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Undead Seeks Warmth - Volume 8 - Chapter 5-8


Chapter 5-8

Undead Seeks Warmth Volume 8 Chapter 5-8

The morning mist covered the city.

Before the time when not even a single bird started to sing, a troupe of knights who wore blue armor were assembled in the city plaza.

The knights with sorrowful atmosphere lingering around them.

Their sights were focused on one corner of the town plaza.

Over there, something that was once a human.

The corpse looked tragically scattered over at that place.

All the person who stood at that place, either had the feeling of holding back of not leaving this place or the anger towards the person who did this.

All the girls in armor opened their closed eyes.

The same with the knight at the back, with a crest engraved in her chest armor.

With the blue mantle that she wore on the top of that armor.

She was indeed the one, the leader of the chivalric knight corps.

The knight captain glared at the at the tragic corpse in front of her for short moment.

Thus, she turned her heel away and with small but clear voice she ordered the knights around her.

Go hold a memorial service for her, she said.

The knight gave a short salute and then started to collect the scattered piece of a corpse.

... This is the seventh case.

Since the beginning of this month, suddenly bizarre murders happened frequently.

The incident always happens at night. The victim is always a girl.

Then, it will always cut the victim into pieces and expose it.

It finally didn't just end with the garrison becoming victim, it even reached out it's hand to the chivalric knights corps.

Perhaps, this incident will get dragged on, the knight leader thought to herself.

Why, let alone the murderer's face, no one has ever saw its figure.

Even though, they increased the amount of guards and even dispatching spies that were especially trained in hiding.

Perhaps their opponent was very skillful? Even so, she still cannot understand its objective.

Perhaps, or so she thought.

However, she wished for this thought of hers not to hit the mark.

The [pair demons] disaster that destroy more than 20 percent of Shardia Kingdom's territory.

The same incident was perhaps happening at this place.

Perhaps, this incident was something that happened not caused by a human, but instead a monster.

Though, it's just some hypothesis by her, she still can't completely deny the possibility.

While she was pondering about it, the knights finished the burial.

The knight captain sighed, it can't be helped even if she kept pondering about it.

--- Cring

A faint but clear sound of a bell rang in her ears.

Then her eyes caught a suspicious shadow dashing within the morning mist.

With an unbelievable speed of someone who wore armor, the knight captain chased after the shadow.

Perhaps without the fact that person was wearing light wear, their distance didn't shorten at all.

However, she didn't just blindly follow after that person.

She cleverly tracked that person's route, she compared the route that she used with the map inside her head.

Finally ... ... they arrived at a dead end.

That person stopped its movement and looked up towards the wall, which it's impossible for a human to climb.

The knight captain drew out her sword and pointed the tip of the sword towards its back.

Perhaps that person has already given up, that person whose head was deeply covered by her hood, turned its body towards her.

--- In an instant, the blue glint of eyes that came out from inside that hood felt like they pierced through her.

She unconsciously took a step backward.

However, since it was the knight captain of the whole country that stood there. She quickly fixed her posture and straighten the top of her sword that got slightly tilted.

Then, she asked.

Are you the one who did all of this, she asked.

Only a short answer came back, answering to that question.

I don't know what you're talking about, that person answered.

Since that person clearly tried to run away from her, she thought that this person must be lying.

But well, she wouldn't know the details until further investigation.

While thinking about that, she said.

Show me your face, she said.

From the voice, that person ... must be a man.

While looking hesitant for quite a while.

Finally, that person slowly put its hand on its hood and took it off.

Dazzling silver hair. Porcelain like white skin.

The eyes that shone even from inside the hood, looked like fine sapphires.

That appearance, that charm its opponent whenever they like or not.

Looked just like a doll or so the knight captain thought.


Deep inside the dark and quiet underground cell, the sound of a small bell echoed.

The young boy who was jailed behind the rail.

Silver hair that grew longer on the right compared to the left one.

On the top of the black ribbon that was attached on his hair.

*Cring* *Cring* The bell rang.

Scattering curses wherever he goes, the glass doll with an unknown objective.

That man who was later called as [ The seventh demon lord. ]

What that man wished for, what that man tried to achieve.

No one knows about it.

After all, the only thing that he has left in this world, is the curse that he scattered around the world.

Several days after the silver haired boy captured.

Just like that the murders that happened every night stopped and the incident moving towards its conclusion.

... Or so, they thought.

The that night when almost all of the people started to think that he was indeed the one who caused the incident.

However once again, the number of victims increased.

Furthermore, it's not just a person, but four at the same time. In just one night, four body of young girls were torn to pieces.

Looking at the trace of the incident, some of the knight thought that perhaps the murderer is more than just one person.

However, the guards in the city are strict, it's different if it's just one person, but having several people causing the incident and none of them were seen, something's clearly not right.

If that so, it's surely a solo work.

However, having killed four people in one night, furthermore tearing those body into pieces, it's clearly not the work of a human.

