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Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 305


Chapter 305 - Star of the war!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and De Andre

’’They want to fight with us.’’ Old Feng said solemnly.

The rest of their expressions congealed. They did not know much about the enemy, a group of new people that suddenly emerged, the information on them was very limited. Their information gathering skills was already strong, but to be able to obtain valuable information, was very difficult.

Also, the opponent knows of their origin, to dare adopt the attitude to fight, it meant that they had confidence of their own abilities, or they had other methods to fight.

Regardless of which, to them, it was not a good thing.

’’Ke, they want to use us as stepping stones.’’ The single arm swordsman said coldly.

’’Most probably.’’ The amethyst lady laughed: ’’If they beat us, the Southern Sky's 42 constellations cannot hold them back already. Going to the Northern Sky, they can most probably create a place for themselves.’’

’’Then we just need to kill them all!’’ The Towering big man said fiercely.

Although they were very relaxed, but their hearts did not dare have a trace of contempt.

Countless eyes were watching the battle. How long had it been since they had attracted such attention? There had never been a battle that would cause them to feel so much pressure. Losing would tarnish their reputation. Ever since Wu Tie Yu died, it had lost their Elder's face. If another accident were to occur in the coming battle...

They had followed Tu Ru Hai for so many years, and were extremely clear on their elder's temper and character.

Meng Wei could feel the stress on everyone, and said indifferently: ’’So the best thing to do is accomplish the mission in one stroke.’’

She added on: ’’Elder has prepared two billion star coins as reward for us.’’

All of their expressions were stirred. Two billion star coins, meant that Meng Wei would get 500 million, and the rest would get 300 million. With rewards, they would become braver. All of them immediately felt their blood boil.

To them, 300 million star coins was a large sum.

’’Hey, Elder is so generous this time.’’ Amethyst Lady laughed.

The big man laughed: ’’This time we have struck gold!’’

Meng Wei replied coldly: ’’I am not worried about Old Jun Tou and Single Blade. It is the three of you who are handling the army that needs to be careful.’’

Old Feng laughed: ’’Elder sister, you are looking down on us. What army, it's just an amateur team trying to scare others. Even with those two idiots, we can clear them by just clashing into them. Taking everything into account, this broken army was just built two months ago. If an army can be created in two months, then armies are not worth anything. Guess what were they before that? They were all ordinary martial artists in their own tribes, I reckon at most they are just sand bandits.’’

The Amethyst Lady coughed, then laughed: ’’I cannot believe that such an army, actually scared everyone to the point that their hearts are trembling.’’

Old Feng laughed: ’’But the leading spirit general does have some standard. Eighth level, grandmaster blade technique, I never thought that it would also be proficient in battle formations. I wonder where Tang Tian got such a Spirit General.’’

’’He is a really lucky fellow!’’ The Amethyst Lady said with light in her eyes: ’’If only we had met him earlier.’’

Suddenly, Meng Wei raised her head. Following that, the rest of them could feel it, they immediately stopped talking and looked outwards.

Tang Tian was coming!

Meng Wei first saw the army. Her face was calm, but her heart sighed. Old Feng was right, the army truly was nothing to fear. They only had 200 people, and in their arms, the people looked relaxed and undisciplined, the soldiers movements looked extremely shaky.

It was very rare for a battle between an army and martial artists. The disparity of power was very difficult to determine, as the fighting ability of a martial artist far exceeded an ordinary soldier, and would always hold superior dominancy in fights, and they were far more agile, and would always take the initiative. While the advantage of the army, was that they had the numbers, and their complete force was therefore more solid and substantial.

To Old Feng and the other two, ordinary Heaven Road grade martial artists were unable to pose a threat, and they have been fighting for a very long time, therefore having abundance in fighting experience. Handling the cannon fodder army was simply too easy.

Meng Wei relaxed. The sudden emergence of the army had caused her heart to tense, as it was the largest variable unaccounted for. But after witnessing the army, the thread of worry disappeared.

This was a battle they needed to win!

Both sides stopped at the same time, and stood confronting each other at a distance.

All around them, in the skies, the ground, many people were present to watch the battle. All the martial artists who originally wanted to watch Wu Tie Yu in battle, had shifted all their attention to this battle.

The Tu Family Six Guards was an outstanding and fierce name.

Heaven Road List martial artists above the ranks of 9000, to Lupus Constellation, were existences far away from them.

Amongst the spectators, there were many scouts from many various powerhouses. Many star treasures lit up with auras, as though all the spectators had all prepared to watch and enjoy the show. Many had star treasures of the Telescopium Constellation, which enabled them to catch every detail of the battle from 20 km away. Some had star treasures from Ara constellation, and this enable anything that is witnessed from one's eye, to be transmitted to somewhere far.

These star treasures that were usually not useful, were used to their fullest potential in these kind of situations.

The martial artists of Lupus Constellation stared in envy. For these type of star treasures, not only was it rare, but it was also extremely expensive. Not any martial artist could purchase them. Compared to the tyrants of Lupus constellation, all these martial artists that came from higher ranking constellations were much more wealthy.

They all started to take out tools and dig into the sand.

