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Undefeatable – League Of Legends - Volume 1 - Chapter 34


Book 1: The Return of the Lost King

Chapter 34: That Bastard

To get a good grade on the language portion of the test is similar to building a good economy as an ADC in a game, it all depends on gradually gaining minion kills, one after another.

Yu Luocheng felt confident for the language exam and it went smoothly when he wrote the essay too.

Yu Luocheng was more interested in language. His father taught him a lot when he was in elementary and junior high. Though his schooling was interrupted for more than a year, language was always the subject he was best at.

It was hard to copy another person's answer on a language test;most people buried their heads focusing their attention on their answer sheets. Occasionally, some raised their heads to take a look at their watches.


Time's up!

A piercing whistle announced the end of the language test!

Turn in your test!

Most people in the classroom stood up, only a few were still frantically finishing the essay. They stopped when the proctor scolded them.

The students walked out of the testing room as the proctor collected all the tests together.

The rain was pouring outside. Most of the students were talking about how difficult the test was as they stepped out of the classroom. Some complained about the rain.

Yu Luocheng felt good when he heard others complain. He didn't find it so difficult.

He was confident that his answers would please the teacher who marked the exam.


Yu Luocheng didn't go downstairs after he left the classroom, rather he walked along the corridor to another classroom.

When he turned the corner, he saw a familiar figure walking down the stairs with several boys trying to talk to her.

Yu Luocheng hurriedly walked up and called out to the girl in a loud voice, ’’Qianqian.’’

Yang Qianqian had pulled up her hair today and looked very ladylike.

She had curvy eyebrows, long eyelashes, bright eyes, and when she smiled, her eyes were like crescent.

She was truly a gorgeous girl.

’’How did you do?’’ Yang Qianqian slowed down a bit and waited for Yu Luocheng to come up.

’’It was easy. Just like we play bot. Simple!’’ Yu Luocheng said.

’’But I felt it was a bit hard.’’ Yang Qianqian unhappily said.

’’It's raining. Do you have umbrella with you?’’ Yu Luocheng changed the subject since he didn't know how to respond.

’’I certainly have.’’ Yang Qianqian took out the umbrella from her bag.

’’I don't have one.’’

Yang Qianqian rolled her eyes and handed the umbrella to Yu Luocheng. She was letting Yu walk with her using the same umbrella.

Hah, did Yu Luocheng forget to bring his umbrella this morning?

He was making a high stake bet!

They chatted as they walked under the same umbrella, as if they were a couple.

Along the way, some students who knew them started to mock them.

When they were still at school, they had to avoid being seen as a couple. But now they didn't have to worry about that since after this exam, school was over.

The umbrella wasn't big enough for the two of them. Yu Luocheng didn't want a drop of rain to hit Yang Qianqian and so he walked close to her, their arms would occasionally touch each other.

Her arm was smooth, soft, and cool;it felt very comfortable touching it.

Yu Luocheng could even smell the sweet fragrance on Yang Qianqian. If possible, he'd like to get even closer.

For the first time in his life, Yu Luocheng wished the road leading out of school was longer, or it would be even better if it was endless so he could walk with her like this forever. It would be better if it kept raining.....yes, raining even harder.

’’My dad will pick me up at the gate.’’ When they were near the gate, Yang Qianqian suddenly said in a low voice.

’’Oh, your dad again.’’ Yu Luocheng discovered that every time he was a little bit closer to her, her dad would show up.

It was obvious that Yang Qianqian didn't want her father to see her walking so intimately with a boy under the same umbrella.

Yu Luocheng couldn't force it. He took out his umbrella from his bag when it was close to the gate.

He opened his umbrella and turned around smiling. ’’Then I'll get going. My mom probably is waiting for me out there too. See you in the afternoon.’’

He quickly strolled towards the outside of the school after speaking. A dumbfounded Yang Qianqian was left behind watching his back.

’’That bastard!’’ Yang Qianqian stomped her foot and cursed silently.

This guy was a worse jerk than Teemo. He should just go die! !


Outside the school there was a sea of colorful umbrellas with many anxious middle-aged faces under the umbrellas.

Yu Luocheng quickly found his mom among the crowd.

Li Yun insisted to get a cab to go home. Yet every parent was thinking the same and it was next to impossible to grab one now.

’’Let's walk home. We can talk while we walk.’’ Yu Luocheng didn't mind walking.

’’En, alright.’’

Li Yun asked about the test and Yu Luocheng assured her that he did fine.

Actually, Yu felt pretty good about the test, but he didn't want to get her hopes too high.


After they got home, Li Yun started cooking and Yu Luocheng grabbed a book to flip through.

About half an hour later, a middle-aged man pushed open the door and ran in all soaked.

’’Dad, why are you home?’’ Yu Luocheng was surprised.

His dad should be at work at the factory this time of day.

’’I went to pick you up at school, but missed you.’’ Yu Jing said while he was wiping his face with a towel. Yu Jing had darker skin and looked tired.

During the two day long college entrance exams, all students suddenly became of great importance to all of society.

For all the seniors, the college entrance exam was actually the biggest thing they could use for leverage. When you want something from your parents, all you have to do is sit down at home and say, ’’I'm not going to take the exam.’’ Then you can easily get whatever you desire!

Yu Luocheng didn't know what to say knowing that his dad went to pick him up in the rain.

’’Were you late for the exam this morning?’’ Yu Jing asked.

’’How could I be late? I was early by more than 40 minutes.’’ Yu Luocheng said.

’’Oh, oh, it's good you're early, it's good that you're early.’’ Yu Jing said strangely.


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