In other words, this one series of incidents.

Perhaps, it's that isn't caused by someone human, it's something caused by some monster.

The deep scars that were left by demon king's tyranny on this great Shardia Kingdom, [ The pair demon incident] was still fresh in everyone's mind.

The same kind of disaster, would it happen to this country as well?

Only thinking about it is already enough to make one grow pale.

To avoid a useless chaos, the knight captains decided to cover up this incident.

If they were to report this to the higher ups as it is, there will be some info leaked no matter how hard they tried to conceal it.

If that happened, then the danger that will befall the citizen that fall into panic is by no means high.

There is a monster lurking inside the city.

Those girls were not a fool who didn't know how fearsome it was.

In the end, the knights went back to their office with heavy steps because they couldn't get any clue about the accident.

Several people could clearly see that they felt down and thus the heavy atmosphere floating inside the room.

Suddenly the new recruit that was supposed to be on guard duty, rush over to the knight captain.

That girl was the person who was assigned to watch over the silver haired haired man.

Though the knight captain decided that it's safe to give this job to a newcomer by the fact that the silver haired man didn't give any resistance.

Perhaps something's happening, the knight captain tensed up the loose spirit that flow around the room.

The possibility of that silver haired man to be the true culprit, was already lifted.

However, the reason why he was still jailed was because there's still some possibility that he's someone who have relation to this incident.

The several days after his capture, the murders certainly stopped.

To take that as something as a coincidence, the timing was too perfect.

To let go of that person who have the possibility to become the only clue for their current situation.

As that kind of thought flashed through her mind, she thought that it somehow felt wrong.

The newcomer dropped the tip of her eyebrow looking troubled, then she lowered her gaze.

While looking at the food tray that she held in her hand, she said this ----

Five days had already passed since that man was imprisoned, but he never once put his hand on his food ---- she said.


She could hear small ringing every time she went down the stairs towards the underground cell.

Every time she hears the sound of the bell ringing inside her ears. the sapphire colored eyes that she saw at that days, flashed through her mind as if it's burned into her mind.

The knight captain who have a high resistance to curses since birth, she felt it by her instincts not by reason.

That person, was someone dangerous.

That's why she tried to capture him whilst half forcefully and even if the doubt that fell on him had already been lifted, she still kept him inside this cell.

It's the same feeling as that time when she saw a cursed item.

No, that man oozed out aura several times greater than that item.

She told the knight captains that it was just some [ possibility ].

But she believed that there's no doubt that this man have something to do with this incident.

She descended, walking with the only light from the candle.

The only person that was jailed in this place was that man.

She slowly walked through the deepest part of the room, then she stopped right in front of cell bar in front of her.

When she stretched out her hand with candle thought the grill, the silver hair reflected the light and shone on the other side of the cell.

His eyes that were closed opened slowly and then it pierced right through the knight captain.

- ... ... Aah, it's you, huh ---

There's no blaming tone coming from his mouth even though he's speaking with the one who jailed him in this place.

He greeted her carefreely as if he just by chance met with his friend at the side of the road.

Because of that, it made her even wary of him.

Perhaps realizing the girl's body becoming stiff.

The man, with a beautiful face, laughed.

- Don't be afraid. I won't do anything to you, alright -

His tone sounded very kind.

A kind tone that will make the person who hear it fell at ease, that tone when someone is speaking with a child.

When she felt that she was indeed get too tensed and went to ease her stiff shoulder ----

- .... I am, you know? -

In an instant.

An amazing cold that she can even feel it with her soul, wrapped her body.

Unconsciously she drew back and made her armor clatter.

Looking at that woman.

The silver haired man raised the tips of her lips.

He smiled, making a crescent moon shape on his face.

That day, it was a new moon.

The dark night, where no moon light shone.

In the middle of middle of the town, that turned silence.

Women fell down without even able to voice their death cry.

A faint swish, swish, swish sound of the wind getting cut could be heard, at the same time, those girls'body torn to pieces.

Under the dim light of the stars, something glittered.

It was a silver blade. With the length that's no longer than 20 centimeters, it is a dagger.

Deep inside the darkness, only with that silver dagger moved with high speed and shone leaving traces of light in the air.

Finally, by the torch flame that was held by someone, those light fell onto the place and brighten the surrounding.

It was small girl.

She was really small, by her looks she hasn't even reach age of 10 yet.

That girl with tattered clothes covered her body, saying nothing.

Those blank eyes didn't seem to see anything, one wouldn't even know if she saw the reality or not.

She just moved her body.

Swish swish swish swish swish swish swish swish

Precise movements just like a machine.

She moved without a pause.

She swung cruelly, the small dainty, weak girl.

... This little girl, got her mind completely enraptured.

That girl who was an orphan, was picked up by Takahina and spent 10 days with him.

In the process she was completely eaten by his [ magic potion ] and become a loyal doll that work solely for Takahina alone.

