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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 512


Chapter 512 - The Exquisite Situation

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

When Meng Ta stepped into the Light Valve Trap Entrance and saw who was inside, his eyes darkened.

It was him!

He had personally witnessed the battle between Tang Tian and Ye Zhao Ge before. He also agreed with the battle analysis by bystanders who praised the fighting prowess of Tang Tian. However, he was also confident with his own abilities and was determined that he was up for the fight against Tang Tian.

Meng Ta had plenty of fighting experience. He knew that an individual's strength was not the main determinant of his victory. There were always certain dangerous individuals who would surprise in a fight by unleashing a deadly and unexpected force of strength. Since Meng Ta had no way of retreating, he was determined to fight to the death.

This fight will not be easy!

Meng Ta was composed: ’’I certainly did not expect that it was you who would be defending this area.’’

Tang Tian took a quick glance at Meng Ta and replied: ’’So are you going to surrender like the rest as well?’’

’’Surrender?’’ Meng Ta laughed: ’’Even though you possess formidable strength, you have not reach the level where I would immediately surrender to you. However, I am curious of your actual identity.’’

Meng Ta's attitude towards Tang Tian made Tang Tian keep back his lazy attitude.

Just from his speech, Tang Tian could feel that Meng Ta had utmost confidence of his own skills and abilities. He was an expert!

Since there would only be one survivor emerging from this battle, and Tang Tian had respect for Meng Ta, hence Tang Tian decided to reply to him: ’’I am Tang Tian, the Constellation Master of Ursa Major Constellation.

His face was twitching from the awkwardness of announcing himself as the Constellation Master of the constellation, but regained his composure upon finishing his sentence.

Meng Ta's expression finally changed.

Looking at the teenager in front of him, Meng Ta let out a crude smile. He knew that he was in deep trouble. Since Tang Tian had revealed his identity to Meng Ta, Meng Ta knew that there would be no mercy shown in this battle. No compromises would be made.

He regretted entering the Stronghold and getting mixed up with it.

He knew who Tang Tian was. So far, Ursa Major Constellation's name was very popular, having conquered both Draco Constellation and Cetus Constellation. With strength comparable to the 12 Ecliptic Palaces. Hence, Tang Tian was known as the tyrannical overlord in the region.

If the opponent was a saint, no matter how strong he was, Meng Ta would not have been afraid. But facing a tyrannical overlord was a different story. Behind a tyrannical overlord was an entire strong force of a constellation with unlimited numbers of individuals each possessing formidable power. They formed a powerful group.

He was not afraid of Tang Tian's strength. However, he knew that if he were to kill Tang Tian, the entire Ursa Major Constellation would be on his tail. His family and relatives would have no way of escaping it. There would not be any constellation who would be willing to protect him. Not even the Honorable Martial Group. The martial artists in the Ursa Major Constellation were all passionate fighters and they formed an intimidating military force when banded together.

It was not a route a saint would take...

Meng Ta laughed bitterly: ’’Can you take it as if I was never here?’’

Tang Tian was startled: ’’I don't think I could do that.’’

Meng Ta recovered his composure: ’’I do not want to fight you, nor do I want to surrender. What else could I do then?’’

’’Something can be done.’’ A voice interjected between their conversation. It was Bing, who appeared behind Tang Tian. He had been monitoring the battles. The five consecutive surrenders had surprised him. He didn't think it would happen that way. A military general was an individual who would plan and strategize based on the current circumstance. Given the situation he had now, he suddenly had a thought up his head.

Since Tang Tian had revealed his identity and Meng Ta was in a dilemma, Bing had an idea.

Unknowingly, they had managed to lay down a sophisticated trap!

If they were to go outside and use the name of Ursa Major Constellation to attract Saints to join them, no one would be interested. They were Independent saints who were free, because they did not wish to join any powerhouse.

Which powerhouse would refuse a saint from enjoying? On the contrary, every constellation was hoping to attract saints.

