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Undead Seeks Warmth - Volume 8 - Chapter 1-4


Chapter 1-4

Undead Seeks Warmth Volume 8 Chapter 1-4

In some faraway land, there was a small country.

In that country, there was a beautiful and caring princess.

The princess who lost her parents at a young age, doing her best for her country.

She was young, with her small body, she was doing more work than people around her for the betterment of her country.

Thus, her country flourished, the number people who died due to sickness and war was reduced.

With her effort in internal affairs and diplomacy, her country become very wealthy.

The people refer the princess as a saint and they adore her from the bottom of their heart.

But then, before long.

That kingdom was destroyed by the hands of none other than the princess herself.

In the afternoon, it was a clear day where not a single cloud could be seen.

The princess was at a place that's slightly distant from the castle.

In her surroundings, there were no one else ... even her attendants couldn't be seen.

That's, what supposed to be.

After all, she slipped out from the castle without anyone knowing and arrived at this place.

The princess whom the citizen sung as a saint, the one whom the citizen loved and adored.

While she's gentle, she has a strong heart, furthermore she's full of curiosity and great ability to take action.

Such a girl sometimes takes her time to slip out from the castle just like this.

This is the only problem with the princess, whom still at the age to be called a young girl but said to have ability of a great statesman.

Today once again she slipped out from the prime ministers and the guards, and just like this, she immersed herself in the forest scenery while taking a stroll.

The princess was by no means someone who was called a tomboy, but she's the type of person who hates it if there's too many people around her.

If there's several knights around her, she couldn't even able to take a breather.

Adding to the problem, recently the minister persistently brought marriage proposal to her, it's adding the stress to her mind.

5 years since she was 10 years old, the princess live that long as the ruler without relying on anyone's help, for her marriage was something too complicated

If she was some novice that not really catching people's attention, then political marriage with some influential people from other country to earn backing from that county was how it will become.

But she's perfect. There were no holes in her internal politics or external politics, in just several years, her country was growing to become one of the most influential country among the four country-state.

That's why, there's no need for political marriage.

It's not like she didn't understand the feeling of the prime ministers who were worried about her.

But for her who have lived half of her life with restrictions.

[ Marriage ] was the last freedom that she could have.

Inconspicuously inside the forest, a flower bed with flowers in many colors bloomed.

Ever since she found it by chance, it became her most favourite place.

Sniffing the flowers' fragrance, the princess breathed out.

The flower petals that fluttered in the air, looked just like colourful snow drops.

The countless colours dancing in front of her.

Red, blue, yellow, purple, green, orange, black, white, pink.

And ----


A small sound of a bell reached her ears.

Among the flowers' colour, a silver one was mixed in it.

Beautiful silver hair, as if it was made from pure silver.

Colour of sea that permeate into it, deep blue eyes.

Its skin, if had to be explained, was whiter than the princess's own white skin.

*Cring*, just like that.

The bell that's attached into its right side, the lock that was growing longer compared to the left one, once again rang.

The man, to the extent that she forgot to catch their breath.

To the extent that she forgot about the flowers that she just saw a moment ago.

The man was beautiful.

That man, his eyes met with the princess'.

Beautiful and vibrant eyes, but at the same time have the deep blue colour of the depth of the sea.

She felt like her heart, her soul, were captured by it.

- ... Hey -

A clear voice, just like glass.

He was really beautiful, to the extent it even made her wanted to burst into tears.

This was, their meeting.

The queen that later will be written down into the history as a queen who held two contradictory tittle, [ The Saint ] and [ The Tyrant ].

It's just earnestly and honestly.

It's wicked, it's evil, it's an existence that's brought nothing but bad.

The glass doll that scattered curses.

It was that moment, the princess ended up meeting with him, Himuro Takahina.

The poison.

Had the sweet taste nectar.

Little by little.

Without any pain.

It will permeate into the body and the heart.


Inside the castle, the figures of maids and servants who were busy with their works could be seen.

Among them, a young maid, who was holding a bucket filled with water totteringly.

Finally, she tumbled and her posture broke.

The big bucket blocked her vision of her foot, and thus she lost her footing.

she's panicked but it's already too late, her body was already falling to the side under the force of gravity.

Just a moment before her body was about to be bathed in water on the floor, there's something that's supporting her body.

There was no sound of the bucket that slipped out of her hands, the new maid was confused and didn't know what exactly happened.

Not understand what happening, she looked at her surroundings.


She heard the sound of a bell;silver hair entered her sight.

A beautiful young man that made his entrance.

His blue sapphire eyes were really beautiful.

She forgotten the fact that she's about to fall, she just stared at him.

After helping the maid up, he passed the bucket to her.

He said that he had something that he had to do and left.

The maid kept staring at his his back until he turned at the end of the corridor and she couldn't see his figure anymore.

Suddenly, she thought as if there's really someone like that in this castle.

Even though, it's already quite late since she thought of it.

In front of a luxurious and big door, Takahina knocked four times.

After several seconds later, he could hear a voice permitting him to enter the room.

Takahina put his hand on the door, putting a slight force into it.

From the racial point of view, he was from the [ doll race ] which didn't have much physical ability.

However, if he paid attention, he can destroy something like human's construction with ease.

So, it's needed of him to suppress his powers.

Opening the door, Takahina entered the room.

It was an office. The three bookshelves that were placed inside that room were filled with papers.

The documents piled up neatly on the top of table.

On the chair that's placed behind the table, a girl sat in it.

A teenage girl with a lovely figure, that didn't fit in such a room.

However, her appearance holding a pen with one hand and seriously finishing the document really fits with her, her habit of raising her glasses only emphasizing that.

Finally, that girl ... the princess, raised her face.

Perhaps, she only wore that glasses only when she was doing paperwork. She took it off and looked at Takahina

And then, she showed him a fascinated smile.

