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Undead Seeks Warmth - Volume 7 - Chapter 9


Chapter 9

Inside the clear reflection without any sound.

Just like a ghost, Takahina's vision floated around aimlessly.

The vast prairie that spread out.

Lost in the, [ deep reed prairie ].

However, he who seen this place had a stiff expression.

.... That's of course,

because of this place.

He lost the one who was precious to him

[ ... ... ... ... ? ]

Not long before, his vision blurred out.

His field of view that shown the whole prairie gradually zooming out pointing at a certain place.

At one corner of the prairie, it stopped.

[ ! ]

To that figure who appeared in front of him, Takahina gulped.

The long blonde hair.

Covered by one of its bangs, those crimson eyes that's redder than blood.

The end of her eyebrow looked slightly drooped, a face with expression of a broken doll.

Wearing a red lining cape over its shoulder, with a dress that's well fitted with that cape.

On the chest that peeked out from its collar, one could see a round sapphire directly embedded in it.

For sure, without a doubt.

It was none other than Vermouth-Erzalord.

*zap* He felt ... like there's some pain that transmitted into his heart.

The thing that raised inside of his heart, his uncontrollable love for her.

The cold that made his cold body even colder than before, the deep hatred.

Love and hate.

The first emotion that came to oneself, when they broke the wall between the love and hate which was supposedly on the different side of the coin.

It's like the feeling of confusion when someone that you hold dear from the depth of your heart, stabbed you with a knife, the feeling of chaos.

The feeling that one wouldn't be able to process, unless they're already broken.

Perhaps because of the side effect of the dead man who wander in this world for a long period of time.

Or perhaps because he embraced a feeling against the king of all undead race, Vermouth.

Himuro Takahina, more than half of himself was already broken.

Inside the scenery that reflected in his eyes.

Vermouth slightly opened her lips, emitting voice from her mouth.

That's an ultrasonic sound, so only Takahina could perceive.

While using her magic, this was how she activates her spells.

... Vermouth, was not really good at using magic.

Now that he got an aptitude for magic, and more than that after seeing the high grade magic from the demon race with his own eyes .

He understood the magic that she was using wasted too much magic power and her spell was rough, her accuracy and efficiency were not really that high.

But she was a rank 9 monster. No matter how bad she was at using magic, with her enormous magical power it will give enough effect to those lower ranking.

If it's monster that resided within the deep red prairie ... it'll be more than enough.

And thus, around her, the monsters started to gather.

Night wolf, Big tarantula, sword lion, serpent, Man-eater, were-cat, werewolf, lamia, half dragon.

The number of races that gathered was 20. Half of the race that lived inside the prairie, gathered.

[ ... ... ... ... ... ? ]

Suddenly, Takahina felt a Deja vu.

The amount. These races.

Somewhere, he felt like he knew about it.

[ ... ... fu ~ uuh]

Vermouth that was emitting the supersonic sound from her mouth, stopped and she took a breath.

And then.

She laughed.

the corner of her lips raised, and then made a crescent moon.

Such a cruel smile, Takahina had never even once saw it.

[ Ki ]

Faintly, with low voice.

[ ll]

With a slow, calm sound.

She must have gathered them with such kind of hypnotism.


To those monster's brain, she engraved an order.

With sluggish movements, those monsters started to move in different directions.

And then .... they disappeared into the prairie.

... ... .... .. ... .... ...

... ... ...



*crakle , crackle *

*crack, crackle , crackle , crackle *

*crack , crack crack crack crack crack crack

The cold air filled the room.

The one who stood in the center of that room, was an undead.

The walls frozen, the floor frozen, the ceiling frozen.

All of the item in that room were coated in ice and glittered in silver.

[ ... ... ... ... ... ]

Takahina opened his eyes wide.

*grit*, he gritted his teeth.

He stood still in the middle of the chaos.


It's not the sound that was coming from inside the room, another kind of sound was reaching his ears.


*snap*, *snap*


*snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap**snap* ------

------- *crack*

[ ..... ..... ...... ...... ....... ...... ........................................ kh]

From his back, a sound of the door being opened could be heard.

However, such a thing was not important.

He knew.

He will end up knowing about it.

It's better if he didn't know about it

Just like a sin, just like a curse, just like a repentance, just like an apology, just like a screech, just like a lament, just like struggle, just like how everything that are not important.

He, stood stock still.

In a daze.

He realized, that the sound that he just heard.

It wass the sound of his heart breaking.


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