And then for the sake to lure out his prey, she kept killing one girl every night nonstop.

... That's right.

Himuro Takahina's objective this time.

From the beginning, was the knight captain who protected this country.

She was the perfect [ sacrifice ] as the starting point for scattering despair and curse


Being entranced by the sound of the bell, those girls who got hypnotized walking unsteadily and started to gather.

Perhaps, he got his victim randomly using the same way as this, huh.

With sleepy eyes on her face, the familiar girl.

The knight captain thought so while slashing them with her own hand.

No matter how hard she resisted with her mind that still clearly existed on her head.

Her body who get directly bathed in the effect of [ magic potion ] didn't listen to anything she said and continued to move nimbly.

Kill, kill, kill, till no one is left.

She kept resisting, resisting, and resisting herself who continued to brandish her sword to finish everyone.

But the time she was able to stop.

Everything has already become a lump of meat that won't tell a story.

In the middle of the tragedy of meat and blood, the knight captain fell down limply.

Due to this piercing smell in her nose, due to the hell that just happened.

Above all, because of the shock by the fact that all of this happened by her own hands.

The knight captain sobbed and vomited on the spot.

Before she realized it, Takahina was already standing in the middle of the pool of the blood.

He swirled around, looking at this spectacle that seems like it came from the hell.

- .... .... What a showy spectacle -

With a slightly surprised tone, such line came out from his mouth.

He, with slow steps, walked towards the knight captain who groveled down on the ground.

The little girl who stood absentmindedly behind him all the time with knife still in her hand, totteringly followed behind him.

With blank eyes she looked up towards him and grasp his clothes tightly.

Looking at that act inappropriate for that girl age even though she had already turned into a doll, the knight captain didn't show any reactions.

She just let out a word.

- ... ... ... ... ... Kill me -

I just don't want this anymore.

The fact that this hell exists, the fact that the one who created this hell, was none other was none other than myself.

I just don't want this anymore.

Even living, doesn't matter to me anymore.


As if matching their line of sight, Takahina squatted and made a faint smile.

No way, he replied.

In exchange, he muttered slowly into her ears.

I will give you the order, the cruelest order that's worse than death that you cannot oppose.

- Go scatter it, the despair-

Several days after that.

The mass murder that involved the whole kingdom happened.

Thus, a certain white little country was soaked in red and met their demise.

The one who created this tragedy, was the famous knight captain [ the sword master ].

After that, she spread her cruelty everywhere.

She then pierced her own heart and commit suicide.

[ .... DAMMIT!! ]

As if venting out his anger, Takahina punched the tree that was near him.

A big three that had three other trees grown up encircling it while joining, were easily blown off by his fist.

[ Why I still can't find it!? Even though I have already spread so much despair, I have already carve the scar of curse to this world!! ]

He gritted his teeth, scratch his face.

As if he's gone crazy, Takahina just destroyed everything in his surroundings.

His appearance right now, was different from how he usually looks.

Figuratively speaking, he looked like an animal right now.

[ Damn ! Damn, damn, damn! Where is it?! Where the hell is that thing, the [ Rukeion ]!?]

While screaming, he asked the sky.

He still couldn't find it even if he had already used Professor, the magic item that's able to revive the dead [ Rukeion ]

The way to get his hand on that thing, through a certain person, he knows about it.


Deep inside despair, that thing will appeared.

believing in that word, Takahina moved along with that.

He temped other people, deceived them, even drove their soul mad.

He taught people, on the land where he can harvest more despair.

Using those people as the center of it, he created the storm of despair.

However, no matter how much he created.

The thing that he searched for, still didn't appeared.

At the time when he can't suppress his anger anymore and destroyed a boulder beside him.

His clothes, the hem of his clothes.

A small girl, clutched onto it.

[ Aah ... ... ? ]

Those hollow eyes, were directed towards him .

An orphan that was on the verge of her death that Takahina used for luring out his prey.

Now that she was already broken like this, she kept following him just like this, what a pitiful little girl.

That girl who was supposedly didn't have any self left except a fragment of it.

No matter where he went and what he said, she kept following Takahina.

Being stared by that hollow eyes.

For some reason, his heart become calmer.

Perhaps it's because.

She's just like how Misha used to be.

Someone who's weaker than himself.

A being that he felt that he has to protect no matter what happen, surely it is that.

[ ... ... Don't look at me with that face. ]

He whose soul was already half broken, won't even feel any grief from his victims.

However, he still didn't sink that low to brush away someone who's clinging onto himself just like this.

[ ... ... ... ... ... ]

Now that his soul already calmed down after the storm, he thought.

What should he do after this.

The answer was simple.

Even if he tried and destroy another country after this, surely nothing good will come out of it.

That's why, he decided to ask that person for once.

The place that Professor showed him, the possibility to achieve his goal.

Towards the [ Witch ] that knows everything of this world.

He gripped the hand of little girl that he broke.

Takahina, went towards the mountain in the north.


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