That day.

Since that day she met with Himuro Takahina at the flower bed inside the forest.

The princess's heart was stolen at first sight.

... She didn't have a really good impression of someone at the same age as her.

Even in this small country, she was still a princess, so all the people that she met from the same generation were nobles and royalty.

All of them were high prided and were only good with their mouth. Every time, she had only met this kind of people.

The reason she rejected their marriage proposal, was also because of the circumstance around her.

In other words, she's already disappointed in the opposite se*.

Though there's the same kind of people of the same se* among the noble and royalty, it's not as bad as how the man will be overall.

That's why.

He, whom was beautiful not only in appearance, but also his dignified bearing.

Snatched away princess's hearts.

Just like how when someone found a gem inside a desert.

A desert that's only full of stones, one will surely pick the gem up.

It was an inevitable thing, right?

The princess convinced Takahina to work at her castle.

The princess who had taken a liking at him who agreeing without giving a second thought, by no means was the one at wrong.

But then, he's surprisingly sharp.

He also had done his job perfectly.

Furthermore, he didn't become conceited because of it and just did his job to the fullest like it was normal to do in silence.

Looking at his working attitude, before she noticed deep inside her inside her heart.

She wanted Himuro Takahina to be with her forever.

For her, who ended up thinking like that.

By no means was the one at wrong.

From the beginning, she intended to destroy everything.

From the beginning, she intended to rule over everything.

Takahina who approach the princess of Altomarl, one of the country of the city-state.

He whom have attained an intelligence far surpassing that of a normal human, that he could even read other people's thoughts.

She, who ended up moving just like how he predicted.

Who in the world could she blame?

Tyrant saint - last part

The princess thought.

How can she become his, become Himuro Takahina's spouse?

The love where their status was too much of a difference.

Even if she was the one who stood at the top of her country, she cannot just brush away the opinions of the prime ministers and her countrymen.

It's not enough, it's totally not enough.

The power that allowed her to be together with him forever was not enough.

Then, the princess arrived at one thought.

That's right. If her power was not enough, she only needed to have more.

She just needed to gain more power, to the extent where no one will disobey her.

To get together with that one person, the princess will make the country flourish more than before.

To be together with that person, the princess will dress herself up more.

Stronger and stronger, more beautiful than ever before.

She kept spreading her hand, wishing for more and better than before.

However, the clever princess soon knew her limits.

No matter how much she made the country flourish, such a small country will not mean much.

She will never be able to hold the unsatisfied voices of her citizen, in the background, the prime ministers were doing nothing but trying to make themselves fatter than before.

Among all of these, how in the world will she be able to achieve her goal.

The clever princess thought.

And then, she easily thought of an answer.

The tax was suddenly raised.

Several of the ministers were accused and imprisoned for crimes they've never done, some of them were also executed.

It was just in a blink of an eye, the country that was like a calm surface of a lake suddenly became something like that of a thorny rose.

With so much uncertainty, the citizens lived in fear every day.

And then, as if having the fear and blood of her citizen were her provisions.

The princess who governed the country made herself even more beautiful than before.

However, the princess was never satisfied with herself.

It's not enough, it's still not enough.

No matter how much she dresses herself, no matter how much treasure she piled up.

It's as if it unreachable. His beauty, that is.

She had to become even more beautiful than this.

She had to gain more power, more treasure.

More, more, more, more.

As if being possessed, the princess only wished of that.

Finally, her actions had already parted from what human would do.

She raised the taxes till its limit, the national treasury has already treasury has already become many times bigger than it was from half a year ago.

She also searched on how she can become more beautiful than she is now.

She bathed inside a bath filled with the lifeblood of young girls just to make herself even more beautiful.

So that she could crush the objection from her surrounding, when she's together with him.

So that she became a being that's more beautiful than any other, so that she will not bring any shame by standing beside him who's more beautiful than anything else.

She kept on piling up on her beauty and treasure, the princess only rules were to get those things.

One clear day, without any cloud could be seen.

The princess was tied on the gallows.

It's a revolution, by the hand of her own people who finally rebelled after a long time under her tyranny.

The princess who only lived gathering treasure didn't have that much of a military power and thus people easily captured her.

The princess didn't have any resistance. After all, she wouldn't do something so unsightly such as struggling.

Also, she believed that.

For sure, Takahina will come to save her.

The princess who was tied on the gallows, only looked up to the sky.

Without minding the gaze of resentment and anger from her surroundings, she just looked at the clear sky.

It's just like the day she met Takahina.

By some chance, the time of the execution also happened at the same time as that time.

Some arrogant looking man who she didn't know gave some unrecognizable long speech about her execution.

While ignoring the speech entirely, the princess only waited, waiting for the time when Takahina will come and save her.

Without even doubting that he wouldn't come, till her last breath.

Her neck with a massive amount of blood flowing from it, fell to the ground.

And then , ever since that day .

A silver-haired beautiful boy.

There was no one in that country, who ever saw his appearance again.


The bell that was attached on his ear rang, Takahina walked alone in the air.

Behind him was the country within viewing distance, he had spent his time several days ago.

But, that place has already accomplished its role

The thing that he had done, was stealing someone's heart.

With just that, that whole country was destroyed.

It all happened because [ Misery ] was a skill that's born from his beauty, a skill that made the opposite se* to fall for him whether the victim liked it or not.

And the worst skill, [ Magic Potion Constitution ], the more victim realizes his existence, the more they will try to depend on him .


Half a year has already passed, but he still wasn't able to fulfill his goal.

Takahina slowly closed his eyes, then he dropped his shoulder as if letting out a sigh.

- .... ... something like this, is not enough, huh. -

Leaving with only those words.

The space in front of him warped, thus he disappeared from that place.


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