saint, forcing him backwards with blood flowing out of his mouth.

After dodging multiple attacks, Fu Ying managed to regain his focus. His formless body suddenly took flight. Like a nimble fish, he swiftly dodged all the attacks while quickly ascending up into the air.

Suddenly, his vision became clear as he stepped out of the Sea of Clouds.

The Sea of Clouds had swallowed half of Ancient Cold City. It was a magnificent view. However, he could not stop and admire the current view. Without hesitating, he dashed towards the exit of the city.

After flying for almost 10 feet, he felt that something was not right. Subconsciously, he could feel fear slowly creeping up on him. It seemed like outside of the city walls, danger was lurking.

Something was wrong!

He then discovered. After flying for another several feet, he found that the city wall was nowhere nearer.

His heart palpitated. It was an illusion!

Having been to several battles before, he had never experience such danger before. His enemy had laid before him a meticulous trap. From the start, he had already fallen into the trap. Every phase of the trap was planned meticulously. It was terrifying!

The impending danger did not fluster him. But he had now lost all his will to fight. All he wanted was to leave this place!

Continue to fly upwards!

Fu Ying immediately laid down his judgement. He felt that the limitless sky was the only safe place. As long as he could fly high enough, he could finally get out of this trap. Furthermore, inflicted from a high point, his Honourable Martial Spirit Slash would affect a much larger area.

He continued to dodge oncoming attacks while flying upwards.

After climbing for almost a 100 feet, Fu Ying was surprised at what he discovered. That was something wrong. It was too quiet.

On the ground, Little Fool, with his adorable face, revealed a murderous look, his eyes gleaming with coldness. I have already expected you to fly upwards, and am already here waiting for you!

In his hand was a thin thread. Only the small portion in his hand could be seen, The rest of the string had already disappeared into the air.

He tugged on the string softly.

Bright light aura radiated from Fu Ying's surroundings. These rays were like the size of barracudas. There were countless of them flying around the area.

Fu Ying's Honorable Martial Protection immediately broke down.

An intense sense of danger enveloped him. He stared straight at the blinding light and blindly struck out at it with his attack!


The turbulent blade auras were unleashed like currents, pushing away the swarm of barracudas. Fu Ying did not slow down as he quickly escaped from a tiny opening that he managed to create. Rays of light scraped across his body, leaving lines of wounds on him. Right now, Fu Ying could not care about the pain he was enduring as he charged to a retreat.

The poison was slowly spreading across his body. His vision was starting to break down.

Damn it!

After escaping from that ambush, he could sense several auras that were in the surrounding. His face changed. Damn it. It was another ambush!

Despite falling into an illusion-like state, his sound mind could still help decipher his surroundings as he knew that he was in a very dangerous state. He was exerting whatever force he had left. He bit his teeth. He screamed in agony as his body sunk.

The Sea of Clouds ambush was seen as his last opportunity to escape. The poison within him was affecting him fast. But the illusion-inducing effect of the poison had not made him lose his judgement. His flying ability was not fast enough. At this rate, it was difficult for him to escape the Sea of Clouds. Battling within the Sea of Clouds might have given him an edge. As long as he could withstand the effects of the poison until it dies down, then he could regain control of his power and strength.

He was surprised to find out that the surrounding auras were in fact Bronze Puppets.

Right now, just below the Sea of Clouds, Tang Tian was holding his breath, waiting for Fu Ying to appear.

He was rejoicing. Little Fool's spirit treasure was indeed powerful!

He did not engage immediately. Whenever in battle, Tang Tian was like a different person. He had trained his patience to a level that was similar to an experienced hunter. He hid among the Sea of Clouds, awaiting for his chance to deliver the fatal strike.

Bang bang!

The battle within the Sea of Clouds was intensified.

Tong Ge and his six other saints were all powerful individuals. However, within a short time, two of them had already died.

The attacks were too fearsome!

Tong Ge and his gang could only feel that attacks were coming from all directions. There was no time to gasp for air as strikes rained down on them. They were overwhelmed.

One side was prepared and had meticulously planned for the trap while the other side was simply caught off guard. The outcome was devastating. The saints hated Tong Ge and his gang after what they have done to them. They were even willing to use rare life saving treasures in the battle against them. They weren't a match for Tong Ge and his gang when it came to one on one. But now they had the upper hand. They were determined to defeat them.

Tong Ge was bloodied. He was struggling in the sea of light auras, like a trapped beast.

Amongst them, the only individual that was surviving well was the blood meridians saint. The white illusion caused by the Sea of Clouds had little effect on him. However, several green light belts of band were ensnaring his ankles like weeds, preventing him from moving. With a stroke of his hand, he managed to cut loose these belts.

[Luminous Vines]!

Such an unorthodox spirit technique was still being learned by people. If it was a one on one battle, he had the skills and strength to defeat such a spirit technique. But in such a precarious situation, a slight hesitation could easily cost his life. These Luminous Vines were like pesky house flies that were irritating him, giving him trouble in this dangerous times.

He knew that he had fallen into the enemy's meticulous trap. Even though his battle experience was not as abundant as Fu Ying's, he knew that the enemy had laid layers upon layers of ambush against them.

He was now like a frantic bull, as he kept charging towards the source of attacks. Only by dashing out at the same direction of the attacks could he then have a chance of surviving this onslaught. The layer of blood that was emerging from his body acted light an impenetrable defense. Even with a sharp blade that could slice through a mountain peak was not able to penetrate this defense. He was now covered in a thick layer of blood. His survival instinct was stronger than the other saints as he was not injured by the onslaught.

Tong Ge did not expect to have himself land in such a precarious situation.

There was only one thing on his mind, to dash out of this ambush!

Every step that he took, the formidable force of his speed split the ground underneath him open. A streak of blood from him followed closely behind.

Soon I will be free!

I am about to bust out of here!

Tong Ge was rejoicing within. As long as he could burst out of the Sea of Clouds, his chance of survival would be enhanced. However, he did not notice that within the Sea of Clouds, there were minute white bugs that were floating around. His dash towards his escape was followed by these white bugs that were attracted to the scent of his blood.

When he managed to react to it, the white bugs were already stained red by his blood. All of them were glistening red.

Tong Ge's face changed.

[Snow Leeches]!

There was someone amongst the saints that actually had this spirit technique! This was a spirit technique that only Honorable Martial Group would use. This was a skill that was specially used against blood meridians saints!

He could feel that he was slowly losing consciousness as his vision was blurred. Tong Ge could feel that his energy was being gradually sucked away.

10 Blade auras closed in quietly like barracudas.

Concurrently, three light arrows were whistling towards him.

Underneath Tong Ge's feet, the Luminous Vines were growing out from the cracked earth as they ensnarled both of his legs.

A brilliance of light descended from above like a comet as it hurtled towards Tong Ge.


Tong Ge's scream echoed across the entire city, which was followed by a loud bang. A gush of red blood streamed into the sky.

Fu Ying quickly descended to the ground. His body suddenly disappeared and within second, it reappeared several feet away as he dashed towards the Sea of Cloud. He then heard Tong Ge's cries. His heart trembled.

At this moment, Tang Tian, who had been hiding for quite some time, had a cold aura flash past his eyes, as he unleashed the Origin Mark Box in his hand, and quietly entered the Sea of Clouds.


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