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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 516


Chapter 516 - A Welcomed Death

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Besides Tang Tian, Little Fool was also prepared to give Fu Ying a deadly battle.

Having been seriously injured by Fu Ying and nearly losing his life, such a matter, how could Little Fool who was always so arrogant be able to tolerate it?

Definitely unacceptable!

Little Fool remained silent as he listened to Tang Tian and Meng Ta's discussion. He was listening to them intently the entire time. After finishing listening to them, Little Fool was elated and was surprised to know that Meng Ta was such a scheming individual and had lived up to his expectations as an intelligent fellow.

The thought of using both the Sea of Clouds and the puppet for distraction were smartly conceived by Meng Ta. For Little Fool, who was much more sinister than Meng Ta, he felt that this strategy to defeat Fu Ying was not evil enough.

Little Fool did not want Tang Tian to help him seek revenge. When had he fallen so behind that he needed someone else to help him get his revenge?

Ke ke!

Little Fool let out a grin as the killing intent inside him boiled.

Despite being hurt and confined only to refining spirit treasures, he felt that he still had offensive prowess left to fight. To him, it was simple, to use his spirit treasure against Fu Ying, that was enough to do the trick.

Meng Ta's train of thought was brilliant and the success rate of his strategy was high. Little Fool felt that his tactics were too simple and did not instil an element of deception. But no worries as Little Fool felt that he was able to spice up the offensive strategy as well as instil an element of deception into it.

It was practical to use the Sea of Clouds as a large radius illusory trap. But since the enemy was experienced, the tactic might not be as effective against him.

Little Fool thought of adding a layer of Mirage Light on the outside of the Sea of Clouds which was something like a mirage to mask the attack to strengthen the plan. Furthermore, the insidious Little Fool had thought of making the mirage to be similar to the Ancient Cold City, which would make Fu Ying enter it.

He imagined Fu Ying, thinking that he had escaped from the illusion cast by the Sea of Clouds, to have fallen into the mirage, which would definitely be able to trap him.

He was extremely excited about his master plan!

If they were to utilized the Mirage Light as the main tactic, then they could utilize the secret treasure from the Pisces Constellation, which was extremely useful in casting illusions on enemies.

With just an illusion technique cast on the opponent without any killing technique, Little Fool felt that it was not enough to fit his style. He thought through what might be the loopholes of this strategy. What if Fu Ying was able to decipher the mirage, then what would Fu Ying do after that?

Little Fool meticulously calculated the probability that that could happen.

He suddenly thought of a spirit treasure.

Ke ke!

He can't wait for the real battle to use it!


Ancient Cold City.

All the Independent Saints in Ancient Cold City were forced to step forward to the front of the Single Valve Stronghold.

Fu Ying stood readily behind the battalion of saints, bursting with killing intent. He was well versed with the art of war, as his fighting experience was extremely abundant. With the help of Ren Ru Hai and the leadership of his men, they have managed to find some of the strongest saints in the city and have forced them to become his subordinates. Now, Fu Ying had seven saints under him. They were among the strongest in the Ancient Cold City.

There were two saints who declined in helping him and were killed as a result.

Fu Ying was floating mid-air above Ancient Cold City as his strongest saints gathered the other saints together from all over the city. The saints that tried to leave were killed by Fu Ying, who was watching them from the sky.

After killing five saints, no one else dared to retreat.

All the saints in the city were gathered here.

’’All of you shall enter the Stronghold one after another! If you die in battle, your family will be untouched by me! But if you surrender, you and your family will die together!’’

Fu Ying's cold voice echoed as he descended slowly, causing the saints to shiver in fear. All of them were drowning in grief. Even though they knew Fu Ying's intention, but once Fu Ying said that statement, the saints felt humiliated they could not do anything to protect themselves or their families as they trembled in fear.

They knew that Fu Ying was treating them as cannon fodder to drain his enemies' energy. But they did not expect the Honorable Martial Group to be so tyrannical and unscrupulous.

There was a slight disturbance as all the saints glared at Fu Ying, with rage burning in their eyes.

But the bloodied carcasses of their five dead comrades made them wake up from their dream of wanting to fight back. Furthermore, the guardians who were ensuring that they do not escape were among the strongest saints in the city. All of them had become the fangs of Fu Ying.

The saints expressed looks of despair.

Inside the Single Valve Stronghold, Tang Tian let out a cold smile. As he thought about what Uncle Bing had said, he realized that Uncle Bing was a civilized individual who possessed logical arguments.

Meng Ta was cunning indeed!

Surrounding him were saints who were furious. Saints were arrogant, so they were enraged at the sight of their fellow saints who were bullied and humiliated outside of the stronghold by Fu Ying.

Meng Ta shouted: ’’Take the videos well, take them more carefully, catch everyone's expressions well, oh oh oh, especially the dead saints lying in the pool of blood. This is too cruel! This is savagery! How can the Honorable Martial Group step on our free rights and the Independent Saints' pride. This is outrageous. Only if we Independent Saints band together, can we fend off the Honorable Martial Group.

He had forgotten that he was not an independent saint himself anymore.

All the saints took out star treasures that were able to capture video, as they took shots of the sights to remember the day. Treasures from Ara Constellation and the Pictor Constellations required the Boss a lot of energy to be able to hand each person one.

Even Tang Tian had to admit that Meng Ta's deviousness and wretchedness was out of the world!

Once these videos were disseminated, they would definitely arouse controversy.

