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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 517


Chapter 517 - Single Valve Stronghold Sieged

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Once the scouts were deployed, the troops stopped to rest. The youths also got out of their mechanical spirit weapons to take a break as the weapon was narrow and tight fitting. It was easy to be fatigue if they remained inside it for long. During rest time, they would often get out of the weapon to take a breather.

In groups of three or four, the guys formed a small circle while their mechanical spirit weapons formed a larger circle behind them. If they were to be ambushed, it would be faster to re-enter their weapons to fight.

The majestic Sky Tiger sat on the floor as Bing sat on the Sky Tiger's shoulder as he rested his back leaning on its head, smoking his cigarette.

The sounds from the youths flowed with the wind as they entered into Bing's ears.

Bing smoked in silence. Thinking about it, the cigarettes were left behind by Screw. A warm smile appeared on his face.

When Bing first entered the army, Screw would always come over and encourage him every time Bing was about to enter a battle.

But Screw was special...

Screw exclaimed: ’’Hey little fella, don't you dare lose. If you lose and snivel, that will truly be humiliating.’’

The youngster raged: ’’Screw, don't you dare belittle me!’’

Screw cast a glance at the youngster: ’’I am afraid that you would ruin my mechanical weapon and that I would need to help you repair it again and again. I still remember your first defeat. You did not put in your utmost during that fight yeah!’’

The youngster's face grew red as he shouted back: ’’It will not happen this time!’’

’’Ha ha, you are ambitious! However, your life is important little fella. Don't you die.’’

’’Tsk! Screw you are an imbecile!’’

’’Ha ha, you will definitely not die! If you die, I will give the mechanical weapon to someone else. You will be so angry that you will come back from the dead.’’


These black and white images lingered in his mind. In front of him unknowingly, his eyes were moist. As he looked up towards the sky. His smile grew even wider. Hidden behind the smoke, he laughed.

Don't worry Screw. I will definitely win this war. Even if I do lose, I would meet Ah Xin and we would have a great time together.

Ah Xin would surely say, hey little fella, you haven't bettered yourself since 10,000 years ago.

Screw, it has been 10,000 years.

I miss the Commander. I really do. He is definitely still alive. Yes, definitely! If he were to die so easily, how could he be our commander?

Bing gazed silently into the sky.

The passionate discussion among the youths broke Bing's trance.

’’Hey Xiao Wu, you better show off your skills. Who is this Jones, How can this Jones be on par with you?’’

’’You are right. Xiao Wu all the best. I hate the Honorable Martial Group the most. I remembered that time when they showed off their military might arrogantly at the Lupus Constellation. We will not lose to them again!’’

’’Big Sister Sai Lei has said, whoever puts in the most effort would be given a tailored made mechanical spirit weapon.’’

’’Ahahah, Xiao Wu, I shall not give you any chance today! I want a new mechanical spirit weapon!’’


Bing turned around as he looked on at the passionate bunch of youths, leaving a big smile on his face. These youths were a strong bunch. Screw and Ah Xin, you guys would have been happy if you saw them....

Bing's expression suddenly turned solemn.

Screw, I will definitely find a way to treat you and bring you to see Ah Xin. And we should also go and find Commander. We should also restore and rebuild the Southern Cross Army!

How can our military flag be down? How can our war cry be dissipated?

We have a lot more companions now. There will be even more in the future.

Don't underestimate me!

Bing stood up and leaped onto Sky Tiger's shoulder, puffing his cigarette on his hand. He looked onto the horizon solemnly.

Suddenly, he could see something at the corner of his eye. Hey, could that be intelligence?

Xiao Wu and his gang noticed Bing moving over. They stopped their discussion and rushed over.

’’Oh, they wish to battle with us?’’ Bing somehow found joy in this.

’’Master, this is a good opportunity! We can display our strength and power against them, victory against them scoundrels in Honorable Martial Group will make them think twice when fighting us! We need to beat them so bad that they will fear us!’’

Yao was the one who spoke. He had a head of luscious silver hair.

Xiao Wu, Yao and Ah Lun were the three most outstanding youths from Sky Martial Wolf Academy. Xiao Wu was calm and composed;Ah Lun was unflustered but aggressive, and was occasionally stubborn, while Yao was lively and extroverted, yet a little inflexible.

The three of them were currently hailed as the Sky Martial Three Paragons.

’’It is not that I am belittling you all.’’ Bing exclaimed: ’’Even though the Red Leaf Army is new, but they also have the Honorable Martial Group's 10th Gold Branch Palace as their backbone. You are just a bunch of rookies, what do you have to fight with them?’’

Yao showed his displeasure: ’’But Master, aren't you now looking down on us?’’

Bing let out a huge laughter as he looked at the other two: ’’What do you guys think?’’

Xiao Wu thought about it: ’’With the help of the Cang Yang Fighting Grounds, we now own the advantage in favourable grounds. There is no need for us to engage them. Furthermore, the opposition has an advantage over us in the quality of soldiers. If we were to battle them, it will not be good for us, and we will not be able to present our advantage.’’

Ah Lun replied: ’’I agree with Xiao Wu.’’

’’Hey hey hey, you two...’’

Yao's speech was interrupted as he coughed when Bing hit the back of his head: ’’You little fella, should use more of your brain next time.’’

Yao massaged the back of his head and shut his mouth as he stood silently at the side.

’’Okay we have rested enough. It is time to go. We have unfinished business to do.’’ Bing shouted: ’’I roughly know what the strategy that the opposition's military leader is going to use. We shall ’’welcome’’ them nicely.’’