Inside Ancient Cold City, people of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces had been actively trying to recruit Saints, but it was not successful thus far. Most of the Independent Saints were undisciplined. Hence, they were against being restricted by the orders and regulations of a military force or tribe. It was thus difficult to recruit them.

However, these Saints were not dumb. They knew clearly the dire consequence they would have face should they anger a tyrannical overlord such as Tang Tian. If Tang Tian revealed his identity to the public, the masses would rise together to attack him. This would then attract the attention of the Honorable Martial Group and Onyx Soul, causing them to increase their military force even more.

Hence, faced with this predicament, a saint only had two choices.

One was to kill Tang Tian and have the entire Ursa Major Constellation hunt them down.

Another was to surrender.

The options were ridiculous!

Too ridiculous!

Bing was feeling excited. Furthermore, the Saints were sending themselves into the trap he had laid. I did not force any of you to enter this stronghold to challenge us, nor did I force you to surrender to us. I have no choice, this is what the stronghold does.

Though the Saints were undisciplined and arrogant, they were definitely not foolish.

This was a threat and menace.

If Tang Tian openly threatened the independent saints, then it would lead them to band together and attack Tang Tian as a clan. With only the Saints from the Ancient Cold City, they could destroy the Ursa Major Constellation several times over.

Bing realized what was happening, they were in an exquisite situation. One by one, the saints who entered the stronghold were threatened and unable to escape, and they had to surrender. Furthermore, it was the independent saints themselves who were willing to enter and challenge them. No blame could be accorded to Bing and the rest.

However, a true formidable martial artist is one who was arrogant and hard as nails. He would not have been affected by a simple threat like this nor would he surrender.

We shall think of another way to capitalize this situation then.

The cunning Bing spoke out: ’’We can work together instead!’’

’’Work together?’’ Meng Ta was curious and asked: ’’How do you want to do that?’’

’’It will be simple. You will join us with the identity of a cooperative partner to the Ursa Major Constellation. We will not force you saints to participate in battles. But if you do, then the spoils of wars will be shared with you all equally. The more effort you guys put in, the more spoils you will reap. Our Ursa Major Constellation is also considered a large constellation, on the power aspect, I believe you can rest easy, We can obtain more resources than you. And, I believe, no one doubts Ursa Major Constellations ambitions.’’

Bing was smiling the entire time. This was the most brilliant plan that he had ever thought of. More importantly, this feeling was truly too enjoyable!

However, he had already hid a trap within this scheme.

Once they had joined with Ursa Major Constellation, it meant that they could not join other constellations.

Meng Ta could not believe that the other party could think of such a convoluted plan. He immediately realized what Bing was implying.

Had Tang Tian touted the Ursa Major Constellation name and tried to recruit the Saints, Meng Ta knew that he himself would have ignored it. But in such a situation that he was in, he felt that such an arrangement was rather beneficial to him as well as there was freedom.

This was Bing's brilliant plan.

Compared to the other plans that they had tried to conceive, this was by far the most brilliant plan that was thought of.

’’We shall work together then.’’ Meng Ta replied. This conclusion was much more positive than any other scenarios that he could thought of. Hence, he immediately accepted it. He could not bear any malice towards Tang Tian and the rest, since they also had no intention of wanting to cause any harm to the saints. Both sides were forced by the current predicament.

Both Bing and Meng Ta signed the martial spirit contract.

Fu Zhong Shan and the rest were all shocked beyond words. When Meng Ta appeared, everyone's hearts sank. Meng Ta was renowned in the region and was considered one of the most powerful saints among them, even Fu Zhong Shan had to agree.

But this did it become like this......

Fu Zi Hong was in awe after seeing what had transpired. Uncle was masterful in seizing opportunities when he saw it. He managed to reach an agreement with such ease.

Only Little Fool was unhappy. His extremely adorable little face was extremely gloomy. The previous five Saints who had surrendered had made him impatient.

Little Fool felt that the origin mark utilized by the fool was beneath him.