’’They are coming in!’’ Tang Tian waved his hands frantically. He was already anticipating the Independent Saints to enter. He did not expect Fu Ying to have help them in such a big way.

Everyone let out a soft laughter.

Outside the Single Valve Stronghold.

Fu Ying looked at the energy barrier expressionlessly, which had shrunk much more than compared to the last time he attacked it. Inside the energy barrier, light aura blinked everywhere, with occasional exploding sounds. There was definitely an intense battle going on inside.

One after another, the saints entered the stronghold.

His threat was very powerful, as no one dared to disobey him and no one dared to surrender. Every saint that went in struggled with battles. But the defenders of the stronghold seemed to much stronger than expected as the barrier had not been broken.

But Fu Ying knew that the struggle for the defense will crumble any time soon. Nobody could fight forever. Once they had reached the edge, then their defense would be penetrated.

After the previous injuries sustained from the fight, Fu Ying was filled with rage against the Single Valve Stronghold. The long-lost stronghold was extremely dangerous, who knew whether there would be other killing techniques inside?

It was not worthwhile to sacrifice himself for the fight!

Fu Ying looked at the cannon fodder underneath him. With the cannon fodder, he was certain that he could break the defences of the stronghold. With 36 saints, even though their individual strength might not be strong, but once banded together, they presented a formidable force.

It was sad that they were just a group of rookies and not experienced fighters.

A cold smile broke out of the edge of Fu Ying's lips.

He knew that the average person would not dare disobey him. But at the same time, he also knew that without their leaders, the saints would not be able to band together to fend him off. That was why when he entered the Ancient Cold City, he took the top seven saints as his subordinates.

Even though it was difficult for the seven saints to exterminate the other 36 saints, but if the seven of them were to just surround them and give them a slight chance of hope, that they could eventually win this battle and be set free, then the 36 saints would not have the motivation to fight back.

This was humanity, the cruel side of humanity!

A group of lambs ready to be slaughtered.

Fu Ying retracted his glance and stared down at the stronghold as he waited for the defense to crumble. When that time came, he wanted the entire stronghold to be covered in fresh blood. No survivors!


’’Is this se*tans Constellation?’’ An adjutant scanned his surrounding and expressed his disappointment: ’’The energy concentration is not high enough.’’

’’Stop talking nonsense and get going!’’ Jones interjected as he frowned: ’’Our target is the Ancient Cold City!’’

The movement of the Red Leaf Army had captured the attention of its rivals. In the midst of a large war, any movement by the armies of Honorable Martial Group were bound to capture the attention of people.

Before the other parties could react, he needed to find a way into the Ancient Cold City.

The only reason he was willing to send the Red Leaf Army out was because he was interested in the Single Valve Stronghold. As a military leader he was interested to know more about the stronghold that had been lost for a long time. Furthermore, he had strong ties with Fu Ying. If it wasn't for Fu Ying's support, he would not be where he was in the Red Leaf Army.

However, he was not willing to to create another reason for war because of himself. The Martial Group and the Leo Constellation have had an intense battle. If they were to have another war in another location, then they might be outflanked and their defences would be thinned if they needed to spread their forces on both sides.

Jones was determined to end the battle swiftly. He wanted to end the war before the other parties could react.

Only then could he minimize the risk of him losing more men.

’’Yes!’’ The Adjutant immediately replied, but could not stop himself from interjecting: ’’But I feel that by the time we reach there, Master Fu Ying would have captured the Single Valve Stronghold already.’’

Jones let out a restless smile: ’’Let's hope that he does not destroy the stronghold before we get there.’’

Fu Ying was cruel and fearsome. He lived on killing and massacring a city was something he had not done just once. As long as he was on the battlefield, he left no survivors.

Jones was not worried about Fu Ying as he felt that the injuries sustained by him was only due to an accident. No one would doubt Fu Ying's fighting prowess and Jones was confident that Fu Ying had the capability to destroy his enemies.

Suddenly, The Adjutant's star treasure from the Triangulum Constellation started to vibrate. The Adjutant quickly received the intelligence report as his expression changed: ’’The Mechanical Army of Ursa Major Constellation had just entered the se*tans Constellation!’’

The sudden news of this made the surrounding air feel heavier.

Jones frowned: ’’ Why is the Ursa Major Constellation doing this?’’

’’I don't know.’’ The Adjutant did not look good. It was not just him. The others also looked worried. Ursa Major Constellation and the Martial Group were enemies. The Martial Group had received numerous defeats by the Ursa Major Constellation. Having been tied up to the war against the Leo Constellation, the Martial Group did not have the resources to seek revenge against the Ursa Major Constellation. However, it allowed the Ursa Major Constellation to strengthen over the duration.

’’They are coming after us.’’ Jones told The Adjutant: ’’You don't look good.’’

The Adjutant was slightly guilty for he was frightened by the news of Ursa Major Constellation. How unfortunate.

’’This is a good opportunity.’’ Jones replied: ’’Our superiors have never had confidence in us. If we are able to defeat the Mechanical Army, it would definitely be a good thing. Ursa Major Constellation resources are also tied up at the Big Dipper. They are only left with one Mechanical Army.

’’If we win, then the Ursa Major Constellation would suffer a major defeat.’’

Jones glanced at The Adjutant: ’’Then we would have given the Martial Group a huge contribution!.’’

The Adjutant's breathing suddenly became hoarse.


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