Ancient Cold City.

Within the Single Valve Stronghold, Tang Tian was alone in a corner training. That was also the corner where the saints were entering from. All of them entered with a smile on their face as they thought they could be the one who could break down the Single Valve Stronghold. No one knew Tang Tian was the one guarding the place!

They were even more happy that there was a way out of this predicament, which was to join them!

None of the saints chose to fight. All of them had decided to join the Ursa Major Constellation without hesitation. All the saints now had the same mentality;they had transformed their fear and shame into a force of vengeance against Fu Ying.

Even though Ursa Major Constellation was not as strong as the Honorable Martial Group, but the group would think twice before messing with them. This was their opportunity to seek revenge.

All of these saints have joined the [Killing Ying Group]! Having seen Meng Ta's cunningness, Tang Tian felt that it would be good to let Meng Ta lead the group. Whenever they had to protect the Single Valve Stronghold, Tang Tian would run over to discuss with the group. Very soon, Tang Tian was in awe at the different strategies that the group thought of.

The saints hated Fu Ying to the core. They were all pouring out sinister plans endlessly to kill him. Those Saints that were initially hesitant in using the rare life saving treasures in battles were now willing to use it against Fu Ying.

To be able to be a saint, how could they be weak? Each of them had their own methods, and everyone chipped in with equipment that they thought could be useful. Without intelligence on Fu Ying, they would not have thought of that many ideas. But since they had intelligence on him, they would naturally find ways to target his weaknesses.

Tang Tians face was covered with killing intent, his heart was feeling great as he was overjoyed at the sight of this unity.

Fu Ying, you have been great to me!

After this battle, the strength of Ursa Major Constellation would be greatly augmented. With just these ten Saints, such a force was considered terrifying. Tang Tian was already dreaming of having a few Saints in each of his armies.

The Country Bumpkin Army would immediately transform into the Tyrant Army!

(TN: This is a play with words, Country bumpkin in chinese is 土鳖(tu bie), while tyrant changes to 土豪(tu hao), with just one word difference.)

What was the most important was that these saints were free. All of them volunteered to join the Ursa Major Constellation.

Qian Hui was still the most powerful. If it wasn't for her asking him to come to the se*tans Constellation alone, they would not have earned themselves this many saints.

Fu Ying concentrated on the energy barrier, his expressionless face did not show anger or joy.

He was shivering in fear inside. No wonder it was called the legendary Single Valve Stronghold. It had withstood the onslaught of countless saints. He felt lucky to not have entered himself. He did not believe that it was the strength of the guardian that was withstanding this onslaught.

No saint could have endured this amount of attacks. Not even him.

It must be the strength of the Single Valve Stronghold!

That's right!

Only the power of the Single Valve Stronghold could withstand these attacks for so long. This was his first time seeing such a powerful stronghold. He trembled at the thought of the defeat he endure the previous night.

What a terrifying attack!

However, he had already scene that the energy barrier was thinning. This made him feel better. The cannon fodder was doing their job. It seemed that his plan was working well!

The others were looking on in astonishment. How could the stronghold be so strong!

No wonder it was regarded as a legend instead...

No one would have believed it if they did not see it with their own eyes!

Tong Ge thought about being able to analyze the structural composition of the Single Valve Stronghold. It would be worthwhile to know how it works. Honestly, he also did not believe that the strength of the guardian alone could withstand this onslaught.

Nothing could explain this phenomenon...

Only if the stronghold itself was unleashing its strength could the guardian continue to defend against these attacks. Everyone was still stunned that the strength of the stronghold could endure for so long. This fearsome stronghold could be history's strongest. If it wasn't, then it must be some deceitful trick that was played right in front of their eyes.

Fortunately, the energy barrier was thinning...

The energy barrier was thinning as Fu Ying did not hesitate to send the last few Saints into the Stronghold. As the last Saint rushed into it, a loud bang ensued. The barrier was finally broken.

Fu Ying ordered the seven saints: ’’Charge in!’’

Tong Ge and his gang knew that if they were to disobey his orders, they would definitely be killed by Fu Ying. They could not think of any other way but to charge in.

Their speed was fast as they charged into the entrance. This was where the guardian was supposed to reside.

The seven saints were stunned by what they saw.

The ground was riddled with countless potholes, Each pothole was either charred or filled with snow. The air in the stronghold was filled with energy remnants. The ground was covered with a thick layer of mud and sand, residues from previous fights that had blasted the rocks into smithereens.

The outpost was even more in ruins. There were web-like cracks everywhere and almost half of it was crumbling down. The other half was just crumbling fences and dilapidated walls. The sight was shocking.

They could not imagine how fearsome the battles had been over these few days.

Fu Ying, who was following closely behind, was composed despite seeing the carnage. Based on abundant fighting experience, the energy remnants in the air, he could sense that the battle intensity that had happened in this area had reached a whole new level he had never seen before...

He had never experienced such intensity before.

30 plus saints as cannon fodder was certainly a formidable force!

He felt even more rejoiced to not have entered himself. Even with such a formidable force of attack, the stronghold managed to endure it. The Single Valve Stronghold was definitely not a force to be reckoned with.

However, once the defences of a stronghold were broken, there were no other defences that could protect the people inside from the attackers!

Fu Ying let out a cunning smile as he shouted: ’’Charge forward! Kill all of them! Leave none alive!’’

The seven saints followed his orders as they charged forward.


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