He was waiting for his chance to shine. As long as the fool was seriously injured, he could then take over the body and seize control over it. Little Fool, who was wielding Ya Ya's Umbrella, had utmost confidence of his strength.

He was initially anticipating a strong rival who could defeat the fool.

In the end, a strong martial artist had appeared, but he surrendered and signed an agreement with Bing instead.

Little Fool glared at Meng Ta, his eyes filled with disdain and hate...

Meng Ta noticed the Umbrella that Little Fool was holding and his eyes lit up: ’’This spirit treasure looks good!’’

’’It had just been refined and has not been tested before.’’ Tang Tian replied.

Meng Ta exclaimed: ’’So you even possess the skill to refine spirit treasures!’’

’’We have tried it once and it seems like Little Fool has a talent on refining.’’ Tang Tian replied. He then explained: ’’Little Fool is my Form Spirit.’’

Meng Ta immediately became excited. This cleared any doubts that he had over the agreement he just signed. A Spirit Treasure Master! Tang Tian was actually a Spirit Treasure Master. To an independent saint, they were most welcome to Spirit Treasure Master as compared to any other professions.

Meng Ta was joyous after hearing that: ’’The spirit treasure I am currently wielding does not seem to suit me properly. I was wondering if you could...’’

Tang Tian waved his hand as though he was generous: ’’Small matter. I will let Little Fool help you refine a new one when we have time!’’

Meng Ta was overjoyed: ’’Thank you master!’’

Little Fool was annoyed. His glare was so intense as though he was going to kill someone. He was still pissed at Meng Ta. You did not even dare to fight and you expect me to help you forge a new spirit treasure?


Little Fool sneered in his mind.

Meng Ta suddenly trembled. He felt as if someone was staring at him, looking around, he thought it was just him being too happy.

Even though Tang Tian had promised him, he knew deep down that if he did not provide effort in helping with Tang Tian's cause, he might not be able to ask for favors in the future from the Master.

I need to put in the effort! I need to fight for his cause!

Meng Ta exclaimed: ’’Master, right now, there are countless people who are outside waiting for everything that is happening in here. This is a rare opportunity. By making loud noises to mimic a fierce battle had erupted, we can lead the crowd to believe that Master has exhausted all your energy. Then, the Saints outside would definitely be impatient to enter and fight you. By artificially extending the length of each battle, more Saints will want to enter the Single Valve Stronghold as they gain more confidence in thinking they have a higher chance of defeating you. With this plan, you will be able to nab every of the Saints outside with ease in no time.’’

For his spirit treasure, Meng Ta had betrayed everyone.

With such a brilliant opportunity present in front of him, he would have regretted not seizing it.

’’Good good good! What a brilliant plan!’’ Bing praised: ’’Mr Meng Ta is a knowledgeable individual and has contributed significantly to our cause!’’

Meng Ta smiled: ’’Master, thank you for your praise!’’

At the start, the crowd outside could not witness anything going on inside the Stronghold. Suddenly, there were loud noises that echoed out from it and the Single Valve Stronghold rumbled, obviously there was a huge battle inside.

’’That is the Meng Ta we know! What a fierce battle, it must be horrible!’’

’’That's right. The opponent is strong to be able to last that long against Meng Ta!’’


Tang Tian sat on the floor as he munched on his apple.

Not far away, Meng Ta was striking the ground with force, creating loud noises to mimic a fierce battle. After a while, Meng Ta stopped as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. He looked towards Tang Tian: ’’Master, we are almost done!’’

Tang Tian stood up: ’’You have done well!’’

’’It's my honor it's my honor!’’ Meng Ta replied. He left the Single Valve Stronghold from the door behind Tang Tian.

Outside the Stronghold, the crowd saw that the Single Valve Stronghold was intact and the colour had turned green. Everyone was silent.

’’Was Meng Ta defeated?’’

’’They must definitely be suffering too, the battle was too intense!’’

’’You are right. After such a long and fierce battle, even the most battle-hardened Saint would have been exhausted.’’

’’Damn it, someone has entered before I could...’’


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