All the locals of Lupus Constellation were puzzled, and did not understand what the people were doing. All these martial artists were strong, and their efficiency was extremely terrifying. After a while, a big sand dune of over 50 m tall appeared, and they all flew up to the top and looked into the heart of the battle.

The rest of them then suddenly realized, and all started to make their own tall sand dunes.

From a bird's eye view, it was a spectacular sight. The entire 10 km of the battlefield was empty, but outside of it, one after another of sand dunes sprung up, forming a circular dome around the battlefield.

On top of the sand dunes, many people were condensed together.

None of the people on the battlefield were distracted by the happenings on the outside.

’’Is everybody ready?’’ Tang Tian asked in a solemn voice, his eyes, was blazing with fire.

No one bothered about him.

Tang Tian did not seem to care, raising both his arms: ’’Yahoo, go go go!’’

A red flaming figure was the first to rush out, Ling Xu could not hold back any further.

Seeing that Ling Xu was actually faster than him, Tang Tian shouted: ’’I'm Coming!’’

Crane helplessly sighed, the two of them, when can they ever be reliable.

Bing's poker face was emotionless, and waved his hand: ’’Advance.’’

The army slowly moved forward.

When Meng Wei's side saw the disarrayed enemy, they became even more relaxed. If they were a real army, the experts would protect them by surrounding their sides. An army stationary was advantageous, but a moving army, to an expert, was full of weaknesses and loopholes.

They actually left Crane to protect the army, it was too unprofessional.

Meng Wei's expression turned cold: ’’Change of plans, I will handle Tang Tian, Single blade will lock Ling Xu down, Old Jun Tou will bring Crane away. The three of you, clear off those cannon fodders, end this quickly!’’

The army was without doubt the opponent's biggest weakness. By locking Tang Tian and the other two down and then taking out the army, it would immediately create the dominance of six against three.

That was Meng Wei's tactic, and it was simple and effective.

Before she had finished talking, she had already rushed out. The other five flew out like arrows from a bow together, and all flew to their respective locations.

Regardless if it was Tang Tian or Ling Xu, or Meng Wei, they were all quick as lightning with their surprising speed, causing many gasps by the countless martial artists of Lupus Constellation. And for the scouts sent by the other powerhouses, they were much stronger, with better understanding. Their gaze quickly landed on the incoming army.

The army advancing speed was not slow, but on this battlefield, they looked as slow as tortoise.

The front and rear came apart!

A battlefield taboo!

Many of the scouts all shook their heads. On their respective constellations, many people who were watching the battle all shook their heads. An army that had lost the protection of experts, was extremely weak.

As expected, aligned with what they thought, halfway through, Meng Wei's six subordinates suddenly split into two teams.

Meng Wei and single blade, went towards Tang Tian and Ling Xu.

While speedily moving, Meng Wei extracted the saber out from her waist, and a golden color aura converged towards her sword with astonishing speed. In a breath of time, her saber was enveloped by a golden color aura. Quickly speeding towards Tang Tian, she was like a sharp blade, ripping through the air!

Single Blade who was by her side, had a cold gaze. He had an extremely strange posture while running. His body would lean towards his right, appearing to be very close to the ground, as though he could fall anytime, the blade hanging down by his arm was perfectly touching the ground.


The sword edge cut through the sand, releasing a bone chilling sound.

And he was not going in a straight line, but started out from a minute curvature. The sand behind him had a wave imprint of his long blade.

A bone chilling sword tip, and an unpredictable blade.

Two totally different types of personality, but the attack they were initiating, gave off equal fierceness. It was needless to say, the martial artists of Lupus constellation were all dumbstruck, they did not think that, upon making their moves, it would be so surprising. But even the scouts who were sent from the higher ranking constellations, were also attracted to the aura given off by the two people.

The Tu Family Six Guards;as expected, their names were not for nothing.

In their hearts, Tang Tian's side had lost. The only thing worth making them interested was when Honorable Martial Group make their move. That was the climax to their emotions. They did not believe that Honorable Martial Group would let Tang Tian get killed by Onyx Soul.

Everyone was waiting, waiting for Honorable Martial Group to make their move.

If Honorable Martial Group made their move, that would be the clash of the two top grade powerhouses.

What was Tang Tian and the rest considered?

To them, Tang Tian and his group were just a fuse, no one dared believe that they would win against the Tu Family Six Guards.

In the Sima Household, Sima Xiao was looking at the silver rank [Ara Lens] on his table, watching the battlefield. His mouth exposed a smile, and tone filled with playfulness, he muttered to himself: ’’I have helped you guys block off your helpers, such a good chance to display yourselves. Don't disappoint me, Young Man Tang.’’

(TN: He was the one to block Ah Mo Li and the rest, wanting TT to show off his powers)

Qiu Zhi Jun said coldly: ’’Although they have messed up your plans, your revenge is too quick,

’’Hey, don't think of me as being petty.’’ Sima Xiao laughed: ’’This is just a small test, if they cannot even get through this, they do not have the qualifications to be my opponent.’’

Qiu Zhi Jun was stunned.

His junior brother had always been condescending, and saw no one as an equal. To be able to say such words....


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